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What are some of your favorite Evangelion retro games?

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Posting some 4koma strips that came with the digital card collection on Sega Saturn, as far as I know, these can't be find anywhere else.
In this one, Shinji used a dummy system using Kaji's mind, so he became a womanizer.

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There aren't that many.

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And here, Kaworu is playing Virtua Fighter 2, he mistakes Dural for Adam.

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Wow, cool content.

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I really enjoy the N64 one, for all its bullshit. Comparing it to the graphics of other games at the time on the system, it's actually very impressive. The phases where it's like a fighting game is pretty neat, too. Very enjoyable to see what it'd be like if Shinji was a competent Eva pilot from the beginning.

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With that draw distance and pixelation I thought it to be a ps1 game.

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Are you thinking of some other game?
Evangelion 64 is one of the best looking games of 5th gen, I don't think PS1 could have handled those 3D models.
In fact, Eva 64's models look even better than the PS2 games' models.

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I was specifically reffering to the gif, but after looking the game up I have to agree. It even looks good enough in the sense that the visuals have reached sort of a non-objectionable standard - they're simply easy on the eyes.

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Why is nobody translating it?

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It doesn't really need translation. Menu translation sure would be nice to have but you could look up a guide and in a minute or two know all you need because the controls are pretty simple.

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eva is pretentious weebshit with awful action scenes and cringey characters.

fuck off.

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I love that it makes retards like you seethe

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Did someone ever translated the DVD game that was released back in 2004? (It was released earlier in saturn I guess)

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Eva is pretty average, there are many deconstruction mecha anime before it that are better. But its action scenes are absolutely great. Fuck waifufags tho.

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Hating on Eva by saying it's "pretentious" is entry level as shit. Go read some classic sci-fi novels before you even try to begin with the mecha genre, poser.
You mean Girlfriend of steel? Yes, there is an english fan translation.

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Okay, name them.

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Zambot 3, Mobile Suit Gundam, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Space Runaway Ideon (Ideon did instrumentality ending before Eva).

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the gallery discs

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no, the one where they fight a new angel.

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t. smooth brain

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I think almost every one of those spin-offs has a new Angel or something. You need to be more specific. Maybe you're talking about Rei Ayanami Raising Project?

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If it was Saturn, it was either the first Eva game released, or 2nd impression.
Both have new angels.
On 2nd Impression, a new girl is transferred to Shinji's school, called Mayumi, and becomes a love interest, kinda like Mana Kirishima on Girlfriend of Steel.
Of couse, Mayumi is actually an angel!

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Eva is better than all of those.

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I respect your opinion.

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The point isn't discussing if they're better or not than Eva, it's to put the poser in his place.
Claiming Evangelion is pretentious has become really cringe lately. If you don't have anything to say, better stay silent.

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t. thinks explosions in the shape of crosses is deep symbolism

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Nobody ever claimed this.
Go read classic sci-fi books before you attempt to be a critic of mecha anime, anon jr.

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>sci-fi books

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Where do you think mecha anime got their influence from?
If you're gonna parrot shit you've read online about Evangelion, at least do it right.
Nice selfie btw.

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Which books? Heinlein? Clarke? Asimov? K. Dick? Gibson?

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Yeah, Clarke especially. Childhood's End inspired both Ideon and Evangelion, and mixed religion with sci-fi.

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Just because sci-fi novels did it doesn't make anime that also does it not cringe, nerd.

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You never even read any of those books, I also doubt you even watched Evangelion. You're just mad because Evangelion is popular, and you've read around online that it's "2deep4u" or something, and decided to parrot what you've read.
Well, here's the thing, you're not smart for saying something you didn't watch is pretentious.

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To be fair, the "2deep4u" fame Evangelion has is kind of neat because it helps gatekeep people like >>6103873
That's not to say the Eva fandom is free of idiots, but it certainly could be worse.

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Read it, interesting concept but one of his weaker entries. There's nothing religious about it, just some 60's occult stuff seeping into his writing. Good demon looking aliens kidnapping psychic human children? Nothing biblical about it.

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>Good demon looking aliens kidnapping psychic human children? Nothing biblical about it.
There was a whole part that explained that the reason why humans depicted demons the way they did in ancient texts was because of some sort of "future memory" shenanigan, because they knew guys who looked like that would be the end of humanity.

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>Eva, babby's first anime
>gatekeeping anything

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>babby's first anime
How young are you? If you didn't watch Mazinger and Robotech before watching Evangelion, you are the babby, anon.

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Again, it's one of his earlier works, rough on the edges and quite pulpish. Calling it hard sci-fi is like calling Hubbard's crap sci-fi.

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Nobody called it hard sci-fi, anon. Moving goalposts?

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Can you guys just discuss the Eva retro games?
Yeah yeah yeah, we know some of you hate Evangelion, just hide the thread if it bothers you, and if you want to discuss the anime, go to /a/ (nah just kidding, /a/ sucks, but keep it tame, and try to focus on the games).

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Lmao why are you so defensive? Was it your only experience with Clarke's books?

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>ad hominem
Admit it, everyone and their dad got into anime because of Eva.

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Defensive about what? It's true that it's not Clarke's best, but we were talking about how it inspired Evangelion (and Ideon). You claimed it had nothing biblical about it, and I reminded you about a part that actually explains that the reason demons are depicted the way they are in the Bible was because of some foresight by ancient people about the end of humanity. Of course it's not hard sci-fi, and I never claimed that it was.
not him, but Evangelion didn't start to be popular in the west until the late 90s. Probably early 2000s in terms of massive popularity.

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First of all bible never depicted demon as winged red horned humanoid with pointy tail, I get it that the book explained that it was ingrained into human consciousness that demon like race will bring the end of humanity. But that leaves us with barely a connection to bible.

Secondly, try to point other biblical connection, I half remembered the book.

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Fun fact: The only mecha anime/game that referenced Childhood's End is neither of those; it's Xenogears with Krelian/Karellen.

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Does these animes touch the psychological aspects of the characters as well? For me this is the big meat in Evangelion

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Why do people always discuss about NGE retro games and not other anime ones? Every week there's at least a thread about it.

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Ideon? Yes. The other don't.

You should read the Getter Robo mangas, I bet you'd like.

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The original Gundam cast is as memorable as the EVA cast, but I bet you won't watch it because of the animation;

(not an EVA hater, on the contrary).

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You can see mental toll of warfare for everyone involved, especially the main characters. But none of them shoved quotes from depressed Germans into viewers. Unlike Shinji though, they rarely throw any tantrum at the worst times and quickly matured because the fate of fucking humanity is on their hands.

If you like to see children suffer while piloting mecha, try reading Bokurano.

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For me, it was the Freudian subplots that got me into the Eva craze.
I didn't like it the first time, but some wiki activity later, and I was hyped about everything.
I wish there were more games with such thorough psychological dissections, even only implicitly.

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Every single fiction can be dissected for psychological analysis. Eva is probably the only one that blatantly molded its characters after Freudian concepts and not being subtle about it.

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I haven't read the book in a while either, but there was a short tale released before Childhood's End, as a sort of pilot with a very similar plot, called Guardian Angel.
Anyway, the point wasn't that it needed to have deep biblical connections. That's precisely what people criticize about Evangelion.
I think the problem with the whole religion stuff in Evangelion is that people expect Evangelion to be some sort of accurate adaptation of the bible or something, but it's the other way around, Evangelion adapts certain real world religion concepts into its own ancient aliens lore. Adam and Eva? Sure, they exist, but they're not how people imagined they are. Fruit of life and Fruit of knowledge? They exist, but again, not exactly apples.
Evangelion even gets a bit obscure and pulls off shit like Lilith, who is only mentioned as the first woman before Eva only in some essays by some hebrew theologist from the 1800s or whatever.
Anyway, this doesn't mean Evangelion has "deep" connections to religions, that's not the point and never was. It's just that it uses certain IRL religion elements to play around, but it's always with its own rules. It is a sci-fi fictional work, anyway. Much like Childhood's End, that uses the common perceived IRL idea of how demons look like, and incorporated it into its own fictional world, explaining why humans thought demons looked like that.
People take Anno's "we used religious symbolism to be cool" from the interview with the kids at school as a way to discredit Evangelion, but the thing is, there's nothing wrong with "using religious symbolism to be cool". There's nothing to get mad about, it's just a sci-fi story.

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fairly sure there was an animu-retro-vidya-thread just last week, with the gits-game-cover as OP's pic.

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Dragon Ball retro vidya is the most common anime vidya threads around.
Evangelion threads only happen once a month, if that.
There is also a GITS thread up right now.

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I actually agree, but what makes you think any of us in the EVA thread wanna hear your opinion, fuck you

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>agreeing on Eva having awful action scenes

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To add to that, the whole adapting real life religion deities such as demons, was also something Devil Man did, which is another big influence Hideaki Anno had, besides Gundam 0079, Ideon and of course, Ultraman.
Next time someone says "Hurr durr cross explosions they mean nothing", you tell them: they're a reference to Ultraman, and Anno trolled you with something you wouldn't get anyway.
BTW Shin Ultraman for 2021 and 1.0+3.0 for 2020. Do you believe this madman?

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How come people praise Street Robot Wars Alpha as having the best Evangelion moments when it's clearly F and F Final?

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NGE is the Family Guy of anime. It's all about "references." In Family Guy you have a lot of cutaways and whatnot where something -- usually some '80s pop culture thing -- is casually dropped into a modern suburban community and played with a little bit for comedic effect. They're basically saying like, "Remember this thing? Yeah? Isn't this random? Bet you hadn't thought about this thing in a while. What a shock. Hope that gave you a chuckle."

In NGE, they do the same thing but with soft sciences and religion against a background of hard science. You're supposed to look at all the tech and monsters and think it's cool, when all of a sudden the narrative drops in something straight out of the Bible to make you think "MaYbE ThErE's SoMeThInG GrEaTeR OuT ThErE." Except these biblical and philosophical things don't actually have any significance here. They're just props.

Take the whole Spear of Longinus thing for example. In the Bible this is just a generic spear used by a dude named Longinus to poke Jesus' body. Why is this used as the name of an artifact in NGE? Are they trying to imply the angel Lilith is Jesus? When Rei throws it is she supposed to be like a "Roman" in some sort of analogy? Furthermore why is the angel called Lilith? That was just one of Adam's wives.

The answer is that they don't really signify anything. It's just "Remember this esoteric concept you read about once? Yeah? Isn't this cool? Bet you hadn't thought about this thing in a while. What a shock." And then you're supposed to be like, "Holy shit, Kierkegaard wrote about despair, and these people are despairing!" Except Kierkegaard wasn't talking about despair just as a universal problem with which we can all sympathize, his entire message is just that you're despairing because your faith in God is weak, which is a principle that no one in the series either embraces or rejects or even acknowledges.

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Where'd you copy and paste this from? I want the source.

>> No.6109394

Why do people read things and think they came from "somewhere else?" Do you think that because the content is too high quality or because it's too low quality?

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Probably because nobody thinks someone will be genuinely as mad about Evangelion as to actually write all this nonsense unironically: >>6109360
The religion aspect was already explained here: >>6105713
Evangelion isn't meant to be an adaptation of The Bible.

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Mari best girl
After Rei

>> No.6109957

>Mari best girl
Not retro
>After Rei
but based

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there was a really fun chess like flash game. i cant find it anywhere and i have not played it in 16 years, any help?

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>not him, but Evangelion didn't start to be popular in the west until the late 90s. Probably early 2000s in terms of massive popularity.
In 2001

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Dude the point is that the book has a teleological theme to it, that's why that anon says it crosses relion themes with sci-fi, and he is right. Nobody said it's Clark's best or whatever, but it's undoubtly one of the many influences of evangelion and one of the biggest at that (as well as ot was to Xenogears since it popped up). Stop being a contrarian. CE influenced Eva, but not only that. Read the wiki for all the references.

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I liked Childhood's End. I also like Heinlein if that tells you anything about my taste. Especially his later dirty old man books.

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Evangelions 2 for psp/ps2 is where Gainax fully fleshed out the entire story of Eva so if you want to know the Angel's backstory and all that this is the game where that information is available. It's definitely the best Evangelion game by far.

Most fun game is Battle Orchestra which is a smash brothers style game, has some rare Eva designs you can play as

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>Evangelions 2 for psp/ps2 is where Gainax fully fleshed out the entire story of Eva so if you want to know the Angel's backstory and all that this is the game where that information is available. It's definitely the best Evangelion game by far.
isn't all the info on the evageeks-wiki, too?

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Yeah, well, a lot of stuff was detailed on the PS2's classified information files, but a lot of it was also already explained in the Project Eva proposal dossier, which was included in 100% Newtype artbook. For example, the FAR.
I still think Evangelion 64 is the best Evangelion video game, but NGE2 is fun for all these alternate scenarios.

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Eva fans are two-faced and this thread is the perfect example. If you call it out for not doing anything with its religious/literary ideas the fans go “whoa dude, they were just doing it for the aesthetic, chill out.” And then if you do the opposite and say it’s vapid and meaningless they’ll switch to the “you just don’t get it” defense, or worse, they’ll start lecturing you on how you have to find your own subjective meaning in media. Why don’t you guys fucking pick one and either admit it’s just eye candy, or actually try to defend its narrative.

>> No.6111706

>they’ll switch to the “you just don’t get it
This really never happens though.
I think people who are new to Evangelion get a bit intimidated by the "2deep4u" fame it has, and imagine that Eva fans will start calling them out for "not getting it".
Most eva fans don't give a shit if you understand Eva or not.

>> No.6111926

Yeah, I got into Evangelion two years ago. Yet I have never seen a fandom as obnoxious as Eva, it's even worse than Harry Potter, they always forcefully make you agree with them at the most inane things ever. And every single discussion had to be derailed with Rei/Asuka arguments.

>> No.6111930

I have never played any of these games. Maybe I'll see a recommendation here and go for one. I am not sure. There are so many games to play. Too many for one human. Entirely too many, actually. lol I need violence in games. Property right violations are in this space. If that's the game, I'm good. I'll go for that. What do people seek in video games? Nothing near what I've brought up? Complete separate content? lol

>> No.6111932

There's, like, no Smash Brothers style games. There's such a dearth. That is a clear oddity in the video game world. I have no idea why that is. lol People who made such things could impact things. A whole lot of issues could be out there. I mean about what is the state of other video game businesses in the world. Making something like that could sell well. He who seeketh money would go there for that. Meet market wants. Straightforward. lol This is the video game set up.

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Tfw Evafags slinging shit at each other again

>> No.6112094

Also char vageena was a pussy

>> No.6112307

t. XcitingPunchFer

>> No.6114305

>Evangelions 2 for psp/ps2 is where Gainax fully fleshed out the entire story of Eva so if you want to know the Angel's backstory and all that this is the game where that information is available. It's definitely the best Evangelion game by far.
why would they do that?

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but he looks cool.

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the angel backstory was never the most important part of evangelion

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best mission

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Why would they add all the backstory into a more or less non-canon vidya ~10 years after the show ended?
what a waste.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Typing Project-E
Shinseiki Evangelion: Typing Hokan Keikaku (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン タイピング補完計画)

>taking orders from Maya

>> No.6116594

>gainax releasing games for Dreamcast
what a time to be alive.

>> No.6118542

Why wouldn't they?

>> No.6118552

I don't remember if Gainax actually published consoles games before. IIRC, Princess Maker on Super Famicom was published by Takara or something.

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GoS > GoS 2

>> No.6120556

I don't think anybody would ever argue differently. GoS2 feels like a doujin game.

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I want to fugg asuka

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F and F Final are hard and aren't animated, so most pople wouldn't touch them

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>most people
Good thing we're on /vr/ here, where people aren't faggots about animations or hard games.... right?

>> No.6123145

I don't think I'll be playing these, now that I'm older I tend to get burned out fast from SRW games

Started playing A Portable, which is very pretty, has a great cast and music, nicely designed stages but... eh

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So far I've only played retro SRW games, but yeah they're looooong, and a lot of times, if you get into it, you just feel like replaying the same ones again but try to get different scenarios/units. There's a lot of replay value in these, but they consume a lot of time.

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I swear Evafags are the insufferable.

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They are, but Tominofags who just got into mecha a few years ago and LARP as long-time mecha fans by shitting on Evangelion are even worse.

>> No.6123194

neat, are there more?

>> No.6123195

never met one on real life. Evafags on the other hand yes, they like cockroaches.

>> No.6123215

I know what you mean. But yeah I'm talking online, not IRL. Tominofags can get more obnoxious than Evafags sometimes, especially since they act all "elite" for liking glorified toy commercials.
I love both Gundam and Eva, I'm just tired of the shitposting.

>> No.6123226

what's your favourite Gundam series

>> No.6123227

>Why yes, I enjoy shows with shit animation and directing. How can you tell?

>> No.6123237

fun fact: Amuro and Shinji get along pretty well in SRW.

>> No.6124643

Asuka is not for lewd.

>> No.6124648

>how you have to find your own subjective meaning in media
Are you really saying that like it's a bad thing?

>> No.6124741

God damn why do Tominofags feel so threatened by Eva and Evafags?

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>everyone who has penchant for retro mecha anime but impartial towards Eva is Tominofag

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>some doll fucking weaboo is going to complain 3dpd

>> No.6127239

Is that Shirogane-sama?

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Glad someone brought it up, AT fields are an absolute godsend in F especially when everything has some barrier bullshit.

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Isn't Asuka supposed to be Eurasian? This looks off.
Then again, basically all anime girls look Eurasian.

>> No.6127548

What kind of shit pic is this? All these 'european' girls are ugly anglos (british and american)

Back to /pol/ or /int/ or whatever shithole you came from.

>> No.6127568

Kys happafag.

>> No.6127579

>Anglos are not European
>Taking something innocuous and turning it into geopolitics
Nice projection. I think you need to go back to your political board.

>> No.6127674

Not everyone, but it's certainly a trend in people who get into mecha
>nooo your popular show sucks! my popular show is better!
They act all hipster about Gundam as if Gundam wasn't also overrated, with the exception that Gundam isn't all that popular outside of Asia.

>> No.6129153

where is this from

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>> No.6130197

West European women look like dogs and they even fuck dogs too

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Tony Takezaki's Evangelion manga. Dumb kinda fun.

>> No.6131649

ripped af

>> No.6132416

What are those black lines on the background?

>> No.6132419

emulation texture seam problems probably

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>EVA-thread lives until autosage
Mana best girl.

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