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PC Engine... home

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For me, its the TG16.

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Pc engine duo is the most aestheticlally pleasing console design

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Post more

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I’ve ignored the PC Engine for too long. Is it cheap to buy one or is it cheaper to do the whole mister thing?

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You can get a beat, yellow, but functional "white" original model PCE for ~$50, but games cost a fortune, and controllers are bizarrely rare and ~$30 for a decent one. It's overall an expensive console to get into; and that's just talking about HuCard games. A huge portion of the library is CD-ROM2, and getting a working CD unit is virtually impossible unless it's been refurbished or you do it yourself, even broken DUO units like OP are a couple hundred, and putting together a "suitcase" is only a little cheaper (and still broken). I bought a few cheap PCEs, an RGB expansion port dongle, a few controllers, and a Turbo EverDrive a few years back, but I'm missing such a big chunk of the library I barely play it anymore. Been thinking about getting out of the PCE game altogether honestly.

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does the turbodrive fit in a duo with its card-lid closed?

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I believe so, but I can't speak from first hand experience. If I was going to do it all over again I would buy a cheap PCE and a Super SD System 3 —it would end up being cheaper than a working DUO and far more reliable, and I could play all HuCard and CD-ROM2 games. I don't think it had been launched yet when I started buying PCE stuff.

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Yep, you just gotta make sure the Turbodrive's switch is set to PCE. I got one of the Stone Age ones. Works great. Actually I've made it a point to only buy stone age ever drives (Mega Everdrive v2, Famicom N8, and SD2SNES) and they've all been legit and function well. And the Turboeverdrive is the only one I've bought straight from S.A.G.

Shit, actually the Mega Everdrive v2 doesn't say it's from S.A.G. I could just tell what it was from the pictures when I bought it on ebay.

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That setup...audiocucked...

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This guy. I want to agree with this guy, but I can't. Not all television speakers are that bad. And not all games deserve Hi-Fi setups.

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ProTip: Only get the White Model if you're planning on also getting the Briefcase for the CD-ROM2. Otherwise get the Black Model with the Blue Lettering. Unless you want that Black Super CD-Rom that matches the orange lettering. Honestly there's a bit too much choice when it comes to PC-Engine. I didn't even realize there was a hardware difference between the Duo-R and the RX but there is. The RX has the expanded Save Memory.

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>the least

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>Not a PC.
>Doesn't have an engine.
What did they mean by this?

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thanks. I'm out of the loop apparently. SSS3 looks great for 300, can move into a supergrafx later if I felt like it.

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100% of stereo games deserve an external setup. It’s not even that the speakers are bad (but they are) it’s more with the positioning. They need to spaced wide to get a proper soundscape.

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>3 each of yellow dirty shit

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TurboGrafx-16 is the most underrated console ever.

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It was named in accordance to NEC's PC-88/PC-98 computer line.

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You do know there’s a battlestation thread up and running at this very moment, right?

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Yellowed ≠ dirty. Beyond that I'm having trouble understanding your otherwise meaningless post.

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Of course you're having trouble understanding. You couldn't understand that "yellow dirty" doesn't mean "yellow=dirty". You're velcro shoes retarded.

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at least it was before the snes came out

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I prefer the black Duo, but I have to say that the Duo-R looks really nice.

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The TurboDuo, FTFY and it's damn sexy

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I ask because I saw this image and obviously this guy felt a need to actually remove the door. I just felt like if the board on the everdrive was exposed at least having the door over the card would protect it somewhat

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what trini is that

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who are you quoting?

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Ah gotcha; I've had mine in and out of storage bins, pretty much always stuck in a PCE and I've never had any issues. You can get them with a PCB cover over that part, I just didn't feel like paying extra for it.

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>being this much of a newfag

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At least it was before I fucked everythang up.

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Picked up a SSDS3 on black Friday. I've been enjoying going through Y's and Cho Aniki

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This crt is fucking cool as hell
How do you score something like this? Just luck, or do you go on craigslist asking for aesthetic old tvs or some shit

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be european

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pls respond

he's actually right though. greentexting is meant for quoting. newfags use it incorrectly.

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Clearing "quoting" a seething faggot

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For me,its the OG
the best engine

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Yes get the SSDS3 latest version
it will solve all your prooblems

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Love that monitor.

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its the Sony 1390

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What went wrong with the PC-FX? It had plenty of space for expansions to make up for its launch shortcomings.

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NEC bet on anime FMV games and VNs as the next big thing when Sony, Nintendo, and even Sega to an extent and by itself the horsepower to compete with even the Saturn. I've also have a hunch NEC were further trying to consolidate their console and PC developments as the PC-98 and pretty much every other Japanese computer was about to get steamrolled by Wangblows 95.

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**didn't have the horsepower compete with Saturn

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Thanks m8.

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Pc Engine has nice lewds

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The power of Horse

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If I want to get into PC Engine, where do I start? I know it's a fairly expensive console, but where do you guys who have a PC Engine get Jap games from? Am I pretty much only limited to Ebay? Is it cheaper than TG16 shit or more expensive? Which version of the console is best? The briefcase, Duo R, or Duo RX? How are the arcade ports compared to other consoles?

This seems like a really fucking neat console and I'm surprised it flew over my head for so long.

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Aside from Bonk and Rondo, which of this toaster's platformers should I be playing? Tried Keith Courage and it seemed like shit.

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Yahoo japan

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where do you live? depending on that you can get a fully refurbished PC Engine Duo-R. in my opinion the ideal system to enjoy CD, Super-CD, Arcade-CD and HU cards.

costs about 200-300€.

games are actually still ok price-wise. not inflated shit like Mega Drive or Neo Geo.

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don't try Renny Blaster - it's even more shit...

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East coast murrica. There's two retro stores in my area, but I've never seen a PC Engine in there. Not that I was actually looking but I think I'd remember it. I'm leaning a lot towards the Duo R, but is the Duo RX worth it for the extra save memory or does the R have enough?

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Dragon Egg! isn't spectacular but it's at least charming and plays pretty well.

There's an Alice in Wonderland game too that's decent.

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Alice is punishing but finishing a level is really satisfying. Are there any Mega Man-style games?

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God I just want Mail to spit on me and call me her insignificant little slave girl UwU

why are there never Popful Mail threads?

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not retro

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Tranny alert.

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the tranny engine folks, i warned you

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Why didnt capcom release SSF2 on the arcade card
With how they loved the saturn expansion you would thing the card expansions would be right up their alley

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I have no real logic for it but I hate any controller that has its cord coming out toward the user. it just looks and feels wrong

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>Nobody tell him

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Interesting fact. The controller was designed by Ai Tororuyu who also designed the Dreamcast controller.

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For me
Its the DUO-RX controller
The best PC Engine controller

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why'd they settle on one turbo mode instead of two?

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Why do I hear a lot of people say that the Duo-R Controller is better? Do people just really not like the 6 button RX?

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Its just bragging rights. They are good but the regular NEC 6 button is fine too. Almost no games use 6 buttons anyway. SF2 is all I can think of

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>greentexting is meant for quoting
no one uses it for that anymore. try to keep up gramps

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Fatal Fury Special and Art of fighting use it
Also Advanced VG and Asuka 120% Burning Maxima

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Both are great games

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post your 20 favorite pce games

Bonk 2
Mr Heli
Liquid Kids
Super Dodgeball
Fatal Fury special
SonSon II (Capcom exclusive platformer)
bomberman 94
bomberman 93
soldier blade
strider (it's kinda shitty but it's still strider)
Parasol Stars
Air Zonk
New Adventure Island
Detana Twinbee
Bravoman (it's actually pretty unique)

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Thats only 19
And too much to list 20

FX Unit Yuki
Fatal Fury Special
Rondo of Blood
Legen of Valkyrie
Space Fantasy zone
Soldier Blade
Asuka 120%
Bomberman 94

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Well here is my /American/ 1311CR