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why is this so funny

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Because I hate tomatoes and Ronald has an amazing ass.

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cause ronald is smug af

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Nice sprite work on this game.

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If Ronald was a tank commander would he be Rommel McDonald?

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look at that fucking ass

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Dat ass!

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Grimace has the nicer ass imho.

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Whats wrong, ronald-kun? Craving my mcnuggies?

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Why is he giving him a dirty rag as reward

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It's because you have the emotional maturity of a two year old.

Heh, mashed tomato.

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mashed tomatoes covered in BUTTer

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>why is this so funny
because american children get their food from mcdonalds. they get their daily triple ration of sugar water from mcdonalds. they get their toys from mcdonalds. in your pic you can see they get their education from mcdonalds. it's hilarious, they think water levels are rising because some glaciers melted but really it's because they also got 100 kilos minimum of extra body weight each from mcdonalds. the water level isn't rising, they're bloody continent is sinking because of all the fat people. that's causing water to rise elsewhere, basic fluid dynamics.

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*giggle giggle snort*

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>being this mad we have 60hz

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>in your pic you can see they get their education from mcdonalds
Pretty obvious this was written by a Japanese person.

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is there a platformer mascot with a more smug looking pose? He even randomly flashes the mcdonalds arch

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excuse me for not being a cold hearted adult