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I posted this at /v/ the other week or so but I lost that thread by accident. I recently got a Dreamcast for pretty cheap and need some games, anyone have some good recommendations? I got Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram, a couple survival horror games, and a Sega sports game, so far they’re all pretty fun except I haven’t gotten the mech game yet so can’t speak for that. Anything fighting or puzzle like I’m down for, but I’m open minded so just drop any game you’d recommend I guess, overrated or not, cause I have like no library for it rn.

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dynamite cop

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lol wtf

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Ok that looks bad ass I’m sold and I can’t even comprehend what’s going on there

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you get to fight the kraken, beat up fat people using wrestling moves, and sometimes you get essentially nuke launchers

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This thread is made so often that there should just be a sticky with a list of DC recommendations by genre at this point

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Record of Lodoss War, it's a great Diablo clone
Mars Matrix and Gunbird 2 if you like shmups

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All of them are good, anon. Get them all.

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this game is top tier stuff. me and a friend would fuck with it for hours just to enjoy the whole crazy show it was. the ending and the girl and her face and the voice over and everything about it is just cheesey awesome 80s movie goodness

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Power stone 1&2

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Any Dreamcast players, how does Toejam & Earl hold up? Loved #3 on Xbox but never played the first two and have some interest

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cosmic smash
tony hawk's pro skater 1 and 2
sonic adventure 1 and 2
spawn: in the demon's hand
dead or alive 2 (japanese version has the most content)
de la jet set radio
triggerheart exelica

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Crazy Taxi
South Park Chef's Luv Shack is pretty fun if you are into that and have friends.
Tony Hawk 1 and 2
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Jet Grind Radio

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my dreamcast is overheating?
Got the gdemu and even a noctua fan but it overheats and eventually shuts off. I removed that one voltage regulator but beforehand but I still got that issue

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its dying. time to get a replacement dc. mine did the same thing. Tho I did stave it off by readjusting the laser and keeping it near a cool place (ac unit) so it lasted another 2 months but eventually died.

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Get the Picopsu.

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Best bet is to replace the PSU causing all the excess heat with a pico psu or dreampsu

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I heard that the GDEMU causes problems with the power supply's voltage regulator? You may have to get a modded power supply that adjusts itself accordingly.

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These threads should be a autoban

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Marvel vs Capcom 2.
Capcom vs SNK 2.

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Napple Tale (It has an english patch now)

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Its dying anyways so just do something retarded like put an icepack on it or put it in a refrigerator somehow

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>released downsampled for burning
why are fan translators fucking retards?

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Daytona USA 2001
Just set the analog sensitivity way down.

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what, you can't patch a gdi!?

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they released the patch for a specific cdi so you'd have to patch that and then combine files to make your own good gdi.

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I have a few standouts that haven’t been mentioned yet.
>Ecco the Dolphin
It’s pretty beautiful and has a really nice swimming engine. Fun game with kinda wonky controls.
>Godzilla Generations
This game is trash but I enjoy it for some reason. Weird “cinematic” angles that randomly cycle, awful graphics, clunky controls, repeating monotonous Godzilla theme music, you just lumber around destroying shit. Pic related.
>Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact
Rail shooter like Rez or Panzer Dragoon, you play as Godzilla moving forward and shooting down military with your shoop-da-whoop lazer, also destroying all the shit in your path. Still not a great game, but somehow fun, and much better production values than the first.
>Cosmic Smash
Kinda like Rez: Racquetball, it’s a 3D breakout game where you control an avatar hitting the ball to knock out the blocks. It’s comfy.
>Propeller Arena
Legitimately fun arcadey airplane deathmatch game, it’s best as multiplayer. It’s a blast and supports 4 player split screen.

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Wait what? I'm bad at computers what does that even mean?

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Get a DreamPi, the Web Browser disc, and get connected to play so PSO (make sure its Version 2)

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instead of making the translation's patch file for an untouched gdi dump of the game, which is better for people that can use it (emulators and ODEs), they made it for an existing cdi rip of the game (for burning to a CD) with downsampled music and videos. while more people can immediately use it that way, it means gdi users have to put in a lot more effort to get a proper quality translated image of the game.
it's disappointing because if they'd released it as only a gdi patch, people would've scrambled to make a burnable cdi from it within the day, but it's more work to work backwards.

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I dont really want to buy a dreamcast either. Does anyone happen to have the GDI?

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Err a parched gdi I mean.

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fair enough lol

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Thanks for the recs! I’ll make sure to check some of em out!

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played this a few nights ago and just zenned out building my coasters

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You can use quake 3 to connect too.

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Ohhh damn, that’s way helpful, thanks!

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i dislike quake 3's soft keyboard so i wouldn't use it over a web browser given the choice.

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Any actually good porn games for the Dreamcast? Dangerous Toys is a glorified slideshow.

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>Mars Matrix
Is there finally a download available? Tried finding one to burn back around 2014 and it was impossible

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where can you download dangerous toys?

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>Wikipedia list in one image with boxart alone is "way helpful"
I hate stupid zoomers like you.

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No idea of current locations. I got the iso years ago.

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Lost the thread? You know /v/ has an archive and you can just search back for it if you remember what image you used for the OP.

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I hate stupid anusoomers like you faggot

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have you played any game

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Seems like only the racing games, fighting games, and Illbleed are any good.

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Hey groovy dudes anyone know why my PAL revision 1 Dreamcast won't read NTSC-U backups? It seems to read Japanese backups fine from all that I've tried and obviously PAL .cdi backups work fine also. I've tried multiple boot discs including Utopia and Code Breaker but no dice. All but one NTSC-U games are not recognised at all by the console and Code Breaker just says it's trying to read them constantly. The exception is E.G.G. which shows up as an audio CD but won't read no matter what I've tried. Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm at a dead end here.

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teh intarwebs

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Typing of the Date.

Or Typing of the Dead.

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If you like racing games, Shutokou Battle II (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2) is a personal fave.

>RPG elements
>Realistic Tokyo inner freeways/ highways.

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lazar ishoes. ahjust pawt.

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Typing of the Dead is pretty fun at higher difficulty levels, though I wish they'd made use of the space bar, backspace, and capitalization to boost the difficulty some more.

This game is so good, if just for the steering gameplay. Steers more like a real car/boat than other sim racers at the time.

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Grandia 2
King of Fighters 99
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

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Power Stone 1 and 2, Chu Chu Rocket, and Quake 3 are great party games. Quake 3's controls take some getting used to if you aren't using a mouse/keyboard.

>How dare someone make a thread about retro games on a retro gaming board.
Fucking dumbass.

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Only one I knew of was Divi Dead and it's a decent visual novel but there's a lot of archaic things you have to do to advance the story. There are parts in the game in which you need to visit areas in a certain sequence with no new dialogue to point you in the right direction. The artwork is great though, just use a spoiler free walkthrough.

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Are you sure? It seems to behave very predictably otherwise and reads everything but NTSC-U fine.

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>defending bandwagoner shitposts
wew lad

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God, just disappear already.
Spawn: In The Demon's Hand. Might not be subtitled as such for Dreamcast, but holy fuck it's a fucking kingly pick for the Dreamcast. I want to own one exclusively for it.

Then you buy all the usual classics, the ones that got ported out. I hear they're usually better on Dreamcast.

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It's funny how you don't see the irony in your shitpost. OP literally isn't talking about games. He's talking about what he wants which happens to be recommendations of games. No doubt a dumb zoomer like you can't comprehend the difference but it's a critical one that distinguishes a shitpost from a post.

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Aero Dancing i is pure kino. Best flight model in any console flight simulator.

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This feels like just a list of games available on the system, not good games. Because I opened the image and Carrier is one of the first games you seen, and it's honestly not good.

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Jokes on you for "opening" a zoomer image

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How many times a day do you think you type the word zoomer? Does it make you feel better about being old?

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I type it every time I reply to a retard who's obviously a zoomer, zoomer.

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Why do you avoid the PS2 version of Maken X?

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This. Spider-Man looks so much better on the Dreamcast. Closest you'll get to the PC version on a console.

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