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Post maps, level overviews, landscapes etc anything that makes you want to explore

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Holy shit. I'm amazed they managed to fit all that into one cart.

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This was one of my favorite games growing up. Even though it's pretty much impossible without a guide.

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It was never my favorite, and I never understood it. But I somehow more or less liked it anyway, mainly because of the music.

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It's not exactly hard to do that. There are extremely few actual game elements and it would be an easy matter to shift pallets to create the illusion of different environments.

Here's an impressively huge world map. Because of 4chan's filesize limit I had to shrink it to 50% and compress it but you get the idea.

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You could have just googled the term "File Island" to find out the game. Fuck, when are people going to actually become inquisitive and figure things out on their own?

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File Island shows up in all the digimon games.

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There's only one Digimon game that specific one shows up in. C'mon. I don't even know the game and I found it.

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Why the hell do people like you withhold information like this? I could understand being too lazy or disinterested to reply, but what you wrote actually took more time and effort.

You really put that much value on the ethics of this other dude's search effort? Its just bizarre to me.

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>spoonfeeding newfags so they're guaranteed to never learn how to do anything
It's better teach someone to find the information they seek themselves than just give it to them.

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Just fucking search it up. It's not hard. At all.

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>3D printed
Meh, it looks cool from a distance, but in the close up pics you notice the minecraft aesthetic and it loses most of the soul
This is more like it.

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Bomberman 64?

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Even the cover art

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StarTropics was such a fun game, and it had a kind of blend of challenging gameplay, exploration and yet also very comfortable, almost inviting environments that you just don't see anymore.

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Isn't the Zelda 1 area much smaller in the actual Zelda II game's overworld?

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Yes. The small area below Death Mountain.

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I'm honestly surprised Nintendo hasn't done more with the series. I think it is one of their most underdeveloped, underrated original series.

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i started playing that game a little while ago and didnt get too far. any tips for playing it?

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People these days have jobs and responsibilities, like me, I have 30 minutes to get ready and out the door right now and I'm only sitting here because my sister is using the shower.

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Digimon games used to have the best worlds, they had that unexplored primitive foreign land appeal, but at the same time were seamlessly filled with all the crazy fantasy Digi stuff so you could literally run into anything and not have it seem out of place. Usually you know what to expect from a game world given its time period, level of technology, scope of world etc, but the Digimon setting blows past through these limitations.

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are there more of these for other games?

I'd love to see a Contra one.
and a Castlevania. Fuck, a Castlevania II would be helpful.

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I used to remember the runic alphabets.

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I can still read Britannic Runes. And I sometimes write in Britannic if I'm writing private stuff for myself.

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If you play Ultima series, it's easier if you can read the runes. The Serpent runes are harder to read. I don't even try the Gargish runes.
>writing private stuff
What font do you use for the runes?

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Oh, I write w pen/paper for the runes. Like, taking down secret notes, stuff like that.

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I once saw some words written in runic alphabet behind a chair in a classroom when I was in uni. Showed it to my friend who's an Ultimafag. I didn't remember what was written on it, been like 25 years ago.

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It takes less than 3 minutes to find the name. Quit making fuckin' excuses.

I bet you're one of those retards on an old lady photo sharing site that goes "SUACE??????"

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These are fantastic, thank you.

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The Britannian runes are the only ones really practical since they are based on actual runes and used outside of Ultima. Runes are part of Unicode so you just need a proper input method.

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Got them from here

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what map is this?

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Nevermind. I found it.
Darklands. Great RPG.

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This map is nostalgic as fuck, holy shit

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Awesome.Thank you again

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Digimon World 2.

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Found this cool interactive map of U7+SS.
Zoomable, link to Ultima wikia when you click on NPC or location

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whats that area in the far north east

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OP came here to start a conversation, drops an image with no filename or reference to the game, and expects everyone to play fucking Sherlock holmes to respond. If you want to talk about something, give people some context. I bet you try to have conversations in real life like this. ( the few you probably have).

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It should've made you want to explore

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is all that one seamless level?

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Before I even conciously recognized what I was looking at, the stage music started playing in my head. Christ that game had amazing music. Damn good memories

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Oh fuck, I've never noticed before, even while playing through it.
also what the fuck is Calatia?

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I wish it was retro (2002?)

Beautiful game, love me some dungeon siege

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