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best games for this thing?

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It's mostly good for the decent arcade conversions and ports from other systems it had such as:

Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing Deluxe
Space Harrier
After Burner Complete
Mortal Kombat II
Star Trek Starfleet Academy (Better than the SNES version)
Star Wars Arcade (only home release)
Doom (Yes the music is pure farts, but it plays much better than the SNES version, and isn't bad considering it's the first home console port.)

For Exclusives you have:
Knuckles Chaotix
Stellar Assault/Shadow Squadron
Zaxxon Motherbase

If those don't really interest you then it's probably not worth getting. If you can find one for cheap though it's not a bad thing to have for the few decent games. The library is only 36 games and many of them are pretty cheap.

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Knuckles' Chaotix
Metal Head
Shadow Squadron
BC Racers

I'd argue these are the essential.

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Here are the best games for the 32x:

After Burner
BC Racers
Brutal: Above the Claw
Corpse Killer
Cosmic Carnage
FIFA Soccer 96
Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples
Knuckles' Chaotix
Metal Head
Mortal Kombat II
Motocross Championship
NBA Jam Tournament Edition 1995
NFL Quarterback Club
Night Trap
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
Primal Rage
R.B.I. Baseball '95
Sangokushi IV
Shadow Squadron
Slam City with Scottie Pippen
Space Harrier
Spider-Man: Web of Fire
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator
Star Wars Arcade
Supreme Warrior
Surgical Strike
Red Company Sega
Toughman Contest
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing Deluxe
World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders
WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game
Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000

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T. Mek is a nice tank arena deathmatch thing with friends

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Why is this thing $50 now? I thought it was a piece of shit.

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And some people like Jackson Pollock

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An Atari jaguar is like 250 dollars

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It improves the video and sound quality of regular MegaDrive games. It gets rid of the rainbow banding, and gets rid of bass distortion. So even if you don’t give a fuck about 32X it’s still worth it to have for your MegaDrive games.

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Sega CD's even worse right now. Prices are $200 on average.

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50? They cost lime 200 euros here

Id gladly pay 50 for one for my collection

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Isn’t that a popular homebrew platform now?

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Fuck, I last looked 2-3 years ago. Now I'm seeing it closer to $100.

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wait, really?

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Only in certain circles where they are desperately trying to prove the system isn't shit.

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any good jaguar homebrews?

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It's not so much about that, as it's more that the Atari Jaguar did have some good power for the time, but it's an ungainly piece of shit to actually develop for, and to get something that actually looks and plays like it's actually more advanced than a SNES or Genesis is actually pretty hard, so it's about challenge and bragging rights.

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The home brew games are mostly just 16 bit Atari st games ported to the jaguar

Nothing amazing you won't see the full power of the Atari jaguar two 32 bit processors

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Do you like 16 bit Atari st games?

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The 32x was actually a decent piece of hardware that not only got sabotaged from Sega of Japan but trip Hawkins also sabotaged it by not having EA fully support the 32x because he eas trying to push the 3do in 95.

Only EA game I know of is toughman contest which is garbage and the 32x port is worse then the genesis port.

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A lot of people will say Knuckles Chaotix but honestly the game is a fucking boring mess level design wise. Only good things about the game are introducing the Chaotix to Sonic canon and every single music track being a bop and a half.

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They're mentioning one of the best games on 32X. Technically correct.

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What would the “full power” of the 32x or the Jaguar actually look like?

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God, it's so sad isn't it.

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b-but the avgn said it was shit!

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did anybody say HIDDEN GEMS1?

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We need a new unity

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This is literally every game released for the thing.

This is the correct answer, although I would also add Blackthorne.

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That desert fortress/town is pretty cool... What’s the 32x homebrew scene like?

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Has anyone bootlegged the Neptune in a retro console yet? It seems like someone should have by now.

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It is. No one wanted to pay $160 for Virtua Racing and Color Banding Removal.

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Battlesphere Gold, Zero 5, and Iron Soldier I/II for Jaguar.

Shadow Squadron, Virtua Fighter, and Darxide for 32x.

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>After Burner
So you don't need the ability to play Master System games at all if you have the 32x?

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>The 32x was actually a decent piece of hardware

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The 32X actually disables Master System compatibility.

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What's the 32x core development looking like on MiSTer? Someone must be working on it.

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i'm interested
you gents got any suggestions?

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I can't remember the year, maybe late 1990s or early 2000s, but I saw Toys 'R' Us (F) selling tons of new, unopened ones for $10 each. They couldn't give these things away back then.

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you really messed up not buying those then

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Best game is the basketball one where you throw this shit in the garbage bin.

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I like a few games on the addon. Check out Blackthorne, it has an exclusive level.

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Kolibri. Everything else is either shit (knuckles chaotic) or would be better played on mame (NBA JAM) or would be better played on a PC (DOOM). Seriously, I have one and it's one of the biggest regrets I've ever had, even though it only cost $60 a year ago. Even with an everdrive it's pretty bad or better played on other means. I mean, it's a neat concept and I can see where it could have been huge if SEGA hadn't killed it off so early.

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Blackthorne is a good game. No idea why i'd play it over the PC version though.

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Why is Star Trek Rated F?

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Fifty is cheap for a working 32x with all the cords.

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Even then the cords are easy to get new ones or make new ones yourself. The AC Adapter is the same as a Genesis 2 and the AV Patch cable is just a straight-through cable.

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It would have been self-justifying if they finished porting superscaler and model 1 arcade games to it. It would have been a cheaper way than the Saturn for existing Genesis owners to play arcade accurate home versions of those classics

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He was right, it was a poor idea for a product and it did serious damage to Sega as a company.
In an alternate reality, Sega never made the 32X and would easily have made Dreamcast 2

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It wasn't ever gonna happen because people knew the Saturn was coming, the 32X priced itself out of the budget market, and Sega already overspent on it.
You also have the 32X using chips which instead should have been used for building Saturns.

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>What’s the 32x homebrew scene like?
Sadly, not a thing.

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Because I stole the review scores from someone else, not having actually bothered to play every 32x game myself.

>This is an odd little game that even Star Trek fans will struggle to enjoy. In it, you are a student at the Starfleet Academy, where you can learn and participate in several "training missions" to "challenge your tactical skills". Why not just make a REAL Star Trek game? I'm guessing that the developers were planning to just that, but later downgraded the scope when they realized how weak the 32X's graphic capabilities were. At heart, this is a glorified Star Raiders clone with better graphics but far worse gameplay. You have access to layers of menus with all sorts of data and instrumentation, but only a geek versed in Star Trek techno-babble could digest any of this garbage. The first person shooting "action" is painfully dull. The enemy ships are fully 3D, but their movements are sluggish and the AI is idiotic. Being an academic environment, there's also opportunity to meet and socialize with your fellow space cadets. Here I stumbled upon the single redeeming feature of the game: a pool table! That right, you can challenge classmates to a game a pool, which is by far the highlight of this cartridge. The pool balls are huge but they rotate nicely and the game is easy to play. As you can deduce, Starfleet Academy really isn't much of a game. It's probably the worst 32X title I've come across.

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Actually it was a good idea for the American market.

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Shadow Squadron is about the only 32x game worth playing desu

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Whoever wrote that apparently didn't realize that the Starfleet Academy was a thing well before the 32X release and thus their opinion is invalid. Not saying it's a good game, but it was more than playable if generic space combat is your thing. Surprising amount of content, too.

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The American market sure didn't think so.

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>Zaxxon Motherbase
C'mon, my dude...

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Literally what the fuck were they thinking?

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Yes best humming bird game ever.

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none of these were exciting enough to save sega. 32x is a neat side-note for the genesis

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Its the worst 32x game there is

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No, you can do much worse on the 32X than Star Trek:


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That doesn't look bad. As in, it looks entirely in place for the early 90's. I can see the biggest let down is that the game would clearly work on a SNES or Genesis without the need for a 32x.

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$50? I wish, they're like $150 on their own.

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You're right, but if you're a big classic Sonic fan it's definitely worth a playthrough just to see what it's all about. It's got cool ideas even if they're poorly executed, and even though half of the stage color palettes set my retinas on fire it was interesting to go through for the first time as a new classic Sonic experience. Plus you can't play as those characters in any other classic game aside from Mighty in Sonic Mania and Espio in Sonic the Fighters if that even counts

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>rainbow banding
I've literally never seen this on my Genesis. I've seen pictures of CRTs that show it before but I've never experienced it. Bass distortion I definitely have though. The only thing I've really noticed my 32X do is oversaturate the colors on-screen

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Knuckles Chaotix is proof that it had plenty of potential for 2D games at least. 3D was the future back then so of course everyone would wanna do that on hardware that wasn't suited for it, but Knuckles Chaotix was gorgeous and only bad from a mechanics standpoint and that wasn't the 32X's fault

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Never seen it either. Have seen jailbars on mine but only at extreme viewing angles.

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a tragically untapped market

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Sega still had a huge market share with the Mega Drive, which they essentially handed over to Nintendo when they stopped marketing it in favour of the Saturn. And the people who had bought one were pissed off they had to buy a Saturn just a few months later.

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Is it safe to use the 32x with the sega multimega/cdx without the official spacer?

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No, it makes mustard gas

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it’s meant to do that

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You'll probably have more of an issue getting the connector cable to seat with the spacer than without

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Iron soldier has more polygons than some ps1 and n64 games

its because of 1 wire that is not connected, you can make a switch to enable it

Atari Jaguar just had the worse timing, it came just as the snes and genesis were getting some of its most popular games

Consider this, on snes you had the fx chip where you had to buy the chip each time you brought the game, the 32x was the opposite, the idea was good but they should have either delayed saturn or made the 32x cheaper or earlier. It was originally just supposed to be similar to the virtua racing cart but you could use it with more games.
I like star wars.

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Not memeing, but in the AVGN 32X video, he mentions that he heard it can damage regular Genesis games? Is that true or a baseless claim he heard from somewhere?

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I have Shadow Squadron. Can you not pause that game or am I retarded?

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I have never heard anyone else say it, and he did say he had no idea of if that's true or not. Maybe it was a rumor he remembered hearing back in the day when it came out?

I'm guessing it's probably not true.

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You just explained how it was a horrible idea for the American market, not a good idea.

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