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Why is it so hard to make a decent replacement?

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It's not, they made an objectively superior replacement 18 years ago, and today we have a god-tier adapter that lets you use it on your N64 https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/gc_to_n64_adapter_v3_with_builtin_controller_pak/index.php

There's a reason so many n64 speedrunners have shitcanned that shitty controller instead of constantly trying to maintain it.

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enjoy your deadzones

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Shhh....don't bring facts into this thread. It'll upset the autists who don't know any better.

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I'd take an N64 controller over a GC controller.

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Both of these are garbage and you should feel bad.

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Because the controller itself is so shit that no third party products can make it feel right.

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is there not one? tried my few controllers the other day and all the sticks are jacked

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C’est la vie.

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>Using the rightstick as "c-buttons"

Never again. Never ever again.

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Not sure if this guy is still making these but here you go.

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He's currently out of stock of modded OEM sticks and Steelsticks64 modules, some of the other stick stuff is also out of stock or on back order.

Bear in mind the complete module is $125.


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Can’t you just take it apart, clean it, live up the gears and it’s brand new again?

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You can only polish a turd so much.

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Interesting, but expensive as fuck. Might do it with 1 main controller for my self though.

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They suck through the sensitivity is off

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the tolerances involved on the plastic pieces are incredible, only nintendo purchasing in bulk could get something like that manufactured accurately
the stick also uses optical sensors which is pretty unusual

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enjoy being on a 2-year waitlist for this stuff, though.

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Cleaning and lubricating seems to be the way to go unless your joystick's gears have been worn down beyond hope.

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Because it uses optical sensors which are expensive and mean the joystick parts have to be incredibly precisely manufactured. Chinkshit N64 controllers use potentiometers anyway and it totally fucks everything up. Just replace the gears and the bowl for a matter of cents per controller and they'll be as good as new.

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The C stick and the D-Pad are horrible on Gamecube.

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Really? From what I've seen they're the closest in terms of sensitivity to the original. At least compared to any third party.

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g9ddxMqYFvI nope there to sensitive. and there are third party n64 controller that have steel sticks and are also pretty close to the original and they dont cost fucking 125 dollars

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Because it's a flawed design but that flaw is tactile and people have nostalgia for it.

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How do I use a gamepak with this?

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Kitsch bent are pretty good. About 80% of the original.

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>optical sensors which are expensive
Literally the same shit that's in every $5 mouse

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Then use your mouse to play Conker's Bad Fur Day then, faggot

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Controller pak is built in, but obviously that means no rumble.

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>Why is it so hard to make a decent replacement?
No interest mostly. People just don't care about the n64 so it gets delegated to cheap shit controllers with a lot of inaccuracies and poorly calibrated parts. Honestly it deserves it.

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ebay have noted a massive spike in N64 sales recently.

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I haven't noticed any sensitivity issues. Seems right on par with the original to me. Supposedly speed runners see these things as godly artifacts, and autistically use them over any other replacement. I only say autistically because we all know they each bought 4 full modules instead of just a b grade bowl and reshaping their own gears. That being said I do recommend it myself. I got an a-grade bowel and it feels almost perfect. Just have to reshape my gears and then I couldn't possibly find things to complain about. They even send you some grease so you don't have to worry about wearing down the plastic or any potential adhesion.
I plan to buy 3 b-grade bowls and never worry about the controllers again. You could see it as a bit on the expensive side, but I see it as a one time fix.

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I've been gone for a few months - have you posted feet yet?

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Replacement parts!

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>shilling a reseller who is selling mediocre parts
>implying it's not you selling those parts
Fuck off.

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Your welcome!

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You need to replace the nub with another thumbstick. As for the D-Pad you need an adapter and use another gamepad.

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But the guy selling a $125 module is ok with you?

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There's a replacement stick that uses the Gamecube module with a custom converter. The original version of it was bad, but a newer version was made with multiple profiles and higher accuracy and it's 100% better than the original.


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Shut the fuck up man, N64 is the most selled retro console on the market of the internet. I don't think is about interest, is about incompetence and very old technology.

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Idiots will happily buy those chink shit hyperkin controllers and not care. There is no interest in the scene that can enact any sort of change.

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Welcome to 4channel! How can I help you?

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It's futile to reply to a sony tard, he will just come back for more every time.

I don't think anyone should buy the $125 module. There are several reasonable solutions to the N64 controller issue, the best probably the gear replacement on a OEM.

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Not everyone is as poor as you. The only major problem with them is availability. Same thing can't be said for kitsch shit.

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I've heard good things about swapping it out for a gamecube stick so I'm probably just going to do that pretty soon. Takes very little practical knowledge to do it yourself.

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I'd honestly just rather take the piss with a PS4 controller or something at that point.

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Like modern controllers the soft padding on the sticks wears with time/ use too.

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>Coming in 2020 - #Tribute64 evolved & has gone wireless! Take a look at what we have in store for our #N64 controller: Wireless 2.4GHz: low latency & rechargeable Li-Ion battery D-Pad: moved left for that ergonomic comfort Z-buttons: redesigned as modern style triggers

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Your just fucking dumb!!

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Good of them to move that dpad. Don't know why the Hori one had it right in the middle like that. Looked awful and definitely made no sense to put it there when it could have been moved over left some more.

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the hori pad is so small it doesn't really make a difference.

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Based for a mentally defective tranny

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I think the middle D-pad feels like shit, but desu I just use my OG controller for anything D-pad related like Mischief Makers and Kirby and use my Hori for everything else.

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Honestly the Chinese copy controllers don't feel too bad. Better than madcatz and other 3rd parties from back then. Haven't held a none jacked up first party controller in a long time though.

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Hard pass.

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the problem is zoomers who don't have any standards and buy shit because some idiot said something

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It’s millennials playing MK64 and Mario Party with their friends.

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ok. Honorary zoomers

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You’re mad because you have no friends to play with, and even if you did, nobody would want to play your rare JP import of Pantu Sniffu Simuratu on Saturn. Also
>older than 38
>posting about vidya on 4chan

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>younger than 18
>posting anything on 4chan

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Cope harder, grampa. You’ve already "lived" more life than you’ve got left, and here you are wasting your precious time posting about glorified toys on an anime site... I just hope you realize that despite the term "middle aged" you’re closer to 2/3 when you consider how much of what little time you have left is going to be spent as a geriatric quasi-invalid. Protip: you don’t get to insert another quarter or whatever when you die, this is it.

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Says the zoomer who's going to choke on a tidepod next week

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