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Metal Jesus gets his mind blown! Actual real hidden gems!!

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this is the brazilian version

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>hue version
Lemme guess, it replaces all characters with Monica and cars become flying bananas steered with toy bunnies.

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Yes it is.

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Disappointing, ute adventure racing would have been peak Aussie.

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"No, it doesn't" or "No, but god I wish it had"?

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It's a little guessing game for the zoomers.

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You know that game is real, right?
It's essentially the same game, just with Holdens.

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But does it have giant spiders?

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Perfect Dark

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Wasn't beetle adventure racing mentioned in a MJR hidden gems episode?

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thats not hidden

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This game is fun to explore. Getting all the boxes and discovering all the alternate routes through a course is a joy that few games give.

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Absolutely overlooked

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I suspect he was posting it in jest.

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Needed a ute

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Doesn't he get his smeggy friends on to do the N64 stuff?

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My friend keeps blowing this game and telling me I have to get it. Anyone like it? Hidden Gem?

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I forgot the image
Buck Bumble

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It's one of the best racers on the system. I guess you could call it a hidden gem as it never seems to get the praise that it should.

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I fucked up and forgot to post the image >>6053668
I was actually asking about Buck Bumble

I know that Beetle racing game and I remember how surprised I was at how good it was the first time I played it.

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It's decent from what I remember..

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It had quite the soundtrack..


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Quake 2 multiplayer was great fun. Not as fleshed out as Bond or Perfect dark, but it was very fast paced and well balanced. Winback had a great 2-player versus mode too. There wasn't a lot in it, maybe 2 or 4 levels but it played really well. Killer Instinct Gold was one of my favorites for quite some time. Never got around to Blast Corps.

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i wish shooters still had bots and splitscreen

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Fun game

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This was my first N64 Game.

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Snowboard kids was considered a budget ripoff of 1080 but I think it is better.

Starshot space circus is a good one, its a bit like banjo kazooie

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>Snowboard kids was considered a budget ripoff of 1080 but I think it is better.
It's way better. 1080 is fine, it's a pretty good snowboarding racing game that went for a realistic look and succeeded for its time. But Snowboard Kids is a snowboarding racing game with kart racer mechanics and the type of pointy, cartoony art style that thrived in early 3D polygonal games. It's fantastic.

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The two Custom Robo games are pretty good. V2 is more of the same, but still fun.

If you like social sims and don't mind the lack of content compared to the Game Cube update, Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Forest/Crossing) can be fun too.

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been meaning to check out the first two custom robo games, given how good battle revolution and arena were

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N64 doesn't have a lot of fightan, but this one is pretty fun. You also essentially get two games for the price of one, so it holds some value.

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Forgot pic because I am drinking.

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blessed taste

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Underated N64 fighting game

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You actually got two gimped games since most of the cast was cut.
>no minmin in sd mode
>no yuka in virtual mode

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it has some of the best track design of any racer i've ever played

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Was just going to post this. My second favorite game after SM64.

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Isn't this universally thought of as a piece of shit?

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what was the deal with this one

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World Driver Championship

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Wow thats a really good looking 64 game i assume thats being emulated?

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Nope it's capture from S-Video

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What is

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YES YES YES. This game was the bomb. Somewhere, I still have the free t-shirt that was packaged with the game when new.

What is /vr/'s opinion of pic related? Had good times with the multiplayer.

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its shit

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Just because it's an excellent port.

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Thanks for playing.

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My friends and I grew up on snowboard kids. Mario Kart was severely lacking in the multiplayer department. And so was Diddy Kong Racing. If I recall correctly they ditched the music in order to get it to run at a stable framerate in multiplayer mode. None of that in Snowboard Kids. The single player sucked (imho), it was bland shit. But the multiplayer was were snowboard kids really got to shine. It's not rated enough because most of you fags don't have friends to play with.

I have to hand it to nintendo: four player splitscreen is a great way to burn some hours with your friends. I'm glad they stick by that.
Pokeman Stadium multiplayer was great too. Star Fox wasn't that good, but we spent many hours on it, talking smack and One-upping each other. Proximity mines were always good for a hoot too.

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what makes you say that

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pretty good

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This game was so full of depth for the time, and no one knew how to play it. There were speed caps tied to the difficulty setting, so on expert mode it was blazing fast if played properly - using Z-boosts/quick starts/boost cancels/boosting off of slopes/etc. Difficult, but so rewarding.

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That atmosphere... Great subtle use of N64 fog.

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Top 5 multiplayer on the N64

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Oh yeah !
But i thought its very hard as kid..
Is it hard or was at just me as kid?

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Nah, you just need to adapt to the shitty controls
The PSX version has better controls but worse graphics, framerate, draw distance and audio.

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>Metal Jesus
Fuck off with that cringy shill

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Wait how?
I was under the impression OP was making fun of Metal Jesus.

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Oh if that's the case OP I do apologize.

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Used a story originally considered for Metal Gear Solid, and had Hideo Kojima on board early on until they greenlit the PS1-based scenario.

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No worries.

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read the game's name

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quality soundtrack

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doraemon english translation when

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I wish.

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[Drum machine intensifies]

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Ive spent more time playing the multiplayer football mode with my friends, than I care to admit.

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I thought it was just okay, personally. The Rush series blows it the fuck out of the water.

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Oh, ignore me. I thought you meant beetle racing or whatever the fuck it was called. Buck bumble is pretty overrated these days as well, but it made for a good rental.

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god I hope so, she's so hot. (her adult version, not a paedo)

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It's also overrated because it may do some very interesting things for the time but the execution is absolutely awful in hindsight. The N64 simply could not handle what they were trying to do and the game suffers miserably as a result. They were making a game too advanced for the gen it was in.

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Probably tried to play it like hydro thunder which is also a good game. The N64 actually has a really good collection of arcade racers that get overlooked.

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I remember having a blast with that and a lot of other multiplayer stuff on the 64. Ah, the diddy kong racing post race fist fight. Different times indeed.

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Excellent game that was given to me for christmas one year by a good family friend. Jumping in and out of vehicles was actually more novel than some people think for the time. It was a very fun, very atmospheric game that I wish Rockstar would actually take a real crack at. That isolation type of horror was very interesting.

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I agree. The game has a really low FPS.
The Xbox version is much better.

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Rare had the same problem with Tooie.

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You say that like late 90's Commodores aren't. I grew up on the Europe version which a game store just had at the time for whatever reason. Didn't even know about it till I spotted it at Cashies with my /o/tist bro. Spent the whole weekend playing it and cracking jokes.

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I like both.

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>no turok 3

this game never gets mentioned while mediocre games like buck bumble, body harvest and SSSV do.

the fuck is wrong with nintendo fanboys?

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no, it really does look that good and runs stable 30 fps

Boss studios used custom microcode

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Nothing against Buck Bumble (apart from the horrific music), but it's pretty basic.

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The music is not good but given a very short amount of time it will be stuck in your head.

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it feels like way more people i knew had turok 1/2 but didn't get 3

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Unique kind of game that mixes dungeon-crawling/RPG elements with wrestling and 3D fighting.
Not sure if what this anon >>6058021 said is true, but part of the team that worked on Hybrid Heaven actually worked on the MSX Metal Gear games and Snatcher, there's some mild Metal Gear references in there.

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I fucking hate Brazil so goddamn much

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I played the shit out of that with a friend as a kid. It definitely wasn't as good as I remembered when I played it again as an adult.

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Beetle Battle!
Welcome to Coventry Cove!
Hot Lava!

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cool idea but not actually a fun game to play.
Walking down metal corridors and kicking enemies for hours.

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>and kicking enemies for hours.
Start experimenting with the moveset more, then. By the mid-game you should be doing suplex moves.
I agree the non-battling parts of the game aren't too interesting, though, although it has some cool moments, like the showdown with that giant beast.