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Alright /vr/ginas, all of the Saturn threads as of late finally pressured me into acquiring one of these glorious pieces of shit after 15 years of fence-sitting. It’s a modchipped JP Model II with a region-free BIOS, so I think that I can essentially play the 99.9% of the library I’ve “backed up” for myself. I’m going to need a quick rundown on the essentials, your favorite obscurities, and any homebrew that’s worth it (Sonic Z-treme looks neat). Multi-plats and ports are also a-okay, so long as they aren’t totally gimped. The genres of which I’m most fond include:
>quirky Sega arcade shit
I don’t play many fighters or shoot-em-ups, but I’m open to good ones. Point-and-click, RPGs and sports games are really the only genres I actively avoid.

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It took you this long to get one? Why didn't you get one in the 90s?

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You're not going to like any of them and the Saturn will be in storage in less than 3 months.

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I'm the OP of that thread, check the ones there, but there aren't any not on that thread that are:
>exclusive or superior port
>very similar or identical to shit that exists on other systems

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Daytona USA (original version and CCE play differently, some people prefer the original)
Sega Rally Championship
Need for Speed
NiGHTS into Dreams
Black Fire
Duke Nukem 3D
Mega Man X4
Earthworm Jim 2
>>quirky Sega arcade shit
Fighters Megamix
Guardian Heroes
Die Hard Arcade

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I was barely aware it existed, and I was a kid who already had both an N64 and a PlayStation.
Fuck off.

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Dreamcast seems to get a significant amount of hate on this board yet somehow this doesnt

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Go figure, I wonder the same shit. The DC on the other hand has literally dozens of god-tier titles you can't find anywhere else or are best there and the Saturn that has barely anything else apart from jap shit and 2D titles that could run on the SNES and it is hailed as the second coming of jesus. How the fuck did the Saturn outsell the N64 in Japan?

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I blame SEETHING grandpas who don’t consider the DC (let alone the rest of the 6th gen) “le retro” and are stuck in deep denial of the imminent zoomer supremacy. Simple as.

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I don't fucking get it, the DC died so quickly that it was pretty much retro by the end of its own gen, let alone by the next one where it felt older than the PSX but was discontinued only 4 years before the release of the 360

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It’s kind of like if the Genesis had flopped and was discontinued in 1991.

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I thinks its exactly that, that its held up as the second coming so people who go and play it and dont enjoy it that much start to shit on it. Where as people treat the saturn like a pretty good mid tier machine and have a good time with it dont complain even through saturns library is objectively far weaker.

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>PSX: last official licensed game released in 2004
>N64: last official licensed game released in August 2002
>Sega CD: last official licensed game released in 2006
Firmly retro
>DC: last official licensed game released in February 2002
Not remotely retro according to /vp/

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Because the N64 doesn't have games aside from bing bing wahoo and zelda.

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Please take note of the “r” present in our board’s name.

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You mean mario64 doesn't WAHOO YIPEE WAHA

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Even if that were true, even if Mario 64 and the Zeldas were the only titles on the N64, it would still be worth buying over the Saturn. It's not trash but it didn't do anything that couldn't be done in the previous gen.
any decent RPGs on par with the FFs for the PSX?

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Huh maybe you got that Sega cd with the dc date wrong but wiki says this is the last

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"officially licensed" can be a bit slippery here

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>I’m going to need watch the rest of the youtubes from the faggot who convinced me to buy one

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>any decent RPGs on par with the FFs for the PSX?

No. But there's Panzer Dragoon Saga, Albert Odyssey and a Lunar spin-off for pedos.

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YouTube didn’t exist in 2003-2004, my darling little zoom-zoom

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>/v/ memes

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>all of the Saturn threads as of late
You're literally retarded, literally a faggot, and literally a zoomer

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>all of the Saturn threads as of late
When I posted this, there were two general Saturn threads and a "Sonic R" thread in the catalog.
That was the last time that I physically encountered a Saturn in the wild, at my long-gone brick & mortar "Music Recyclery" (F). I didn't know anybody IRL who owned a Saturn back when it was actually on the market, my only experience with it was playing the aforementioned "Sonic R" at a Circuit City display over 20 years ago.
>You're literally retarded, literally a faggot, and literally a zoomer
You literally need to go back to >>>/v/, or better still, wherever you posted before 2016, assuming you had internet privileges back then.

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>missing Fire Prowrestling SMS
>missing Vampire Savior
list needs work bro

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>all those mental gymnastics
>all that kidsplaining
wew lad

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Yeah no

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Such as?

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Last dc game is karous

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Your not really into shmups fighters and RPGs and you bought a Saturn? That's all there is to play on it why the fuck would you buy it

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Already played the first 2. I was honestly surprised how good Saga was I just assumed it would be a shitty meme game I drop 1 hour in but I was engaged the whole time.

What's the c*nny game?

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don't bother, playstation fans are just traumatized with their choppy arcade ports compared to the smooth saturn ones.

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tfw you realize your arcade perfect Saturn port collection isn't arcade perfect and every game is better in MAME

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t. 15-year-old election tourist.

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more like tfw you realize many saturn ports are arcade perfect and also have extra features and is not emulation

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Who gives a shit? This was one of many problems with sega its 1995 who fucking cares about the arcade anymore? The arcade in a few years would be all but dead.

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I guess the ST-V ports could be perfect, but that was a gimped arcade system to begin with. Just look at how ST-V native games compare to games for the previously released Model 2 arcade board.

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Talking about sexy ports like Vampire Savior, kiddo. Even better than the arcade original.

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$15,000 arcade machine looking better than the saturn? That's to be expected, at that price it better be.

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The ST-V IS an arcade system.

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which we already know is identical to the saturn.

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Magic Knight Rayearth after the cut scene doesn't seem very good. I really didn't enjoy the forty five minuets I spent with it .

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No, we had newgrounds and that turned to shit.

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>i failed. time to age project.

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I was reporting e-celeb threads on /vr/ back when your mother was still playing their videos on her iPad to keep you preoccupied in the grocery store.

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>i was projecting and larping back when i made this shitpost
Seethe harder little faggot. Cry me some more of those delicious tears.

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Phantassy Star Collection would be good if theres an English translation anywhere, or you can by chance read Japanese

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>Last dc game is karous

Pretty sure it got titles after that, there's some news article every odd year about another DC release.

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It's not good, you were right to cut bait when you did and not waste any more time with it

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Yeah, because in the 90s CPS emulation was totally a thing. Jackass.

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Where the hell can you even buy one of these for a decent price?

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I'm thinking that the wild is your best bet. I finally bit the bullet and got one online for >$100 because a) I've wanted one forever, b) it's pre-modded and I'm lazy, and c) it's Christmas.

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I'm thinking that the wild is your best bet, though it's not very likely. I finally bit the bullet and got one online for >$100 because a) I've wanted one forever, b) it's pre-modded/I'm lazy, and c) it's Christmas.

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circa 2002

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>after 15 years of fence-sitting
Well congrats dude on finally overcoming your brainwash programming. It must have been painful for you.

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Consider that it’s a niche console which was relatively expensive when new and was significantly outsold by both the PSX (~10x) and N64 (~3x).

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What revision of the Saturn should I get? Japanese models that is, both EU and US models are pretty expensive. Voltage isn't a problem since there's a kit available that replaces the PSU with a jack for an external one.

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I got mine 20 years ago, after it was a failed system, just to play this game

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A bit unrelated, I'm learning more about it right now but whats the way to play Japanese discs on a ps1?
I've seen disc swapping but dont want anything damaged. and then there's a mod chip?

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Imagine being so butthurt

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Is it bad if I find this really catchy and keep replaying it and singing along?

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At least you can get a modchip for cheaper than the everdrives that go with cartridge based systems.

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Im talking about games licenced by Sega

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>I can essentially play the 99.9% of the library I’ve “backed up” for myself.

not panzer dragoon saga disc 4 buddy. sorry about your luck.

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Skeleton Saturn is my favorite, but I'm also pretty keen to the model 2 Victor Saturn. Honestly even the OG Japanese Model 1 looks good imo.

The only boring looking Saturn are the all black ones, even the Hitachi ones with pink buttons look good for Contrast.

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I was more thinking if there's a certain revision that's technically better, like how certain PS1 models have better lasers and such. The colour scheme is a more subjective thing.

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Should I get a Saturn? The only game I know I'll want to play is NiGHTS and Saturn Bomberman.

>> No.6059324

PseudoSaturn. There are sellers on eBay selling pre-flashed cartridges. You pop it into the cartridge slot and it bypasses all region and copy protection.

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Knights? Lol. Saturn Bomberman is the shit tho

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Do you like jrpgs fighting games and arcade style games?

>> No.6060449

And Pinball. Good god Saturn had some amazing exclusive Pinball games. That was the biggest reason I wanted one.

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No, not really into any of those genres.

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>Pieces of shit
Sega Saturn has better arcade ports than PS1. It also has the best Japanese library of games.

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Then definitely dont get one seriously thats like getting an n64 and not likeing platformers fpses and racing games.

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Saturn Bomberman has one of the better campaigns in the series. it's piss easy though

it's like bomberman 94 except every screen is a level that looks completely different graphically

>> No.6061972

it actually has far less 2D platformers than the playstation (to the point of embarassment) as well as a shit tier library of 3D platformers

>> No.6062001

>it actually has far less 2D platformers than the playstation (to the point of embarassment)
Not really.

Saturn has
>Clockwork Knight 1&2
>Super Tempo
>Keio 2
>Shinobi X
>Tryrush Deppy
>Assault Suit Leynos 2
>Mr. Bones
>better version of Silhouette Mirage
>better versions of Megaman 8 and X4
>better version of Rayman

Meanwhile, PSX just has Klonoa.

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Holy shit bros, the Saturn looks absolutely perfect with the OSSC.

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Saturn has Sonic Jam.
Playstation has... uuuuh, Crash Bandicoot.

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honestly found one in the wild on the facebook market place for good price. 70 bucks for console, cables, 2 controllers, working lightgun, and mortal kombat 2.

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>>better version of Rayman

>> No.6064308

>Sonic Jam.
He's talking about GOOD games.

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...or is he...?


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I know, I mentioned Crash just as a joke, of course.

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Speaking of Saturn are the Retro-Bit 2.4 controllers good? What about the Bluetooth versions?

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The saturn cult needs to go away

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No. The retrobit controllers get the hard plastic parts right, but use vastly inferior rubber pads underneath. I got two of them, and the C buttons get stuck.

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Well post another Bernie, you stupid faggit.

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You're just mad because you don't own one, and you know this is absolutely true.

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I'm gonna buy a replacement laser for my Saturn that reads game discs as 999:59 long audio discs (i.e. can't even see the TOC with the gain turned all the way up anymore). $7 US on ebay, wish me luck. I can't even tell if this is exactly the right laser (assembly and ribbon connector look identical to me at least), but this is the cheapest I've seen it for sale and I'm willing to risk it.

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I bought a Saturn game, and I don't even own a Saturn. Feels great. Pic related, but not mine. Figured I'd jump on it now while it's cheap before the English translation gets released and the price gets fucked.

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Its a fucking shump and fighting game machine thats it.

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Post pics of your saturn collection or stfu, larper.

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Like the PS3, you don't need to own one to know that the Saturn has no games.

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mad and coping samefag.

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The only similarities between these two I see is the price they go used

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I'm poor and in a nursing home and only have a laptop. What is the best emulator for a Saturn?

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if the laser gain can't be changed, try reseating the tray. Often the tray height is wrong and this gives the laser focus problems.

>> No.6066692

Believe me, I've tried everything. I've moved the tray both too high and too low to confirm that I'm in the right place. I've tried the laser gain pot at every position, from too low to even see that there's a disc to the maximum. I've tweaked all the pots on the drive assembly (focus error, focus gain, tracking gain, focus offset). The best I could get was occasionally lucky.
It all adds up to the laser being nearly dead, barely able to see anything and not well enough to get data bits. So, I probably need a new optical pickup.

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File: 3.95 MB, 1952x8110, sega saturn list.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer this one

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>using fucking Bug in your advert
Not helping your cause, Saturntard.

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Saturnfriends are always going on and on about how we never got the best games stateside... in that case, what is the quirkiest, freakiest Japshit on this thing that I can play without knowledge of rice-runes? I want something with pic related vibes.

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keep seething, sonyncel.

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Please take this back to your 3rd grade schoolyard in 1995 and away from this thread.

>> No.6066853

>"ooh please get back to the serious discussion about beep boop toys!"

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This post is extremely low quality.

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Only boring people are bored, you don't like it move to russia

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Why the FUCK do I keep ending up with coasters?

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whats the Media Identification Code of the dvdr?

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>>and then there's a mod chip?
There are. Search for Universal Phantom or "The Phantom" (you know what it is) and it is compatible with every model of SS.
Some guy sold it on some forum and then moved on his own site.
Just ordered it for ~£19 and waiting.

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>KOF 95,96,97
those are horrible ports with 1min loading,you don't even play videogames
>missing Fire Prowrestling SMS
>missing Vampire Savior
use alcohol 120

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Use blindwrite

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I bought a Saturn last year and between all the great RPGs and shmups I'm playing, I barely have time to keep up with the small library of games I acquired. And I'm getting even more games for christmas.
Saturn is by far my most used console of 2019. And I have a Switch and PS4 Pro (I know, it's not saying much)

>> No.6074482

Thank you for blogging on the fourth channel new friend

>> No.6074515

Is Dragon Force 1 worth it if I already have Dragon Force 2?

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My Saturn has been fucked for years. It won't spin discs anymore, I think the motor is busted. It eventually started going around maybe 2014 or so. It would spin any disc really slowly and then stop and now it doesn't at all. Is there any site or some shit that can fix Saturns or do I have to buy a new one? I want to play NiGHTS with my 3D Controller again.

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For me, it's the game library. Every time I play my Saturn I have fun with games like Sega Rally to games like Panzer Dragoon.

>> No.6079180

Where's the best place to get a Japanese Saturn from?

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