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Can we have a /vr/ chart thread? I'll put what I got

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Anyone got those charts with recommended DOS and Amiga games?

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I don't have the Amiga one on hand, but here's the DOS chart.

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The fuck is wrong with you

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sorry wrong post


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>unsolicited opinions

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It's like pinterest for autism

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>Mom get in here, I did it, I replied to everyone!

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I think Sonic Classic Heroes makes for a better Sonic 1+2 experience personally.

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How old is it? That Sonic chart is almost as old as /vr/

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What the fuck? This is actually perfect

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many of these are just intentionally shitty “self-aware” indie “””games”””

If you want absurdist play Chulip

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>no list for shota

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Autism is what all true warriors strive for!

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If you haven't finished at least 10 of these games, you don't belong in /vr/.

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What picture editing software do you use that aligns it symmetrically like in word?

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OP here, thanks for replying to my thread :)

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Whats the point of having a chart where half the games require knowledge of japanese to know what they're called? I think "played at least 2" or "recognize at least 5" is more realistic.

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Is it time for an update?

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Any software that uses guidelines.

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Bretty gud!

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Do you have a phone with a camera, retard? Download google translate, hold your phone up to your screen and use the live translate mode to read the titles. Or just google image search the cover art. Spoiler alert, they're not good games.

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The latest build was in 2013, and some of the hacks in the picture are dated 2012, so it can't be too far off right?

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Check this now

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Chulip is as much game as these
More naive =/= better

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>No 53 Stations of the Tokaido

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Final Fight is harder than WoF and Armored Warriors though

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its shit

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>No Dr. Riptide and Tom n' Jerry

Reddit taste

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Paper Mario is not retro, decent list otherwise.

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It's far better than any Jajamaru and at least on par with Getsu Fumaden. The enemy AI is fantastic and it has secrets all over just like Super Mario Bros. You projectile arc is awkward at first but you get used to it just like with Gimmick! Try playing it anon, it's worth loving.

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My eyes, the amount of NOT RETRO is killing me... :S

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This guide led to me having a big fight with one of my best friends. He had played the REmake on Gamecube and wanted to play Resident Evil 2, so I consulted this and determined that the Dreamcast version would be the best one to procure for him. We were roommates and I had a Dreamcast set up anyway, so it would be convenient. Within seconds of popping the game in he was complaining about how bad the graphics were. I tried to show him that this was the version of the game with the best graphics available but he didn't care. The fight culminated with him throwing a loaf of bread at me.

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Not everyone is a filthy EOP

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not everyone is into early jrpgs and grainy hentai

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fucking based

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N64 is retro idiot

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That’s the shittiest list I ever saw

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Oh god no, I'm gonna do it. I can't, no, these... shitty... zoomer charts, arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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It's weird how much shit the PS2 has. Half of those games I would never even bother with.

There are some solid titles though. Just not that many.

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How so? What would you change about it?

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Killer 7 and SH4 was a phenominal games that sucked on PS2

Also where's Balders Gate Dark Alliance, Champions of Norrath or any of the oher Snowbind rpgs? Those were some of th best rpgs on PS2.

Finally it's missing Spawn, Ape Escape 2 and Soldier of Fortune.
Otherwise this chart is spot on.

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I like the idea of these, but playing them always makes me angry once I get to later levels and things start getting unfair.

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Why would you want to torture yourself like that

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didn't know Leaves were into Amiga

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>Mostly non-retro games
No, a chart thread isn't an excuse to post /v/ shit. Get the fuck out.

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I didn't realize Ultima was on nes. It prboably feels better tan the PC version's controls.

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If it was made when Steam was stil green or orange then it's probably /vr/ at this point.

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Which Ultima are you even talking about?

>> No.6055534

Any Ultima on PC that wasn't Underworld. I mainly played 7 or 8 but they don't felt as poor as Tibia with how stiff the movement was.

>> No.6055537

Why Tengen Tetris?

>> No.6055539

Ultima before 7 was tile based so it's going to be stiff. It allows for fast and precise movement instead of wasting time on animation or other flashy crap.

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requesting recommended FDS games chart

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>> No.6055543

Exodus is supposed to be a pretty good experience on NES.

>> No.6055546

Yeah, there's quite a few console Ultimas. VI and VII are on the SNES, and there's a Japan-only Super Famicom version of The Savage Empire. There's even a pair of unique Ultimas on Game Boy.

>> No.6055547

Make that two that request that.

>> No.6055551

Satoshi Matrix went with the Tengen version over the Nintendo or Bulletproof Software versions because of its multiplayer versus and co-op modes.

>> No.6055552

It wasn't the animations, it was being semi-isometric on a up/down/left/right grid with weird input-response times just made it feel weird.

>> No.6055556

Because it's better.

>> No.6055557

Well then you are in luck, Ultima 3-5 are flat top down.

>> No.6055562

Huh... thanks for the reply.

>> No.6055785

anyone have a good ones for Genesis games?

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Here's a decent one for Mega Drive/Mega CD shooters.

>> No.6055835

Those are just shooters, but that's a list I have been looking for so that's pretty awesome.

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>> No.6056086

I recently went back and played it on the DC. It is the best version but the DC's horrible dpad ruins a lot of the experience. It really is the best version though and the VMU info is awesome

>> No.6056701

Thanks for this. I bought a PSP from a flea market for 2 bucks last weekend, just got the custom firmware and emulators running on it. Gonna hit this chart hard, there's heaps of games here I never got to play as a kid. What a time to be alive

>> No.6057043

>someone is still posting my SMW romhack images
Feels good man.
It really is outdated, though. I haven't played any SMW romhacks for 5-6 years.

>> No.6057218

definitely look for more gems. the games here are almost all the most obvious ones

>> No.6057628


>> No.6057668

Anyone got one for hardest retro games? Like this but better

>> No.6058571


>> No.6058579

The original Zelda is actually fun, give it a try.

>> No.6058927

>Simon's Quest

oh god

>> No.6059576

Imagining missing out on great games.

>> No.6059584

Why do 1996 and 1997 have nothing?

>> No.6059619

what is bottom left in misc. dc exclusive, with the text on blue sky?

>> No.6059641

Real Sound: Kaze no Regret

>> No.6059667

I dunno, Sweet Home holds up pretty well. By nature of the fact that there are no shops and you're always in a "dungeon," grinding is all but non-existent save for what naturally occurs with getting from place to place. It keeps the game going forward and engaging.

>> No.6059690

Anyone have a good PCE/Turbo chart?

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This one isn't bad. There are a lot more charts for NES and SNES though.

>> No.6059838

A number of these games are ports not originating on SFC. Emerald Dragon and Brandish 2, for example. Strange to call them "exclusives".

>> No.6061267

comfy games just kind of means green, huh?

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I always thought the Brigandine Special Edition should have been on this list. It has a fanpatch with voice acting, I highly recommend it.

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>> No.6061335

Well, comfy IS pretty subjective. I think they were going for a mix of games with pastoral or lush/tropical environments, peaceful towns to hang out in, and a smattering of less violent games focused more on atmosphere.

>> No.6061471

>It has a fanpatch with voice acting

>> No.6061546

I think this guy walks you through how to get and install the patch, but clip starts at the intro. I think they hired some small time VAs to do it.

>> No.6061557

neat, thank you!

>> No.6061651

>Sluggish Morss

Jack King-Spooner went to my high school and was kicked out for selling weed lol. I met him years later at a game dev thing in the capital city and bought him a pint. He's fucken weird but a nice lad. His games are kinda mad. Not /vr/ though so gtfo.

>> No.6061672

I fucking love these charts but why are there chink games on there?

None of us speaks moon

>> No.6063563

>None of us speaks moon
speak for yourself

>> No.6063686

Skies of Arcadia... now that's a game I should get up and running again to play.

>> No.6063702

Faxanadu is such a unique and beautiful world to explore. a game i've only beat once but have journey'd in hundreds of times.

>> No.6063738

>Filipino claymation imageboard
>"None of us speaks moon"

>> No.6063871

Been meaning to try to check out some PC Engine games. Got a list of games I should look out for?

>> No.6063937

Parodius a little too normal for this lad?

>> No.6063945

I consider games like Demon Front and Zero Force comfy so I guess we're on a different page here.

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File: 360 KB, 1289x735, Battletoads_arcade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missing the Battletoads arcade game that nobody seems to ever talk about but is always posting screenshots of. Everywhere I went to growing up had that cabinet but everybody behaves as if it's some obscure chapter in the series.

>> No.6063964


It's literally just a list of random games that guy likes.

>> No.6063970

More like "that fat kid who played DDR in the gym during lunch in high school" core.

>> No.6063993

heh that queer needed to show her cheeks off more and april oneal needed her titties out more

>> No.6064001

there is nothing fun about tediously burning and bombing every tile of Hyrule

>> No.6064878

Beat em up general still lives in my heart

>> No.6065002

Why did that happen?

>> No.6066021

Dunno, just know that it did. That and the smelly kids that kept hooking up a PS2 in the government teacher's classroom for some reason.

>> No.6066392

is there a /vr/ wikia so can i find more of these pics?

>> No.6067673

bump for more charts

>> No.6067762

Cubivore is incredibly mediocre and only became popular with the advent of retro collecting due to its quirky artstyle and scarcity.
>Tfw sold my copy for 500$
well worth it desu

>> No.6068931


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File: 674 KB, 1100x746, Zelda-alikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6069329

has anyone done a PC98 chart?

yes, i speak japanese :)

>> No.6069335

fuck i skipped the op. i'm a moron. don't make fun of me.

>> No.6069590

No Ys? Guessing because of Ys is more RPG with stats and levels. But that would cut a couple of games on that list like Willow and Crystalis.

>> No.6069686

You're a moron, there's no PC98 chart in the op.

>> No.6069817
File: 1.27 MB, 1620x3192, beautiful_genesis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6070136

The original Zelda isn't an RPG

>> No.6070160

>Legend of oasis
isn't that a Saturn exclusive?

>> No.6070202

Yeah, I think that the creator of this chart got Legend of Oasis mixed up with Beyond Oasis.

>> No.6071268

The closest I found is https://i.imgur.com/i4Qq4sD.jpg , but it's not just rec charts!

>> No.6071293

weak bait

>> No.6071617

Sauce on full pic?

>> No.6071782

FFX ,ICO and Chrono Cross are really depressing games... I don't understand this chart

>> No.6071847

Link's Awakening, Mother 3, the end of Klonoa all are pretty depressing too.

>> No.6071857

depressing atmospheres can be really comfy though

>> No.6073105

Anyone got a chart for /vr/ horror games?

>> No.6074130
File: 2.44 MB, 5750x4400, 1556778558920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6074621

I wish I could get into the Ultima games. But my god the combat is so fucking bad and boring and you need to fight so often.

>> No.6074840

Have you tried Ultima 9?

>> No.6075160

you forgot legacy of kain blood omen

>> No.6075270

No and based on everything I've heard I don't want to.

>> No.6075308
File: 274 KB, 453x521, idsoftware.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im 24 years old and these are my favorite Id Software games

>> No.6075312

Nice meme

>> No.6075340

how is this a meme

>> No.6075345

>nu-doom better than old doom
Meme chart

>> No.6075354

why is the old doom better

>> No.6075364
File: 2.99 MB, 540x403, 0C81C1B03B1045449205F63B29B208D1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The community

>> No.6075378

no quicktime event takedowns during combat

no landing on your knee after falling from heights like a fcking śoyboy

>> No.6075379

soÿ boy

>> No.6075402

Mainly the flexibility on modern systems. You can mix and match a virtually infinite amount of mods to tailor the game to your tastes, you can play the original campaigns which are still some of the best level design you can get in a first person shooter despite the game's age.
t.actual 21 year old zoomzoom

>> No.6075407

i think quake 1 wins when it comes to modding tho, considering it doesnt just have many different sourceports but also shitloads of online mods that are great fun

>> No.6075416

That may be the case but i wouldn't know desu, the only Quake game i consistenly play online is Quake Live, and even that's just because i loved Quake 3 offline with bots.

>> No.6075528

https://i.imgur.com/ZzlMeMu.jpg (silveroakcasion.com) in https://imgur.com/gallery/Htbug

>> No.6075551

Can't you cheat?

>> No.6075849
File: 35 KB, 475x347, 932AB66B-9677-494A-86D6-88AEB5D11E6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missing this gem

>> No.6075935

guess i'll pack my things.

>> No.6075954

mate it's an autismo game, it's not a hard game. in fact you can cheese it without any problems.

>> No.6075968

makes sense if you see it from an evolutionary perspective

green plains: lots of plants and small animals to hunter & gather.

>> No.6075974

One day i'll have played most of these games!

>> No.6076797

it's really just ok. I'd actually consider it overrated at this point since its now brought up regularly as a gem when it's mediocre. It wouldn't be worth editing the chart for it since there's also stuff like death and return of superman to consider along with separation anxiety

>> No.6076892

That list has the GameCube paper mario

>> No.6077202

The music alone makes it worth it desu.

>> No.6078029


>> No.6078053

that font on that background is so fucking hard to read

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