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Just started this.
What am I in for?

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It's the third part in a trilogy, so if you don't know the events of the first two games you might get lost with the big picture stuff. Otherwise just play it and enjoy it for what it is. It's a pretty light but refined rpg. NPCs are voiced, you never have to grind and the atmosphere is comfy. Don't go in thinking it's going to be the most revolutionary rpg you've ever played and you will probably have a nice time.

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A shitty 20-hour jrpg with dull dungeons, shallow characters, cliche story, and boring battles. But Saturnfags will still hype it up because that's all they got.

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Overrated slog.
The stories for the first two are simple outlines you can read in two paragraphs

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It's a stupidly short game for a 4 cd disc that costs thousands of dollars, but what's in it is at least extremely highly detailed, and it has very impressive graphics for a Saturn game. The towns looks fucking fantastic with great lightning, you can inspect damn near everything you see (like, everything on the shops shelf), and the battle system is pretty unique even if not super special.

Great game but not worth its money anymore.

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It's very good but you can feel the problems Sega was having internally the whole time you play it. Then if you play Shenmue right after it can really crystallize the reactionism.

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>you can feel the problems Sega was having internally the whole time you play it
How so?

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I suggest you temper your expectations. I went into it having no idea what I'd get out of it and I think my experience was better for it. Just remember to take the entire game as a whole.

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I don't know how much you've played so far but once you get a few locations open and comfortable with the navigation there's this feeling of amazing depth that's just profoundly undeveloped. Superficially the barren emptiness is supposed to be taken as part of the "ruined" setting but by the time you get to the endgame you'll find yourself searching for more content to experience, seeing so many places it could be but realizing that Sega just plain didn't have the resources to develop.

Their arcade games were so good at the time because Sega was absolutely brilliant at game concepts and arcade games don't need to be especially fleshed out.

Then there's a whole additional level of it that you can see with a little context. Take a look at this US ad. Sega of Japan gave Sega of America an advertising budget for a game they shipped so few actual copies of it was already sold out everywhere before the ad even was designed so this is what SoA ran. It's hard to deny the tensions between the two and if the company when you look at something like this.

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I suggest you just play the game instead of asking how to think and feel beforehand.

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I don't know about all of you, but I'm seriously craving for cocks right now

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>The stories for the first two are simple outlines you can read in two paragraphs
I could summarize Empire Strikes Back in 4 sentences. What's your point?
>A shitty 20-hour jrpg with dull dungeons
This game has dungeons? I guess Uru Underground. It's not a grindy game so yeah if your idea is an rpg that's 80 hours thanks to leveling up and padding you probably won't like it. I enjoy the streamlined pacing and storytelling mixed with the constant flow of new areas and monsters.

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Sega arcade games >> shitty console ones

>Virtua striker 1994

>Scud racer 1997

>Outrun 1986

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all shit games.

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The battle system is pretty cool.

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Not Sega Super GT, fag.

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Is OutRun the best car game EVER? 33yo, around 12 ports and it's still a blast.

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Its good. but overrated. but good.

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I already beat the first two.

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Shitty, boring and short. But you may as well play it because everyone keeps talking about it and IIRC it's around 15 hours.

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20 hours sounds like a great length for a jrpg.

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Is $1200 a fair price for a graded 8.0 copy?

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stay mad

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When you get to the desert level look for the red blips in the radar in the corners.

There will be an enemy who spawns there that gives ridiculous levels of experience.

Power level off those bastards.

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I always assumed the empire was a metaphor for Sony and Zoah is a metaphor for Sega.

Also the Zoan religion is analogous to Buddhism which the main writer was losing faith in as his gf had just dumped him.

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No dude, just pirate it.

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Was this a low-key dig at the graphics? lol

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as a nostalgic saturnfag, i agree with your point of view on this game. and no that's not all there is on the console, play dragon force for example

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>and no that's not all there is on the console,
for jrpg exclusives it pretty much was. the saturn never got anything as good as phantasy star 4 or skies of arcadia.

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butthurt sonyggers ITT.

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I'm single and life is passing me by, I've been feeling down. For me it's more about the authentic experience, because I just want to feel like a carefree kid again.

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i had this game when it first dropped. i traded it in two weeks later. I was mad because i loved the first two games, and i also play jrpgs more than any other type of game so i was excited for an rpg panzer dragoon game.

But this was many years ago. I ought to try it again since so many people swear by it but my memories of my time with it weren't good, so i never bothered to track it down.

other rpgs i remember enjoying more were albert odyssey and shining in the holy ark.

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An experience worth over 700 US dollars

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Okay, burn a Rom and disc swap trick it.

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>swap trick
Enjoy wearing out and breaking your drive motor.

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Just modchip a Saturn, easy and cheap.

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