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>JP: March 4, 2000
In 3 months this will be vintage and allowed here.

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It should be

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I can't see where it says that in the sticky. Can you point it out?

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Not until the last retro game is 20 years old, so you have to wait until 2024.

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Is this the best console of all time?

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Yeah, but boomers here won't allow it because they think only their childhood is retro and nothing else

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But the dreamcast is allowed since this year.

Boomers from 3rd world countries like me only knew megadrives, NESclones, PSones and PS2s.

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It is on PLENTY of other sites. Every retro community has various cut off dates/rules. Here, its the year 2000.
Go and fuck off of /vr/

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>But the dreamcast is allowed since this year.
Dreamcast has been allowed since day one and originally came out in 1998

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Stay mad little bitch

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>Dreamcast has been allowed since day
How new are you?

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>Dreamcast has been allowed since day one
Your newfag is showing

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The rules are from 5 years ago. Will they change?

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Actual 30yo boomer here
Literally no good reason PS2, Xbox and GCN shouldn't be allowed here.
Mods are fags, jannies are fags, and you're a fag too if you don't want these consoles discussed here.

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>defending jak and dexter babby shit at age 30
Man, you're an actual fag.

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they're just waiting for the next generation of consoles to be revealed, stop crying

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>no good reason
they weren't released before the year 2000.
>wanting more console war faggotry

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Dreamcast was still released before the year 2000.
It has nothing to do with generations.

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>they weren't released before the year 2000.
Like I said, no good reason
>babby shit platformer were the only games available for the entire generation
ok retard

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Haha 6th gen will literally never be retro and you look like an idiot. Consider this post a giant shit on your face.

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>Like I said, no good reason
Like how you ignored the console war part.

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Yeah, you got a point, guess we should stop talking about all consoles here then
Fucking idiot

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i saw you fuck up and post this on vg lmao

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The "retro era of gaming" has ALWAYS meant "the CRT TV era of gaming", i.e. "6TH GEN AND EARLIER".

Literally EVERYONE on the entire internet knows this. Even /v/ knows this. The ONLY place where anyone has EVER claimed otherwise is /vr/.

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Sorry you zoomer faggot, your shitty console that brought normies to gaming with gta3 will never be allowed here. and on a personal note, i blame you OP. it's YOUR fault. fuck off back to /v.

t. 37 yo boomer

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I had both vg and vr open, I couldn't delete the post

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