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Was Resident Evil: Nemesis the best in the original Resident Evil series, or the funniest?

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Neither. It's just a good game worth playing.

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Eh, its ok. Im not one to really say yay or nay tho. Im not really into RE in general

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No, RE2 was definitely better.

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It's shit. CV is the true end of the trilogy, nemesis was always meant to be a spinoff title.

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Trash game. Repetitive, too action focused, almost never scary, uninspired.

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A great game but the previous games are still better for these reasons I will list.

1. Biggest reason? You only get to play as Jill, one scenario.
2. The city isn't as memorable as it should have been. Basically I mostly mean level design to me is inferior to the previous games.
3. Even more action packed than the previous games. This game was perhaps the biggest warning sign of where RE as a series was headed.
4. Nemesis kind of gets predictable the more you play and really wasn't ever too hard to deal with.

Still a solid and great game though with plenty of positives that definitely outweigh the bad.

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The most technically refined of the psx trilogy, but Raccoon again kind of sucked. It offered a nice conclusion to the arc though with the city gone, the ALPHA ogs survived and the stage set for taking the fight to Umbrella. I wish things didn't go anime with CV and Wesker coming back with Matrix powers. I also wish this was Jill's last escape and they retired the character with decency.

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>This game was perhaps the biggest warning sign of where RE as a series was headed.
I disagree. That would be the movies and Code: Veronica. Even though way less people played it, it's what brought about the idiotic Wesker story arc when they never should have brought him back. The fact that they made Wesker have vampire powers in RE5 instead of being a shady bio-weapons dealer in the background pissed me off.

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Here's your Jill and Carlos bro

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>Best ps1 era resident evil game ?

Zombie revenge

>Best game in the trilogy ?

Resident evil 3

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Got it back around when it came out, never finished it. Tried again several years later on the Gamecube version, never finished. I just get bored with it compared to other classic RE games.

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Why does Carlos have the haircut of a circa-2003 emo scene girl?

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Nemesis eventually turns out to be more of a nuisance than something that adds up to the game's oppressive atmosphere. Mr. X's presence in RE2 was the right dose of this, in my opinion.

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Nicholai isn't very strict with hair length

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I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but I love the remakes. I hope we get a classic (but updated) STARS alt costume.

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I like Mr. X's design more. There was something more mysterious about making him just look like a huge guy in a trenchcoat instead of something more overtly zombie-ish/monster-ish.

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Mr. X is a much better design. The only issue is that he was only good for jump scares & didn't actually pose much of a threat in the original.

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That's good design though. It's a survival horror game, why get punished with a game over because its time for an overpowered boss enemy to appear that you had no time to prepare for and had no clue was coming. It would quickly become frustrating without an easy way to fend him off.

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Por que no los dos?

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>Nemesis kind of gets predictable the more you play
Imagine becoming more familiar with something the more you play it. Wow.

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Lol ^

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It's right in the middle, the funniest for me will be 1. RE3 is a game that I love to replay and sometimes to stream it. It's a fun action game, there's almost no horror element in the game, it's mostly survival action game. And still you get a lot of ammunition to combat, plus the quick actions to evade make the player feel a lot more secure when fighting, it's fun. Another game that was release around the same time that pushes the action element even further is Dino Crisis 2. I see RE3 and Dino 2 as very similar games.
RE2 is the best of the Original games.

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I enjoyed the RNG. It enhanced the replayability greatly. More RE games should implement randomness in enemy and item placement. I was dissapointed RE2make didnt do this out of the box.

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RE1 is the best. It's a pure survival horror game while 2 and 3 lean way too much in the direction of being action games with fixed camera angles.
I'll give 3 being a bit more open than 2 with the two gems and tram items you need to get and having actual puzzles. Things like the 180 turn and movement in general were also good steps up from 2.

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>This game was perhaps the biggest warning sign of where RE as a series was headed.
That was 2. 2 was already a massive shift towards action compared to 1. The levels were linear compared to the mansion and gave quite a bit of resources.

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carcinogensDA did a meetup talk with the director\producer and the guy said the game was meant to include walk-and-shoot like one DinoCrisis game, the tripfag that frequents RE threads since I left vr would dry hump this interview if they were still here

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>RE2 is the best of the Original games.
It would be if the Nightmare Mode came standard with the ps1 release. That or if kamiya wasn't a faggot and insisted it be more action focused.

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>RE2 is notorious for being the easiest game in the series
>REmake 2 is as difficult & survival oriented as REmake/RE1 even though its over the shoulder
>This somehow makes it RE4

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Did RE3 have an RNG handle certain item placements? I could have sworn that the differences were primarily based in which choices you picked during the branching options.

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Your choices did affect minor item placements (gemstones, etc) but the game still had a separate rng that was not affected by paths (magnum vs grenade, ammo placements, etc).

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What's the best way to play re3 in current year? I only played on psx original hardware. Should I emulate that or get PC version with restoration mod? If emulate what should I use, I normally play psx games on psp but want to play re3 on PC now.

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The autists on here think anything OTS = action game. I used to think like this and have been shitting on RE4 since 2007. I argued like an autist about how REmake 2 should have had fixed angles, but after playing it on PC with mkb, I have seen the light. It is an incredible game, and ironically has more survival (bullet counting) than the original.

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It was ok

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>PC version with restoration mod
Yeah. But if you were to emulate, dolphin would be the way to go as the GCN port of the game is great.

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Why do people say this? This is made up bullshit in case your wondering

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2 will always hold the top spot for me
i spent the entire summer saving up for it and a ps1.
coming from a sega i didnt realize how important memory cards were and i learned how to beat the entire game without dying
first complete run was claire A with a playtime of 7 hours and 43 minutes

3 just never got me like 2 and ive played 3 a few dozen times

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I don't really care if it's emulated or not, got sourcenext re3 and restoration mod downloaded already so I'll just go with that.

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production-history of those two titles

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it was the shittiest back then. people didn't like nemesis at all, it only sold in the u.s., not in japan or europe. no more resident evil after that.
the shit of today is not resident evil btw.

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>no more resident evil after that
So Code: Veronica, Outbreak and Outbreak 2 didn't happen then, no?

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He's right tho. There are only two classic games, 1 and 2. Everything that came after was action garbage and those cancerous movies nobody likes.

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agreed, Mr X went down after a few dozen shots in most cases, Nemesis just ate ammo which just became annoying instead of scary after a while

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its mentioned on multiple websites so maybe that is why

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no. 1 is the best of the originals. 2 and 3 were linear actionfests. 3 was barely scary at all

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1 is just as linear as 2, have you even played it?

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Not her but this isn't true. Just consider the item layout in 2. They are positioned in such a way so as to lessen the backtracking almost completely.

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Force backtracking doesn't make it any less linear, that's just shitty level design. You still need A and then B and then C, etc in a highly specific order.

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Code Veronica is easily the funniest.

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>1 is just as linear as 2

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CV doesn't take itself too seriously, which is wonderful. RE was always when the story was B movie shlock.

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It is a horror game. It gets pretty damn obvious when Nemesis is around which is a bit lame since it would be much better if he was completely random in when he would appear.

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So how do we feel about Nemesis no longer having the stitches across his eye and head and now having a nose?

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It goes 2>1>3
I still love 3 though, it had the best weapons, the ammunition crafting system was nice, it gave us mercenaries mode, turned jill into a badass and the threat of the nemesis randomly finding you added a fresh element that was tough to deal with (early on especially).

The focus on action rather than atmosphere really did signal where the series was headed and was the games' downfall, however.

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It looks stupid as fuck, just like the Tyrant in 2 did

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Mr. X has a nose in the original RE2 though.

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Not that anon, but I assume he's referring to how Mr. X's face is noticeably deformed in REmake 2 compared to his previous portrayals, which was something I disliked.

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this >>6047626

RE2 had more replayability with the extra characters but RE3 was larger in scope and had more interesting environments.

>almost never scary
Resi is never scary.

Ah, Dino Crisis the series that never was.

>The autists on here think anything OTS = action game.
Right, just because it's an over the shoulder shooter doesn't mean it has to have a large amount of combat in the game, however it does mean that there WILL be at least some (and that it will focus on ranged combat).

You see by making the mouse/right stick control an aiming point and the left stick/WASD keys control movement around that focal point you're designing a game that has fast paced ranged combat, obviously. Now if you're going to go to all the trouble of doing that and for some reason not have any combat or have very little ... well that seems odd no? RE2 Remake is an action orientated game. The over the shoulder shooting is a part of that.

RE1 was just as linear as RE2. RE3 feels less linear but it's about the same overall.

The remake of RE2 reduced its difficulty dramatically from the original I feel, and fuck whose idea it was for all the extra content to be time tails. Give me some item RNG or a super hard mode or something.

RE:CVX was my favourite of the tank controlling RE games.

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I loved the first RE game the most, until 2 came out. After RE2 there was no way Capcom was going to top it so they put out a below average RE game with a monster harassing you throughout to make it "new". I did like how he would say "Staaaaaaars" upon finding you.

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>The remake of RE2 reduced its difficulty dramatically from the original I feel
Really? I've always thought og RE2 was the easiest game in the series. to the point that I was even able to finish it as a young kid on my brother's PS1 whereas RE1 felt brutal. The remake was the first time since the Outbreak games that I actually found RE challenging.

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Re2 was the best get shidded on.

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>Resi is never scary.
The original is very scary on your first playthrough. Exploring the mansion not knowing what's going to happen is very suspenseful, the sense of threat is absolutely tangible, and after you're desensitized to that suddenly the hunters invade. The game is tense as hell. When you go down into the laboratories, if you know there are only a few zombies there, sure, you're not spooked anymore, but on your first playthrough you shit yourself on every corner.
You just speedrun it one too many times and forgot what it's like. It's not really possible to re-experience RE1, but I vividly remember playing and beating it and it was TENSE AS FUCK. No other RE was ever like that. RE2 was Kamiya's proto action game and RE3 was neither here nor there (although still a very nice game).

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If you like action games and bombastic CG cutscenes, sure. RE1 was basically a brilliant dungeon crawl--a rather different type of game.

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I only played through the entire main RE series last year 1-7 plus CV.
It is my favorite in the series.

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Which release of 3 is best?

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He does have the staples still, just not all the way down his head. There looks like there might be a scar on the right side (our left) that goes down a ways to sort of make up for the removal of the former. Anyways, I like his look. His previous iteration only ever looked scary to me in the original Re3 cutscenes, but every other interpretation of him with updated graphics emphasized the cartoonishness of his design too much and just made him look like a comic book monster instead of a reanimated corpse/nightamre fuel creature. They would make him too angry and make his brow extremely large to show it, they'd make his head big and round to make it look more grotesque but instead take away from the fact that his neck is obscenely wide and too big due to his being a hulking mountain of death. I hate his ORC look, for what I'm trying to get across. Meanwhile this new look has a blank, dead gaze, his skull just tapering out as it hits his neck and shoulders with what's left of his skin tightly pulled over bulging musculature, the oversized teeth to make him look like a mutation from a T-103 as opposed to just one that got hit by a bus. And lastly, the nose imo, I like that it's there to make him more realistic,(again because just keeping it faithful but in HD looks goofy) but making it crooked the way it is, in proper lighting it's not noticable and he sorta goes back to looking like his old self. But up close and in the light he doesn't look like a Doom enemy like pic related.

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You make a fair point. I agree that he could easily pass for a comic book type of monster as well. Back then with low detail polygons though such a look was fine to make him better stand out. He always had that coolness factor to him like how the Silent Hill franchise eventually kept using Pyramid Head in their media because he to also became too cool.

It was too hard for them both to resist the urge to make these monsters cool and iconic representatives of their respective franchises. It kind of makes sense with Nemesis but not so much PH because SH was never supposed to be that type of gaming franchise.

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Carlos is Brasilian ,so he is hue hue br and those haircuts aint unusual there.

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