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Was just playing this the other day, and i realized i never went to ask on /vr/ if anyone remembers it.

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Not /vr/, but it's not like the zoomers will remember or care about this game over on /v/. Yep. First game I got when I got my Xbox. Lots of character, style, and fun gameplay, if a bit repetitive.

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another test

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I fucking love Phantom Crash and it's the one game I'm holding on to and keeping a working Xbox around for. It feels like no one else played it and it was at Blockbuster for a week, then vanished. The soundtrack is amazing, the setting is fun and interesting, and it has this overall quirky Japanese cyberpunk feel to it that's complemented by a slightly awkward translation.
I think it was released six months too early - the customizable mech arena gameplay seems built for Xbox Live, but it's bafflingly single-player. In a parallel universe, this would be our Mechassault.

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I remember Phantom Crush I believe for the Playstation 1. You had to program the mechs with a code like interface.

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Not /vr/ but I'll indulge you.

Played the shit out of Phantom Crash when I was a kid, was never able to finish it for one reason or another but I really enjoyed it. I remember watching the opening a lot because it looked so realistic to me at the time and even now I still think it's pretty impressive and realistic.

Gameplay is lacking for sure, it's not "bad" but at the same time it could be better it's both a bit too easy sometimes and then randomly hard where you need to upgrade your Phantom to be better. I liked the idea of the AI you have on board becoming smarter and going from random gibberish to actually talking to you. It was really cool. Plus customizing your mech was really cool as well. I'd love to see it have a remake or something in the modern day, they could do a lot to improve the combat since really everything else about the game was pretty spot on except how it would play for the most part.

The OST is something I still listen to on a daily basis pretty much. It's so unique and interesting with a lot of music honestly spanning mulitple genres and such. No idea how my brother was able to find FLAC's back in 2003 or so but I still have them on my computer now. I think it's one of the best OST's in vidya since the music is just so different to any other game. I used to have a playlist of vidya music I'd play whenever friends would come round for Mahjong, and they'd always comment whenever Phantom Crash would come on since it'd usually be a piece of music they would've never heard before. Hell one guy loved After Sunset so much he was bopping to it on the table and then asked me for the song afterwards.


Unrelated but are you from the UK, OP? I find that not a lot of Americans know about this game but a lot of people from the UK do.

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Do you think you can put the soundtrack on Dropbox or something? I've been looking for it everywhere and there's nothing.

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Im from the US. Funny story though, my firsr copy of the game was a Japanese version. Our Blockbuster actually ordered a batch of Japanese copies. I don't have it anymore, but i know it had the Japanese case. The one where they have a Photon and a dude on a hoverboard.

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Izzat some Ma.K?

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Never heard of it, sounds like an Armored Core clone, so it's a redundant game and has no need to be remembered.

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You are a fucking saint, thank you so much.

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