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Strikers make no sense.

So you've got this guy who stands on the sidelines and can't directly participate in the fight but when you need a hand, you can call out to them and they can run in and punch the opponent without any provocation?

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They ran out of stuff to add after 5-6 games so it's just like... what's better than a special move button, uh a special GUY button

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It's fighting Worldstar style

>> No.6047976

didn't snk dropped strikers because they were broken or something

>> No.6047980

They got the idea from the guest characters cameo in Marvel vs Streetfighter/Marvel vs Capcom. Originally it was just a clever way to inflate the roster without having to actually design complete new characters,

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you're a fucking idiot.

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They lasted through the whole NESTS saga. 2002 just dumped it because they went back to something traditional for the Dream Match format.

And then 2003 and XI forged a new path gameplay-wise.

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