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Say something nice about the man who saved Sonic 3

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>now sure he touched some chilren but cmon its michael jackson

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He didn't save Sonic 3. He's a faggot and he's a pedophile. He's the reason why we can't get Sonic 3 re-released with the Sega Genesis mini.

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nobody can prove that he did it
also sonic 1, 2 and CD have better music but sonic 3 is still kino

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Something nice about

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hello rosensilversteinberg

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>hires sonic romhackers to make new bad sonic games
>doesn't pay a couple to replace sonic3s music

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I like that miniboss music

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Do you realize how much it costs to get the rights to music? Especially from famous acts like Micheal Jackson? Sega is fucking broke and romhackers will make games for peanuts.

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MJ was a kind-hearted childlike man who never molested anyone but I sure as heck would’ve let him suck my dick

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And? Clearly whatever agreement Sega had ran it's course and they're unwilling to pay Micheal's jew lawyers more money to continue using them, so the best course of action is to hack them out of the game and replace them with unused tracks. Along with removing any branding that might be left in the game, so it can be sold as a digital download or bundled with products like their mini console.

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Has this actually been confirmed? All I've seen is speculation and hearsay on it. Has Sega officially come out and said this?

I find it odd that MJ's lawyers would suddenly have an issue with this when they had no issue with it being added to Steam in 2012. And if it is the reason then why hasn't Sega released Sonic and Knuckles in these compilations or on the Genesis mini which has none of the music he supposedly wrote in it?

Or is it something more simple like the fact that Sonic 1 and 2 outsold Sonic 3 and Knuckles by a significant margin?

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Go ketchup
Go ketchup
Go ketchup

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They did it TWICE for moonwalker and space channel 5

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But Sonic 3 is inferior to Sonic 2 in every way.

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He was really good-looking before whatever happened to him happened.

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Brad Buxer is to blame, mainly. He's the one holding Sonic 3 back because of his demands for royalties for Ice Cap Zone being based on Hard Times.

And they're never going to acknowledge the PC/Beta music as existing. You're only hope is for Buxer and Sega to come to an agreement.

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*ugh, YOUR only hope

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He probably only did it because someone abused him when he was young so he was just continuing the cycle. Makes me wonder if some of the pedo defenders on this board were diddled.

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Again has that actually been officially confirmed?

All I've seen of that is speculation by some users over at SonicRetro.

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I didn't like it as a kid, and I still think it's strange for a boss theme. I appreciate it more listening to it separate.

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Nobody ever had any problems with Sonic 3's soundtrack until Buxer released Hard Times in the 2010s, and after that it was like Sonic 3 was forbidden to be spoken of anymore.

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how'd he save it? his songs are shit compared to the music sega were originally going to go with (and should have actually used).

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Again, that's not really evidence. Just Coincidence and hearsay.

Hard Times was released around 2009. Sonic 3 was released on Steam in 2011. If this legal issue over the music is the reason it can't be released, why was it able to be released in 2011?

And again if this is what's keeping it from being released then why hasn't Sonic and Knuckles been re-released in it's stand alone form which has none of this music present?

You guys bring up that Sega is willing to pay Romhackers peanuts, well ROMHackers have already hacked the PC/Beta music into Sonic 3. They did that years ago. So if the music is really the issue Sega could have reached out and paid those ROMhackers to use that hacked version.

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Does the steam version have the PC music or the Genesis/MJ music?

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Just looked and Sonic 3 is on the Ultimate Gen Collection on PS3.

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It's cheaply emulated rom, of course it's the original.

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>He's a faggot and he's a pedophile.



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> saved sonic
you mean his studio producers? at least get facts right, faggot.

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it was always one giant grab for cash. that rebuttal video is pretty good.

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Ee's a fackin' NONCE! Dirty chimp shaggin' SLAAAAAG!

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>I'll validate anything as evidence if it puts my boy (rapist) in the clear!
I guess if some YouTube gaylord spaz says he's innocent, then it must be TRUE.

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>4chan: "The kikes are child molesters, and pedo-enablers!"
>also 4chan: "if you hate pedos, then you're a filthy Jew!"

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sonic 3 > ???? > sonic 2

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>nobody can prove that he did it

Brad Buxer directly stated they put songs in Sonic 3. Strangers in Moscow was first made for the game and then Jacko wrote lyrics for it for a normal release. Icecap was a carbon copy of one of their old tracks.

also note that jacko doesn't write songs, he had his team write songs for him and he'd come up with lyrics and that was it.

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>Brad Buxer directly stated they put songs in Sonic 3.
The MJ Sonic 3 soundtrack is pretty common knowledge stuff. I don't think that's the "doing it" that anon was talking about.

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You were a great musician, Jackson.

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He was proven innocent

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You got your arrows backwards.

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>Sega wants all Sonic games to have nostalgia bait because they know they're too incompetent to make a genuinely good game on their own
>They're also too incompetent to secure the rights to two of the most nostalgic zone themes

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The man sure knew how to molest a child, I'll give him that.

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Doesn't explain why some of his songwriting credits feature him alone and some don't. If his team was writing music for him they'd either all be credited to him and or all be credited to the team, not a mix.

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>Has this actually been confirmed?
Is this enough of a confirmation, that Sega used Michael Jackson's sheet music for Sonic 3?

>Has Sega officially come out and said this?
They'll never come out and admit it, cause if Michael wasn't working under a non-disclosure agreement, they'd have his name plastered on the box.

>If this legal issue over the music is the reason it can't be released, why was it able to be released in 2011?
Probably because just like with any licensed property, the license had not yet expired.

>So if the music is really the issue Sega could have reached out and paid those ROMhackers to use that hacked version.
Sega could also start making good games again, but it's clear that they're far too inept to do that too.

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...by all the suspect images of children ("art" XD) found in his property after his death. INNOCENT, I TELLS YA!

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...by all the suspect images of children ("art" XD) found in his property after his death. INNOCENT, I TELLS YA! You apologists are reprehensible. He could have brutally sodomized your own children, and you still would have defended him.

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Still not an excuse to defend him. Defending Michael Jackson is like defending R. Kelly.

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what a fucking retard

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It's sad that he wasn't responsible for the best track of the game: Hydrocity Act 2.

Still cool that he was involved. Imagine if he worked on Sonic CD instead of 3 - we would have a full MJ soundtrack because there wouldn't be any restrictions with respect to audio. We may even got some vocals out of him.

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Hee hee~

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R Kelly's accusers didn't have to be drugged into a stupor to 'remember' the incident.

Look it up. The father and his dentist buddy pickled the kid's brain with the same kind of drugs the CIA use for interrogation.

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Truth hurts, doesn't it, pedophile? Kill yourself, you disgusting wretched piece of shit. Do it right fucking now.

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R. Kelly got a fucking conviction, and basically admits it, meanwhile nothing stuck on Michael, and all the kids grew up to say "I was made to claim it by my parents, who I don't associate with anymore, and it was a lie."

It's not comparable, and you're a stupid faggot, literally none of the evidence brought up against him holds up at all.

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>I'll validate anything as evidence
Ironically the entire basis for every accusation against Jackson.

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He would allow boys to sleep in the same bed as him. By. His. Own. Ad-fucking-mission. Now shut the fuck up, degenerate. He's guilty, and you're a scumbag.

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Which only proves that he's a weirdo, considering that's the strongest evidence that there is for him.

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you really do sound dumb

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>allowing children to sleep in the same bed as you is normal behavior, and is not at all pedophilic
Keep digging that hole, hopefully-soon-to-be-dead-scumfucks.

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Maybe the kids just wanted to sleep with him in his bed. Doesn't have to mean something sexual went on.

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You mean Bill Buxley? Seems like an alright dude.

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Where did I say it was normal? It's weird as fuck, but that doesn't make it a crime. Prince was a fucking weirdo too, but that doesn't make him a kiddie diddler. What is striking that every child who made an accusation couldn't have it proven in court, and later withdrew the accusation as adults, and the stupid Neverland documentary is full of bullshit.

What you can prove is that he had boundary issues, which makes sense given how weird and damaging his upbringing was (the Jehova's Witnesses stuff, his dad's bullshit), I'd hazard a guess that he could even have been on the autism spectrum, undiagnosed.
The only physical evidence is that he was in the possession of some suspect art, which beyond reasonable doubt was sent to him by some fan.

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Pedophiles are people who look and act like someone who could be your next door Neighbor. Not someone who is a literal manchild virgin obsessed with disney movies, Sonic, hates Swearing & cries on Christmas. There has never been any evidence against Michael, the court charges were officially classified as extortion, and completely unrelated to pedophilia.

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>Sega Genesis mini
Absolutely no reason at all to have one of those things in the first place. Just emulate you zoomer faggot.

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>Only the mentally stable diddle kids

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>Sega Genesis mini
You weren't born when Sonic 3 came out

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Most child molesters are the victim's family member or a close friend of the family.
Child predators almost always sneak their ways into children's lives pretending to be normal, and Michael Jackson wasn't exactly subtle or normal.

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> "We need to have a tabloid burning, someone should just burn every media corporation to the ground. Make a mountain of them & throw a match on them" - Michael Jackson 2002
Imagine being surprised about the global media hating him & believing anything they say.

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He's literally the GOAT
> Most of the dance moves i do are completely improvised on stage, nothing is ever planned. I hate being called "The King of Pop", it's self proclaimed garbage"
> If it wasn't for the desire to help children across the world, i would have killed myself years ago, because then i would have nothing to live for. All i create is due to my love of nature, Jesus & innocence

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He's a liar and he likes to fuck kids in the ass.

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> Literally advocates burning the entire media industry to the ground
> Calls out Jews openly & says they are snakes who use a conspiracy to rob everyone blind which is why they always end up being the richest people in the world
> Stated the goverment manipulates world history & has been lying to Americans for decades with history textbooks that are shown in school
Every negative thing about Michael has already officially been confirmed to be false. It's not even arguable, just a concrete fact like the Earth not being flat.
> Drug Kingpin & Cousin of Michael's father - “Yeah a friend of mine told that American Media, Inc. he knew some family that knew the Jacksons and they called me on the phone and asked me to come to the hotel. Now me being a playa from the Himalayas, I said ‘I’mma go and see what they talking’ about so I can take the information back to Mike and Johnnie Cochran. So I go down there…I say ‘Yeah what’s happenin?’ …I say “What I’m here for? I’m here to help Michael.” They say “Oh no, that ain’t what we want with you. We heard that your boys spent nights at the house and we wanna know if Michael tampered with ’em….uh just picked them up, or touched them in any kind of way. If he did, we got $200,000 for you.” I said ‘Huh?’ I had just got outta prison, I said ‘man I can’t do that, can’t tell no lie like that. i ain’t doing that.’ He said “You sure? What I’mma do [is] I’mma draw a check up, a contract up and I’m gonna show you we are ready to give you $200,000!”

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A kid literally knew and describe his fucking cock very precisly for court, that's when Jackson had to pay and end the trial.

So shut the fuck up white knight of the pedos.

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Factually wrong, the kid said he was circumsized. He in fact was not.

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> Actually believing this made up bullshit
Why are Anti-MJ shills so fucking pathetic, literally never encountered a more desperate fanbase. You cry about how much you hate journalism, but blindly & desperately cling to their every word despite it having absolutely no facts behind it once so ever.

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He was a Pedo man, say watever you want about his art but you can't deny he had all the numbers for pedo-bingo.

>His father raped him when he was a child
>Hated himself and went to surgery to avoid looking like his father instead of accepting himself.
>He forgive his pedo father instead of hating him forever
* Faggot manners and faggot way of talking
>Forced himself to date famous woman to clean his name
>Manchildren activities
> Thinks its normal to sleep with kids that aren't his.
>Hyper rich to hide everything
>Kid describes his cock perfectly and instead of winning with arguments he payed the family that accuse him
>He doesn't regret anything

Nigga please, people aren't stupid. You can't try to hide everything with "Le artistic tortured maan".
I can see some family's trying to get some money after the big shock of him being a billionaire pedo but that doesn't throw away all his creepyness.

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Arguing the fact that he was never proven to be a pedophile isn't defending pedophiles. In fact, it's implying that they're bad. It's the opposite of defending them. They're bad enough that it takes serious proof. Serious claims require serious proof. There is no proof of your claims, but there is proof that many of the claims were actually lies.

Hating pedos is not the same as buying every baseless claim. If you really hated them, you'd want to properly differentiate between them and everyone else. You're watering it down by throwing innocent people in with them.

Also, jews are famous for considering things okay for them but bad for everyone else. They literally cut and suck bleeding baby dicks, but would say it's wrong for others to do.

Jackson had nothing to do with Hard Times. It was by The Jetzons, a band Buxer was in years earlier.

Jason did write some of his songs, too. He didn't know sheet music, but he would beatbox the different layers and instruments and then get people to play them.

Oh, so you're just a regular feminist #metoo faggot, who feels bad for sluts and whores that later regretted their sluttery, or realized they could probably get money out of it. Yes, there is the "child porn" thing. With girls that were like 16, but technically illegal. Go ahead and pretend 16 year olds aren't sluts and whores. You're on 4chan, so maybe you are that socially retarded. You're still male. The #metoo mob will come for you too, just as it's come for so many of your male feminist kind. You can try to get in their good graces, but you'll always have the wrong chromosomes. They'll always hate you.

You also missed the Dave Chappelle reference that the post you're replying to was making.

>implying being part of a lynch mob doesn't make you a scumbag
>implying eroding the presumption of innocence and burden of proof doesn't make you a scumbag

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Yeah pro jackson fanbase isn't retarded... They remind me so much of those religious pieces of shit that defend pedophile priests to seem contrarian, smart and positive.
"Dude god and Mj are good I swear, all they do is good for humanity".
Jackson being a pedo is basic math of creepyness, evidence might be blurry after years of hiding it trough lawyers but that doesn't take away his aura of a pedo. Heck he even cried when Marlon Brando told him that what he did was awful shit.
Why would you cry if you were innocent?

The man was a machine of making money and he could pay thousand of lawyers doing everything to hide his predatory behaviour. Don't try to preach me with something that is clear as water.

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Trannies have ruined 4chan, /pol/ is the only good board left

>> No.6054240

All of this is confirmed fake, where do these fucking faggots even get this information from? Does 4chan just blindly believe everything they read from TMZ & CNN now? I thought that was reddit's shit

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>>His father raped him when he was a child
Source? His father was a hardcore jehovah's witness. Probably hated gays. Not that that would necessarily prevent things like this, but I've heard no evidence for this one. He was a showbiz father who didn't seem the kindest, but never heard anything like this before.

>Hated himself and went to surgery to avoid looking like his father instead of accepting himself.
He had vitiligo and needed reconstructive surgery after a pyrotechnics accident. Even if he had additional surgery after that, you would have no evidence that it was for your particular reason, and not just for some reason like not being happy with the initial reconstructive surgery. Lots of people have cosmetic surgery without being molested by a parent.

>Faggot manners and faggot way of talking
Nobody here argued that he wasn't a fag. Are you gonna go for the gay=pedo argument? Just say it outright if you are.

>>Forced himself to date famous woman to clean his name
Trying to salvage PR proves guilt? So what would prove innocence? Not trying to salvage his PR? I guess if he plead guilty, that would prove innocence, right?

Nothing would please you.You're literally arguing that defending yourself proves guilt. You're only proving how close you people are to old school witch hunts.

>>Manchildren activities
>says the guy on a video game subsection of a chinese cartoon imageboard

>Thinks its normal to sleep with kids that aren't his.
Nobody said he isn't a weirdo.

>Hyper rich to hide everything
He got rich in order to hide this stuff? When he was a little kid? Really playing the long-con there, huh?

>> No.6054261

>>Kid describes his cock perfectly
>said it was circumcised when it wasn't

>and instead of winning with arguments he payed the family that accuse him
People like you remove presumption of innocence and burden of proof when males are accused of crimes, especially sex crimes. The court system is incredibly slow and expensive, and many, many cases end up being settled out of court. Especially when one party is so rich that money is no object. Eventually it starts to seem like just making it go away is best, even, or especially if you're innocent.

I also heard there was something about a scheduled tour that encouraged Jackson to settle. Admittedly, I don't remember all the details here. I bet someone else here does.

>>He doesn't regret anything
>If you're not guilty, you should regret doing things you didn't do!
Ah, so again, acting like you're innocent proves guilt. Got it.

>pedo aura
>even Marlon Brando believed it!
Good evidence you have there, Shlomo.

>Why would you cry if you were innocent?
Of course! I'd cry more if I were innocent. If I was guilty, I could rationalize it to myself that I deserve it. You don't cry more over injustices than you do to just punishment? This is the kind of inhuman retard we're dealing with here.

>Don't try to preach me with something that is clear as water.
You're on 4chan. You are objectively a weirdo and have a pedophile aura. Please check yourself in at the nearest prison as soon as possible. Remember, defending yourself is proof of guilt.

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He said women are leaches & only wanted to date rich ones so he wouldn't be afraid of them stealing his money

>> No.6054265

So he was based and redpilled? I like him even more now.

>> No.6054272

Yeah, he was one of Trump's best friends but refused to ever vote in politics. He considered himself a centralist & believed Hitler was a genuis who could have been turned into a good person if the enviroment he grew up in wasn't so horrible

>> No.6054283

Of course Hitler wouldn't have turned out the way he did if he didn't live when and where he did. So basically Jackson was rich enough to have fuck you money, and say obvious and innocuous things that (((some people))) make it against the rules to say. Hmm... it's a good thing those same people don't have a particularly high degree of influence in the politics and media of the country Jackson was born and raised in, or in the field of employment that he was trained to work in since birth.

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Michael was basically a Disney Princess
> Awful & heinous childhood
> Magically gets everything he ever wanted
> Constant obsticles are manufactured in his path
> Recaptures lost childhood by playing with Children since they are the only people who treat him as a normal human
Neverland was created for him to realize the childhood he never had, due to being isolated for his entire childhood he mentally never grew up & viewed himself as one of them. Painting him as a pedophile for the elite was easy.

>> No.6054350

>be Michael Jackson
>Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me
>fast forward 24 years
>be dead
>kikes on anonymous image board still trying to ruin your image
There's not a single redeeming feature among your people.

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Jewish liar bastard.

>> No.6054490

I’ll never understand antisemitism. I get literally every other racial/cultural/lifestyle hate thing. Coons? Sign me up. Homos? Sure. But aside from Orthodox Jews being obnoxious (albeit no more than say devout Catholics) I don’t really get the stereotypes/conspiracy theories. Plus being ethnically Jewish is just such a broad thing that it’s pretty meaningless overall.

>> No.6054512

Their a fifth column. A fifth column to every country on earth. It's pretty simple, really.

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File: 205 KB, 1082x1263, C0C87E70-71BA-42F8-B0A9-87367866B003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He’s a hero and a fantastic musician, who had so incredibly high hopes in how people could make the world a better place, despite facing so much opposition and unwarranted hatred, because of his status. He was a man that challenged the status quo of Jewish control and paid the price for it by getting murdered and defamed, but despite getting openly attacked again at the height of cancel culture, his legacy still stands too strong to falter.

>> No.6054550

Let me get this straight. The direct enemies of the Jew are Muslims, right? They are fighting over Palestine and all that, while Christians and Jews aren’t traditional enemies. After all, Christianity seems to be the one normal religion that is about tolerance of others, since no matter what they do, it can ultimately be forgiven if they believe, right?

So are Jews the fifth column because they are using underhanded methods and subterfuge to let Muslims into Christian countries and have them chimp out so we end up hating them, to the point of starting a race war to completely wipe out all Muslims?

I never really “got” the hatred for Jews either, but if that is the case. If they are the masterminds behind the happenings of current day Europe, then I would absolutely hate them too.

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