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*is still the greatest 3D platformer of all time*

Heh, nothing personnel, Segafags and Sonyfags.

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Not really tho. Even compared to other Mario games it's not anything amazing anymore

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It wasn't surpassed by another Mario game until Odyssey.

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What 3D platformers have the best platforming outside of 3D Marios?

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I prefer Crash 2 desu

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haha no sunshine and galaxy are better than 64

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Metroid Prime

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Goodness no

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That's a shooter. Good game but weaker in the platforming aspect than the 2D games.

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I've been re-playing Super Mario 64 using all the intended methods for each star and it's a pretty fun little game. Mario's movement is so game-breaking you have to prohibit yourself to play it properly.

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2D platformers are way better so who cares

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>has some of the best movement and momentum in any game
>games that were directly inspired by it (Banjo, Jak & Daxter) dumb down the movement to make it simple walk and jump
What the fuck

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A game that actually uses the analogue stick properly.

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Galaxy yes, Sunshine... lol

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Crazy how you can cut half the levels, homogenize what's left, simplify Mario's moveset and still end up with a game zoomers say is better. Le aesthetics, le atmosfear! DAE yuo can see a level from another level????? That means the gameplay is better! And don't even get me started on blue coins.

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Jet Set Radio Future
Prince of Persia Sands of Time
are better

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>Jet Set Radio Future
>better than Super Mario 64
Pretty cringe my man

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Mario 64 is a really weird game in that the physics are way TOO good, ultimately trumping the level design but it's THAT element, which I've never seen any solid indication was even intentional, that makes it so beloved. People love the feeling of investing enough effort into a game that it becomes easy for them while it remains difficult for noobs.

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Are you fucking retarded of course it is

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tony hawk > mario 64

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Odyssey >

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This is the biggest problem I have with Banjo-Kazooie in comparison. It just doesn't feel nearly as good to play. Banjo moves slower, most of his jumps are weak, and most of the interesting moves are locked and limited.

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>3D platformers
OK zoomer.

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ok zoomer

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The interesting aspect of B-K is being able to switch between Banjo and Kazooie, particularly using Kazooie's feet to run which makes the gameplay faster, and is required in many platforming sections, but yeah, none of these platformers can be compared to SM64's controls. They just nailed some genuinely amazing physics and controls for Mario 64, to this day is still a joy to play.
One of my favorite 3D platformers is Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, it's fun as fuck but even that game doesn't compare to the controls in SM64. The way you can maneuver Mario, the triple jump (which was laid out before, in DK '94, in 2D form), the way you can make Mario have a small stop pressing the Z trigger, then do a long jump afterwards, the reverse jump (B-K also did this but as you mentioned, it's much slower and doesn't really carry the same weight and momentum).

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>Those poor never used arrow lifts in WDW

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Banjo-Kazooie (and especially Tooie) was a lot less of a "platformer" than a sort of adventure game.

One thing you might not have realized is you can roll-jump just like in DKC

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I got motion sickness and bored very quickly with this game. Sonic Adventure on the other hand is the best 3D Platformer of all time.

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Galaxy triggers my fear of heights, something I get in no other platformer

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>Sonic Adventure on the other hand is the best 3D Platformer of all time.
I haven't seen an opinion this retarded in quite some time

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For some reason I never got the appeal to Galaxy.

t.Triggered Nintendrone

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lol fag

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>For some reason I never got the appeal to Galaxy
Well a big part of it was being the first Mario platformer in a decade that wasn't *overly* gimmicky. The space theme, the score, and the fact that the setting allowed a natural interpretation of corridor platforming

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What would indicate that? If they had fully grasped the level to which the physics wound be broken would they not have included levels that challenged those exploits?

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>t.Triggered Nintendrone
Sonic Adventure isn't even a good game, much less the best 3D Platformer of all time. You sound like a Sonicdrone, if we're going that path.
>For some reason I never got the appeal to Galaxy.
Me either actually, I've played the first few hours a few times and just can't get myself past that point. I think a big part of it is I just fundamentally don't like the control scheme of Wii Remote and Nunchuck and wish I could just play a version of the game playable on a GameCube controller or a Switch Pro Controller. If I could play it in a more normal way, I'd probably like it more.

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>If they had fully grasped the level to which the physics wound be broken would they not have included levels that challenged those exploits?
IMO it's almost better to have gameplay mechanics you don't HAVE to use because it changes the game into more of a sandbox style (which was their intention behind the game). You never have to sideflip in the entire game, but it's satisfying to blaze through levels using it because you're using your skill to do challenges faster than you could have if you have lower skill. Something like that, anyway, not sure if I'm phrasing this correctly. I don't think complex platforming utilizing all of Mario's skills was really what they had in mind when making Super Mario 64. It was more about having many different ways (of various skill levels) to tackle diverse challenges in open areas at your own pace, and having fun with simply controlling Mario and creating your own flow with his movement options.

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Wii Remote and Nunchuck was the best controller when it wasn't being used for motion control. You can put your hands anywhere

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>For some reason I never got the appeal to Galaxy.
It's weak. It's way too linear and tries too hard to recreate the magic of SM64 that occured naturally. Nintendo really hit this wall where they went from attempting to improve on an older product to trying to replicate it. Nintendo used to have a lot of fun ideas, now they stick their IP in knockoffs of other games, or even their own games. And people eat it up.

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I guess I personally just didn't get that about Mario 64 back in the 90s. I didn't know anybody that played it at that level until the YouTube era.

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I don't like it and much prefer a regular controller. The time I found it acceptable was when a game used a lot of motion controls, then it felt like it had a point behind it. In Galaxy, all you ever do is shake the Wii Remote to spin and point at the screen to pick up star bits or whatever they are. It doesn't feel like it's enough to justify the abnormal control layout so I get sick of it. Same with Twilight Princess, I got bored with it pretty early on because I just don't like that control scheme.

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>I didn't know anybody that played it at that level until the YouTube era.
It's not about speedrunning or whatever, it's just about how the game changes and can become more fun based on how skilled the player is.

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Behold, your new god.

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I disagree. Sonic Adventure was a very good game. The only parts that really bored me was the Knuckles & Big The Cat levels. Other than that, Sonic Adventure was a great transition for Sonic going from 2D to 3D. I have not enjoyed any other 3D platformer since Sonic Adventure. Not even Sonic Adventure 2 matches up.

Yup. I think Mario 64 had it's upsides, but I really couldn't finish the game and I own it. But I can certainly see how Galaxy couldn't measure up to Mario 64, because Mario 64 is loved by many.

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The Mario 64 killer right here, lads.

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Those non waterpack levels were absolute cancer. Mario controls like shit in that game.

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But then why aren't there secret "star road" tier courses to really open up the throttle on?

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It truly is. All 3 of them blow away anything Nintendo ever made in the genre.

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There were some bits in Galaxy that changed to a motion control minigame, hated that they felt it necessary. I forgot about spinning though - the biggest problem with remote + nunchuck was the lack of buttons. But I liked being able to rest my arms wherever or splay out - there were a few times early on where I was holding the nunchuck at an angle and tilted the joystick the wrong direction but that went away. To each their own but I was massively in love with it.

Could you not play the Wii Twilight Princess with a Gamecube controller? That sucks.

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>Yup. I think Mario 64 had it's upsides, but I really couldn't finish the game and I own it.
I can't believe I share a board with people like this.

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>But then why aren't there secret "star road" tier courses to really open up the throttle on?
Because that's not what they had in mind when making the game. Besides, if you want that, there's plenty of rom hacks to try out which have the same gameplay but much harder platforming challenges.
>Could you not play the Wii Twilight Princess with a Gamecube controller? That sucks.
You can't, which makes no sense to me. Although, I have tried playing Twilight Princess on Wii U as well and still got bored and gave up around the same time. That game has a really, really slow beginning so I find it kind of hard to feel the inspiration to keep going. I'll beat it one of these days.

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Oh god the beginning of Twilight Princess is fucking plodding.

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Good thing you can play gamecube twilight princess

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Defrag is the only /vr/ 3D platformer worth playing desu

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I can't stand the non-stop text, holy shit

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bait lmao but is an amazing game

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Mario's moveset wasn't simplified, he was given FLUDD, and the spin jump was added, along with tricks you can do like sliding on water making you travel faster, or instead of spin jumping from the ground, you can activate it in the air to slow your descent.
I'll admit that the blue coins were pretty shit though

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I think he was more referring to the FLUDD-less bits, where Mario's moveset was indeed simplified from 64. Same reason Galaxy and the 3D World/Land aren't as satisfying

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>If I could play it in a more normal way, I'd probably like it more.
Supposedly the game is playable with a normal controller in China for the Nvidia Shield TV:

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all the exploration of 64 is beeter than sunshine

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the adventurness of mario 64 was the best part

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Not that you need this interview to figure this out. Nintendo are world class game developers i dont know why people dont know this

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>gc twilight princess through nintendon't
>play with the classic controller pro and in widescreen
This is what the wii version should have been.

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It's a cute action-adventure game with emphasis in collecting,and a great soundtrack, but come on... the controls don't even come close to Mario 64.

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All this proves is that it was over-engineered which is directly in line with my suspicions

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No it was about letting the player experiment and having their own playstyle

>> No.6050969

Also read the very bottom namefag

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top lel

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Same, Galaxy was when I realized i was too old for videogames. I could never grasp the whole moving around planets and jumping between them mechanics.

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The Wii, and the Wii version are pure gimmick. TP was basically finished when they decided they wanted it on the new console too. Thus the gross mirroring to make link right handed in the Wii version to meet the majority of users. Gamecube is the definitive edition.

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Theres the remastered version on wii u now

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So, definitely yes - they didn't realize the ways people would use the 3D mechanics when they designed Mario 64

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Namefags get the rope.

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Holy fucking shit it was designed so you could have you own playstyle its in the interview

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As long as the rope goes in my ass!

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based opinion, except I'd switch Gala for Ody, and also there'd be a huge power gap between SM64 and SMG2

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this might just have the worst camera in any 3d game ive ever played

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I agree. They far surpass Mario 64.

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Yes, which is another way of saying they didn't know what that playstyle would ultimately turn out to be which is my point. It seems that everything from the level design of Mario 64 to the restricting of the physics in later Mario games to that very interview all paint a very clear picture that the developers were not aware of just how far the physics they designed could be taken.

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Whatever you say idiot. I don't even know why I bothered reading your retarded delusions up until now. If you don't get it you never will. Time to admit to yourself that you are mentally retarded.

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We don't speak of such sins here.

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I dont know anything about it i just assume its the same game in 1080p with higher res textures i there something wrong with it?

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Jesus christ the sidestepping.

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I haven't looked into it very deeply but I seem to recall people being disappointed because it was just an HD rerelease and not much else, also you could already play the Wii version on your Wii U

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Galaxy was gay, Sunshine was really good though

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>no Super Mario 64 2 released in 2000 as the first-party swan song to the N64

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But not with a regular controller apparently

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I would have preferred the cancelled Jungle Taitei/Kimba game, which was being developed by the SM64 team.

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Holy shit I had no idea about this. Sounds dope.

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I was pretty hyped for Super Mario 64x4 back in the day

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also completing stars in the order they appear on select screen is patrician

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One time I did a "linear" run of SM64 just to see what it was like, would get the caps as soon as I could but otherwise leave every castle secret star for last and do the levels in order every star in order.
It was pretty much just like playing the game normally with the lone exception being you have to use the cannon a decent number of times to get the Mario Wings to the Sky star in BOB because you won't have the Wing Cap

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It's like, you know, your opinion

>> No.6055451

What's in your opinion the best 3D scotformer

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the curse of zoomers

>> No.6056393

based and pancake-pilled

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BK is a far better game in every other area though. Level design it crushes, and its ultimately the more difficult game in the end.

>> No.6056603

The game completely obsoletes the original. It can be set up to be way harder and has an additional collection quest that replaces fandom chests with rupees with stamps.

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So we agree that Mario 64 is a tech demo

>> No.6056614

I never understood the "tech demo" derogatory term.
Like you're trying to dismiss a game for having good tech? I don't get it.

>> No.6056632

You'd have to be retarded to not understand. They're saying that its devoid of gameplay.

>> No.6056634

You can roll-jump in the air by the way

>> No.6056645

but this thread is about how SM64's gameplay holds up extremely well. Gramps' trolling attempt is even about how the game is "over-enginereed".

>> No.6056691

No it means that the game is more interested in showcasing some specific features/tech than it is in fully exploring those features through its levels, enemies and gameplay systems.

>> No.6056692

>They're saying that its devoid of gameplay.
They're retarded because that simply isn't true when it pertains to SM64.

>> No.6056737

The game was developed so you can do any type of play style you want thats a fact your way to hung up on some unlockable difficulty levels or lack there of as proof of some fluke. Nintendo is smarter then you me or anyone on this board

>> No.6056784

The only thing that holds it back is how easy it is, although that's somewhat mitigated by the incredible romhacking scene that seems to have popped up around the game, with difficulty ranging from "a couple notches up from the base game" to "full-on Kaizo mode".

When it comes to core movement and physics, though, I really can't think of a 3D platformer that's done it better. The level design is overall extremely solid as well, and the game definitely has a great aesthetic. It's definitely the best of the 3D Mario games that I've played, and I say that as someone who holds them all in very high regards.

The problem is that the game becomes trivially easy as soon as you actually understand Mario's moveset, without even getting into the actual exploits. I mean, it's not like sideflipping and long jumping are even remotely tough to do. Ultimately, I think the game would've benefited greatly from some late game challenges requiring you to use all the tools at your disposal. Given the structure of the game, it wouldn't have even gotten in the way of the whole "play your own way" design philosophy, since you only need 70 stars to see the end credits.

It's not even close to being a tech demo, it's just an easy game. A tech demo is more like the physics puzzles you'd have to do in Half-Life 2, where the gameplay actually comes to a near complete halt so you can check out the cool new tech that the company had developed.

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Too linear.

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super mario galaxy > super mario sunshine > super mario 64

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I remember as a kid hating how mario was controlled in that game. I'm not sure what it was, the sliding, the turning or something else.

>> No.6057110

Do you hate how galaxy constantly inverts controls when you flip upside down?
I fucking loathe that.

>> No.6057116

I also thought B-K felt more like Zelda than Mario.

>> No.6057124

I could not replay galaxy like I did with SM64 ay. Galaxy was irritating to play. The fucking mechanics of the planetoids and how mario behaved when he moved over them was just utterly irritating. I understand it's a game and you have to get gud, but in that game, you could get gud but the visual cues would still fuck with your head when you played it. 90% of the time passing a hard level was lucky with the physics and mechanics. Oh that's right
>when you jump too high and you get drawn to another planet but for some reason it's too far away so you get sucked into a black hole
All of my rage.

>> No.6057202

being the best 3D platformer is like winning the special olympics

>> No.6057308

stay mad

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>> No.6057510

Those were easily the best levels though and Mario controlled pretty well for the most part.

>> No.6057573

Git gud

>> No.6058618

Imagine being this butt-hurt.

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Whoa, do you have more of that?

>> No.6058756

The most based game of all time. I never felt so complete finishing 100% a game.
I was happy, sad and resolved at the same time. I wish people could see how great this game if they let themselves go.

>> No.6058758

Mario Galaxy utterly destroys it.
Spyro does as a retro game.

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Damn right.

>> No.6058806

This. Prince of Perisa Sands of Time has some of my favorite 3D platforming segments. Part of it is a puzzle in where to start from and what skills you should use. Then utilizing all your skills as you get to your end point.

>> No.6058918

>greatest 3D platformer
Congrats on it being the king of retards I guess.

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>*blocks your path*

>> No.6058942

Are people seriously comparing Crash, Spyro and fucking Croc to SM64? lol

>> No.6058954

Don't ever insult Croc, the series was kino and you know it.

>> No.6058965

Even though I like sonic adventure, after the n64 there weren't that many 3d platformers and a lot of them had a lot more simple physics than mario 64. Too bad because there was a lot of room for improvement in mario 64.

>> No.6059050

64 > Odyssey > Sunshine > Galaxy

I sort of understand people who prefer Sunshine. Tropical themes are the worst in all of video games, but the game is still mechanically satisfying and the challenges are possibly more varied than 64.

Galaxy, on the other hand, you’d have to be mentally disabled to find engaging.

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>> No.6059251

I didn't insult Croc, I just said that itsn't on the same league as SM64.

>> No.6059432

Croc has SHIT gameplay, get that trash outta here

>> No.6059452

"Tech Demo" is a pretty generalized insult and I just threw it out there as a comical passing jab. I think you basically agree with me about Mario 64. It's just weird and unique in that I can't think of any other game before or since where the physics consumed like 80%+ of the game's development energy and the level design comes across as almost an afterthought comparatively.

When Mario 64 came out, that was even pretty clear to me but because I only played it casually I thought it was more like 50/50 with decent physics and decent level design but overall "unpolished" and that experience with the launch FLAGSHIP colored my entire perception of the N64 for its whole lifespan.

In hindsight, I see that with Mario 64 they were trying to create a core physics engine that they intended to contingency to use in 3D games forever - much like the physics of SMB (prototyped in MB) were revolutionary and defining to the 2D genre. I probably should have said "Mario 64 was a prototype" since that's truer but I went with something I figured more people would have a knee jerk reaction to.

Is a shame that there aren't more games like that, with crazy physics being the entire point. Perhaps eventually someone will come up with something for virtual or augmented reality platforms that's so satisfying it becomes a defining standard but so far not.

>> No.6059496

Anyway you've been proven to have strong irrational bias against N64 so nobody should take your shitposts seriously even in the slightest. In general, but especially regarding N64.

>> No.6059508

Seems pretty obvious to me that he was referring to the game being boring, not difficult. Anyone who thinks Mario-anything is difficult is probably handicapped.

>> No.6059510

This might be one of the most dishonest posts I ever read.

>> No.6059519

SM64 is the second worst game in that list.

>> No.6059521

Whatever you say, Sonygro.

>> No.6059542

C'mon, try to be a little convincing , lol

>> No.6059663

I guess we do fundamentally agree, although I also think my opinion of SM64 is much higher than yours. I really don't see the level design as just being passable, I just wouldn't say that it's at the pinnacle of the genre or the main draw of the game. Nintendo definitely managed to pack a lot of content into the stages, and they did a very good job of giving the player some fun playgrounds to explore. I mostly just wish that they'd taken advantage of the whole range of Mario's skillset.

>> No.6059687

This seems worth sharing here


>> No.6060057

worst mario game to date.

>> No.6060212


>> No.6060220

Unpopular opinion: gex games, theyre fucking great.

>> No.6060441

Agree on galaxy.

>> No.6060454

Switch Galaxy and Galaxy 2 and you have here an objectively correct post.

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File: 803 KB, 2085x1476, sm64 peachs castle diorama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't

>> No.6060759

I think it still has the best control feelings in any 3d platform.
Camera could be fixed though.

>> No.6060930

Sorry, Galaxy was NEVER good.
It was only hyped as a good Mario game, because it was the only Mario that normalfags played since it was on the Wii.
So get over it.

>> No.6060964

>Segafags and Sonyfags
More like Sunshinefags, Galaxyfags and Odysseyfags
People just can't admit that
>Sunshine was super messy
>Galaxy was a simplification
>Odyssey was the worst one yet
They're all still fun though. Y'know, except Odyssey.

>> No.6061282

osyssey is fun but it's not 64

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File: 231 KB, 1110x1645, nozzles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

64 > Odyssey >= Sunshine > Galaxy 2 > Galaxy 1
both SMS and SMO suffer from relying on overabundance of collectibles and being completely unfun to 100% while the Galaxy games are good and have a great presentation but are a step-down from the style of gameplay used in the other titles

>> No.6062097

Odyssey has some great ideas in it and the worlds are huge and fun to explore. The most pressing issue is that Mario's control scheme is still boring compared to 64, something they've unfortunately never returned to. The hat toss mechanic adds some depth but just isn't the same at all. Mario constantly feels stilted to play as.

The other big thing was what >>6061456 noted, there are too many things to get to 100%. Being rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny is great and there's a lot of cleverly hidden moons but holy fuck, some of them are just downright stupid, and there's a LOT of padded out ones on top of that.

>> No.6063354

Alright, so here is a thing.
I decided to replay SM64 and actually finish it this time around.
THIS time I also managed to find the damned flying cap course, it somehow eluded me the first time I played the game, but this time I out of curiosity took a look at that light beam from the ceiling in the castle and to my great surprise it was a hidden course with flying cap inside.

And now comes the fun part.
The flying mechanics in this game are fucking exactly how I always end up flying in my dreams. The feel, the controls, everything is pretty much the same. I was flying in my dreams for years, but only now found an accurate representation of that, in a damned game!
How fucking weird is that? Shit feels almost surreal to me.
And that got me thinking, why? Why the way you fly in that game and the way I fly in my dreams are so fucking similar to one another, without me having a prior contact with that kind of flying mechanic to boot?
Are SM64 wing cap flying mechanics so instinctual that they mimic a way that sleeping mind parses flight?
Or were they intentionally made the way to mimic that feel?

>> No.6063673

This. I never played a Mario game since 64. I'm assuming Galaxy is cool, but Sunshine definitely looked skippable.

>> No.6063678

>were they intentionally made the way to mimic that feel?
Wouldn't surprise me. Since nobody actually flies around like that, it seems natural to consider how it feels in dreams or your imagination. I got the same feeling from it.

>> No.6063680

Nobody gave a fuck about exploiting the physics engine to break the game in 1996, you little foggy-brained zoomer. That's an irrelevant consideration to anybody except mentally ill speedrunners.

>> No.6063681

I mean the genre never really caught on as much as 2D platformers did.

>> No.6064106

Im pretty sure I have that book lying around somewhere, ill try and find it later

>> No.6064795

It takes me three jumps to fly in my dreams...shit is programmed deep.

>> No.6064835

it's not even the best 3D mario

>> No.6064840

Mirror's Edge

>> No.6064912

The camera, while good for its time, is positively horrendous by modern standards. The only people who feel otherwise are the people who haven't touched SM64 since they were kids, or who play it so much that they've gotten used to how awful it is.

>> No.6064926
File: 932 KB, 1253x914, 1575928618754.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6064946

>use this to your advantage to save A presses throughout the game
to this day I don't understand that
is it some sort of weaponized autism that eludes me?

>> No.6065035
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I will never understand the hype for this game.

Now, Crash 1..

>> No.6065162

Top 5 of all time, along with Sands of Time.

>> No.6065178

Essentially, yes. Go watch that one famous video by pannenkoek and you will get it.

>> No.6065186

I always felt Crash' level design was super bland. It's not a bad game, but there isn't really anything remarkable about it.

>> No.6065231

It is busy work to make the game last longer. They have been doing this since the SNES.

>> No.6065604

Bubsy 3D

>> No.6065784

You should try the Hugo series.

>> No.6065803

>Above anything but Sunshine

Come on now.

>> No.6065932 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 618x406, Soyboy-1-618x406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking platformers
hit the weights, take a shower, gain height, grow a chin, go outside, pursue a career and have sex but most importantly GET A CLUE!

>> No.6065938

Mario controls are still excellent but the levels and stars are boring. They should have made a second game with the same engine that's actually challenging.

>> No.6065961 [DELETED] 
File: 1.53 MB, 1920x1570, soyboy_phenomena.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking videogames in general

>> No.6066357 [DELETED] 
File: 70 KB, 647x659, YES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>liking platformers

>> No.6066386 [DELETED] 

Platformers are literally the greatest genre in history you cuck

>> No.6066404

Precursor Legacy

>> No.6066654 [DELETED] 


>> No.6066708 [DELETED] 
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>> No.6067357

How the hell do I get a star on top of the Boos Mansion after defeating it on the balcony?

>> No.6067428

Finally someone that gets it. Odyssey has big flaws but I had been waiting so long to get a proper 64 like sequel
it felt so good to play

>> No.6067432
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After you typed that out, did you read it back to yourself?

>> No.6067479

rule 2

>> No.6067510

dumb frogposter
go up to it dumb fuck

>> No.6067525

>enthusiasts for the game start developing ways to play the game more efficiently
>eventually start developing ways to beat it more efficiently
>start coming up with different kinds of challenge runs
>start coming up with more extreme kinds of challenge runs
>the question "how many times do you need to press A to beat the game?" is posed at one point
>people start looking into it, optimize strategies around this new task, discover glitches and techniques you can use to lower the number of A presses even further
It's pretty much just people who really like a game finding more stuff to do with that game and pushing it to its furthest limits. You may call this autistic, and I wouldn't disagree with you, but I don't see a problem with it.

>> No.6068971

galaxy is shit

>> No.6069023

>an a press is an a press

>> No.6069036

ive never played this game before. Where do I start?

>> No.6069117

By playing it.

>> No.6069808

red button on the n64-gamepad

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