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I'm considering getting some Ultima and Might and Magic games from GOG before the sales ends.
Which games of both franchises are must plays if I just had to choose two or three of each?

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Only ultima 7 with expansions

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Ultima 6
Ultima 7+Expansion
MM 3
MM World of Xeen (MM 4 + MM 5)

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No more than 3 of each?

4+5+6 come as a bundle, correct? Get that. If you can only get one of those then get 6. Use the Nuvie source port to run it.

The Complete Ultima VII should be available as well. DEFINITELY get that. Use the Exult source port to run it, and make sure you install the music pack (google it).

I think they also sell Ultima Underworld 1+2 as a bundle? If that's the case then absolutely get those. If you can only get one of the two then get the original. They should run fine without additional mods.

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As for Might and Magic, absolutely get 6, 7, and 8. Those are generally agreed upon to be the best in the series.

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>4+5+6 come as a bundle, correct? Get that. If you can only get one of those then get 6. Use the Nuvie source port to run it.

If not already obvious, this is referring to Ultima.

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Really didn't care for the series after V.

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Ultima 4-6 is the definitive part.

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Ultima 4-7 are all must play

None of MM is. :)

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I recommend the Underworld games, really captivating games after you get used to the controls

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Seconding this. UW1 especially is just about the most perfectly paced game ever made.

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For some reason, the "newer" M&Ms from the rendered sprite era never really clicked with me, as opposed to M&M 4-5.

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>after you get used to the controls
I tried Underworld and this ended up just being too much for me.

I want to give it another shot cause what I played was really cool but it's not a convenient game to play.

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Try doing everything with the mouse, that's what works the best for me, despite of how unappealing that sounds.

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Move with AXWD, interact with the world by drag right clicking on objects and characters. Don't use the icons for interaction.
Use Shift+J to make standing jumps to clear platforms.

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For Ultima Underworld, you can patch the .exe to enable mouse-look (hit tilde) - totally made it playable for me.

Scroll down for the other keys here

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im playng MM1 right now

im literally crying here!

im a dumb millennial (with a whiny voice) but the game is making me grow some balls

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>Those are generally agreed upon to be the best in the series.
Generally by you, perhaps. Popular opinion is Xeen (4+5) and 6.

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7 is definitely in the running

When people say "6/7/8" they're more referring to that era of the franchise. 8 has a lot of problems

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You should play wizardry zoomer if you think that's hard.

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M&M1 is fine as a stepping stone to Wizardry it's 3 onward that are for literal babies.

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Oh, ok.

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Ultima 1-3 is abandonware, you can get them on archive.org

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>Popular opinion is Xeen (4+5)

Yeah, no. 6 and 7 have been considered the best by most for decades.

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Just stop trying to need every game to have the same controls. FFS.

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Ehh, a big part of that is people thinking everything before 6 was too premodern

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>giving your money to EA or Ubisoft
What are you, some kind of a faggot? Just pirate them.

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