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Is there any retro game I can't emulate?
(I don't care about extremely early arcade games)

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>(I don't care about extremely early arcade games)
Get a load of this fagget.

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This piece of trash has been stuck in "almost playable" state for like 20 years. At least you can still play as shiki and asura in battle coliseum.

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isnt it pretty hard to emulate games made for windows 95/98?

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everything on Hyper Neogeo 64 and maybe Midway Zeus and Zeus II, though I'm not sure on those two.

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(You're a faggot)

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It's usually easier just to steal the source code and release a patched version like Thief 2 / System Shock 2.

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PCem is a thing.

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i've never seen any kind of playable saturn emulation

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Pick a Saturn game and I'll emulate it.

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Tons of stuff, any 3D arcade games from the 90's.

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Im emulating grandia for the saturn on my macbook right now and it runs amazingly

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Ruiner Pinball for the Jaguar

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Zelda's Adventure for CD-I

It was the only passable cdi Zelda. You needed the most beefy expanded final cdi they made and it was released ONLY in Europe.

I pirated the game, but no CDi emulator can run it.

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You are insane. I agree it looks and might play the best but hitboxes are still bullshit and it's really shittly balanced.

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A lot of late '90s 3D arcade games run like trash.

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This big white fat nigga. And no, the PC release doesn't count.

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Technically emulation of vector games like Asteroids and the like isn't accurate without an actual vector display.

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Get a better CPU and run mednafen.

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some games (eg simcity classic) can use new installers that allow them to run on modern windows, and i've had some success running games (eg lego island) through virtual box and vmware

of course, the one i really want to replay (army men air tactics) is giving me shit on both virtual machine programs, so ymmv

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mednafen is great

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>pretty hard
That's a fair description of how hard it is. Probably harder than OP is trying to do.

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>tfw I could have bought one if those instead of my Ninja Warriors if I'd just asked the price on it.

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Kojin Kyouju - La Lecon Particuliere, for the Playstation.

The demo version works, but the full version doesn't even boot up for whatever reason.

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Seems to work ok in MAME? I found it would hang if you died, but it seems to play ok otherwise. Unfortunately it's also insanely fucking terrible. Like Jesus people got paid for this dogshit..

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The thumbnail for this looks great

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Mulato Ogres Update

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It's a lot less straightforward than say, a SNES or Gameboy emulator, where you can just drop the .rom file on the program and bam, there's your videogame.

DosBox can run most Dos games, often fine, some of the original non-Dos .exes actually still work fine even. Some games have source ports, if they're particularly popular they may have many, or a dedicated VM program, like ScummVM.
Straight up virtual machines can work, but some games can just be fidgety bitches anyway and not want to work properly, which might be original behavior (so points for authenticity). There's also various compatibility patches, some which are even official, from the very few devs who still support their real old games.

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