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>after murdering his family and himself he left a note behind
>it read:
>"I've been eaten alive. Vladimir. Just remember that I am exist. The davil. [sic]"
What did he mean by this?

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>>6047215 I dunno man, I play games. I aint no detective.

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You already posted this shit thread a couple weeks ago.

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There is a tetris line between genius and insanity.

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>Shitpost Co-Creator Faggot OP
>after murdering this board with his shitpost he left this shitpost behind:
it read:
>i've been a colossal faggot. Just remember that I am faggot

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And it was proven he wasn'lt a "co-creator" at all, or even one of the people involved, he barely played the game in testing. OP is just some shit-for-brains autist running around with his helmet leaving diarrhea over everything.

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