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Is one of these supposed to be haunted or something? Is it the Sunsoft or Acclaim version?
which one is the better game?

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>Sunsoft vs Anybody
>"Which game is better?"

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Sunsoft was Acclaim-tier in the 90s.

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I always wondered what the hell happened. They started turning it back around by the fifth gen but it was too late.

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I had some fun with this game as a kid.
Like most western platformers, the controls and hit detection were a mess, but levels weren't really that bad. They had some maze-like bullshittery here and there but for the most part it felt coherent.
It looked actually pretty good (although some bosses looked like they made them on MS Paint, but were really big sprites so it was OK), and the music and atmosphere is something else.
I didn't even know there were different versions, I think I played the Acclaim version, but not sure. What are the differences, if any? And why was it published by 2 different companies? I assume Sunsoft did the euro version?

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Sunsoft version has worse songs, like the instrumentation wasnt right, so it sounds off, and a little unsettling

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I think most of Sunsoft’s 90s output, the licensed stuff anyway, was western developed. The guys who developed Batman for NES probably moved on by that point. That might have had something to do with it.

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It’s okay, nothing special

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The game is seriously weird, it feels like it could turn creepypasta any minute.

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