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I am surprised that there is no thread about this.
it came out recently, the neo geo arcade stick pro comes with 20 fighting games but it seems like it was already hacked via custom firmware adding all kinds of emulators and shit
bad things seem to be the menu wich is somewhat unresponsive and the fact that you cant nativly use it on a PS4, but it does work on PC

Oh and i guess having to plug in an HDMI cable and a USB power cable sucks quite a big if you want to play on a TV
so anyone else got one? the roster of games is basically 7 real games that hold up and 13 "historical" games

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here is the list of games
Standouts are Samsho V Special, Garou, KOF 98,KOF 2002 and Last Blade 2
Super Tag Battle is kinda charming too

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I thought about picking one up but the price just isn't right for me.

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also here are the extra pads.
sadly no clicky stick and they end in USB C, so you cant easily use them on other consoles/PC.
i know its authentic but for multiusage sake i would have liked some Shoulder buttons, but other than that they feel really good and are damn cheap

its an okay deal, the arcade stick has good parts and those are damn expensive.
the emulation box should just be considered an extra

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forgot pic, dont want to look like a fool

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>No metal slug

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Capcom one has better games with 1080p hdmi and local 2 player.

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>fighting games

So it's useless. Training against the COM creates bad habits.

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If you fail to suppress your impulses and bad habits you suck at fighting games anyway.

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difficult to replace shit stick, shit buttons and shit analog neogeo pads make it worthless

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>analog sticks

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Do we know how the secret games are unlocked yet?

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I'm surprised that you're new and slow
jk. I'm not. We get tards like you all the time these days.

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