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Found this today. Has some stupid black lines all through the screen but it powers on and goes SEGGGGAAAAAAA which is beautiful to hear.

I watched this video and it seems I've just gotta rub a soldering iron over the connection.


Has anybody ever tried to fix this?

>Inb4 shit tattoo / scars

I get it, i hate it too.

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kill yourself hipster faggot

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Here it is on, my wife found it clearing out her mums house

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We have a thread where you can get beat up for your retro gamer tattoo if you want, or just for you to generally self-deprecate and express regret for it as a cautionary example but yes if it's black lines, you can GENTLY run a soldering iron across the convection to fix the loose ones. Watch a few tutorials closely first.

Sadly, Game Gears all have the kind of electrolytic capacitors that are due to fail any time so their displays are getting progressively more washed out without being the caps being replaced

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Yeah that's a good candidate for a baking. Personally I'd use a heat gun with some folded aluminum foil shielding but a careful run with a soldering iron can do it too. It probably even still has enough life in its caps for you to get bored with it again.

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Thanks, I'll give it a go. And yes, I vaguely remember selling it when i was about 12 for £5. Never thought I'd get excited to see one again though.

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Does anybody without a stupid name have actual advice?

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Good luck. Post your results if possible. Success or fail it makes for a good thread.

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Will do. I'm not particularly versed in fixing this kinda shit but I'll have a try.

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It's never too late to learn to solder and repair retro consoles

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Recap it, get the kit from console 5 Amazon sellers are a rip off.

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You need a pay pal account to order from console 5.

Console 5 has great inventory and great customer service.

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Get a recap kit from console 5 like someone suggested.

Repairing official game gears and gameboys is very important.

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People shit on the Game Boy screen, I have both and I think this is worse. You can use a light to use the GB in the dark, you can't do nothing to make the GG screen usable in any significant amount of ambient light however, and both blur to an undistinguishable mess.

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>expecting a hipster to know how to solder

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I don't like PayPal either but so many small time sellers use it I keep an account with a card on it just for them. I don't link my bank account.

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I just updated my PayPal so I can place a order with Console 5 this week.

Like I said they have a great selection of parts and great customer service.

Only thing I dislike about them is they only take pay pal payments.

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Retro is diasapointing me

Game gear guy seems like he has no interest in learning to solder

Metal Jesus rocks doesn't know how to solder he paid $800 in mods on a Dreamcast that he should of been able to do himself.

More retro gamers on here need to learn to solder.

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More redditots on here need to learn to go back

I don't disagree with your complaints

But we wouldn't have to deal with them here

If your kind would stay where you belong

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>Want an interesting community around retro gaming
>Shits on everyone for not meeting their elitist standards

Bravo faggot

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I can smell the cigarettes in your house.

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MJR doesn't know shit about anything. His Dreamcast hack-job looks like shit, and no one should ever do what he did to one. The retro gaming scene is getting bloated with "influencers" reviewing the same overpriced products, talking about the same games, and referring to wikipedia.

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Is now the time to open up shop and offer modding and repair services to zoomers?

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>house covered in filth
>90s stoner bracelet
>vidya wrist tattoo
>scars from a superficial suicide attempt
Jesus christ, everything in that image is depressing as fuck.

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And now you know what kind of people shitpost on /vr/.

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>should of

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the only thing even remotely interesting i've seen from MJR was the video about the english 64DD prototype

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and when he killed his gc with that shoddy hdmi-adapter.

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The best time would have been earlier so you could build up some epen. If some unknown guy bukkakes all over a PCB people will get upset. If a well known faggot does it fools will be lineing up to pay many times the going rate. You also have to be a whore with no self respect because people are going to ask you to do ridiculous shit like that cringecast.

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Lol just like that widebody Porsche modder that welds with his eyes closed and makes shit welds.

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Any old Game Gear you find will likely need to have its capacitors replaced.

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t. this guy should get his dick replaced. With a vagina.

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I don't have anything that needs soldering.

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Nah man, I'm good, you can keep yours.

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>pothead room
maximum cringe

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That's just *kinda* cringe, there's much more powerful cringe out there.

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Where do you see marijuana and/or marijuana accessories? You seem like a huge faggot.

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>Stop biting your nails.

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He's trying to get at those fat juicy sausages they're attached to

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