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Is there any objective reason whatsoever why anyone would use a CRT today except for "nostalgic" purposes? I swear most of these people with nostalgia for CRTs are zoomers, CRTs fucking sucked when they were prevalent and people were desperate back in the day to pay thousands to make the early jump to LCD/Plasma for PC/TV as soon as they became available.
What the fuck do you guys see that makes you think that the games look better on a screen with such curvature and distortion?
Yea, if you hook up a 25 year old system to a modern TV raw it looks like shit, but that's why you have decent upscalers and the like. Is there REALLY any benefit to a CRT over a modern display with a proper upscaler? And don't say shit like "muh input lag" that won't be a problem unless you're a turbo autist trying to play early FPS competitively, and even there I think it's more of a placebo than anything.

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you got us, we just love to trigger you.

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No but seriously, I'm legitimately stunned and baffled that people go out of their way to seek old CRTs. What exactly are you supposed to see that is "superior"?

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>"muh input lag"
I get down to 1 frame of lag using emualtion and a LCD. You can't do that using original hardware and a CRT.
>What the fuck do you guys see that makes you think that the games look better on a screen with such curvature and distortion?
The games were designed to have graphics that blend together differently than a LCD does it. Luckily we have shaders today that are as good as and better than real CRTs as you can perfectly mimic a PVM and then tweak it exactly to your particular liking.

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Yes there's a benefit to a CRT: I already have one for my old consoles, and I don't already have some other setup.

If it breaks then I'll have to switch to something modern, but it still works and causes me no trouble.

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Yikes, cringe, bluepilled, and I definitely had to sage

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>and people were desperate back in the day to pay thousands to make the early jump to LCD/Plasma for PC/TV as soon as they became available.
Nobody knew about input lag and motion blur until after they bought their HDTVs. CRT nostalgia happened once everyone found out about all of the disadvantages of the technology.

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Nice picture, cocksucker.

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They just look right without fucking with shaders. The old consoles I own just hook to them without upscalers and shit. They look great with amazing colors, the screen glows which modern can’t do without cranking the brightness up on an already poor black producing display. No lag again without fucking around with run ahead and shit.

Honestly on a nutshell, it’s convenience and it’s how it did and should (IMO) look while playing retro. I won’t ever rag on how anyone plays, but I’ll have a crt until I can no longer use one.

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>we have shaders today that are as good as and better than real CRTs
lol CRT shaders look worse than just playing it on an LCD.

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I was really curious to try Retroarch because of all the shaders, they all look like straight garbage, tried them all, downloaded more, messed with the settings, nothing beats a CRT.

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The only decent ones are gameboy.

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Shit-posting AI detected.
Fuck off back to /v/

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>CPU outputting resolutions both monitors support natively
>talks about consoles
Another retarded bait thread I see. Now run a retro console to a CRT TV(not a monitor), and to an HD LCD TV. The lag is caused by the upscaling. Which is why people who want to use HD LCD's buy stuff like the OSSC.

And if you can't see the motion blur in LCD screens, you probably grew up with LCD screens. Because it's a known fact.

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The consoles I have were made for it and in turn look best on it. I’ve had the same CRT since 2002-ish (FV300) so no big deal. I wouldn’t actively seek out and pay out the ass for one though.

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Only CRTs have perfect line-by-line strobing.

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>CRTs and LCDs have imperfect line-by-line strobing.

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LCDs are fine... Until you hit unpause and the motion likes like complete dogshit.

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I have an LCD, an OSSC and a CRT because I don't have to ask my mom permission to keep a 2nd big old TV in the house just to play games on. This is generally key for the "CRT experience" and people who don't meet this pre requisite have been known to fall into cope spirals like this unfortunately..

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i need one or an old LCD TV because the new 4k TV's cant go down to 240p

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Just get an OSSC Line quintupling at1600 x 1200 is really something special.

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I plug my SNES into my LCD monitor, looks fine to me. Don't get why it triggers everyone.

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Old games were made to be played on them, no need for upscalers, no need to tweak settings. I don't know where you live but there's always at least one good CRT for sale for $20 or less where I live.
Why are you so bent to prove that people who use crts are wrong? Just use what you like. I can't imagine being a retro game enthusiast and not owning at least one. Even if it is just nostalgia, who the fuck cares?

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The flatscreen cope is so strong with this thread.

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CRTs have a warm glow that flat screens can't replicate. Shaders feel fake. Sorry it's the truth.

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>Why are you so bent to prove that people who use crts are wrong?
He's not, he's just responding to the daily CRT user posts about how people that use LCDs are so wrong. Retards like you use old trash and won't shut up about it, acting superior and pretending they can't just be emulated with shaders.

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so OP is just triggered by people who have more display options than he. Got it.

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CRTs are still dirt ass cheap or even free. Also don't have to spend hundreds on some gay upscalers or other extra bullshit.

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Only autists care. Sorry it's teh turthf

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He could easily pick up a CRT for free if he wanted to, so why would he be triggered? That doesn't make sense at all. In fact, it's starting to appear as if you're the one who's triggered, because you can't afford a nice OLED, and you are the one with less display options. Projecting, got it.

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OP here, not at all. I was just wondering if there is an actual "objective" reason that means CRTs are definitely superior or if it's down to personal preference. You know, like the tards over at /mu/ who claim vinyl is 1000% better than CD when this is provably wrong just looking at sample rates. If they wanna buy vinyls, then who am I to say jackshit, but it's not accurate to argue about "muh vinyl quality". I was wondering if the CRT situation was the same deal or not

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>go into /crt general/ thread
>people tell you to fuck off
So shitposting because mad that people weren't nice on 4chan? Maybe reddit would be more your speed?

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Read this:
Input lag is almost a thing of the past, and for older consoles can be brought to LESS than original hardware(which is kinda cheating, but fuck that discussion). Still no solution for the motion blur all LCD screens suffer from. Watch the same high speed movement on both a HD LCD TV and a CRT TV, you WILL see the difference.

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>Watch the same high speed movement on both a HD LCD TV and a CRT TV, you WILL see the difference.
Have you seen a TV recently?
If motion was still better on CRTs people would use CRTs for sports you fool.
Motion is better on new TVs than CRTs, and by a long shot. Sorry to break it to you.

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You mean they didn't go for the biggest screen possible like they always have? As long as LCDs and LEDs keep using sample and hold, they will always have motion blur more than a CRT. You have no idea what you are talking about, which is probably why you got laughed out of the CRT general.

Read this:https://www.testufo.com/eyetracking and tell me again how your LCD/LED doesn't have blur.

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>You have no idea what you are talking about
You're a dumb hoarder with a fantasy. I'll explain the science of it to you.
You're living in the past, 5 years ago when LCDs had worse motion than CRTs because their scanning backlights have a longer illumination period than phosphors in CRTs.
This changed when blur reduction techniques were introduced, the backlight strobing only during fully refreshed frames.
LCD pixel persistence is no longer a source of motion blur.
>you got laughed out of the CRT general
I'm laughing in your face right now.
You didn't even know about refresh-synchronized strobe backlight (e.g. LightBoost, ULMB, etc). You don't know people smarter than you have high speed 1000fps cameras to test your claims of CRTs having better motion. It's not true any more, it was only ever true for the first generation of LCDs. Enjoy your eye strain, stupid.

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Got some IBM monitor from a fried for free, the color depth is great and yes, it may be a little bit nostalgia tinted but its comfy.
don't bother with low end consumer monitors, they are solely for nostalgia reasons.
Its also much cheaper than a modern display if you are patient enough to search for one

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Are you 12

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>everything other than the newest generation of LCD gaming computer monitors = the first generation of LCDs

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Yes. You can't beat the real thing m8, not even FPGAs can't

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Proper fpga solutions like dchdmi are solid though. They take the raw video off the chip and output standard hdmi signal. Now if games are designed to be viewed that way is another question.

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>they all look like straight garbage, tried them all
I sincerely doubt you've tried "all" of the shaders, there's hundreds.

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Virtua Cop you dumb fuck.

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Can't play true light gun games on OP's CRT either

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