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Just picked this up at a thrift store today. What am I in for?

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A radical time

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Asss? Shit fuck diarrhea.

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Do you really find this funny, doing this every week?

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I miss when the mods would actually delete these stealth e-celeb threads.

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I'm not the one who started them

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It's ass. Speaking of ass, Mike Matei has the nicest ass this side of Romania.

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Why is it that, while James attracts female fans, Mike attracts gay male fans? Is it because of the "big dick" meme?

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You need to keep in mind that some guy's are "growers", while others, like Mike, are "showers".

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Anyway Mike never posted pics of his real dick, he just used the template of an old AVGN meme on /v/ where they photoshopped a pic of a retard sitting on a toilet with his dick out, and added AVGN's face to him. The meme was that AVGN was a retard with a big dick, just classic /v/ humor. Then Mike, being the jealous faggot he is and how he always want to 1-up James, forced his own "mike has a big dick meme", totally oblivious that the gunny part was that the meme was about AVGN (the character) being a retard with a big dick, and not the big dick itself.
But I digress.
By the way, it's really painful to see Mike interacting with the screenwave fatties, it's painfully obvious he doesn't want anything to do with them. In a way, James also seems a bit iffy when he's around them, but with James, they're like his silly yesmen sidekicks who will sperg about movies with him, so he's mostly OK with that But for Mike, he is obviously angry at the fact his status as James' collaborator was diminished considerably. The other day I saw a video called "Mike and [name of one of the faties, don't remember] Tuesdays", and it was just a livestream with Mike and the fattie, and the fattie was LOUD and trying to be funny, and Mike was there like, enduring it. It was obvious he was mad.
Do you think Ryan will end up firing Mike at some point? Will karma hit him back after the Bootsy episode?

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he's my baby he's my baby he's my real cool baby

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I have no clue what any of you fucks are talking about, but I played this a while ago for /vr/ roulette. It was a really dumb, simple platformer, and the best thing about it was the theme song (I was playing the Sega CD version). Super easy since you can just hug the screen edge to dodge all boss attacks, and I'm really shit at video games.

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It was endearing to see James and Mike finally admit they are dumbasses. Funny how they didnt even realize they were playing a prototype.

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Extreme Chinese Fart Porn

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Print this thread and then twenty years from now, mail it to your son in order to show him what you were thinking about when he needed somebody raising him.

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>I have no clue what any of you fucks are talking about,
This guy makes "stealth" AVGN threads everytime he uploads a game video

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