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Yo /vr/, I'm looking to pick up a cheapo emulation handheld for somebody for Christmas. Any recommendations?

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I recommend you eat shit

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Does it taste good?

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Just get them a clamp on bluetooth controller for their android

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>buy your "friend" some chinese piece of shit that breaks an hour later

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Is this for a young kid?

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>buying yourself chinkshit for xmas

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Buy Entertainment System 620 games all in on. It features NES classics like Pika Chu, Angry Bird and Mario 7.

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if its from a hot japanese girl, yes

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Maybe you could buy a cheap rapsberry pi and make a cheap emulation handheld for them that holds up and works well?

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The latency on most Bluetooth android controller are just absolutely terrible.

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Your phone

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If you were subjected to a double blind test of perceived latency in wired and Bluetooth controllers you would fail it.

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That's bullshit.

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A PSP or a Vita

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Call JREF and tell them you can tell the difference. They'll set up a test and you could win a million dollars if you pass. Just like those audio fags who claimed they could tell when their gold plated jacks were plugged into their speakers lol

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All those ching chong handhelds have one or two things wrong with them. Like 2 or 3 iterations away from being good.

If you want something that looks retro and doesn't have glaring issues get a Retroflag gpi case. Some setup required but not too hard.

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Is pic related any good? Looks neat

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PSP, Vita or 3DS

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From someone who autistically follows the chink console scene:
You want the RG350, it's the best retro handheld right now. It can emulate games up to the PSX, and it has a dual analog control setup.
A smaller and cheaper option is the LDK Game. This one can only emulate certain non-demanding PSX games, but everything GBA/SNES and below is fine.
Anyway, if you're going to get a RPi case then the RetroGamePi is your best bet. It has an analog stick, and is meant for the more compact Compute Module version of the RPi3. If I were you I'd get one of the handhelds above, though, they're much better little systems.
By the way, for the RG350 and LDK you really ought to install CFW on them. It makes the emulators perform much better, and it's only a matter of flashing an image to an SD card using dd.

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What about the game kiddy 350h? Looks like it's the same thing as the RG350 just with a better control layout.

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Fuck you delete this.

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why would you buy some chink shit instead of slapping a pad onto your phone is beyond me

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>owning a mass surveillance device
Enjoy being pried on by CIA niggers. I'd much rather own a dumb handheld that can't connect to a network, and doesn't even have cameras or microphones.

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Anon, you're on a mass surveillance device, right now. On a mass surveillance website.

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Why would anyone listed to someone who autistically follows the chink console scene? You're literally bragging about being being a retarded incel poorfag.

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>you're on a mass surveillance device, right now
I wouldn't consider a librebooted ThinkPad X60s running Hyperbola GNU/Linux (with wireless garbage hardware removed) a mass surveillance device.
>On a mass surveillance website
Not for long. "You are here forever" is a lie. One day, I will become the Unaboomer, and live a happy life in my cabin safe from peeping eyes.
I'm not bragging, you mongolian retard. OP was asking about buying advice for a shitty chink vidya emulation handheld, so I felt that information was relevant.

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I hope you're at least posting from a full bodysuit made out of tinfoil while you're at it.

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>all that fucking cringe

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This website is a "must read" for anyone buying Chinese handhelds.

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Forget the haters. You're a based god, Anon. Thank you.

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I have one of these. Honestly the emulators are shit for everything except GB/GBC.

I mean, I see that as a win but y'know.

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>One day, I will become the Unaboomer, and live a happy life in my cabin safe from peeping eyes.
shut the fuck up pussy no you won't. In another thread you'll call someone a "redditor" and in two years you'll still be here you KHV incel.

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a smartphone

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If you want power: Pi 3 Based Handheld
If you want something GB styled: RG300
If you want something GBA styled: RG350
That's the best you're going to get right now but it's subject to change in the future.
If they did a Pi Zero 2 or a Compute Module 4 then you'd see something very impressive out there but until then Ingenic-based devices and Pi Zero Handhelds are the status quo.

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Thanks mom

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Why the hell would the DS4 have more latency when wired?

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Guess RG350 is the best out there as of right now. How bad is the PSX emulation on it?

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based strokeposter

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Youtube it..it isn't great. Runs GBA/SNES just fine tho.

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>How bad is the PSX emulation on it?
Pretty good actually.

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Based on some of the videos they seem to run...alright I guess. Yeah a bit of hickups but since I'm not really going to be playing fighting and racing games (never really could get into them) feel it's workable. I'm guessing Ape Escape will have issues however which would be a fucking shame.

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Tbh I'm not really sure why people want to emulate PSX on a handheld or phone when you can just buy a PSP for $30.

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not everyone lives in the US where people throw away everything for pennies in order to consume the latest products

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But they're impossible to get.

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I have one. Ape escape, SOTN, THPS 1-3, JoJo's, SfEX2, Gran Turismo 2, Blitz 2001 all run 100% perfect. I couldn't get MK trilogy to run but I think it was a rom issue. Mutant Academy 2 and Tekken 3 ran like shit. Overall I was very surprised and impressed. And there's an active community working of compatibility all the time.

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A cracked N2DS

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no wonder the lag measurements are so bad

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Polling rate, maybe. I know with ryochan's ds4windows fork, you can crank the bluetooth polling rate to 1000hz

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The PSP is over 10 years old, easily hackable and cheaper than most of the chinkshit people are mentioning in this thread.

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Forgot to mention it can also run PSX games without problems like the crap in this thread

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They're cheaper than RG350s even if you buy em from Japan on eBay.

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>cheapo emulation handheld
buy 50 buck china phone. install emulators. done!
>muh buttons!
find a 2nd-hand PSP then.

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you can root just about mainstream android phone, install IineageOS, totally disable wifi and 4G, and remove all "analytics" or whatever. as for the camera, you can gorge it out yourself or just put a damn sticker on it. are you retarded? Snowden already gave out detailed instructions on how to do all that too.


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>>>/g/ fags are cancerous.

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Or just buy an old PSP and not do all that ridiculous horseshit just to play old vidya

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The CIA has a whole task force assigned to watching you play sonic

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>install IineageOS
LineageOS contains (((binary blobs))). Install Replicant instead.
Besides, that still won't save you from the compromised propietary bootloader and the backdoored modem processor which has TOTAL access to the CPU. Not to mention the fact that all your calls can be recorded, and your exact location can be found using tower triangulation.
>totally disable wifi and 4G
Yes, "disable". I won't trust your "disable" button unless power is physically cut from the hardware.
>as for the camera, you can gorge it out yourself or just put a damn sticker on it
Extra, unnecessary effort.
>Snowden already gave out detailed instructions on how to do all that too.
Snowden, while a good whistleblower, does not always give the best of advice. For example, he recommends Purism laptops which have the ME backdoor.
>lelel nothing to hide nothing to fear
Yes. But who will protect the ones that DO have something to hide? For their sake, we must abolish these systems of surveillance.
Democracy is not possible without assurance that the people can revolt against authority if it gets corrupt. Otherwise, our presidents might as well be kings.

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End to end encryption is the only acceptable method of using an enemy's channels of communication period. As far as irrational paranoia about a gaming device spying on you, disconnecting antennas is trivial, including cutting traces. Antennas are easy to identify unless you're a full on tinfoil hat person.

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Anon, seriously, just train a bunch of pigeons equipped with self activating mini bombs in case someone hijacks their flight

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Is that the contraption you use after it rubs the lotion on the skin?

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Is a Faraday cage some dude sleeps in.

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Are you typically playing Crash Bandicoot during your revolutionary planning meetings? Maybe just like, power it down.

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>Asks the same question all year long.
>Expects new answer
>Tries to not promote their shit handhelds/store in the process
fuck off faggot.

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What is the point of posting made up numbers. Even controllers that use the same JC somehow have drastically different delay? Even though nothing else comes close to these numbers? Try again, sweaty.

BT/RF is as low latency as wired, and this >>6047065 dude is a retard. But posting fake numbers helps no one.

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I mean try ebay

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>hurr fake
Where's your data then, faggot.

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