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You may only choose one year

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1994 for TIE-Fighter alone.

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>so many versions you *could* play but probably wouldn't want to
Thank god for emulation.

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Diablo II, the only PC game worth playing

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Civ 2
Road Rash
MW Mercenaries
Destruction Derby
Red Alert

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Probably '99. Worms Armageddon, Longest Journey, PS:T, Heroes III, Alpha Centauri, Homeworld, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament. It doesn't have that many games in my absolute top tier, but it has the most playable shit.

2001 is also strong, if expansion packs grant you the base game in a desert-island situation. Diablo II's xpac, Red Alert 2's, Icewind Dale, but then also Black & White, Worms World Party, Civ III.

Then '97 for Abe's Oddysee, Tomb Raider 2, Worms 2, Curse of Monkey Island, Total Annihiliation, Creatures.

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2000 hands down

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1998 for quality, 2000 if I'm limited to playing those forever

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Toss up between '97 and 2000. Excellent releases both years.

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97 4lyfe

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98 purely for starcraft. I still play that shit today

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more good games came out in 99 than in last two decades combined

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1996, 1998 isn't far back though.

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Any list of all the games? Some of the box art is too low-res, and its difficult to tell.

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2000 obviously

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2001 since I'm still heavily playing D2 18 years later.

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the current year because i can play all those games.

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>C&C Generals Zero Hour
>Splinter Cell
>The Sims
>Jedi Academy
>SWG before it got shit
Literally 2003 for me. So many amazing fucking games that year.

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I do want to say though that I have much respect for the 90's era of gaming as a lot of the franchises whose entries I love from 2000-2005 got started in the 90's. Honestly every era on this list was great in it's own way now that I think about it.

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Let's dial that clock back ever further.

>Oregon Trail of course
>fucking SPACEWAR
>Carmen Sandiego
>Sopwith, I played so much fucking Sopwith
>Forbidden Castle, let's not forget text adventures
>Bard's Tale

Props for Battle Chess in 1988, that shit kept me out of my parents' hair a ton.

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1998. Still playing tribes.

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not retro

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Thank God I only play Japanese games. Western PC games are terrible.

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Easily 1996.
>Quake 1
>Tomb Raider 1
>Duke Nukem 3D

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If DC is retro, and the best DC games were releases in 2000/2001, D2 and LoD are retro. Deal with it nigger.

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>"When was KOTOR released? >>6041451 oh okay, 2003 it is."
+Prince of Persia: SOT

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Retro: I think I'm going to have to go for 1997. Theme Hospital, Flight Unlimited 2, LBA2, and AoE are all incredible. 1999 would be my second pick, there are far too many great games between 1996 and 2000 to make an easy choice.
Not Retro: I have to pick 2003. I'll get the most time out of Flight Simulator 2004 and SimCity 4, even if I prefer more games in other years. If I get Sims with Makin' Magic then so much the better.

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2001 for RTCW alone

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my pick would be 1994.

X-Com, Tie Fighter, Master of Magic, Colonization, Jagged Alliance, Doom2 and a lot more good stuff.

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I think mid to late 90's were the time when videogames changed faster in history. A game from 1994 and a game from 1998 could be extremely different, almost like the difference within the first Doom and Half-Life or Unreal, or the first Warcraft and Starcraft. Now you can show me a game from 2012 or so and it's not going to be that different from anything just came out yesterday.

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Always bet on 1991

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Confirms that Diablo players are brainless

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seconding this, some of the games are way too fucking small to read the names of. Is there maybe a better resolution pic?

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I have this but I don't think it includes all.

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Bladerunner 1997

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Thanks for the suggestion anon, unfortunately this one is a bit more limited, and what this does have tends to be the more easily recognizable and popular titles. I appreciate the effort though!

What the hell is that game with the weird minimal color gradient in 1991 in OP's pic? Its near the right side, 2nd row, 1991.

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Scorched Earth.

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there was a oni port?

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Excellent catch, thanks

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X-Wing, then the next year would be TIE Fighter so it works pretty well.


TIE Fighter and a couple other games


MechWarrior 2


Tomb Raider


Dark Forces II
Nightmare Creatures
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1 only)
Tomb Raider II
Total Annihilation


Thief: The Dark Project
Fallout 2
Tomb Raider III
Resident Evil 2


Age of Empires II
Jagged Alliance 2
Planescape Torment
Alpha Centtauri
Heavy Gear II
The Longest Journey
Soul Reaver


Diablo 2
Thief II
Resident Evil 3
MechWarrior 4


Max Payne
Soul Reaver 2


Gothic 2
Disciples 2
Soldier of Fortune 2
Jedi Outcast
Hitman 2
Blood Omen 2
The Thing
Silent Hill


Max Payne 2
Splinter Cell
Jedi Academy

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Where are people playing nwn2 nowadays? Whats the most popular version? Is the first one more popular?

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Tough one. I want to say 89 for colonels bequest but that alone can't sustain me. So 96. Diablo 1 alone could take me to old age but there are several other games to fall back on to take breaks.

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There are three possible candidates: Year of Doom, Year of Quake, and Year of Quake 3. All are equally great. This can only be resolved by examining the runners up:
>Year of Doom
Day of the Tentacle (the best adventure game of all time)
>Year of Quake
Descent 2, I guess, which is a pretty good 6-DOF flightsim-shooter, but hard to accept it as truly great.
>Year of Quake 3
Planescape: Torment (the 2nd best RPG of all time, behind Fallout 1)

Best adventure game beats 2nd best RPG, so Year of Doom (1993) it is.

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>Is the first one more popular?

I think it still is. NWN2 was good for single player, NWN1 for multi. Don't know if the reason was the tools, performance or just an already established community.
Also NWN1 had so much mods, graphics and everything made it would have been a pain to redo the effort.

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Ahh, man, this is fucking great OP.
Tough too...

1995 for me

Terminal Velocity
Mech Warrior 2
Slipstream 5000
Xcom Terror From The Deep

1997 was also a great year.

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I'd go with 1996.
Lots of my favorites were released this year: Settlers 2, Civ 2, HoMM 2, Daggerfall, LotR 2 and M.A.X.
Then there are some games I'd like to give a try like Warhammer, Ecstatica and Harverster.

Honorable mention to 1992 and 1999.

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