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>in 1998, the gothic and art rock band Malice Mizer released a single titled "Gekka no Yasôkyoku", named after the original japanese title of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Is this true? Was there any relation between Konami and this band?

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Mana is a huge fan of Castlevania. Only real collaboration afaik is a ringtone he made.

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That's their whole shtick. Is this really the first you've heard of them?

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It's true. Castelvenia was made by a guy who's nickname was "Trans Fishers", due to his mad love of trannies. One day he was fishing for trannies at a newhalf club in Ikebukuro and ran into these faggots. After a full weekend of hot steamy buttlove he went back to the office, tore up all the artwork of manly Simon Belmont and redesigned all the characters to look like your pic related.
True story

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I would like to go two seconds on this board without being reminded of degeneracy

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cool story but reminder that Mana, despite dressing as a female, always considered himself a man, and actually likes women. He just dresses as his ideal waifu, he's too narcissist.

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>seeing Malice fucking Mizer on /vr/ of all places
They really got much better when Klara replaced Gackt.

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You're on the wrong internet buddy

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Mana is /ourguy/

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They only had like two good songs after Gackt.

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Those are all dudes, aren't they.

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Which ones? The whole Bara no seidou album is a masterpiece, and from the last 3 maxi-singles, there's at least 3 great songs: Beast of Blood, Garnet and Gensou Rakuen. The b-sides from BoB and Gardenia are pretty good too.

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*your tranny

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Mana is the only truly video game nerd.
Kozi is more of a punk guy who probably enjoys some video games, but he enjoys drugs and rock n' roll more.
Gackt is a total pleb, he isn't even familiar with the Famicom ffs:
He sucks.
Not sure about Yu-ki or Kami but they don't strike me as vidya nerds either.

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If you can't find your ideal waifu, BE your ideal waifu.

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Mana is living the dream

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It's funny how triggered you kids are over trans people. Talk about the rent free meme lol, it's a constant obsession.

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To be fair, that anon's post was kind of funny because Trans Fisher actually appears on the credits of Castlevania 1.
That said, none of the Malice Mizer members are transexual.

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Man I’m so glad the visual kei trend is completely dead, what a gay fad that was.

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Yeah, instead now we have Kpop, I'm sure you're much happier with it.
Seriously though, the Visual kei popularity in the west of the 2000s/early 2010s was weird, but VK is still alive in Japan... although not as big as it was in the 90s.

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funnest thing is that these vk guys had fucked more girls than you will in your entire life.

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Okay I missed that and yeah, that's funny.

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There's nothing wrong with being trans.

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Yes there is. You should all be shot.

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Visual Kei has nothing to do with transexuals.

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Kill all trannys

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>It's funny how triggered kids like me are over jokes about trans people. Talk about the rent free meme lol, it's a constant obsession.
Jokes on you PCbaby. You own your brainwashing. Your parents mortgaged their house for the lesbian ethnic studies degree it came with.

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Could’ve fooled me the way these ladyboys look.

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visual kei? pretty based if you ask me

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So has Justin Bieber, still not someone to aspire to. Embarrassing yourself by looking like those gay kei boys or glam skids in the 80s ain’t worth some gash. Having some self respect is way better.

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Does anyone still even listen to kpop? What is this? 2013?

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So you hate on David Bowie because of his looks, for example?
Nothing wrong with glam or having an artistic image. If you don't like it, you can ignore it, but being triggered by it? I don't get it.

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It remained sort of mainstream, boy band kpop bands still can fill big venues in many countries.
But I mean in terms of the kind of music weebs and social outcasts online listen to. Back in the 2000s, jrock and visual kei was very popular, but then many of those people moved onto kpop.
Admittedly, as much as I like a lot of VK stuff, many of its fans are just teenage girls who only ever care about the looks. And there are bands that cater to them, but there's also bands that just make good music, the visual kei aesthetics is just extra.

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bara no seidou was a great album to end things on. shame beast of blood wasn't part of another album. i do like that one song they did with Gackt. had that video with them in some kind of lab. forgot the name.

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You can like an artists work without having to like their looks, fashion sense, politics, taste of smegma, etc. It's thick irony to see a triggered little bugman bitch projecting about others being triggered because he's too shallow to understand that.

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According to Matthew Bell (Konami employee) yugioh makes more money than fortnite and that since more than a decade. Who cares about anything else then.. Those guys certainly are richer than corrupt politicians selling oil drilling by now.

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Are you mad that a gothic horror game now actually looks like gothic horror and protagonists actually look like taken from Romantic era instead of a traced Conan with a whip?

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>i do like that one song they did with Gackt. had that video with them in some kind of lab. forgot the name.

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Yea, totally, it's not like you have a mental disorder or something that causes 40% of you to commit suicide.

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You guys still talking about transexuals? Malice Mizer aren't transexuals lmao

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Say, back then did Gackt do any of the pseudo-traditional stuffs (whereas he wears a kimono)?

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I believe this.

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There was a photo shoot they did for a magazine where they all wore kimonos in geisha fashion, but in general Malice Mizer were always dressed in gothic/victorian european attire.

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It's kind of wild, really. I actually remember the time when AKB48 just started. Back then VK was still alive, and the idol scene was dominated by the boy band (Arashi, I think?). Now look at where are we at the moment.

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AKB48 really blew up, but even before them, idol groups were really popular ever since the 80s.
In the 90s, it was Morning Musume/Hello Project, that shit was big, maybe even bigger than AKB.
I was never into idols though, but I think what's interesting is that nowadays there's a lot more "alternative" or doujin idols.

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Female idol in Japan started to be a thing in the 1980s, but by the early 1990s the scene died down. The period between that and Morning Musume started performing was when male idols and VK became very, very big.

(Say, did anyone here remember if Johnny Entertainment signed deal with any VK band? I wouldn't be surprised if they do that in the 1990s.)

And about the alternative idols, BABYMETAL really opened the floodgate, but I haven't heard from them lately.

Anyway, is there any other big names in 90s Japanese music still doing it? Disregarding the idols (seriously, there is 40s year old male idols in Japan right now), I could count B'z, Hikaru Utada, and Maki Ohguro, and Luna Sea. Nami Amuro retired last year, I think. Does Yoshiki still work? Saw him with the British Royal Family on an article just recently.

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Oh yeah, forgot to add T.M. Revolution and GACKT too (was he really that big of a deal when he was still with Malice Mizer, or did he only got big after going solo?)/

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As far as I know, Johnny isn't related to visual kei.
I think visual kei is managed by 2 big bosses, Yoshiki, and Dynamite Tommy.
And yeah Yoshiki is living a celebrity life in USA, he has for like 2 decades now.
His scarf got caught on the queen of England's shoulder not too long ago, that was hilarious.
The other day he also took a photo with Obama.
I don't think Yoshiki is working on anything, he has been teasing a new X Japan album for years and years but still no news about it, he said it's complete but he's "waiting for the right time to release it", most fans are fed up and call bullshit.
As for Babymetal, they're still going. One of the 2 little girls (who aren't little anymore) left, but they got a replacement already.

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Kamijo released new single with cover illustration by Ayami Kojima

Gackt has kinda retired. He haven't released new music in over two years. There is going to be a new tour but I don't think he will perform any new music. And all what Yoshiki does these days is him trying to get in pictures with as many hollywood celebs as possible. He is never going to release the new X japan album.

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trans fisher is a pun on filmmaker Terrence Fisher who directed many British monster movies like Dracula, Son of Dracula and Phantom of the Opera.

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Malice Mizer was big in the late 90s, they sold out multiple budokan concerts and were everywhere in japanese media, this around 1997/1998 when they went major with Columbia and released their only major album, merveilles.
Gackt used his fame from Malice Mizer to catapult himself into a more mainstream career as solo. He became even more famous as solo, but he owes his fame to Malice Mizer, that's where he came from and probably a majority of his initial fanbase were Malice Mizer fans. His debut single was even titled "Mizérable" and it was kind of similar to Malice Mizer in terms of music and his aesthetics.
There is a lot of controversy regarding Gackt leaving MM, because he claims he was kicked out of the band, while IIRC the band says he left on his own. Not too long ago, in an interview, he also claimed to have written all of Malice Mizer's music, which is a complete lie, he only wrote 2 songs, and everyone knows the main composers were Mana and Közi. Maybe he meant the lyrics, but still a pretty silly thing to say.
Last year, Malice Mizer had their 25th anniversary reunion live, and they didn't get any of the 3 vocalists back, instead, other guys did vocals (Kamijo from lareine, Hitomi from Moran and Shuji from Cali=gari, all of them were MM roadies back in the day).
However, for "au revoir", they played an instrumental version, and had Gackt videos from the merveilles live playing on the back, without his voice of course. Many fans speculate whether this was a homage to him, or a sort of "fuck you" message.

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Even by the standards of VK, doing things like Gackt like you said is really kind of shitty.

However, it actually made me remember Genesis from that PSP Final Fantasy VII game. That guy acted like a dick, so it was no surprise that Gackt, whom he was based on, also act like a dick.

It seems to me like a lot of 80s and 90s Japanese artists got really big before moving to America when they want to slow down their careers. Not just Yoshiki, but Kyosuke Himuro from BOOWY too.

While we are at it, how did you guys "discover" Japanese music? My older brother used to study in Yokohama and he collected CD from underground Reggae artists at there (Japanese Reggae apparently is a thing). Never really get into it, but among the thing he sent back home was a vinyl from T.M. Network. Has been into Kyosuke Komuro stuffs since then.

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>Kyosuke Komuro
My bad, it is Tetsuya Komuro. The guy really know how to make people dance.

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>While we are at it, how did you guys "discover" Japanese music?
I live in a weeb country so otakus were a thing before I was born. During the 90s, TV and radio shows started playing japanese music like L'arc en Ciel, Malice Mizer, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. I used to watch those shows because they aired anime after :)

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>Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Now that is a name I haven't heard quite a while (then again I haven't been following J-Rock closely). I remembered they and Bump of Chicken got played on a TV show before they became big in the early 2000s.

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Which Belmont is this?

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Sugizo Berumondo

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What country are you from?
I liked some japanese bands from anime back in the 90s, but had no way of getting their music. Around the early 2000s I started to know more and download their music thanks to napster and kazaa.
My favorite band was Siam Shade

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Are you really surprised? Nomura loves Gackt so it was bound to get here soon or later. I'm more surprised it wasn't a Final Fantasy themed thread.

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There is a gacktposter in FF VIII threads.

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There have been Malice Mizer threads here since the beginning

This. People who seriously try to be a different gender are mentally ill. ALL celebrities are mentally ill but in a hell of a lot more enjoyable way. I don't know what the fuck happened to Chris Jenner though.

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I mainly just listen to the music. I don't care much about their personal lives.

I'm a filthy newfag to /vr/ so it explains my surprise.

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you dont have to be gay to be a faggot anon

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bro you just posted cringe

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Go back to /pol/, pedophile.

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But they're not tolerant of furries there.

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any malice mizer where gackt isn't singing is garbage

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>disliking beast of blood
kinda cringe desu

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Go home nomura, Tetsu is a way more passionate singer AND the best lyricist Malice Mizer had, and Klaha was opera-tier.
Gackt was just an OK pop singer but couldn't write lyrics for shit.

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This was a unique band. I kept trying to listen to many other gothic bands that mix classical/baroque music and rock, and found some good ones (Lacrimosa, Sopor Aeternus), but nothing matches Malice Mizer. They were special.

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Fisher directed most of the iconic Hammer flicks, and if you're a Castlevania fan who hasn't seen Dracula, Curse of Frankenstein, etc.. then you're missing out. Same goes for the Universal monster movies. They're the main inspiration for Castlevania as a series, and you can especially see Hammer influence in the early console games through how vivid CV1's colors are.

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I'm not actually really a fan of visual kei bands but I've always liked Malice Mizer for some reason.

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They look like Amano drawings come to life.

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>for some reason.
because the music is good

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Their biggest hit is written by Gackt

>> No.6040078

That's... A guy?

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Not at all. I just thought it would be fun to trigger the fuck out of some MM circle jerkers with a ridiculous story using a few bits of trivia to make it sound plausible. The fact that triggeredanon lost his shit and didn't even know about Trans Fisher, or bother the look it up, is exactly the kind of lulz I was hoping for. Threads like this are always fertile hunting ground for people looking to bag a lolcow. Totally insecure and overflowing with fake outrage these kek factories make baiting so easy I'm actually getting worse.
I never liked the original Conan look but I'm fine with the second version. But I'll take Conan over gay vampires any day. I appreciate that /vr/ is full of zoomers who grew up with gay vampires but it wasn't always that way. Seriously, until "Interview with the Vampire" vampires weren't gay and didn't wear drag. And when these zoomers want to suck the dick of a drag queen who isn't even gay. Wew lad.

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Hes not even gay.

>> No.6040459

biggest hit =/= best.
But anyway, what was their biggest hit? Le Ciel? I admit, even though I'm not a big Gackt fan, Le Ciel is great.

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Kozi > Mana

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Yea, hes not gay. Hes just a faggot that takes dick in the mouth and up the ass.

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Puffy(amiyumi) is still around. They're not particularly active, but they do still release new singles about once a year.

>> No.6040654

Ayumi Hamasaki is still performing, but it's pretty rare she releases anything new. She had a new album last year, though.

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The cringe ballad was their biggest hit? Shame.
Au revoir or Bel Air should've been their great hits with beast of blood their biggest.

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Probably. But the powerful sound of malice came really from the drummer. Too bad he passed away. He elevated the songs and the only people who realize that are the ones who listened mana's antics in moi dix mois. Kami was an incredible drummer and the absence of his talent was the demise of malice. Bara no seidou is the and justice for all of malice. The greatest compositions that the band made, inspired by the stress of losing one a personal friend.

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I dunno, just asking because Le Ciel is the only song where Gackt composed the music, other than the piano piece Regret. I do like Le Ciel though, very soothing song, both single and album versions.
The drumming in Malice Mizer is incredible, yeah. But I think the core of MM's sound is the twin guitars by Mana and Kozi, and their compositions.
post-Malice Mizer, I think Kozi's works are more interesting than Moi dix Mois, especially Kozi's solo works.

>> No.6041396

I haven't listened kozi stuff post malice gonna check it out. I agree what you say about the core sound. But what I mean is that kami elevates those compositions. Trust me a drummer makes or breaks the sound of a band 90% of the time.

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I agree with you about Kami. His drumming makes Malice Mizer special. He was a big part of their sound.
As for Kozi, he only released 2 full albums, Katharsis and Loki n' Roll. Katharsis is more accessible, while Loki is more experimental, both great though.
From Katharsis:
From Loki n' Roll:

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And I had thought they disbanded years ago. They had a good run in the 1990s, and did well enough in crossing over America. Most bands could never claim to do so.

What was the last time Ayumi had a top Oricon hit any way? The last time I paid any attention to er was over a decade ago.

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kozi is awesome, and he has gotten really good at singing in recent years.
this cover he did of Seraph with his band ZIZ blew me away

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