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Shenmue is so fucking good. I'd not seriously sat down and played this game since I was like 10. Revisiting it was like revisiting a hometown I forgot I had. Peak atmosphere.
I also strongly recommend its modern remaster. It's a great version of the game.

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Yeah Shenmue is great. Have you played Shenmue 2?

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I encountered it once at a friend's house when I was a kid but no I haven't. I'm gonna start on it this week though since it was included with the remaster release.

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Shenmue is pretty great. Actually just came back from a weekend at a friends place where he was playing through Shenmue 3 while a few of us watched. Was lucky enough to get around 4 people in Shenmue over the past three years (and now a 5th since someone who was watching thought 3 looked cool and showed interest in 1 and 2).

While he was doing that I just gave 2 a small replay on my phone and it's still pretty incredible to this day, going up to some random guy in the street and asking him for help or directions is really cool. Plus the fact everyone is voiced by a unique voice you won't usually hear again is great especially for a game from 2001. I was lucky enough to experience this in its full glory back in 2002 or so when I was a kid since I can really appreciate it both then and now.

Have fun with 2, it's larger than 1 but I'd say smaller in "artistic vision" where you can't really interact with everything like you could in 1 but it's still a great game. Small bit of advice but spend your money when you get off the boat on anything you come across as you go on. There's a lot of gacha and maps and stuff. Also, Delin and Ren are the most based individuals you will come across in that game so get ready.

Also after you're done with 2, and hopefully 3. There's a small Japanese only "demo disc" of Shenmue called What's Shenmue that has some cool differences and stuff in it, if you wanted to give it a try.

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Not OP but damn, I just finished playing Shenmue 1 and 2 for the first time and loved it and gotta say, although its barely 1/3rd MAYBE of the series, if even that, but god damn the combat system is amazing. I know its not the main point of the game, but it feels so good to unleash combos and when you master a move and it becomes way better and even has a new kickass animation, the arm breaking one in particular

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Sorry to say man, but Shenmue 3 doesn't have the Virtua Fighter system that 1 and 2 had. The fighting is still fun and interesting, but it feels a lot easier to play and is kind of a let down since you can map a strong move to right trigger and spam it most fights.

It's not as bad as I thought it could be, but it's nothing like the Virtua Fighter one we had in 1 and 2. Get used to it since it'll be the last time you'll see some good fighting.

I do hope that if Shenmue 4 does happen, that Sega will show some interest and give Yu some resources. Giving him a chance to implement a new VF style fighting for a modern day would be cool and very welcomed.

>although its barely 1/3rd MAYBE of the series
I just looked up some videos to make another Shenmue fighting webm, and apparently a long play of Shenmue 2 is around 12 hours, and all the free battles combined are about 1 hour. So it's probably wayyyy less than that when you think about it.

Also I hope you're both playing it dubbed in English, as Yu Suzuki intended.

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dont consider them sequels but chapters. Shenmue 1 and 2 were meant to be the same game, but because of size problems they ended up splitting it over 2. Shenmue 1 + 2 cover 4 chapters out of 11, with Shenmue 3 covering at least 2. Its all the same game.

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>make camera constantly pan around you so the direction of your inputs are ambiguous, oh yeah and make the window for inputs as small as possible
The combat was horrific in Shenmue 1 and 2.

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all these fags pretending they know what good games are because those who actually do crashed the kickstarter. You would think its slow boring and has shit dubbing with no game in it otherwise.

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I love the first two Shenmue games and played through the remasters recently, but the controls are still clunky AF

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Yeah, controls a bit like a shopping cart.
For me things like control and combat are not at all what makes Shenmue enjoyable. It's the attention to detail, the minutia, the atmosphere, and the exploration of the mundane. The "life simulator" tag these games received is well deserved and I like that about them. They're not trying to be action packed adventures with huge set pieces at every turn. The first one specifically is a game about setting on avenging the death of your father, but even more so it's a game about indulging the atmosphere and culture of a sleepy Japanese village, talking to people, and working a job as a forklift operator. Of course you pick up martial arts skills along the way and beat the shit out of people on a select few occasions, but they're definitely few and they're typically spread out and placed well. The pacing in these games is very slow but I also think that pacing is handled very carefully and done very well.
To enjoy Shenmue really requires you to ditch expectations and you have to be willing to forgive or overlook things like clunky control or a shit dub, because those things exist, they're not great, but even if they were great, they wouldn't be the reasons Shenmue is good. In other words, the games have soul.

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