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Being good at videogames is like the guy that holds Guiness World Record for eating the most corndogs. While technically impressive, it's still an useless skill that can't possibly be good for your health.

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Sore loser.

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Tell that to all the streamers and esports fags that make millions of dollars.

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OP is skilled at having wieners in his mouth.

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Playing games a lot isn't good for your health in general. Though if you spend hundreds or even thousands of hrs playing games every year, you'd damn better get good at it, otherwise wtf are you even doing with your time.

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Spotted the addmad faggot who can't git gud

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Maybe, but knowing how to have fun with them can be a great stress reliever. Who cares about being "good"?

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>Playing games is a waste of time anyway so might as well not even try to git gud and just enjoy shit-tier no-skill garbage.

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This unironically.

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Ye the fact that this kinda shit is specifically aimed at people who git gud rather than anyone who plays games a lot tells you everything ya need to know about the underlying reason this thread was made

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Why was this thread made? For reals.

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He is a Gamer who is furious that there are other, better gamers who use their gaming time to git gud and challenge themselves instead of playing the same piss easy shit for hundreds of hours so he's looking to undermine their skill without making an activity he himself enjoys seem like a waste of time. That's why he'll call getting good a waste of time, but won't extend it to gaming as a whole even if the shitters can play just as much if not more than the good players.

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Salty faggot detected.
Learn to play proper games and you might actually start to think of it as something more than a brainless timesink to multitask on another window.

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That's quite an elaborate scheme.

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FAGGOT I'm the one implying OP's a salty faggot who hates players who get good don't gimme that shit

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Certain kinds of cope are very layered, what can I say

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Lol sorry. Looks like I misinterpreted you bro :p

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It's all good mate, have a good rest of the day

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Perhaps but occam's razor makes me wonder, not that it matters either way.

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>mom told me not to play vidya because "it's not as important as school"
>focus on school and later work
>people became millionaires because of playing games
>i'm stuck with a college debt and have to wage

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what's being bad at videogames like

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Stop thinking everything you need to do has to have some purpose that will benefit them in life. Most people who learn instruments or draw never make a cent doing it, and they don't even care. Not every action you take has to benefit society, perform your job and that's probably good enough, unless you actively wnat to seek out ways to better society yourself.

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Have sex

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>fun and excitement have no use
They are valuable in themselves

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but then again what's good for your health anyway? living kills. at least vidya distracts from the awful reality we have to face daily. yay escapism.

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It's amusing how many gamers are anti-skill when it comes to gaming. Even on "enthusiast" communities like /vr/.

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lives off donations
involves actually competition, but within the confines of a "ruleset" that has no relation to real life

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>otherwise wtf are you even doing with your time.
escapism: second life

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it's targeted at tryhards

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Threads like this show you how many underage and faggots are on the board.

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probably Reddit blood tainting the well

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or people who never matured past that

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>involves actually competition, but within the confines of a "ruleset" that has no relation to real life
Same could be said of any game or sport. You can argue that sports are more valuable because they generally build you up physically, but stuff like Chess won't do that either. The truth is that mastering anything is valuable, it's all connected. Mastering a "useless" skill still teaches you about mastery and the process of getting good at something. Everything in life can be interpreted as a game, meaning somebody who understands the art of gaming and mastering games can master life itself.

Semper games.

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This whole thread is COPE with the fact no one cares about your vidya skills.

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I care

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>he thinks being alive at isn't pointless
>also clearly a zoomer that tried to get into retro games and got assraped endlessly by games that most boomers can beat in their sleep
>makes shitty thread to get validated as a desperate coping mechanism

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OP is clearly not from /vr/, and not even old enough to browse 4chan.

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No, just /v/. Bunch of contrarians and shitposters who would rather have endless arguments over nothing instead of actually talk about the subject of the board. Notice no part of this thread has anything to do with retro games, merely disparaging anyone who has more than a casual interest in the subject. It's like going to aut/o/ and making a thread screaming that anyone who spends more than $500 on any vehicle is stupid and everyone should just ride a bicycle instead.

You'll notice the threads where people actually talk about retro games don't have any anti-skill whining. It's almost like all the whining comes from /v/.

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>Same could be said of any game or sport.

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Pragmatism is a low IQ Ameriburger way to live and make choices. Very amoral, selfish and unfulfilling, despite being promoted by rich boomer dads and capitalist grunt workers.

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Videogames skills have no practical use no matter how you look at them.

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Video games are bad for you? That's what they used to say about Rock & Roll!

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And? All the best things in life have no practical
"Use" but are valuable in themselves and for themselves.
While things seen as practical uses are not valued in themselves but as means to an end, and the end is something higher than mere pragmatism.

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>You'll notice the threads where people actually talk about retro games don't have any anti-skill whining
Unless they happen to be arcade or god forbid shmup related that is

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Shmups are a special case due to our local shitposter who whines about them not being popular. He's such a dipshit we purposefully don't talk about them to avoid his retarded commentary.

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Shmups aren't a special case, head on over to the arcade thread, or the Ghosts N Goblins thread, or most beat 'em up threads. And nah that's bullshit, /vr/ shmup discussion's been shit loooong before you know who came in. People were already mocking you in 2015-2016, back in /stg/ times. Now it went from just a lack of discussion to actual hostility towards the games

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>nooooo don't have a hobby you're dedicated to!!! especially not video games!!!!!

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The hostility comes due to how easily the key shmup fans are to trigger. Also there's very little to actually talk about so with no solid basis for discussion bait gets all the attention.

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>Also there's very little to actually talk about
This is only true when you don't play, but that's the norm on /vr/ so I'm not sure what I'm expecting

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This is especially true of speedrunners who spend 5+ hours a day grindmonkeying runs in a game just to shave off a few seconds, if any.

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t. The guy who fell short of the world record for eating the most hotdogs

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Compared to other games there just isn't though. There's getting your rout down and whether you can improve it and then shitposting about who likes what kinds of games. It's not my favorite genre but I've played enough of them and been in threads and forums enough to see what discussions are like. If there was a decent amount to talk about, threads and generals wouldn't be how they are.

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You have series like Megaman and CV that sustain threads fine with mostly gameplay-discussion for decades despite being vastly more shallow and simplistic, but they are very easy so anyone can discuss them more or less fully. Not so with shmups, and that's ultimately the problem. Not that I care since they're a solo genre, but das how it be

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Not true at all. Games such as Burger Time will familiarize you with what's going to be your life long "career"

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Most things are useless except the arts and cultivating your intellect.

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People almost never talk about gameplay in those threads.

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They almost exclusively talk about it, or argue about it and compare games with lengthy autistic posts that have examples etc. These are games that a tiny fraction of the depth of shmups yet the best /vr/ can muster most of the time is title drops. Even the poo flinging is fuckin lame and ends before it can begin because posters know jack shit

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No retro.

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i'm bad at video games and my health isn't good either

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Not that guy but if you're so concerned about depth why stick to shmups when fighting games have so much more, are still popular and have a robust multiplayer community?

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I dont stick to shmups in fact its not even my main genre, I play kekken 7 and Im not the one concerned about depth that shits unimportant. That guys implying that its a lack of depth/complexity that prevents them from being discussed when its obviously not the case

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I don't know, I think he might be right. Even in juggling simulations like Tekken there's strategy to talk about and specific match ups or difficulties with one character vs another. If you're wanting to have a discussion of say, Gradius 3 then how much is there to really discuss?

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Not TOO sure about Gaydius 3 since I dont play that though Im sure theres plenty between checkpoint recoveries, diff shot types, stage routes, boss strategies, multilooping, the fuckin crystal rush which is faux random, practice methods etc. 90s games have really deep scoring a lot can be said about even straightforward systems like DDP since it has several ways to link chains and deal with tricky sections, and shit like Ketsuis very complex cuz you need to know all enemy base values and balance the two multipliers, lots of trial n error required on top of harsh survival difficulty

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