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this game is the shit

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My nigger. It's better than 2, which is also great, but it has no soundtrack during stages, and the ranking system changes were shit.

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Never played it, I'll try it out. Thanks OP.

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Game is tight as fuck! Wish I still had my old copy.

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The whole series is great, it's a shame it's almost abandoned, and we were close to have something new but it turned into Sekiro.

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i like the level creator in 2 immensely and some of the level designs are way better in 2 than 1 as well

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looks like you chose the wong patty to crasssh

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its not possible to ghost levels in these gamed right? stealth is one of my favorite genres so i want to try this after i finish theif 2

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Thiefbros and Tenchubros should unite against the Kojimafag menace.

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Every time I see this game mentioned here I immediately think of the soundtrack and that results theme that has been stuck in my head this whole time.


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go back to your containment thread thiefcuck.
We actually discuss good games in this thread.

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it's dated as fuck.

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I remember seeing this game on shelves and never really cared about it but you reminded me of a kid that used to ask other kids if they played "techno" stealth assassins

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It is but it has a ton of charm kind of like driving a model t

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Those FMV intros for 1&2 were great.

I liked 2's silly plot about a Ninja Outer Heaven. Great levels in both games, favs being 1's Merchant household in winter and the border crossing. 2 had that Enemy army camp and the one were you fuck up the pirates.

>>Level creator
was a beautiful thing to have.

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I know right, there's not even pointer arrows, QTEs or autosaves.

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??? techu devs were eaten by the souls team and sekiro literally is a tenchu/souls hybrid so you can't say its not a tenchu game

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Tenchu isn't souls with broken stealth
which is what sekiro is

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Cope. Tenchu is utter shite compared to Sekiro.

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go back to >>/v/

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>A blooo new bad

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I never understood this game.

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I remember picking this up back in the day because I hears it was similar to metal gear solid. Man was I blown away. I had way more fun playing this.

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more like >old bad
I've literally never said sekiro is bad
I said it has crappy stealth
Which is better in tenchu
you really are from v aren't you

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>He thinks Tenchu actually has good stealth

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shut the fuck up, you worthless lump of dgoshit. your mother's asshole is dated. and you've never dated anyone.

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i just started playing sekiro like a week ago. its a decent spiritual successor to tenchu. at least easier than tenchu aka "you died to boss so start the whole level over because fuck you no checkpoint bitches"
wish the stealth parts were better but it makes up for it with the fighting gameplay. tenchu has better stealth but the fighting was a bitch sometimes with the shoddy camera. still tenchu series is still the shit.

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kys thiefcuck.

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This explains Tenchu and Tenchu 2 well.

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Tenchu bosses are actually quite easy, the only problem they have is the pressure you suffer knowing getting killed means repeating the whole level. I haven't played Sekiro but I doubt it has that much in common with Tenchu since it seems focused on combat mecanics.
Shinobido was a great Tenchu succesor, sadly it's even more dead today.

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It's a shame everyone shits on Fatal Shadows, could be the best game in the franchise easily.

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>we were close to have something new
We got something new, it's called Sekiro

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>make the best ninja simulator since Tenchu 1
>don't bother to release it in America
>churn out two half-assed portable spinoffs
>series now dead and buried

It's not fair bros

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Shinobido is just the best ninja game ever. Is the sequel on the Vita worth it? I have the psp version but the levels are ripped straight from the mission editor so they suck ass

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Stealth isn't broken in Sekiro it works just fine

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Its shit
>midbosses are all cheesable
>glitchy shit like corrupted monk

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>fighting fair
holy shit how do you miss the point this hard

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the eternal Suckiro drone cope

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Not an argument

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Not what your mom said when she saw my pp

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The little things cracked me up in this game, in particular how full of loathing the guards sounded after discovering you. "YOU!!!" Also, Echigoya still gyrating his hips after the woman runs away from him.

Still one of the best og playstation games.

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Yeah the PSP game sucks, I haven't played the Vita version but got pretty mediocre reviews, particularly regarding the AI and repetitive missions. But when shit like >>6016949 gets glowing 9/10s across the board from those same publications you should probably take them with a grain of salt. From what I've heard it's pretty similar to the PS2 game but for a Vita, so if that sounds like your thing and you can find it cheap somewhere then go for it.

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For the most part, although most levels end in a boss fight.

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Right? You can't even pay to win. What horseshit.

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>"you died to boss so start the whole level over because fuck you no checkpoint bitches"
This shit is what turns me off these games. It's a nonsensical design choice. Sneaking through the levels is fun and then you get to the boss, have your shit wrecked and it's back to the start. It just makes no sense. It's a stealth game that encourages you to take your time and avoid combat at all costs, then they make you fight a boss head on after you've spent basically all your time with the game honing your sneaking skills and hardly any of it experiencing the actual combat.

I want to just play them on an emulator and make a save state at the boss but it would make me feel like a bitch so I just end up not playing them at all.

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>Sekiro easier than Tenchu
You having a laugh m8?

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Ive always liked that Tenchu had a functional combat system and forced bosses, made it feel more complete because you had sneaky aggressive stealth gameplay punctuated by badass duels against memorable characters. They aren't anywhere hard enough to require a lot of restarts anyway, besides the tiger in 2 for some reason.

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Shinobido 2 is basically Shinobido 1.5, it's got a crap story but otherwise it's a more polished version of 1. Also I fucking loved Shinobido PSP's puzzle missions.

>Says Fatal Shadows and Z are mediocre.
>Says fans loved Shadow Assassins.
This guy is a fucking moron.

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Is it possible to strafe in it? I played the first few missions but my biggest problem with it is that it has rotational controls, which, coupled with being unable to press against some walls, means that you can't be aware of your surroundings at times.
Basically, to move to side you have to turn your camera that way and move forward, meaning that if you want to go adound a corner, you can't simultaineously watch if there's a guard behind that corner. It feels really shitty after playing stealth games that have better freedom of movement. You also can't turn around quickly, and there are next to no audio cues.
It didn't make me feel like a ninja, more like a massive 10 ton tank trying to maneuver its way around historical Japanese architecture while remaining unseen.

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Yeah but you have to double tap a side direction, otherwise it uses tank controls. Also you can press up against walls wtf anon, read the manual

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You can side step when needed.
You can turn around quickly with crouch+jump or use the moonsault flip to jump and land in the opposite direction.
But yeah, there's no denying it's tanky. Still, I love it.

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If I didn't read the manual, I wouldn't be able to get past the tutorial mission. I know you can press up against walls, my problem is that it doesn't work with some walls, usually cave walls in certain areas.

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thankfully most of the boss battles arent too hard but if you fuck up it really does make you feel like shit lol. ive had my share of raging game overs after getting perfect stealth kill runs (grand master).
apparently you are. sekiro isnt THAT hard as long as you know how to deflect and mikiri correctly. the only hard part of the game are the bosses while the regular enemies are easy as shit until the endgame.
the midboss/boss battles arent even that bad since most of them are relatively close to save statues and at worst you just have to kill a mob of them before reaching them. tenchu just makes you restart the whole fucking stage and this gets incredibly annoying by the endgame especially when the stage itself takes a whole fucking hour to complete to reach the boss. thats not fun and makes the whole boss battles nerve wrecking to do.
2 had some hard boss battles. the monk for rikimaru hits like a brick and ayane with her fighting against the 3 stooges was pretty challenging too. dont get me started on the final bosses for some of the series.

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Sekiro isn’t that hard, no. But it’s definitely harder than Tenchu.

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You can run straight to the boss ignoring the enemies in Tenchu to get "practice runs" in and then redo the stage properly once you know how to fuck them up

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maybe. i guess the right way to describe it is tenchu is more tedious. sekiro isnt as hard as some people make it out to be. i do like how its more challenging than soul series since it requires more skill than actual knowledge on how to beat stuff. "real" hard would be playing ninja gaiden black or vanilla 2 on master ninja. those shits were insane.
huh i forgot that was a thing. i think thats what i used to do and practiced couple times but its been years since ive played tenchu games and completely forgot i did that.

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>Shinobido and Tenchu Z got shat upon by reviewers for having repetitive missions
>MGSV does the same thing and and every reviewer under the sun is sucking it off

Video game "journalists" were a mistake.

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Is this series as good as the soundtrack is? I always loved the soundtrack of the original but never have played it.

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if you like stealth, sure. just know that since its an old game, the enemy ai is pretty stupid and it has questionable design choices like no checkpoints if you die on a stage.
other than that, the story is great, the characters are cool, and all the stealth kill animations are badass. my ranking of the games are
1>fatal shadow>3>2>>>time of the assassin>>>>>>>shadow assassins

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Okay zoomer.

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Okay now having played the Vita sequel finally I can confirm that anyone complaining about the "dumb" AI never noticing if you knock over boxes or shit behind them or noticing you hanging from ledges is 100% a shitter who played on easy mode, as both of those happened to me in the second mission alone on the normal difficulty. Besides that it's mostly the same as the PS2 game with you taking on typical ninja missions (thievery, assassinations, recon) for the same three factions but with different characters this time. I didn't think the controls and camera were anywhere near as bad as the reviews led me to believe, so either I'm just too good or the reviewers are just too bad at this game. The story, dialogue and voice acting are the only real negatives I can say about this game, but if you don't mind that then it's otherwise pretty similar to the original Shinobido, so you should know what you're in for.

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look into the shinobido games

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Might be the only game more overrated than Ocarina of Time.
I said it.

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My dark skin brother. Have you tried Shinobido Takumi?

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The closest thing to Tenchu in current gen, amusingly enough, is actually Nioh and not Sekiro. The most special thing that the Tenchu series does that most people seem to ignore is how your ninja tools and techniques are never useless and how every enemy in the game is susceptible to them. Onikage reacts to stepping on caltrops the same way lowly rank-and-file guards do, and the final skill unlocked in Tenchu 3 does exactly what the description says it does even to the final boss. In that regard Nioh is very similar to Tenchu as its various spells and ninja items inflict their statuses on everyone regardless of their standing. Its mission structure is also pretty similar, certainly moreso than Sekiro's large connected world. Other than being about a ninja and letting you grapple around rooftops Sekiro honestly isn't much like Tenchu at all, or even like Souls for that matter, but we're getting far enough from /vr/ as it is.

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Unfortunately not.

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Is it possible to mod the Tenchu 1 music in a Shinobido (PS2) iso?

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I hated kids like this. Was it so hard for them to sound it out? I know adults that still do this.

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i didnt try nioh but i have it. guess i will play that next after i complete sekiro.
i heard lots of mixed review for that game though and im generally dont have high expectation from the current team ninja staff to make a good game.

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t.mgsbaby or thiefcuck.

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I love them but as I said that franchise is even more dead than Tenchu. I wonder what is Acquire doing this days because we don't have any new Way of the Samurai either.

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