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Let's build a basic 12-character roster for the ultimate /vr/ fighting game. Any character from any board-compliant fighting game is valid, but (you) must argue the case for his/her inclusion

Dan gets an immediate spot because hes hilarious

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wang from art of fighting 3 because if you include dan you might as well make it all comic relief characters

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Lord Raptor because screw making a game full of weaklings. He is arguably the most devastating character from his series; yet he is also iconic, having been in since the original roster and having such personality, despite never making any cameo appearances whatsoever.

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Fulgore. We need someone who's actually badass.

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>Lord Raptor

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And iconic western representation that isn’t MK.

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>never making any cameo appearances whatsoever

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Genjuro because he's a cool samurai

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Trident. Because he deserved a better game.

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>His performance only pulls in 2 skeletons
Wow, he must suck ass at guitar

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>despite never making any cameo appearances whatsoever.
He's in Ken's background in Alpha 2. A TON of characters make cameos on his stage.

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Zhou Leimeng.
So we can fight the strongest villain in the story of fighting games.

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Voldo, because the game needs more freaks.

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Okay, I really meant playable.

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Felicia, because a cat is fine too.

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yawn coomer

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Poison. Because she isn't playable in enough games :C

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I support this, Poison really needed to appear in a 2D fighting game that wasn't a Beat-Em-Up

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Tripcode checks out. Die, tranny!!! :)))

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If you had played any Darkstalkers game you already would know that Felicia is a crazy versatile character and a combo machine on her own.

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Kill yourself

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We need a long limb zoner.
Can anyone push Dhalsim out the top spot?

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Geese Howard,

He's a chad

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Yamazaki from Fatal Fury.

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Spinning banana keick

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PROTIP that's a man

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This beast from the greatest fighting game ever made.

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If you had played any Darkstalkers game you already would know that Talbain does it better.

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Look at the second post ITT dummy.

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Genitalia != gender
Fuck off.

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Sorry, 4 slots are already taken up by Phalanx guy, Bubsy, Trevor, and Bomberman.

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Holy shit, who is making these?!

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Some guy made them in 2016. Nothing new have been made since, however.

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The Ultimate /vr/ fighting game would be only the joke characters, Unironically.

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Fuck your rules, I want this one

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EC had lots of pretty great characters. Shame they were misspent on a piece of shit unplayable mess

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the boss character will be the General, so the game will take hundreds of dollars in quarters to actually beat

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I support this because she deffinitely needs to be in more games. My vote goes for the Hornet though.

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Yes that’s correct

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Talbain cannot slide under projectiles, bounce off the edge of the screen, grab the same edge and stay up there, jump on top of the enemy's head and also stay there, or charge his EX bar at will, but Felicia can.
Felicia is a borderline cheat character because all of these gag moves allow her to perfectly dodge otherwise unblockable attacks, including EX moves and finishers. Plus, her hitbox during certain attacks (Delta kick, for example) is fucking HUGE and can easily cancel the opponent attack if you time it right.

Jon is a very good and versatile DS character, but Felicia is even better.

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Shame about the soulless artwork. The originals are better

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Her original personality was better as well. Starting from Darkstalkers 3, she became dumber and more child-like after every game she was in.
They dialed it back on Project X-Zone 2, where she plays the straight man role to constantly lampshade the fucked up abilities of some members of the cast, and how the rest of them couldn't do any of that.

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Wonder Woman because she would dominate everyone else.

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Karnov because I fuckin love this ugly bastard.
The first company mascot in a fighting game?

I dream of one day creating a fighting game with a roster composed of only obscure fightans characters.

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We need a MK rep but isn't a pleb choice like Scorpion. Someone who can give a leg beating, has a knack for voice acting, and generally be a good dickish villain.

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Sparticus/Sparky from Battle Beast because he's one of the many cool designs wasted on a shitty game.

"She" was in 4. Final Fight Revenge, Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter V.

I would divide the roster by thematic teams, with three members each. "Robot Team", "Beast Team", "Native Team" and so

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I want Kabal, personally.

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>"She" was in 4.
I said a 2D fighting game.

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How about Rhajang from Fightin' Spirit as an animal kingdom representative? It's a pretty cool design.

Quan Chi would be a good choice. Baraka would be cool too.

3D graphics, 2D gameplay. 2D fighting games.

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I want Sentry as a cool robot.

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Everybody loves Mudman

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But let's bring back Kidd too!

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Black Widow for her original fighting style, big thighs and cool story

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Temjin because he's a mongolian dock worker and that's cool

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Natasha because big strong women are rare in video games

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Mileena is clearly the best choice. Quan Chi is a tool.

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bruh, imagine her smell

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Chadest cover ever created.

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Brocken from World Heroes is my pick. We need some dive bombing skills!

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We could say that including Poison in a fighting game is a dick move!

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fall off a ship again, you spic

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