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Why doesn’t it have any beat ‘em ups?

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Akshully they planned to port Spikeout Final to it but they ran out of time so the project was moved to Xbox.

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bmups were pretty much dead at that point (1999) because vs fighters killed them off.

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Atomiswave exclusive Knights of Valour the Seven Whatevers is interesting in that it was co-designed by the japanese and chinese teams. Apparently the Japanese audiences didn't like inventory, item, spells and rpg elements too much so they completely removed that.
And then the same board had Demolish Fist which was ok I guess.

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gODLY beat em up

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You can run this piece of obsolete chink trash on Demul

Question, does Spawn in the Demon's Hand count as a belt'em up? It's more of an Arena fighter but there are belt scroller elements.

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The reality is that by that point public reception was already cold and indifferent. Even though I love these 3D walking beating scrollers it still felt like I had been there, done that, seen it before on playstation.

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dead genre by that time

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Does Canon Spike count as beam' up or a shooty shooty?

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Not sure if it counts but the "Beats of Rage" homebrew series seemed to get a lot of attention, they were always releasing something new or doing some feature, I hadn't any interest in it.

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It has a ton of them though.

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Because it's impossible to get mad enough for a beat 'em up when you're playing such a smooth and aesthetically pleasing system.

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Then you haven't played this gem

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This game looks sick, thanks anon.

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power stone...was great

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Rain was bullshit, change my mind.

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I know there's still a lot of people making tons of Beats of Rage fangames for Dreamcast.

Gem you say? Interesting. Would you say it was overlooked in some way?

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I'd say they're like unseen, kind of like they're hiding or something

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The Spawn game

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>no dreamcast port

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>arcade ports: the system
>but it's all fighting games, shmups, and 3dshit

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Sega was too lazy to make streets of rage 4 they invested too much time,money and manpower on sports games with their 2k division instead of letting EA make the sports games

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I don't know why but I really hate this game for some reason. I wrote a review of it when I was like 13 and shat on the game pretty bad.

Like for whatever reason DHA is fun but whatever element was there, Dynamite Cop shit the bed.

I think I need to play it again. I feel like I'm letting biases of a snotty child interfere with a fair judgment of it.

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EA sports games are slow ass simulators where half the strat options don't do anything.
Sega games are tight, lightning fast Arcades.

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What's wrong with shmups?

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greatest beat em up ever made(also on arcade)

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Sega sports sucked this is something Sega of America knew.

It's why the original CEO of Sega of America gave EA low Publis price for their sports games he knew Sega would waste too much time on sports games which they did eventually.

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How long is the power cord on the Sega dreamcast?

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It's one "the power cord" long

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Beat em ups
>Dynamite Cop
>Zombie Revenge
>Best version of Jedi Power Battles
>Sword of the Berserk
>Soul Fighter
Not really beat em ups but kinda
>Gaunlet Legends
>Cannon Spike

It has a fair share of them considering the system short lifespan and the decadence of the genre. Ands a few of them are actually pretty fun.

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About one meter, give or take 25cm.

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So you ignore the non-traditional beat-em-ups already mentioned ITT but list Gauntlet of all things as one.

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Beats of rage and the other games like cannon spike were fine for me. I didn't see too many lacking beatemup options for the dreamcast.

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No its because theyre jews. Sega sport games are better every step of the way just like how PES and International Superstar Soccer are better than any FIFA game

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This but unironically.

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It doesn't matter if the 2k sports games and other Sega sports games were better then E A.'s they were not profitable.

And a waste of money time and programming and design talent.

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As others have already stated, there was Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop, two fucking amazing beat em ups. Then there's Slashout and Spikeout on Naomi which unfortunately never got homeports, no fucking idea why also shenmue

I always considered it a bmup n shup. Great game in general.

Oh yeah, always forget about Berserk. Unironically love that game.

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How is it a waste when people more likely to play them and revisit them over the boring crappy EA Sports shit?

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DC was much more than that. You're thinking of the Saturn.

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