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A case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", or just complacent, greedy developers?

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These old games should be free imo.
Capcom has a reputation for being greedy.

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Emulate the originals or get these for your ps2, or emulate.

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Can you guys actually discuss the topic lol

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both yo

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Get one of those chink multicarts with the 6 games and have fun

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What IS the topic? You could stand to be a little clearer, OP.

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Can you even fucking read? Did you graduate elementary school?
>shows image of 6 Mega Man games for NES
>asks "is this a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", or just complacent, greedy developers?"
Like consider using your brain for even one second you fucking idiot.

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It's a stupid fuck whining and complaining, while lo and behold, saying people who work and create things are greedy, then others chime in and 'everything should be free!'.
To answer the question, the games were popular so they made more, and hardware didn't allow for them to make the super epic revolutionary game you have come to expect every single time so the games are similar, which is what many people wanted. When new hardware etc... came out they did new things... which people bitch about to this day. Megaman had a combination of both using the same formula and giving fans more of what they wanted, as well as doing new things. No matter what they did people complained incessantly, which is why many companies just gave up on the insufferable core fanbases and went to making vapid shit for the mainstream market.

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>When new hardware etc... came out they did new things...
The Super Famicom came out in 1995?

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>makes a vague OP
>spergs out when people don't discuss his topic
>spergs out further when someone asks for clarification

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I really wish we got the Japanese cover for Alisia Dragoon. It's so much better than the generic barbarian we got. For some reason publishers at the time assumed anything even slightly "anime" wouldn't sell here. I can't believe they honestly thought US Mega Man would shift more copies too, it's like they didn't even see his sprite before designing the character. Someone described a man with a blue helmet and a gun to the artist and they drew that shit in 5 minutes.
It's obviously a box art thread you pleb

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Proof you have low intelligence, or are just acting stupid to fill a void in your in your life. I specifically said they had Megaman, made some more, new tech came out, a new series was eventually made, then they kept doing more like Megaman Legends and all that shit, and throughout all that, 'fans' complained about the old, the new and everything elsw under the sun, which they do to this day. Then Megaman stopped coming out and everyone went 'OMG WHERE'S MY MEGAMAN!' Have fun living in thw shithole you purposefully created.

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I honestly have no idea what point you're trying to make. Do you know how to speak English properly?

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>It's obviously a box art thread you pleb
>>makes a vague OP
Am I getting memed on now? Is this an elaborate prank? Here, I'll just tell you flat out what OP was trying to convey to you:
>on the subject of Mega Man 3-6: is the decision to continue making very similar Mega Man games in that style either:
>1. a case of knowing their audience and not making large changes because they knew it was the best way to go (if it ain't broke, don't fix it) or
>2. a case of Capcom being greedy and just wanting to get NES players to buy what is essentially the same game repeatedly, knowing that they'll keep buying them even if they don't take any risks?

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Both, really though they're all pretty good, even 6 with its weird issues and fucked up balance, because you get the sick as fuck power adapter and super punching things is fun.

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Wait, you're actually serious? Man, that's sad. You have extremely poor reading comprehension and you're lashing out at others for it.

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Yikes at this damage control, OP. The reason I called your post unclear was because it's not immediately to me as someone who played these games quite religiously as a child that they're all basically the same game or whatever point you were leaning towards by asking if the devs were complacent and greedy. There is an obvious evolution of abilities throughout the 6 titles, and as far as /vr/ series go its so-called formula grew no more stale than that of the first several Dragon Quest or Mario or Final Fantasy games.

In other words, you thought you were asking something incredibly obvious, but surprise, surprise, not everyone is going to agree that with what you're trying to say about the series. And so I hoped you meant something more sensible than "look at all these Mega Man games, they're virtually the same, Capcom amiright?".

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Talk like a real human

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Yikes... wow... just wow. Oh sweet summer child... you are not welcome here. It's almost as if I'm losing all faith in humanity. Who hurt you? You do realize it's called being decent human being, friendo? Let's unpack this, just shut up and listen. Maybe, just maybe, your toxic bigotry is problematic? Ding, ding, ding! Let that sink in. Oh boy, I literally can't even...
Y'all, READ (clap) THIS (clap) TWITTER (slap) POST
>(links to a twitter post that's checkmarked)

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>First Known Use of yikes
But yes, please do equate using a 78 year old word with tumblr cringe like "toxic" and "problematic".

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Oof... Oh, sweetie... :)

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people unironically talk like this

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Did a bunch of posts just get nuked? What just happened?

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Someone was having a fit and there were some really shitty posts, janny swept them up.

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The first game was as close to perfect as is reasonable to expect, especially at the time. 2 polished it to perfection. All of them are solid.

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They got some decent minds to make something and they could keep making it, and it sold fairly well. It also worked incredibly around the limitations of the system (limited cartoonish colors, catchy music). It was kind of lightning in a bottle.

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>as close to perfect as is reasonable to expect
>janky fall mechanics in a set piece that requires precision platforming with no mercy

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>Mega Man Anniversary Collection
>Megaman X Collecton
I'm actually triggered a bit by that lack of space.

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Honestly only 2 and 3 are worthwhile, 1 was very flawed and 4-6 are just different flavors of mediocre.

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3 was flawed as well. 2 is the only truly great MM game.

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too easy, people only overrate it because it was the first one they played (and admittedly, it was the 1st one to truly set the formula for the rest of the series), but it is not best NES title

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Then would you consider 3 the best? Because 4-6 are even easier than 2.

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