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What should I get ?

>> No.599813

Nothing seems interesting really.

>> No.599820

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

>> No.599831

Ultima. Fucking. Underworld.

>> No.599836

Theme Hospital can be really fun, and frustating sometimes. Watch some videos and see if you like it. That's my recommendation.

>> No.599845

Nox is pretty cool.

Sim City 2k is always fun.

Magic Carpet is neat but it has not aged well at all.

>> No.599862

What wing commander should I get ?

>> No.599925

Crusader No Remorse.

>> No.600110

alpha centauri

>> No.600501

heard the Crusader games don't control too well, it that true?

>> No.600531

I'm interested in Alpha Centauri and Sim City 2000. How do they run in Windows 7? Any essential fixes or mods?

>> No.600536

I can recommend Alpha Centauri, Dungeon Keeper 2, Ultima Underworld, and Populous 2. I've heard good things about some of the others but those are what I'm familiar with.

Man EA, what happened

>> No.600548

Sim city runs great on Windows 7, and I upgraded to 8, still works fine.

I bought Dungeon keeper 1 & 2

I can personally recommend ultima underworld, sim city 2000

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