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Last one I can think of.
Nice, thanks.

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I'd recommend all the Freescape titles. Total Eclipse is super cool, but I'm a sucker for Egyptian stuff.

Echelon is cool too.

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I remember kids used to say that this was your computer looking for viruses, and the mice were viruses. In school we used to all just stare at the screensaver during class and one of the more effeminate kids literally screamed like a girl when he saw the rat.

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Cant forget Star Cruiser, which was produced by most of the Technosoft team

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oh yeah

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Unbelievably underrated game.

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1990 still counts as the 80s by some reckoning, right?

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Yes. The nineties started in 1991 just as naughts started in 2001.

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What's the deal with Starglider 1? Is it beatable? I'm playing the DOS version and can find almost no info about it online.

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Did the "1s" start in year zero?

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I can't remember the name of this game or if it's from the 80s, but here you go

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>come into thread expecting 3d games.
>it's all just polygon shit.

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It's Hunter on the Amiga... from 1991

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The loss of MicroProse always hurts. How one company could consistently deliver the best simulation and strategy games I'll never know.

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I want to port this to Genesis

Is there a Genesis maker program?

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Yes. In the Genesis maker program you can just go to File, then Convert, then choose Arcade to Genesis. It might take a while for bigger files.

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Are you willing to learn assembly? Because if you really want to make a Genesis game, you're going to have to.

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Rescue on Fractalus!

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there are basic and c compilers for genesis but you will not be able to make anything playable without doing it all in asm
youll need to know 68k, bits of z80, and develop an understanding of the yamaha YM series sound chip. documentation exists but only enough to get the console initialized.
it will not be easy either. the genesis, although capable of rendering polygons, will not be able to do it at a framerate reasonable to play I Robot.

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You'll probably need to reduce the polygon count, but SGDK already includes optimized polygon transformation code, and very highly optimized polygon drawing code. If you change the SGDK bitmap mode to use DMA, it might be almost playable.

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I think Blue Lightning was all sprite scaling and rotation. Still impressive though.

Warbirds has actual 3D (back)ground elements - and I much prefer the gameplay. Sadly it was released in 91 so outside the scope of this thread. Astonishing for an 80s technology portable though, it's sad the great hardware design of the Lynx wasn't used by more developers.


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Good thing the 90s started in 1992

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I used to play the shit out of Arctic Fox.

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If I was your teacher I would have immediately taken you down to the Special Ed room if I ever heard you say that

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Please share with us when you finish it, bro!

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File: 3.00 MB, 480x300, Hunter (Amiga 500, 1991).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was also available for Atari ST btw.

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File: 3.00 MB, 480x300, Castle Master (Amiga, 1990).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 3.00 MB, 640x424, Hard Drivin' (C64-Port, 1989).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Wow, I love the look of this. Thanks.

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I really liked this texture.

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Really good overview of pre-doom 3d games. Just in russian only, consider watching with no sound - a lot of game footage there:


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Good thing you're not allowed to be around children.

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Will do

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Infiltrator Series:

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Drakkhen was originally released in 1989:

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Drakkhen was originally released in '89:

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if you are goin full 3d you are probably gonna have to use a SVP

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I might
I might make the game on a NES maker
I originally wanted to do it on the genesis since the arcade processor is close to the genesis.

But I've recently learned NES tiling techniques.

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The master system did polygon shapes
I don't believe I robot used true polygons

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Sonic 3d blast was 3d but it used pre rendered graphics.

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>I think Blue Lightning was all sprite scaling and rotation. Still impressive though.
Yeah it was the best example I could find in a hurry.
>Warbirds has actual 3D (back)ground elements - and I much prefer the gameplay. Sadly it was released in 91 so outside the scope of this thread
Yeah, that's why I picked Blue Lightning. Electrcop (1989) would have been a better pick, visually at least.

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>Astonishing for an 80s technology portable though, it's sad the great hardware design of the Lynx wasn't used by more developers.
And this^^
Say, ever see the youtube video where it displayed what the Atari Lynx could do to some really good music? I know that's vague as fuck, but it's the best I can do and I've been looking for a while. The video showed many Lynx games. but the Warbirds segment stood out.

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oh and Electrocop's title screen definitely had some nice 3D. The Lynx's 3D really hit its peak in 92-93.

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File: 1.28 MB, 571x360, you have boarded a seagull.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Don't say what you might do. Just do it.
And don't even tell us until it's done.

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Don't even tell us when it's done. Keep it to yourself and let it appreciate in value

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>motion sickness simulator 1990

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Thank you, king!

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Had this running on my laptop in school. Everyone behind me complained it makes them motion sick.

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Still hurts here too
Even the military praised their simulations

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One of the best threads lately here desu
thanks for all the great picks. Money For Nothing 3D-graphics era is my favorite

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Nobody put Q-BERT in this thread?

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I love Castle Master, old adventure gaming goodness

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I really like this thread I want it to continue.

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>Space Rogue
oh hey, first game i ever got for my first "real" computer. still got the lil papercraft spaceships that came in its box. probably the most technically impressive thing ever written for the Apple II (aside from Airheart, which was essentially ball torture to actually play)

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1 started and ended at year 1.

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Is isometric 3d?

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1989 3D Galax.
Not even a great game but another audio masterpiece from Ben Dalglish.


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They are back anon
The army is helping them too


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And with the 3D Construction Kit you could also make you own 3D games with the Freescape engine even for the 8-bit computers.
I still have my original Amiga version, including the tutorial VHS.

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>3D Games Released in the 80's
Impossible. Everyone knows Nintendo invented 3D in 1995.

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that's what I wanted to post. I like Strike Commander is so much better, but that´s 1993

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Playing block out yesterday for the first time made me realise there are so many concepts never fully explored in old systems.

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I need that

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Real 3D

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>Everyone knows Nintendo invented 3D in 1995.
Exactly. And if it weren't for them, there would be no videogames past 1984.

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>I'm over 30 and sit still all day: The Post

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What system? Is it a 3-d famicon game?

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For anyone in this thread know how to fix the adapter for Sega master system 3d glasses?

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>The loss of MicroProse always hurts

Microprose a shit

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That's rad racer you fucking dumbass dumbass zoomer

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How do you not know about rad racer

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Wow, that's nostalgic.

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Tell me this wasn't made by an indie this year.

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Wow I completely forgot about this game. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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>3D game thread
>posts a 4D game

cmon anon

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The first computer I put together was like this. 4 gross colors and the thing was a PoS. It had this crazy shitty paint program but I used it almost every day to make imaginary maps of fake planets. Good times. I think...

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Lets not forget that there was an open-world Terminator simulator

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Honestly this does make sense. I mean think about it: culturally, 1990 feels more like the late 80s. 2000 felt more like the late 90s. 1991 and 2001, however, you could see the seeds of their respective decades finally sprouting.

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>open world
>vehicle you can steal
>building you can enter


and yet, to this day, people are amazed when a newly released game does any of this

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do you remember the game "jet fight"? I was like 5 years old and had no idea what was going on, but was thrilled when I could finally land on the aircraft carrier

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Meanwhile current day open-world games still don't have boardable seagulls. It's like modern devs aren't even trying.

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have you tried reading

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What about Midi-Maze?