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ITT: Post literally anything interesting about retro games or gaming history from that same time period.

In Pulseman, a Genesis game by Game Freak before they made Pokemon, a seeminly meaningless message appears in the game's intro. A user on nicovideo actually was able to decipher a coded message seen in the intro and learned it was an actual conversation between two characters in the game..When deciphered the message actually revealed plot elements of the game never known before, this was a full 20 years after the game's release.

Translated version of Japanese video:

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What made you repost my thread from /v/? It didn't work there, maybe here people will actually reply.

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The game known in Japan as Doki Doki Panic released outside of Japan in an altered format under the name Super Mario Bros. 2, since the original Japanese Super Mario Bros. sequel, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, was deemed too similar to the original and too difficult for overseas players. Eventually, the altered Mario version of Doki Doki Panic was released in Japan as well, under the title Super Mario USA.

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I didn't "repost your thread from /v/". I wanted to start a thread about gaming history trivia and your post was on /v/ and I thought the Pulseman thing was interesting enough to start off the thread with it.

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Super Mario All-Stars regional intro difference
>The "in the dark" chatter is also different between the Japanese and international versions. This was changed because the line, "One more beer please" can be heard in the background in the Japanese version, and Nintendo of America did not allow mention of alcoholic drinks at the time.

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From the company behind Shin Megami Tensei, ladies and gentlemen.

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Instead Wily Wars (better off on Wii VC), this game seemly need getaway release on the Mega Drive Mini.


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Actually little known fact about that game: Yume Kojo is properly translated as "Dream Machine" ("machine" as in the sense of "a channel for creation") not "Dream Factory", as official media had always translated it at the time (pic related) and as the titular device in the game is named. That means the officially translated title would be "Dream Machine: Doki Doki Panic" (as it has always been referred to as "Doki Doki Panic in official English sources such as Nintendo Power).

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The grass in SMB1 is the same sprite as the grass in the sky, but it's the color of clouds, so now you know there's white grass in the skies of SMB1

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I wanna punch every single one of you "le ironic" posters.

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My post was unironic, though, retard.

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Then how do you know I was referring to your post?
Stop shitting up the threads you're not funny.

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He got a legit physical copy of Hong Kong 97 and translates the japanese text at the back of the cover insert. The video is from February 2018 but perhaps you haven't seen it yet. A lot has been unearthed and been de-mystified about this game in the relatively recent past.

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That guy got duped pretty bad.

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Same companies who brought you Zelda GB, Cyberbos, RE, DMC, Darkstalker, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Captain Commando.

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Same companies who proposed brought you Zelda GB, Cyberbots, Viewtiful Joe, RE, DMC, Darkstalker, Lost Planet, Dead Rising and Captain Commando.

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This is honestly a better video about Hong Kong 97 from him:

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>SNES version of Pulseman India

That's actually very nice. People in the remix scene seems to like that track.


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People sure are still. As Pokémon fan, This very make more sense.


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SMB1: the sound when you get a powerup is just the level clear BGM sped up like 32x

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>Classic Mini
Boy, Sega minor miss or hit for own boy & girl, Pulseman and Annet Myer.

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Was the other thread not cozy enough? >>5993706


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they also made super widget on SNES

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savaged regime is fucking great. he made a better green hill than the original.

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Kinda wish did more SFC/Super Nintendo remixes offered.

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This... isn't about that, dude. This thread is more for "little known history" and "random trivia" rather than "secret stuff in games".

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Fagvaged Retard is a hack.

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Love this hidden gem! Too bad, Segass give in Crapcom popularity blue bomber bands.

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