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what games do you think still hold undiscovered secrets?

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anyone that even remotely wrestled with the idea that this was real in their head is not fit to live in this world.

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The cutting room floor does a good job at looking into these kind of mysteries. If it's not in the game files it probably doesn't exist.

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the only game to do this properly is castlevania portrait of ruin with defeating 1000 ax armors to unlock a revised ax armor storyline mode

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I still don't understand how they could mistake the Twomp's color to green despite the lighting color inside the cell being yellow, distorting all of the colors whitin (you can specially see the blue floor tiles being semi-green as they approach the cage, how did they never done 2+2)?

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>He fell for the "it's fake" meme".

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idk if id call it a secret. but it is possible to get hurt by dorrie. happened to me once when jumping up out of the water near her neck. i think i got stuck in her neck joints which registered as being crushed between platforms.

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Mortal Kombat 2 developer here. That game still holds a couple secrets.

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You just solved the urban legend "dorrie will sometimes eat mario"
coming soon to a youtube channel near you!!!

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Dorrie did nothing wrong

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I miss when companies would pull the "its a feature, not a bug" with minor stuff like this. Like how SEGA put a note in Sonic 2's manual by claiming that the easier to run into glitches were all secret traps set by Robotnik to force you to reset the console.

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I never saw anything like that in the Sonic 2 manual. Can you post what you're talking about?

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Turns out its the Sonic 3 manual, not 2.

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i didnt get it on video, nor can I reproduce it yet

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>that pit in Mystic Cave Zone
>even worse when youre Super Sonic and have to wait until your coins run out

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You called them coins to bait people, didn't you?

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I think that's bullshit because of the following example.
In the game called Serious Sam a new teleport was discovered allowing to skip a major part of the level by doing a sequence of actions.
This is happening while the game has available Editor since day one included with the game and the Serious engine being open source.
The data miner can dig but that only goes so far,the game has undocumented secrets not present anywhere in the code and this one was discovered after a developer dropped hints of its existence.

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fix *
this was in 2015 so you autismos dont get your panties in a twist cuz of bad wording

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So a glitch. That's called a glitch. You can beat Super Mario World in under a minute by forcing the game to load enough junk instructions that it's only possible state that it can recover from a crash is the ending credits. Doesn't mean is some magical purposeful secret.

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Everyone is calling it a secret,the developer teased it as secret the media outlets reported it as secret.
I am not conforming to your narrative so thats all the response you get from me.

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it's an in-game secret to 100% the game (think doom or castletroid).

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9 years

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7 years

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...and then there was a clump of breakable dirt hidden in some tall grass in DK64 that went unnoticed until just a couple weeks ago

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You can be mad about it all you want; just because people call a beneficial glitch a "secret" doesn't negate the fact that its a glitch. Devs work around glitches all the time.

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Hilarious, please continue.

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It's pretty simple actually

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ill double down on that and go as far to say people who think that thwomp is green and its not the lighting are not fit either

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This thread reminded me of a cool story I read about some time ago. A user on nicovideo actually was able to decipher a coded message seen in the intro of Pulseman that was assumed to be nonsense. When deciphered the message actually revealed plot elements of the game never known before, this was a full 20 years after the game's release. Obviously most secrets are discovered but it's pretty incredible to find stuff like this.

Someone translated the original video into English for anyone interested.

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this guy tried it lol

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That's pretty cool, thanks.

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Games that almost no one cares about

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I often have dreams about new secret paths discovered for SMW, such as the top of the waterfall mountain on top of vanilla dome, or the small island west of it.

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This L is real shit is so irratiang to me

Its just random english letters put in by dumb nip programmers

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It's theoretically possible to hide secrets deep within the files but pretty unlikely that most devs would actually bother.

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At least L is real is better than the black box in Super Mario 64 DS having Waluigi in it or some shit. At least L is real was somewhat believable when you're a kid, Waluigi hole was just a terrible meme

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Elaborate please.

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Breath of Fire 2, but it's not particularly fun or interesting stuff.
A large number of cooking recipes were never really figured out, and there's still no proper definitive list to my knowledge. It's only relatively recently (considering it's a 20+ year old game) that someone figured out the item drop system.

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