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Did u know we missed out on like 8 LOGH games?
Good excuse to learn jap really.

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No, no, no, no, you can't learn Japanese!!!!

You have to be subhuman and enjoy fake translations by Patreon scammers!!!!

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why do you post like this?
why post like a wojacker but forget posting the actual wojack?
are you perhaps lost, my child? /v/ is that way.

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I am parodying people who really say thing like that. Maybe you're new, but here on /vr/ you often see people cry that learning Japanese is useless... which it of course isn't.

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Honestly don't care. Just accept there are games you'll never play in your lifetime.

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Except no one says things like that. No one shits on the people who decide to learn the language; it's the weebs who begin shitting on those who haven't with stuff like "EOP" and comments like yours.

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Oh, I see. So you're an EOP yourself. How about you stop making pointless threads and start actually learning?

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>so you're an EOP yourself
See what I mean?
>How about you stop making pointless threads and start actually learning?
1. This isn't my thread.
2. I'm not going to learn a language to play videogames.
3. And Japanese games, of all.

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Such folly, for it was I who made this thread, not that other anon.

You see, I have already stated on this long, long journey.

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So you are an EOP, but you can't handle being called an EOP? And cry about Japanese being useless, but say people don't cry about Japanese being useless?

Seek some sort of help ASAP.

Well, good luck.

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You need some reading comprehension, my man. I'm afraid learning Japanese won't do that to you.

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You're very transparent, EOP.

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You know "EOP" only means anything to people who would actually love to learn Japanese but can't, right? It's as if you mocked me for not having sex with other men: not very effective.

But I guess racking up (You)s on an anonymous image board is a far better use of your time than playing your beloved Japanese exclusives. I don't blame you though.

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Then why do you even come here, EOP? To praise fake translations by scammers?

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Is Tae Kim's guide effective, or should I shell out money for Genki?

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The only translations I'm into are those which are free and aren't poorly written. Whether they are accurate to the original is meaningless to me, since videogames aren't known for being well written, as the latest Outer Worlds and Death Stranding shit shows demonstrate, despite being praised for their "narrative".

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Genki PDFs are easily available all over the internet.

So yeah, you defend made-up fake shit.

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>Another one of these threads
I already know jap and LoGH is shit

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Tae Kim is widely regarded as an effective tool to learn japanese

I used Japanese the Manga Way though. Its pretty damn good, it helps a lot to overcome the initial bump in the road by presenting you examples from actual manga.
Either way all you need to do is stick with it and then jump right into reading with a healthy dose of exposure

You got everything you could possibly need here:

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As long as it is well written, what would be the problem? I understand it is a problem to those who want 1:1 accuracy, but those people should be better off learning Japanese, as no translation will ever reflect the original.

People always post the same images showing a butchered script, but they never post the examples where the translation is so much better than the original. To me, Vagrant Story simply wouldn't be as special as it is without its faux Shakesperian dialogue.

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Thanks fren. I know my hiragoonies and katakoonies, so I guess I have to actually start learning the language part of the language now.
I started on Tae Kim a while back and got as far as learning state of being clauses/i and na adjectives before talking to people on HelloTalk, getting extremely embarrassed, and giving up. But I guess when you start out with something that's just to be expected? Idk. Just rambling at this point.

Didn't know about that website either. You're a real one

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You're a disingenuous, because you act like fake rewrites and 1:1 autistic translation are the only things in existence.

How about a well-written translation by someone who knows Japanese? That shit probably doesn't exist in your damaged mind. You only want fake shit by scammers.

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>you act like fake rewrites and 1:1 autistic translation are the only things in existence.
Not at all. What I'm saying is that you either play the game in its original language, or you are settling with sloppy seconds. And when it comes to sloppy seconds, I don't give a shit about its accuracy anymore. So made up shit, as long as it's good, is fine by me.

The only time a made up translation becomes a problem is when guides become useless as a result. Then again, any game that gets a fan translation usually has its own dedicated guide; else, they have one in Japanese, which is equally as useless as having no guide at all when you are playing an English fan translation.

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Lol, so you basically agree with me that all translation are inferior. You just gave up learning Japanese.

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Yeah I gave up at first too, but that was last year, a couple of weeks ago I decided to burn through that book I mentioned and jump straight into reading at fast as possible, it doesn't matter if things dont stick at first, I learned more in a couple of weeks going blitzkrieg than in a couple of months going slow, you can always come back to the finer points, but if you ask me exposure is king, so read, read, read and make sure to listen too.

Obviously people process things differently but that worked best for me.

Also you should check Daiweeb, animelon and anjsub for anime with jap and english subtitles, get yourself yomichan for your browser and kanjitomo for your raw manga.
And get yourself the yotsubato reading pack too, that manga is great.

And remember, you will ease into it better if you consume things you enjoy, dont be so worried with whats beginner friendly or not.

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Not at all. I said that anything that isn't the original isn't 100% accurate. At that point, I don't care about accuracy at that point, I just want something that is good. Vagrant Story is proof of something that wouldn't be possible in Japanese: the magic of faux Shakesperian dialogue.
>You just gave up learning Japanese.
The problem with people who learn Japanese is that they think everyone else is as desperate (no other way around it) as they are to play these games, and thus anyone who hasn't learned the language is an "EOP" who failed. Do you unironically believe that your local butcher is an EOP?

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Not gonna lie, that's pretty motivational, anon. I've never learned another language so I guess I wasn't sure how to tackle it, but knowing that just brute forcing it is an effective strategy kind of makes that insecurity fade and make me think "Oh, yeah. I can definitely do that."
I mean if my time after work is just going to be spent on entertainment, I guess the least I can do is make that time educational and worthwhile.
I got caught up in trying to 100% remember every single thing 100%, and I think that brand of perfectionism just ruined it for me. Knowing it's not even really effective is helpful on a mental block level.

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ResetEratards who want so hard an indissociable association between unethical translation practices
>betraying the original intent
>self-inserting (a major no-no)
and good writing which is needed to make any text flow good - which SOME literal translations fall into, either by mistake as the translator uses turns of phrase that only work in the source language, or out of a misguided overcompensation for authenticity missing the point that it's the core of the message is what's important, not the grammatical form - not even when translating songs or alliterative/wordplay expressions.

ResetEra and its gamejorno membership is the kind of people who would consider it a negative that the Yakuza / Utawarerumono localizers are "so slavishly devoted to the original text", even if the resulting prose is still high quality. And those are games largely devoid of any cases of "problematic content" they want purged.

They want bad translations normalized, because if people are used to shit translations that always change so much, then translations that rewrite the whole thing and mold it to a completely new, ResetEra approved soapbox of burger ideals of Marvel-tier writing, will then have a climate much more welcoming to them.

Marvel, to its credit, is now dead, at least its works in their original incarnations are. The newer versions are reanimated husks used to shill for millenial ideals with the subtlety of an anvil and the wit of a tumblr webcomic artist. So their current works could be called a success, if the goal is political advocacy and more diverse casts, and exclusively that (they don't sell, and don't endear new or old readers, after all)

Bad game localizations fail to accomplish anything else than the destruction of the medium. The games always have had a tiny appeal to japanophiles, and scrubbing that won't endear the audience that doesn't play weebshit (see Devil Kings), it just makes it worse for current players.

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I'm still fairly early into this mind you, but if it serves as an indication I learned english this way too.
I took classes for most of my formative years, but what really made things stick was constant exposure, I remember Breaking Bad and the Sopranos being the big two that made me take the final leap, I started watching without subtitles and eventually things started to click into place.

Reaching the point where you can pick things up on the fly without needing to translate them in your head is its own reward really.

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You having learned English this way definitely paints an extremely bright picture. I wouldn't have guessed you weren't native.
Based anon. Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna hit the sack and start a language journey with newfount gusto. Maybe I'll even become a JET and get cucked by a single mother.
Nah, but seriously. Thanks man.

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when translating, there's always the balance between intended and literal meaning. on one hand, there's the text as it's given, and then there's the thoughts it's expressing. too far in one direction, and it becomes stilted and unnatural in the target language, when the original version didn't have these issues. too far the other way, and it turns into a paraphrase that obscures the original. the key is to find the right balance. of course, all this is assuming you're doing a competent job, and not mistranslating or being really ham-fisted.
many fan translations end up being too literalist (eg to the point of maintaining Japanese honorifics in English), but many official translations can be too loose. there's an art to doing this properly.
no matter how good the translation is, it'll never match reading the original. however, there's still a major difference in degree between good and bad translations. the whole point of translating is to make works more accessible. while learning the original language (in this case Japanese) is best, language acquisition is a commitment that takes study and immersion, and this is not viable for everyone. so, there's a place for translation as a bridge.

well of course, they're cultural marxists, so naturally they want to deconstruct as much as possible. incompetent translations are destructive noise, and the more they debase and dissolve standards, the more easily they can propagate their ideology, as you said.
and yes, the mainstream comics industry is dead, animated only by an SJW zombie virus. luckily, comics are still alive in the form of comicsgate, but that's going off on a tangent.

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I have dyslexia and taught myself how to read by memorizing words. As a result, I don't read and write the way you should and I ended up with something called dysgraphia since my brain isn't telling my hand that I'm writing but instead that I'm drawing and I suck shit at drawing. For me, it's like a picture. Take that old adage "a picture is worth 1000 words" but, for me, every word is a picture. As a result, I have no desire to sit down and memorize an entire language of words again.

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>Do you unironically believe that your local butcher is an EOP?

Nah. But he probably doesn't post longingly about untranslated games.

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>literally the first post is the lazy EOP shitting up the thread
Never seen a more obsessed retard

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I know this is shitposting, but people unironically say that.

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No one said that phrase, ironically or otherwise for the first three years /vr/ existed - then the first time it was said here in 2016 was explicitly in reference to this meme image and all further instances can be considered to implicitly be in reference to it as well.

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Your comment would make sense if /vr/ was full of people telling others "lol you learned a useless language", but it is the opposite: it is always people saying "lol EOPs" at others who aren't even interested in learning Japanese.

I have a few theories about it, the "untranslated games are actually garbage and people cope by calling others EOPs", but the truth is I'm guessing most people who bother to learn Japanese haven't amounted to anything in life, so the only thing they did achieve (learning a language just to play videogames, of all things...) is something they need to boast at every single turn.

This comment is aimed at retards like >>5985339 and >>5983996 (I wouldn't be surprised to learn they are the same person)
I have nothing against people like >>5981151, who actually want to educate others and don't pressure them into learning a language they show no interest in.

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On a second reading, I know this is the same guy, which makes it more sad as he purposely baits people into explaining why they don't bother learning Japanese, and then talks about how people claim Japanese is useless. Sasuga, retard-chan.

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>just to play videogames
If that's what makes you feel safe at night.

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Everything makes sense now.

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Does it? I'm just saying Japanese has various uses.

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If u really wanna learn, grab some genki pdfs and read the tae kim stuff, dont waste ur time on reddit tier shit like kana tables, the kana takes like 3 hours tops. start going through basic grammar and vocab, keep doing anki and the genki etc. practice questions until ur comfortable to listen to the choukai on youtube, meanwhile also do like 5 or 6 kanji a day, this whole procedure will probably take only 2 hours or less a day. if u keep it up and practice every day u can hit n5 in no time, and rinse and repeat with more dedication for each level

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kana is basically the easiest step in the process

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Why would I want to learn Jap to play some shovelware tie ins to a mediocre anime people only hype up because they think dudes standing around discussing basic bitch politics and philosophy is high art because they never read a fucking book in their entire miserable excuse they'd call a life? Huh bitch? Answer me... I'm waaaaiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiing.

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because spaceships going pew pew and then booooom is cool as fuck fagit

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Japanese is a waste of time. It's a garbage language spoken by garbage people.

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go away Xi

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Filthy EOPs

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The guy has been sperging out in any thread about JP games or translations ever since I pointed out he's bragging about knowing japanese to a crowd of people who have no desire to do so. I guess he got tired of getting his posts deleted in the GCCX thread.

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File: 88 KB, 700x601, T-13330G_1,,Sega-Saturn-Photo-1-Kidou-Senshi-Gundam-Gihren-no-Yabou-JPN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All this mumbo jumbo and not a single post discussing games

did I end up in /v/ by accident
you guys are truly worse than HGihren

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I never posted in GCCX thread, tranny. That's shit for autists.

>> No.5987435

that's like pretending to be retarded to the point where you dont even pretend anymore

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Dilate, subhuman.

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>He doesn't have at least N2 level Japanese by now

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I grew up with Taiwanese /vr/ and there are some DOS gems that I wish I could share. Many of them are heavy with Wuxia and Three Kingdoms undertone. Lots of souls were put into music and spritework.


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There's also another chingchong franchise in 1990s that's basically Fire Emblem in Valkyrie Valhalla, so every character is an amazon bimbo. Nintendo plz do not steal.

>> No.5988945

Where can you download them and do they work with regular IBM emulators?
How are the Steam versions? Is there any difference between Simplified and Traditional versions beyond the characters used?
I saw the TV version of Chinese Paladin and the anime for Xianjian Sword and am curious about the original games.

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i want this one translated


>> No.5988960

The most classic one is the DOS version, the one on steam is a remastered version that improved graphics but lost a bit of soul.

If you can read chingchong runes I strongly recommend downloading the DOS version for free.

There's an online emulator here: https://dos.zczc.cz/games/%E4%BB%99%E5%89%91%E5%A5%87%E4%BE%A0%E4%BC%A0/

and a dosbox takehome version here: https://mega.co.nz/#!xtQhzYYR!Ok9o8SfvD9ydEG8D3ay7G1aIyoYqXbZSuzBCtrP_r9A

No differences between Simplified and Traditional Chinese versions as far I as I know.

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I'd rather play Konami's metroidvania on the GBC based on HunterxHunter. Or any other HxH game.

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You'd think most of those games would have fan translations by now with how big Slayers was in the 90s. It pisses me off to no end that there are so many Slayers video games and, to this day, we got one, ONE game that got translated and even that took years and had a good chance of never seeing the light of day because the key person working on the English patch passed away when it was halfway done. It's as if Slayers vidya was cursed.

>> No.5989048

>If you can read chingchong runes
I only started a month ago so it I'm not going to dive in immediately.
I do know a decent amount of Japanese so I hope I can brush up my vocabulary and reading skills before going deeper into the world of Wuxia.
What's the difference between the Dos簡潔整合版 and the Dos完美版?
The link you posted is dead but I got to the site that linked the other versions.

>> No.5989075

oof, my bad, didn't double check the link
Dos完美版 has additional cutscenes but looks otherwise unmodded and canon. The site that you're using looks legit. Hope you have a swell time anon.

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Might be fun.
Were there Taiwanese/HK original erotic games? I heard a bunch of Japanese eroge were translated and published there.

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File: 138 KB, 640x480, 1D2iunSOI74nEZSQUePEet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can think of one made by a Taiwanese studio based off 'Dream of the Red Chamber' - an ancient Chinese erotica about a guy who shagged 12 noble women in an imperial palace.

Canonically, most of the love interests get bad ends

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Anon, if you feel like getting culturally enriched by chingchong, my favorite /vr/ jrpg is probably 軒轅劍楓之舞.

It takes place in historically accurate ~600BC China where you and your Confucius-aligned buddies try to stop an all out war between different nations.
>MC's bantz game is strong
>historically accurate NPC and towns
>capture monsters to fight for you
>use alchemy to combine monsters and create stronger breeds
>very dynamic random encounters: sometimes you encounter enemies fighting amongst each other, sometimes it's a ronin asking for a 1 on 1 duel, sometimes it's an animal you can tame


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Is there an archive with all these games? Might be useful to have everything at once rather than track down each individual game.

>> No.5989190

How different is classic Chinese from modern one? Reading the four classics sounds like a decent goal to strive for.

>> No.5989192

I just play Japanese only games without learning Japanese and you can't stop me.

>> No.5989206

For some reason, all the talent was put into console games.

>> No.5989378

I'm afraid not anon, you'll have to google fu it. Protip is stay away from .cn sites as they are full of intrusive softwares, and go after .hk and .tw sites.

The classic chinese novel uses the equivalent of Ye Olde English, not even native chinese speakers can handle them.

>> No.5989414

The Gundam Grand Strategy games, Gihrens Greed, are amazing. I've never seen games with more fan service for alternate fictional history nerds

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Found a lot of stuff on the Archive.

>> No.5989447

>Empire of the Angel
I played that one. Including the prequel.
There's a 3D remake of the first game, I think.
Played one of the Xuanyuanjian series.
If you like Chinese RPG, try Chinese Paladin (Xianjian Qixia Zhuan).
Someone translated it around 2005, but only the first part (I think only before MC and the girl depart from the first town, before meeting the 2nd girl).

>> No.5989798

Woah, thanks anon
Taiwanese studios were pretty immature in the 90s so there's a sea of ultra janky games back then. This is a great nostalgia hit regardless. I can play games like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj7WmwZ8wAo for shits and giggles.

Xuan Yuan Jian and Chinese Paladin are the two best Taiwanese RPG franchises.

Xuan Yuan Jian
>historically accurate lore
>heavy folktale reference
>continental epic about political nature in the mainland

Chinese Paladin
>heavy Wuxia
>love triangles and romantic tragedy
>adventure ends up in heaven or hell

>> No.5989938

I lost my copy of Chinese Paladin.
I used to have the original DOS, Win and the remake.
I found the Win version.
Do you know where I can find the original DOS and the remake?
I can't download anything from China.
Baidu doesn't work since long time ago, I think they block foreign IP.
Those Chinese sites also don't work since they require registration and registration requires China phone number.

>> No.5990003

>He thinks playing with toys is a good reason to learn a foreign language

Don't you need to play your Switch in public somewhere?

>> No.5990005

Reminder that almost no videogame is well written enough for a "good" translation to even matter.

>> No.5990009

just use all of them. but don't be an autist who sticks to textbooks. You should begin reading actual native content after a reading of Tae Kim. Note, I say "a reading of Tae Kim", don't try to memorize everything, just read through it and refer back to it while reading actual native content.

>> No.5990148

I don't think you've ever actually played a translation and compared it to the original.
I grew up with that crap and it was terrible.

>> No.5990194

See >>5989048

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File: 44 KB, 640x480, 1862044-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. 1 of the mega links is broken.
The ones I can download is PALDOS and PAL95.
So I guess they are the DOS and Win95 version.
But the remake is not available.
Pic is the translation of the remake from around 2005 (unfinished as far as I know).

>> No.5990281

Whelp, it's released in Steam. Untranslated though.

>> No.5990283

You can get the remake on Steam for NT$140.

>> No.5990285

Does Steam allow local save?
I heard Steam uses cloud save and I don't like that.

>> No.5990292

It should save normally. Most Steam games can be played offline with a check only needed once a week or something. Cloud saving can be an extra feature, not something mandatory.

>> No.5990303

Imagine having pride in being functionally illiterate

>> No.5990407

Get the game on Steam, take the raw files, use a Steam emu and you have local saving forever.

>> No.5990532

There's dozens of adventure games and simulations on NES that never left Japan. It'd be better for everyone if ROM hackers translated THOSE instead of making yet another "retranslation" of a game that's already available in English, which seems to be all they do now.

>> No.5990548

Which ones for example?

>> No.5990679

>91 replies
>only one talked about the Japanese games we missed
>another was about a Japanese speaker saying LoGH was shit
>it took one Chinese speaker to come talking about THEIR games before things got civilized
Never change, weebs.

>> No.5990965

reading this thread got me wondering if any India anon has their /vr/ to share.

Just look at Bollywood goddamn I bet the /vr/ is balls off the walls level of insane.

>> No.5991117

>>mainstream comics industry is dead, animated only by an SJW zombie virus. luckily, comics are still alive in the form of comicsgate,

Conservative here. Mainstream comics are totally fine and comicsgate has produced nothing besides one nazi frog comic. You people are delusional and nobody cares about you.

Marvel had like two years of pushing dumb minority characters, and DC has been totally normal. Nothing you people say has anything to do with reality.

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File: 153 KB, 320x200, lelin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PALDos and PAL95 are both retro dos-like versions like pic related. PAL95 is simply adjusted to run better on Windows 95.

The one in your pic is the remastered version, both are pretty good but I recommend the oldschool one.

>> No.5991985

I know.
I've played all of three version of Chinese Paladin 1.
I'm still looking for the remake.
I don't want Steam version.

>> No.5992129

then the versionyou are looking for is called 新仙剑奇侠传
QoL, good graphics, and added side plots for people who already played the origibal.

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File: 95 KB, 499x512, psx_shacheyu_screenshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any opinion on Shachou Eiyuuden?

>> No.5992569

>Shachou Eiyuuden
So this is how it's read in Japanese.
It's Shediao Yingxiong Zhuan in Chinese, originally a wuxia novel by Jin Yong.
It's part one of a trilogy and really popular.
Made into lots of tv series with more remakes every several years, movies (more remakes too), video games, etc.

>> No.5992708

In the states it's Legend of the Condor Heroes. I only know about it by playing a few chapters of that game. I was mostly curious if you'd tried the PS1 JRPG.

>> No.5992739

Never play it.
I just knew it after you had posted it here.
I played several of Chinese games based on Jin Yong's novel.
Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (part 3 of the trilogy, Condor Heroes is part 1).
This is the OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZu0S0pCRGo
Gameplay is like tactical strategy game.
Party member are determined by the story, some battles are solo.
Battle in 02:15

>> No.5992742

This one is Return of the Condor Heroes (part 2 of trilogy).
Wrong title in youtube, it says Legend of Condor Heroes.
I never play this one.

>> No.5992747

This one is Smiling Proud Wanderer.
I played this one.
Gameplay is hack & slash, not good, control is clunky.
I played the remake but it's not retro.

>> No.5992752

This is Heroes of Jin Yong.
It's a game where you meet Jin Yong characters from some of his stories, it's like Jin Yong universe.
You can learn some of their secret arts.
I never play it, I heard from my friend who had finished playing the game.
He said it's quite good.

>> No.5992841

granted, video games usually don't qualify as sophisticated literature. but still, translation quality makes a difference, especially for RPGs. then there's the whole censorship issue, especially for NoA games, which is another reason for retranslation.

flat out lies. CG has put out cyberfrog, jawbreakers, ironsights, bigfoot bill, just to name a few. tons of money is pouring into CG, even while comic stores are closing down or switching to manga because of unsellable product. Marvel puts out the cultural marxist equivalent of Chick tracts, and DC is almost as pozzed, with the SJWs working at both. many third party publishers are compromised too. like it or not, Comicsgate is the future of the medium.

>> No.5993640

Did you get translations for American or European games in Taiwan or did you just play the English versions?

>> No.5993659
File: 95 KB, 640x400, warlords2ch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't live in Taiwan/China.
I usually play English version of American/European games.
But I saw some of those games are localised into Chinese.
The Chinese also localised PC98 games.
Pic is Chinese version of Warlords II.

>> No.5994039
File: 44 KB, 640x400, 403489-first-queen-iv-pc-98-screenshot-battle-near-a-castle-gate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a genre in Japan that I haven't seen a lot of. It's a real time army-vs-army battle but the stats are more like JRPG than like RTS.

Pic related is called First Queen 4, you play as a king who resists against the all mighty Imperial Alliance who controls 90% of the map. You must build up your forces, explore uncharted areas, and slowly break into the big bad by occupying their key fortresses.

Each soldier is unique in that they have complicated stats and you can equip them with items, you can also promote your soldiers into horse riding knights at lv50. You'll also have 10+ armies of 20 strong each so you can do two pronged attacks, call supports, defend sites etc. You can capture units, hire new soldiers, and hire random people from towns. For example one party member is a weird dude who likes to collect furry suits and he gets special abilities with each, another is a wizard apprentice who can summon monsters and shoot homing fireballs. You can also form alliances with neutral factions which usually puts you at odds with their opposite factions (allying with forest elves gives you an elite elf squad but puts you at odds with the humans nearby) allowing each playthrough to be different.

You fight alongside your army and have free control over yourself and can switch to any of your other 19 units so there is some degree of micro. Very essential to keep casualties low since the game world is with permadeath.

Thinking about it now it's kind of like warcraft 3.


>> No.5994058

Looks interesting, but the combat speed is too fast.
Are there prequels to this game?

>> No.5994059

That OP is so freaking cool. I never got into Legend of Condor heroes but I loved their tune. Just the right amount of wuxia corniness.

That scene where the female protagonist got blindfolded and then violated.

This one's a Taiwanese classic, it's extremely open ended and challenging. A must play if you're familiar with Jin Yong.

>> No.5994063

The speed can be adjusted in the settings. The LPer set it on max speed during his grinds.

I never got to play First Queen 1~3 (Ornic Senki), 4 was popular enough to get a Chinese translation so I got that.

>> No.5994093

>That OP is so freaking cool. I never got into Legend of Condor heroes but I loved their tune. Just the right amount of wuxia corniness.
The OP in the video game is really good, especially compared to the Smiling Proud Wanderer animation (same company).
Among the trilogy, I like Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber most.
>That scene where the female protagonist got blindfolded and then violated.
I wish there's some doujin of that scene.
>This one's a Taiwanese classic, it's extremely open ended and challenging. A must play if you're familiar with Jin Yong.
I kinda regretted not playing this years ago.
Jin Yong universe is a cool idea at that time.
I heard there's some kind of MMO with Jin Yong universe years ago.
Another thing that I forgot, The Duke of Mount Deer.
My friend who finished Heroes of Jin Yong laso finished this game.

>> No.5994096

There's also a game called Prince (王子傳奇).
I finished it because it looks like Ultima 7, the paperdoll looks like Ultima 6.
Battle is turn based though.

>> No.5994101

I just want to know if those LoGH games are actually good or not

They probably are because they have a ton of sequels but eh

Look hard as balls too

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