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Good morning /vr/, I come to you with a possibly unorthodox request, best suited for you. I'm wondering if anyone recognizes the first song in this video from a genesis/SNES-era game:

http://efukt com/20871_Sniffing_Her_Butt_Wont_Help.html

Note the missing period in the link. It is a pornographic site, so use your best judgment. I'd say it's actually worse than a standard porn site since the material is meant for humor and features shocking content... but I digress. Just open the link, listen for a few seconds and let me know if you recognize the tune. Thanks!

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Why am I not surprised some that likes Nichijou thinks this is funny

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1. That wasn't even proper English.
2. The video being "funny" has nothing to do with my request.

Come on /vr/, you're supposed to be better than this.

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I bet you like shit shows like Daily Lives of Highschool boys, don't you?

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Just record it using Vocaroo or something.

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> Implying I want to record 10 seconds of audio

thanks for being unhelpful guys, I'll just wait for more responses. Figured you retro gamers would recognize the tune immediately.

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>Figured you retro gamers would recognize the tune immediately.

I don't like you.

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Uh, why? I'd assume /g/ users were familiar with technology, /a/ users were familiar with anime and so forth. Does that offend you?

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I think this song is from Shadowrun snes version.

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> posting my waifu

Does this mean i have to go to bed?

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>/a/ users were familiar with anime

Funny joke


It means you have shit taste

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Which track bruh?

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aaaand here we go

i'll just say both of them are good, but Nichijou wasn't the one to be dropped out of shamfur dispray over shit sales, and they reaired it a lot. Nichibros a shit

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That show is infinitely funnier and better than Nichijou, dumbass.

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>liking anime

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yeah it's perfect show about the boys/girls relations each episode

at least Nichijou has all sorts of weird shit going on

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So, lemme get this straight:

You're asking /vr/ to view a porn video just to listen to a song that may or may not be there, which you couldn't be assed to record instead, despite being subject at our whim?

Give me one good reason why I should spoonfeed you. I'm willing to ignore the fact that you're basically provoking shitposting in the form of anime discussion in the wrong imageboard.

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>not licking anime

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okay everyone shut the fuck up, take your autism medication and answer this guy's question so everyone can go about their business

I don't see what exactly he's done to offend anyone except liking the wrong sort of children's television, and that's a ridiculous thing to start sperging out over

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>licking anime

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sorry i got it wrong, it's from a diff game

it's a snes game, ive heard it before

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Sorry OP, I don't recognize it and wtf /vr/?
I expect better from you

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>>not liking anime

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>children's television

havin a giggle m8? this is serious business, especially on 4chan

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I don't really have a specific reason. I think it has something to do with the phrase "you retro gamers" but I'm not sure what about it.

Your video doesn't help.

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pull the fedora out of your arse, you juvenile prick

you're just being childish

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should we just give op the answer? The state of this thread should make me feel like i should keep it to myself. Though any /vr/trooper probably already knows what it is.

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Now I really don't like you. I'm going to sit over here and pout about it.


Why the fuck should we spoonfeed him?

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I wish you answered and im not OP i'm friggin curious, just end it already!

I beg you.

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