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There is a Shotgun. Take it?

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can't think of a reason not to.

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Yeah. Go for it. It's better than reaching your hand to the bottom of a shit blood guts and gunk filled toilet.

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Is right, there is not one single reason not to grab it.

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>Not being a chad and killing the lizard with the steel pipe and grabbing the shotgun only after the fight, at the Police Station

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Retro or not, are there any other horror games that can compete with Silent Hill? It still holds up nowadays.

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stop trying to secretly talk about non retro games

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Do you even know what a secret is? Anyway, /v/ is useless for discussing games. Please don't tattle.

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no, SH1 ruined the horror genre in that aspect, nothing will ever come close.

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Compete in what way? Atmosphere? Doubt it.
Gameplay and visuals? Classic RE blows it away.

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I've got something that'll knock your dick in the dirt

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This got me thinking, would Silent Hill work as well with pre-rendered backgrounds? Seems like it'd lose something of its essence.

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Frankly I liked a lot Silent Hill's gameplay, way more addicting than Resident Evil, imo. The formula is pretty much always the same but it just works great. Stranded on a town that gets progressively more corrupt, with closed areas such as hospitals that serve as actual levels with puzzles, enemies and whatnot. Also I'll have to remind you that Silent Hill 1 did an outstanding job in raising his middle finger to RE even regarding the gameplay aspect, with features such as strafing, shooting while walking (especially backwards), and a more believable gunplay in general. I also liked how it often subverts the expectations, with things like save rooms that aren't exactly that safe, or the unbelievable work which is behind the cutscenes, the audio, or the game in general. Of course RE is still among the kings and with this post I didn't want to shit on it, but for me it's a no brainer that SH did pretty much everything better.

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The important thing is that you understood what I said, so what's the problem? Commenting about grammar on a Silent Hill thread in a very diverse imageboard is just analogous to wasting oxygen.

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Big part of the SH1's uniqueness were those occasional scripted camera angle moments like in the starting alley. Wouldn't work well with prerendered stuff even if it would've looked better.

I like and enjoy both series but quite frankly SH is worse gameplay wise throughout the series. Combat is annoying, clunky, plenty of input delay. Sure you can walk and strafe but how often do you even use strafing? Me personally almost never because there is never any use for it or situations that call for it. RE1-3 control far more instantaneous, I can be deadly accurate with it and gunplay is way more meatier than anything in any SH games were guns feel like peashooters. They are different games and it's unfair to judge them side by side like this, but still.
SH does more to fuck with you and doesn't let you memorize the surroundings since there are so many rooms and only a few that can be entered so you kind of have to resort to opening your map all the damn time. RE is a bit more methodical since every room can be explored, it's just a matter of untangling the order of things and figuring out how to navigate through the maze. So while both games have maps with shitton of rooms, fundamentally exploration has totally different nature between the two. I enjoy RE games a bit more and find them to be more comfy but that's just my opinion.

The reason why I never got attached to SH games on a deeper level is because of 3 and 4. I never liked SH3, it's shorter, easier, more action oriented and somehow.... not very believable to me from the story/protag standpoint. Feels like a middle episode of a three parat mini series, can't describe it better than that. SH4 has the best premise and idea of the entire series, slightly edging even SH2's plot twist, but goddamn is everything about it fucking garbage.

Meanwhile RE1-2-3-CV are all good games that on average surpass SH and are all enjoyable to me equally, despite them all still excelling at different things.

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>SH does more to fuck with you and doesn't let you memorize the surroundings since there are so many rooms and only a few that can be entered so you kind of have to resort to opening your map all the damn time. RE is a bit more methodical since every room can be explored, it's just a matter of untangling the order of things and figuring out how to navigate through the maze.

I'd also like to point out that the map layout in RE are usually much more memorable. SH has many corridors/halls which look almost identical, with identical doors which have to be manually checked if they are open, locked or stuck.

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big part of silent hill is the light/darkness dynamics, that wouldn't work too well with static camera

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Ehhh it would . Alone in the dark 4 did prerendered backgrounds and flashlights quite well. Either way backgrounds are dead as a game mechanic anyway so this talk is pointless.

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Why would you need a gun? Why would ANYONE need a gun??

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Who gets gud at the game ALWAYS strafes, especially when attempting for high rankings. imho the best Resident Evil is the third exactly because it finally nailed how the action should be in a survival horror: you don't expect it to be there, but it's actually very consistent and it helps the gameplay greatly. I like the fact that in SH's hardest difficulties the enemies are sponges, because it helps a terrible thing the game has throughout the series: too much ammo and medkits. If you get weapons like chainsaws or drills in next runs then it's even more piss easy but nonetheless very believable and satisfactory. The fact that you have to memorize things in Silent Hill is often minimalized in such a way that is understandable even by a kid, let alone if you only consider the fact that every protagonist writes notes all over the map. The memos and other things you find along the way also helps to let you coordinate so I really don't see a grudge in that. I admit that the first times you play you will open the map like a spastic, hence the game will find its ways to render it more useless especially in late game. On the other hand, I think it's pointless talking about this because I respect your point of view since exploration in a survival horror game can be quite frankly very subjective. Regarding what you said about later titles, it's not like I don't agree with you but the thing is too complex for me to discuss at the moment, I generally agree with you since I think the game should be valued as such: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4; btw all SH games are easy as fuck, you should always play them on Hard, I found out about this the nasty way, when on Normal I could pretty much breeze throughout the game especially on SH2. SH4 imho is that kind of shit you must try really hard to appreciate and some people manage to, I envy those people because for me SH4 really felt like another game, very linear, lots of weapons, etc. In the end all of this is merely subjective things so..

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You're forgetting that Silent Hill has Toluca Prison, pretty scary hallways there. But no, SH was always more memorable in lots of rooms rather than what connects them, albeit it's always nice to see how the place gets more and more corrupt the longer you play.

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RE and Silent Hill have a very different body of merits, imo. RE is like Metroid or a dungeon in a Zelda game, where every minute part of the environment fits neatly as a puzzle piece to the whole picture and boils down to having the right items in the right places. SH is more like the old-school "adventure" genre with more involved puzzles that don't rely as heavily on fitting the right McGuffin as it does on your own ability to wrap your mind around the premise of each puzzle, and carving the correct path through a maze.

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I don't think it's possible to kill the lizard with steel pipe.

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That, and any part where you stick your arm into a small dark hole are the most uncomfortable moments for me in these games.

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I played SH1 few years ago and found it creepy as hell. I played RE1 about a decade ago and found it mostly funny. RE has it's merits as a genre innovator, but I don't understand how anyone can find it scary nowadays. SH can actually hold it's ground as a horror game even to this day.

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It is, it's just very tedious and not recommended

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Nah, leave it. Real men already have two shotguns on them known as their fists.

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Was RE ever scary to anyone barring the usual jumpscare from a crow/dog/STAAARS bursting from a window? It's like saying you're scared of Romero's zombie trilogy.

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Stop trying to secretly suck my dick again, dad.

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You're in the paranormal equivalent of Chernobyl, surrounded by pagan demons materialized by a tortured psychic child, whose soul is split in half between her and your adopted daughter, the only family you have, so far. This is the perfect reason to have second amendment rights, aside from fighting tyranny.

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To kids at the time it sure was when there wasn't anything like it and it was the first time seeing that kind of horror gore in a video game. Since then the graphics are pretty crude what with the lighting being very harsh and bland apart from the caves part. It's not really meant to be a "horror game", more like a 3D action adventure game that has zombies as a flavor. Mikami and co always approached the series as a tongue-in-cheek camp b-movie, same with his approach to RE4 and God Hand.

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it is
t. australian

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Silent Hill 4 is the best in the series besides 1, it’s at least a fresh take on the genre with deliberate levels (designed not as “locations” but continuations of design), Ghosts that create an actual threat (and Walter later) and the entire mechanic of a safe space to peep in eventually turning against the player. Yes, Henry isn’t a character, but the final act of the chase, along with escaping “The Room” and pushing beyond a safe space - these are all strong, interesting ideas after three (4 with Zero) games of running through an empty town trying rusty doors.

And 3 is cute, female protagonists in Horror usually interest me more, that’s something Resident Evil always knew. But this is a survival horror thread, we should expand beyond and discuss AitD or Clock Tower or other such games.

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inventory managment is gay

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Well you're in luck chap, because Silent Hill doesn't have it.

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I was going to say something about how that doesn't sound fun, but I haven't played the game, so I'll hold my tongue. I'm gonna go ahead and try it before making uneducated opinions on a game I've never even played.

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It's a matter of tastes, for me it's the opposite with SH4 being the weakest part of the series but still better than the most recent ones we got. I didn't even mind how flat Henry's character was, it simply felt like an entirely different game from pretty much every viewpoint. You don't even need a flashlight because how well lit the rooms are, but the title has way more flaws than that. It's just a different approach that I didn't find particularly interesting, toning down the puzzles and environment in order to focus more on the combat was dumb, imo. Also, Silent Hill 3 was a good title not because of Heather, but because it felt like a Silent Hill game, simple as that. It's not like if you put Heather on Homecoming or Downpour you save those turds just because of her. Meme answers aside, that's fact.

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i know, that's why it's infinitely better than RE1

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Silent Hill difficulty settings explained:
>Easy - Your grandma could probably beat this blindfolded
>Normal - Your mother could probably beat this blindfolded
>Hard - Only viable way to play the game, and even then it has its problems

Seriously, how did they fuck it up so much? And it's not like it's only SH1 either. The original trilogy always felt to me like they always cancel a game mode, like if there's a huge gap between Normal and Hard. The former feels like Easy mode still, while the latter renders the enemies bullet sponges and you on the other hand are as frail as a Jew in the 40s. And that's fine of course, because it means that you finally have some use for the health drinks and the ammo, which were always way too consistent throughout the game. Ok, you're not trying to be Resident Evil, but really you can't let me finish the game with 20 drinks or so, not counting medkits and ampoules. Challenge me more, goddamn it; so the Hard difficulty helps regarding this factor, but paradoxically this isn't always the case, because I'm fine with sponges, i'm fine in being a literal pussy with very weak health, but the spawn rate is unbearable. They could've toned down the quantity of monsters rather than how strong they are. They're so many, it really dulls the experience and most importantly the exploration (so there are times you don't collect everything exactly because you're tired of dealing with a kitchen knife, trying to stab your 30th pterodactyl). Seriously, try replaying this game on Hard as your first run (too easy to just use the pneumatic drill or the chainsaw, faggot) and then tell me about it. It's still the best way to experience the game because the changes greatly adds to the tension, but I think they could've worked a bit more in how the difficulty works, because it's really unbalanced.

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I bet he's running Ubuntu

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what a stupid fucking picture.

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I mean, Downpour and Homecoming sucked because it was done by a different team in a different time attempting to recreate success rather than strive for originality. And modern games demanded more fluid character control which went in contrast to the serious, as evident by the colossal failures you mentioned. Even 0, which is arguably the most faithful to the classic Hills, sucked because the formula wasn’t changing, not really. I shouldn’t of said cute for Heather, just her story stands out to me as opposed to the rest of the series. Maybe it’s how it deals with the cult that makes me like her story, I dunno.

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Is the Alone in the Dark series any good?

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anon did you savestate every room and kill every enemy with the kitchen knife without using healing supplies

because you're not supposed to do that

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Can anyone please post the newest pic, the one that explains how to play the various games on PC? I forgot to save it. I'm willing to finish the spooktober with a patched/modded SH3 since I finished 3 times SH1 and 3 times SH2, for this year I think I had my refill.

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Fuck no what is this, save-scumming in survival horror games? Let alone Silent Hill.. No, everytime I played it was through the saves the game gives you, even on PC and on SH2 I didn't quicksave once even though I had the possibility. As originally intended

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why are you fighting in the streets lmao? you're supposed to run while outdoors and fight while indoors
the only problem is the hammer, which turns the game into a joke, remove it and the game becomes way more balanced

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SH4 COULD have been the best SH, the way it turns the room from your sanctuary into a deathtrap is simply brilliant
but, the escort mission, lack of darkness and repeating areas bring it down

you shouldn't have a partner in a horror game, it ruins the loneliness. And the second time you go through the same areas it should have been through their Otherworld versions with darkness, rust, blood and all that fun stuff, getting progressively more messed up as you reach the deepest parts of Walter's mind

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The pterodactyls are the one thing there's no point in not killing, because they drop in half a mag of pistol rounds if that, and save you a ton of hassle in doing so. Even without the hammer, you're inundated with health drinks and med kits.

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actually the pistol and the steel pipe sucks a lot too in hard mode, if you're on your first run you're probably fucked in early game... although it's quite the opposite just a little bit later, if you don't have the drill you at least can have a motherfucking red hammer, then the game becomes incredibly easier, again even on the hard difficulty mode. It's cheesy in that regard but hey, when i play it to this day i still cry even from the eye of my penis

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Nigga, I'm the one you quoted. Do you know how many times I finished the dang game? Now I became so much a sperg that the only way I can enjoy it is through the ranking system at the end of the game, killing monsters in hard mode equals to a very high boost, along some other things. I agree for the hammer, I probably said the same thing a few weeks ago when I was playing it. It renders useless even the axe. Who the fuck uses the axe seriously?

Then again I said the same for the chainsaw and drill too but those are justified since you have it on second run.
As I said, ranking system. Anyway the game is still very generous even on hard mode regarding both ammo and medkits, and that always broke the game a little for me, even moreso with the aforementioned weapons.. but fuck me if I love this game, that should go without even saying.

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Your opinion means nothing to me.

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You can find the Shotgun at the Police station if you miss it?!

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Have you completed your background check and three week cool down period. Fuck, Americans are pathetic.

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I want to fuck the nurses from SH2

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I wonder how SH would have been if they had an item box concept like RE. Would have made these games a lot more tense and imo better for it.

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SH was trying to improve upon the RE formula. The item system and item boxes are stupid, and SH's system is better. it just got rid of the item management system entirely.

>> No.5987945

For key items unlimited space would have been fine but for weapons, ammo and health they could have had an item box mechanic. I think it would have been great and made these games so much more tense considering you usually cover plenty of ground in them. We didn't really see this until SH4 although it was all done through the apartment.

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>Silent Hill 4 is the best in the series besides 1
ah yes, nothing encapsulates Silent Hill better than lack of darkness, 2nd half of the game being escort mission through locations you already visited, burping, and monkey demons. All while being made by people who had nothing to do with previous 3 games.

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seconding this question

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new nightmare on the playstation is nice

>> No.5988589

The first one is very charming and full or personality. It pioneered more survival horror staples than you'd think. The sequels are just mediocre, though New Nightmare is worth a playthrough, it felt like closing the cycle, since it borrowed a lot of aspects that RE and SH ripped off from the first AiTD.

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Based, fuck SH4 honestly

>> No.5989362

I remember the first time I played AitD 1.
I played it because I like horror but the control was clunky.
It's the first 3D survival horror game.

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People really play SH for survival part of survival horror?
It's a great game, atmosphere so thick you could spread it on toast, but the actual gameplay was never its strong point.

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HL1 mod Afraid of Monsters it the only thing I found that comes close. The sequel Cry of Fear is still okay too but I don't think it was as good as AoM.

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>Silent Hill 4 is the best in the series besides 1
That's my opinion too. I still like all four but 1 plays the best to me with 4 taking a lot of inspiration from it in that area while adding some new things. People complain about the ghosts but they actually worked pretty well, I think the biggest issue people have with them is they don't realize you can still attack them to temporarily keep them down for a bit.

>lack of darkness
I noticed this too during the water prison levels, but it didn't seem like a problem, the lighting still contributed to a decent atmosphere I think. Different isn't necessarily bad.

>2nd half of the game being escort mission through locations you already visited
I usually hate escort missions but didn't think it was so bad in this one. She was actually pretty useful if you found the weapons for her. It was better than escorting Maria. And going through a location again with some changes isn't unique to 4. 1 basically had you go through the hospital three times.

I wonder how many people would've paid much attention to this if it wasn't pointed out. Though a different sound effect would probably still have been better.

>and monkey demons
1's rompers were basically monkey demons too but nobody has an issue with them.

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>but the actual gameplay was never its strong point.

Yeah but that is why it couldn't have hurt if it had better gameplay. Doesn't mean you had to be powerful but RE games are more fun while still keeping tension and generally having more difficulty.

>> No.5991314

>besides 1
I feel like this needs to be said, Silent Hill 1 truly is the best of the trilogy. It's the only Silent Hill where combat is actually good and the playable "outside" areas don't feel like boring filler in between "main buildings". The story is quite cool, too, especially the optional Kaufmann quest which ties in to the "overworld parts are actually good" thing I mentioned.
I fell into the "Silent Hill 2 is the best in the series meme" long ago but when I actually played it I could see it for what it actually was. The story is awesome, yes, but combat sucks, bosses suck even more, the variety of enemies is ridiculous and, aside from the very ludo intro where you walk into Silent Hill, anything involving going from point A to point B sucks ass, the playable parts of the town are too big and the objectives too far apart without anything interesting to justify those sections. It's just a pointless ammo/health dispenser filler.
And I'm not even mentioning Hard mode in Silent Hill 2 yet, with boring bullet sponges and bosses where if you didn't save 150 pistol bullets you won't kill them unless you do some cheesy exploit with melee weapons. Just search for "hospital chase scene" and "two pyramid heads fight" if you haven't played it, in one the only surefire way of having Maria not die is to hug Pyramid Head in between corners and bash him with the pipe in the most goofy way possible, and in the other unless you want to waste oodles of shotgun and rifle ammo and spend 20+ minutes strafing in a small arena the only other option is to do another goofy exploit with the giant blade where you go to the corner of the room and your swing bounces off the wall, stunlocking both pyramid heads perpetually if you perform the attacks correctly.
Silent Hill 2 story was fucking awesome, but not enough to eclipse its issues and be "the best Silent Hill game". As for SH3 I thought it was ok but kinda weak but I have to revisit it again, been a while since I played it.

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Maria can survive the hospital chase? Really?

I ought to replay SH2. You're absolutely correct about the overworld/town though.

>> No.5991376

>Maria can survive the hospital chase?
I meant in the corridor chase only, if you try to approach it like if you were in Normal difficulty she'll probably get stuck and die in the first corner. Pyramid Head is fast in Hard mode.

>> No.5991453

The difficulty thing was already talked about at great length in this very thread, and I generally agree with the fact that the system is unbalanced in pretty much the entire trilogy, SH2 perhaps is just a bit more apparent but that's it. If you want to read the arguments for it you just need to scroll up, but at the end of the day SH was never meant to be great on the combat and overall the technical aspects of mere gameplay, albeit it tries to and to a certain degree it even manages to succeed in this matter (see SH1 combat mechanics which are way more varied in comparison to the earlier RE titles). Just my two cents regarding the discussion, although I didn't really add anything to the table... so yeah, SH1 really is the best one, with SH2 as a close second and... SH3 as a third, I guess.

>> No.5991487

>SH is more like the old-school "adventure" genre with more involved puzzles that don't rely as heavily on fitting the right McGuffin
What would you call a 6 pack of soda used to drop on a jammed dumbwaiter elevator then?

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hey as long as it werks

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magic item boxes are lame and basically admitting your item management system is broken.

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The last time I took a shotgun in a survival horror I was almost a Jill Sandwich

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I like Silent Hill 1, but honestly my biggest complaints with it are the fact that it is eclipsed by the enemy design of later games (2, 3, and even 4 arguably), and the fact that the spot in which graphics had developed for 2 and 3 really make the attention to detail of the games shine. Especially 3, you really want to take it slow and examine everything, not just because the amazing little details but also because of Heather's dialogue and comments on everything giving you more of a reason to. 1 and 2 have much less and barely any at all. I'm not saying Silent Hill 1 lacks detail either, it has an amazing amount of detail, but the graphics I think are a bit dated and I think Silent Hill 2 and 3 graphically and monster design wise are much more terrifying. But again, Silent Hill 1 is still a really spooky game to this day as some people have mentioned. I just found most of the monsters to be a bit generic and uninteresting. At least comparatively to the later games. I think gameplay-wise Silent Hill 1 can be argued as being the most fun, just because shooting crap in it sounds nice and it's fun to do. I wouldn't really say though that when I think of Silent Hill I care much about the gameplay though as much as the atmosphere and horror aspects. I don't really think it's fair to bash a game for having a hard mode where there is nothing else to do either except make the enemies take more damage, especially considering most people don't even play the game on hard, I just don't really think it matters. It's much more interesting to talk about the different riddle difficulties which are actually interesting, fun, and make the game fresh and give you reasons to play through again, which Silent Hill 1 lacks. Except 3 hard mode riddles which a few are pesky and kinda stretch reasoning.

Also I don't really get the complaints about having to run through the town, alternatively Silent Hill 1 has many repetitive rooms in it, which is just part of the game.

>> No.5995062

False, the not-so-low poly graphics of SH1 really adds charm to it, in a certain fashion that imo is even scarier. SH1 also almost never uses jumpscares in comparison to later titles, and relies mostly on the environment, music/sfx and creatures (which perhaps are generic I'll give you that much, but we must still take into consideration both the technical difficulties at the time and of course the plot. SH2 is arguably scarier because James mind is way scarier than Alessa's). Anyway, these games really shine on hard difficulty because it does add a degree of even more bullshit, but at least it fixes certain aspects like the ridiculous amount of ammo and medkits which you actually use. Riddle in hard mode or even extra mode sounds way more scarier to me though, lol. Finally, what anons told you about running around the town is bullshit, you have to do that literally in the entire trilogy, way less on SH3 but still. If you want to find items or you're just attempting high rankings you must explore every nook and cranny and that can be quite a lengthy process, but it must be noted that in this aspect both SH1 and SH2 are quite the same.

>> No.5995514

>I like Silent Hill 1, but honestly my biggest complaints with it are the fact that it is eclipsed by the enemy design of later games (2, 3, and even 4 arguably)
Visually, maybe. 2 and 3 have interesting monster designs but they kind of suck as game enemies. 4 is better because it seemed to take a lot of inspiration from 1 in what it did right for gameplay.

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am i in the comment section of a pewdiepie tweet

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SH2 has like two monsters whatchu talking about nigga

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ofcourse.jpg Always bet on the shotgun

>> No.5995848

I was mostly speaking in the post comparatively about the games. I just want to say that I love low poly artstyle, and I think it makes SH1 really unique. I shouldn't have said it was dated, I think it's aged well, but I also think the improvement in graphics in some ways helped make the game scarier and more atmospheric. SH2 and 3 really utilize the graphics of the time to essentially make the games scary in their own way. I'd never argue though that SH1 wasn't a scary game, or that the graphics are bad, it's just comparatively to me I think that the later games had a staggering amount of detail and spooky design choices whereas SH1 has a bit less, well, because it's essentially the first game in the series. I'm just comparing minutae though, SH1 is an incredibly good game and it's hard to speak poorly about it to me. I was mostly speaking in defense of the later games, I don't personally think SH1 is the best overall, but it's just my opinion. I just felt like most of the complaints anon said were a bit nitpicky.

I don't agree though that the later games rely more on jumpscares. In general Silent Hill games are very devoid of them and it's really good. One of the best parts of the games is the lack of jumpscares, actually, and the ones that do happen are usually really good, like the locker in SH1. I just think everything you said, relying on environment, music, sound effects, and creatures, basically sounds like quintessential Silent Hill and it pretty loyally follows that formula from 1-3 and in many ways 4, don't you think? Is there anything particular that comes to your mind that makes you feel SH2 and 3 rely on this more? Btw I've never played any of the games on hard action, I might eventually try it.

>> No.5995878

I guess so, but I wouldn't say SH1 has good enemies either lol. Dogs and air screamers are cancer. Most enemies in the games are just targets to shoot. Which is totally fine to me. Just dealing with enemies can be scary, and I don't think they have to be complex.

Yea it's a fair complaint, but quality over quantity.... The game needed more monsters though I agree but what it has is very good I think.

>> No.5995938

>Dogs and air screamers are cancer.
These enemies were good for forcing you to run and dodge more while outside. SH2 lacking something similar was the problem, the outside areas felt way too safe and boring because they only had "indoor" slow zombie-like enemies.

>> No.5996120

this, i love SH4 so much for it's concept but the execution just isn't quite there for me.

>> No.5996762

That feeling of slowly realising you're not safe even in your room any more is great. I fucking hate escort missions though so the whole end was irritating

>> No.5996763

You would rather someone be adamant about being wrong about a game they've never played?

>> No.5997308

It's true that the game doesn't have lots of jumpscares anyway, but if you play the game a lot, you'll find certain rooms in both SH2 and SH3 that have glass breaking, knocks, screams and even pig squealing or fucking whispers. The first one has maybe one or two of those. But it's actually a good thing imo that they're rare but there, and they're often well hidden too, so... In 2 the whispers actually have sense plot-wise so it's even cooler. Regarding the graphics, it's a matter of tastes really, but I would suggest you to replay SH1 if it's been a while you didn't play it, maybe attempt for more endings but most importantly play in Hard mode as your first playthrough. Do it at night, with good audio. I think that perhaps you'll still find scarier SH2/SH3, and actually I do too but simply because I finished those lots of times but still way less than SH1, but at the end of the day I think you might reevaluate it in someway or another. Thinking that this game managed what it did with serious technical complicances it's baffling to this day.. Rendering cutscenes in the middle of the night in an empty Japanese building, through countless PCs and yet only one guy made them, by hand, sleeping at work... This thing alone is scary imo, albeit in a good way.

>> No.5997312

The only whisper I remember is the one who whisper "Heather" in SH3.
I don't remember his name, but I think he's the one who stalked Heather and left her a doll.
Heather said it's disgusting when she found the doll.

>> No.5997313


>> No.5997357

You can here something muttering or whispering in the underground prison in 2. You can even target and shoot at it off screen.

>> No.5997396

There's also a whisper in SH2 in the room with the open window, in Blue Creek Apartments. The one you must visit before the first fight with Pyramid Head. It doesn't always trigger though. And apparently there's also this >>5997357

>> No.5999008


>> No.5999014


>> No.5999024

If I remember correctly, the unseen creatures in the prison aren't whispering, they continually say "ritual" when you pass them. I think there were 2 in two different hallways.

I think to this day no one knows why they're there, which is what made the original Team Silent games so incredible. They did things just to fuck with you.

Same with the one prison cell that would lock behind you and wouldn't let you out for awhile, and the invisible horses running around the gallows. Just to fuck with you.

>> No.5999030

First time I played SH2 the nurses in the hospital "screamed" at me and it was very unsettling. I haven't seen it since on new game+. Is it just RNG or does it only happen for your first playthrough?

>> No.5999045

>they continually say "ritual" when you pass them
>I think to this day no one knows why they're there
They're pushing James to do the ritual in the rebirth ending to bring Mary back.

>> No.5999063

I thought it was just a common sfx they make though? It shouldn't be something like those hidden sounds anons talked about earlier

>> No.5999108

I've heard that theory, but was it ever confirmed?

>> No.5999173
File: 454 KB, 989x609, bja.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not retro but a reminder that the best save theme in survival horror is probably not the one you're thinking about.


>> No.5999715

No idea, I've never heard anyone else say it. But it makes sense. I started liking the rebirth ending more than the others except for the fact that Mary's letter doesn't get read.

>> No.5999749


>> No.6001038

Yes, this really oozes of forgotten, happier times that will never come back

>> No.6001049

Uhh, don't try to analyze things with no explanation. That's a reach, and Silent Hill fans do that way too much. Just look all over wiki. Cool theory, but by no means true or confirmed.

>> No.6001215
File: 18 KB, 322x434, 62546755_702120846883844_6912265485090291712_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From now on only the best memes are permitted

>> No.6001317

>These enemies were good for forcing you to run and dodge more while outside.
All you did when outside was running, there was no reason to waste ammo and medicine on monsters. Plus, there were like 3 different places worth exploring in the entire game, so it's not like you had any reason not to get from one location to another as fast as possible.

>> No.6001380

There's ammo and medkits scattered throughout the town and if you're playing on Hard they might come in handy. Also if you're attempting for high rankings you do need to explore the whole area and kill as many monsters as possible.

>> No.6001535
File: 116 KB, 512x384, Map-Old-SH-Comp[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Manj this FELT huge as a kid. But tehn I look at it and it's really just like four streets and it's cut in half.

>> No.6001539
File: 559 KB, 2000x1485, sh1-pnbmap01shm[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6001969
File: 27 KB, 720x396, 66818242_724296527999609_6575385498980712448_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6002350

I've only played the first two games, to me, SH2 still has a slight edge over the first game mostly because of the historical society.... it's a really cool area.

I personally feel that the most stand out part of the first game is the very beginning and the school. There's something really cool and immersive about walking aimlessly around the map, having to figure out how to progress through thorough exploration and reading item descriptions. This is something I feel they downplayed a bit in the second game.

>> No.6002782

are there any other area maps?

>> No.6002816

>I personally feel that the most stand out part of the first game is the very beginning and the school. There's something really cool and immersive about walking aimlessly around the map, having to figure out how to progress through thorough exploration and reading item descriptions.
Nowhere did that part really well too since it let you get kind of familiar with the layout but then mixed it up a bit and took your map away. Had the heaviest and most memorable atmosphere for me.

>> No.6002972
File: 130 KB, 1280x905, IMG_0070[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


yeah, these are from the perfect navigation guide. I'll post all of them.

>> No.6002973
File: 88 KB, 1280x905, IMG_0071[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6002976
File: 108 KB, 1280x905, IMG_0073[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6002981
File: 96 KB, 1280x905, IMG_0072[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


nightmare version.

>> No.6003002

The sprint towards the lighthouse was brutal the first time around
Usually the streets are wide enough to dodge most of the fast enemies so they designed that place specifically to fuck you over

>> No.6003417
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Any grear horror games that aren't Silent Hill or Resident Evil?

>> No.6003421

countdown vampires. it's gameplay is too easy though

>> No.6003426

HL1 mod called Afraid of Monsters. Standalone sequel called Cry of Fear was okay too.

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