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ah yes... shocktroopers... now THAT was a game...

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damn good game

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Not that one.

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Probably pointless to ask here but which route is the hardest and which the easiest in the first game?

Also ngl they did a bad job balancing it for LONLY WOLF unless you pick the heavy characters, some boss battles drag on for ages.

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They're both good you gay nigger, sick of this meme.

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Post the good one, goofy chav

Ugly sprites
Horrible slow down.

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>Ugly sprites
Not as pretty as the first game, but it still looks pretty good overall imo.
>Horrible slow down.
Really not a big deal honestly.

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Just admit that the only reason you give a fuck about 2 is because it has tits

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Fake news, but yes the tits are nice.

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Why else would you play it over the original?

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>only allowing yourself to play one game

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Mmmm, big mommy milkers~

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>tfw no XBOX HUEG breasted blonde haired MAGA gf

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>ah yes... shocktroopers... now THAT was a kino

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Fuck man I forgot about Shock Troopers. Lately when a great non-SNK neo geo game comes to mind it's something like Windjammers or NTM. Just goes to show how underrated it is.

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God I wish that were me

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What does NTM stand for in this case?

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I wish I had a talent for drawing, that way I could draw nudes of obscure characters from video games like this :[

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Angel is just a blond Mai in fatigue pants and a tanktop

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(And That's a Good Thing)

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diane, this is a damn good game. youll have to play it sometime

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Does the game normally have insane slowdown or is my emulator shit?

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I'm on fightcade if anyone wants a game in next few hours. I can occasionally 1cc on a good day.

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Yes it has slowdown.

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You can "overclock" the NeoGeo's specs and remove or at least mitigate the slowdowns while emulating in FinalBurnAlpha, just beware that it's probably not intended to be played that way

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>just beware that it's probably not intended to be played that way
desu it probably was intended that way, then the hardware fucked the developers over and forced a compromise

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ultimately we can't just take the thing we want and call it what the devs intended, even if it does seem likely. The fact is that tons of games wouldn't be anything like they were released if the games came out "just as the devs intended". It's a nice mental exercise but nothing to really go for beyond that.

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yup. The reality is they saw the resulting slowdown and balanced the game around that to the best of their ability.

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The true solution is to stop giving a shit about dev intent and simply play the game in its best possible variation. In some games slowdown serves a function and is used for balancing purposes, in others it's just shitty hardware/programming, you can easily make these calls yourself if you know anything about the games. Developer intent is completely worthless and shouldn't be a consideration.
Nah that's idealization of game development, what's more likely is they saw it and were like "it's not that bad", then shipped it in most cases.

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Can't you totally get rid of the slowdown by cranking up the CPU clock?

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I’m a horny cumbrain and that’s all that matters to me.

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At least try to make a good thread next time.

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This was my best effort.

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Anyone here want to try a 1CC co-op run of 2nd Squad? It's on FightCade, which makes things easier

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>Is racist and a chronic masturbator
Color my dark ass unsurprised.

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We prefer the term soiskin, shitskin.

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that's a good enough reason to like something, otherwise the human race would never breed

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>the girl with big tits is the most well-rounded of the cast
Really made me think

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>the human race would not breed if they played games for gameplay
Cope and desu the parts of it that matter already barely breed, coomer shut ins obsessed with titty games aren't helping

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Talent is gay. Work your ass off and become skilled.

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Who are you quoting?

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You like ugly games, we get it.

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dont @me ever again.

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Having a good morning? Maybe play some Super Mario 64 to cheer you up?

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What you want doesn't require talent, just bit of work. People overrate artistic talent all the time. 99% of the stuff you see at 4chan drawthread are just people with good computer and patience copying poses of already existing artwork and then slapping on character appropriate costumes.

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>What you want doesn't require talent
Liar. Just go back to re ddit if you're going to lie.

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I'm not. Anime styles are specifically designed to mass produce to cut cost. It by default is something anyone can do. People you think are great just have done it enough to be able to draw without references.

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Well, I work as 2D artist and now I'm considering drawing this Blondie for fun. Unfortunately I've never played Shocktroopers.

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>It by default is something anyone can do.
Untrue, but it were, it only further cements anime as the crap that it is.
tl;dr you're still lying.

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Fortunately you can credit feed your way through the game in under an hour so get to it and draw some milkies

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Or just look at sprite rips and google for bigger high res art.

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It's ok, she looks nothing like that in the game

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You also can't logically say "this was the developers intention" without a quote from a developer stating their intention. It's all speculation.
If we did have any of those quotes, we would still have to ask ourselves why we give a damn about what they think.
Game developers make horrible decisions all the time. I don't know why so many people, especially on here, lack the self confidence to just play games how they want to play them.
You don't need to be told what's the most fun for you. We're talking about games ffs

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Every normal person does, even heterosexual girls or homossexual men.

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Because developer intent "seems" objective and backs up your preference an illusion. This is also a board that's obsessed with authenticity for its own sake or as a way to justify an obsession with buying crap for quick highs. People want to play on CRTs, using real hardware, with real copies of games not because it's better or helps them play at a high level but just because it's "authentic". The games themselves and the subjective enjoyment people get are secondary compared to the glorification of authenticity. It's only natural that this mentality would carry over to judging game design.

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>she looks nothing like that in the game
What? That's a direct screenshot from the game, unless you mean the player character sprite

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Thank you guys :) gonna try my hardest even if it doesn't turn good.

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good luck on your quest and don't be afraid to share!

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CRTs legitimately look better. Doesn't matter how many shaders you slap on your emulator, that image blurs out the second anything moves because of the limitations of LCD panels.

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A fast LCD with black frame insertion will get you no motion blur at all.

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1st one is nice
2nd one was totally unnecessary and a rushed job

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Let's fighting love.

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Holy shit. That's a name I hadn't heard of in more than a decade.

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There is a version that works on win10 but idk the sound is shit... I use mame now.

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I like the in game graphics, it makes me sorta think it's like FF7's field graphics but as a shooter action game.

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You mean isometric?

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He means ugly prerendered 3D vomit

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Do your best, anon

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FF7’s prerendered backgrounds look gorgeous on a CRT.

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really based

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Damn, I actually did forget about that one. Used to live by a pizza place that had the game. I'd always play as the titty monster in the op. There needs to be more art of her, I can hardly find anything.

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Exactly. One of the best.

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>There needs to be more art of her, I can hardly find anything.
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