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Hey all could I get a spooky list for October of some fps worth playing?
I already got the Doom going.

I know Fear. Looking for some unknowns.

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It might not get to someone these days, but 3-Demon freaked me the fuck out as a kid.

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Thanks anon. I will check it out. I am open to all suggestions.

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Horror shooters? Horror shooters are a difficult genre mostly because balancing the "hunter" (you are a heavily armed killing machine) and the horror aspect is hard.

AvP2000 goes the route of making your enemies cocaine-powered.
AvP2 has more of a .... "cinematic" feel, being more of a post- Half Life era shooter. Marine campaign is still unnerving though.
Doom3, botched design aside, is a borderline competent horror shooter mostly for ambience.
Undying is also a good contender, despite being crippled in the lategame by a rushed development and messy design.
Dark Corners of the Earth is an excellent game, but it ain't a traditional shooter.

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Hugo 3D

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Realm of the Haunting Ground

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Clive Barker's Clive Barker Presents: Clive Barker's Undying: A Clive Barker Game

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You forgot "with voice acting by Clive Barker."

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Blood has already been mentioned, but also check out its two expansions along with the Death Wish mod. Death Wish in particular has some excellent spoopy set pieces that would make it perfect for a Halloween playthrough which is what I'm planning to do.

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It's also getting an update before Halloween (see ModDB page)

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Is the fresh supply release any good, also what source port is everyone using that is good like eduke32?

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Thank you. Will get on that. Also having missed the blood experience in the 90s. Is it always supposed to feel like I am on ice when moving around? Makes jumping for ke auck and I never had that problem with Duke Nukem

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Alien Resurrection, System Shock 1 and 2, Daggerfall.

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Daggerfall really? I mean I love that game, but it always felt bright and happy

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Brutal Doom 64
All you need is the DOOM2 wad to play.
Finding it on google is very easy.


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Not retro by the release time, but I suggest you a lot to try Cthon. Sound design and atmosphere are goddamit amazing.


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BD sucks

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Yea, kinda. Blood's movement is kinda strange if you aren't used to it I guess. Just be sure to be strafe, jump, and duck all you can to avoid hitscanners and you'll have a great time. Also, NBlood is kinda fucky for me, so try BuildGDX if you have any issues with it.

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Well there's always Doom64 EX for you purists.


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Honestly with Doom 3 BFG edition I think it passes the threshold and becomes a good horror shooter in its own right, no borderline about it.

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clive barker's jericho is pretty kino, i remember enjoying it a lot even if it might not be super scary.
the setting and the game design is fun

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Since this is /vr/, Blood's 2nd expansion
And corridor 7

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Based AvP poster. Came here to post that.
Space Hulk is the best one OP. But its squad based. And very very old.

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Try not staying in inns when you travel. Tons of ambushes in the dark and rain.

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Thief: dark project is legitimately one of the scariest games I've ever played. Just dont mind the old polygonal graphic and everything in this game from head to toe is fucking airtight. Also play the fucking fanmade missions.

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Vouched. All the thief games are kinda horror games at least at times. Certain levels.

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I remember reading about making of thief in the game mags back in the days and wanting to play it so much.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I have been doing Blood and I am enjoying it so far. Will definitely look at thief next though

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Happy Time Circus 1 & 2
City of the Damned 1 & 2
The Ultimate Torment and Torture
Ghoul's Forest series
probably some others I'm forgetting

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Cryostasis and STALKER.

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Not a horror game by any means, but Rise of the Triad: Dark War has a comfy fall vibe. I think it's the color palette and sky boxes.

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Gloom was a fine game too. I used to play it on my A1200, but you'd rather prefer Gloom Deluxe. The Level Editor was fun too.


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Realms of the Haunting ultimately sucks as both a horror game and as a shooter, but it's still fun for a few hours.

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FEAR (+ Expansions) has its moments.
Just remember to check the guides to fix the microstutter (if you suffer from it. Worst case scenarion: it's never fixed and you uninstal).

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Fuck, forgot this was /vr/.
'Innsmouth no Yakata' is find as long you don't mind the VIrtualBoy's bullshit colour scheme.

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Hellnight, everything about it feels off in a creepy way

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Indeed. It has a handful of cool things.

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Was thinking of this and the Echo Night games. Not totally applicable because they're more adventure than shooter games, but probably of interest anyway.

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The later levels with the cultists and monks and el oscuro are actually rather unsettling.

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>Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi
Hope you like time limits and random map generation.

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Relevant quality video

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There's actually a newer game that's pretty similar to this called Depths of Fear:: Knossos

It usually goes on sale for less than a dollar on steam and is 100% worth it just for the cosmic mindfuck that that game is. Remember how Nosferatu would break randomly and just feel odd and strange?

Imagine that but it almost seems to be purposeful for the appeal, like the dev didn't have control over his own game. It's bizarre.

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3D Monster Maze was probably scarier than it was meant to be. At this angle, the creature resembles some horrifying abomination, but up close you realize it's supposed to be a dinosaur.

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I remember a game that was a little spooky and took place in the same perspective as these games in a maze, I remember the unsettling music but I can't remember the game's name at all and searching for it was fruitless. It was an old PC title, maybe on the Commodore64 but maybe not. May have had a scifi theme. Does this ring any bells for anyone?

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Nevermind, finally found it. It was Scarabaeus on the Commodore64.

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Whose work was this based on?

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Clive Barkers: Undying.

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Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr

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Edit: Fixed camera angle though like Resisldent Evil so not exactly fps

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It's that time of year. Time for a playthrough.

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Vanilla Doom 3 is a fine horror shooter. BFG editions ruins it.

The flashlight really was the ultimate plebfilter.

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The menu music is haunting too

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I do like the music, wasnt it done by Lee Jackson of Duke Nukem 3d fame?

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was gonna say this. genuinely unsettling game, couldn't finish it

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is it actually possible to aquire the original doom 3 these days?______legally.

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bethesda just rereleased it lol

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Quake is a bit horror-ish at times, though generally is action. Fun action.
Blood is similar, also very challenging.

IMO, Doom 3 doesn't really work as horror, because all it actually has going for it is cheap jumpscares, which you get used to pretty fast, and as said, you really are pretty well armed and capable.
I'll qualify that by saying that I think Doom 3 isn't a bad game, that it's actually a pretty decent and competent (if not particularly remarkable) shooter. Putting on a flashlight mod or using the shoulder flashlight like in later ports I think better enables Doom 3 as a straight action shooter, which it does much better than horror.

Also, the chainsaw is just really fun, because with some dedication you can fight almost every enemy encounter in the game with it and hope to win.

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Not shooters, but the old MacVenture games are first person and they're horror. Shadowgate, Deja Vu, Uninvited.
The originals have no music and are in black and white, but later versions have color and music, the NES versions are famous, and look and sound nice, though you don't have a mouse so they're a slight chore.

Not very horror at all, it's a balls to the walls arcade shootemup from the first person perspective.
Really fun, the majority of your arsenal is various flavors of rocket launchers, and you're reasonably insulated against splash damage, encouraging you to play very fast and loose with explosives.

Don't remember. Ask Steven King, he might know.

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It's really interesting and cool for a while, but ultimately is such a damn blueballer. >>5974097 is really pretty spot on.

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Somewhat, but you're still Explosive Ordnance McGee with an infinite ammo machinegun. Oh look, there's the Dog Mode powerup, woof woof woof wooof AWOOOOOO!

The Fresh Supply release is permanently unfinished because Atari/Infogrames didn't want to continue paying Nightdive to finish it.

It didn't have the sourcecode, since Atari doesn't have it, so they had to just use the assets and then build am approximation, which was incredibly crude at first, though a little better later on.
If you want to play a game that's a lot like Blood, then Fresh Supply isn't bad, but if you want a more true experience you'll want to either DosBox the original .exe (probably with bmouse.exe attached), or you'll want to get BloodGDX and play it with that.

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Sorta. Mind that Caleb is actually rather fragile and really shouldn't try to tank damage (gunshots especially hurt a lot), and that rather you should rely on his really high mobility.
Jumping and crouching is good to use when fighting cultists, and don't feel bad about using cover sometimes, or throwing in a bundle of dynamite through a window, past a corner, or wherever you figure there could be an ambush, because the game will give you a lot of dynamite.

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Lee Jackson did most of ROTT's music, and then Bobby Prince (of Doom fame), did some tracks.
Both of them also worked on Duke 3D's music.

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A hybrid of Death Wish's scope with the more visually intensive mods like Bloody Pulp would make for the ultimate mod.

Also, what happened to that mod that wanted to make "vampire cultists"? It vanished.

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It's not really a horror game but star wars dark forces has some creepy moments

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>AvP2000 goes the route of making your enemies cocaine-powered.

It's still pretty solid outside of that.

>Dark Corners of the Earth is an excellent game, but it ain't a traditional shooter.
The first town is pretty good but it's a VERY broken game and painful outside of that.

>clive barker's jericho is pretty kino, i remember enjoying it a lot even if it might not be super scary.
the setting and the game design is fun
1. Not at all Retro
2. It's one of the most infamous video game flops of the last generation

>Based AvP poster. Came here to post that.
If you want REAL fun with AVP Classic 2000, find an enclosed map with no static light sources and some friends.

Start a game, in the menu set
>Lights: Disabled/Smashed
>Predator: Disabled
>Mode: Last Man Standing
>Set item respawn counter to zero.
>Set a score based weapon respawn of something like 10 points and the reward for killing an Alien 1.
>Set the time limit 5-8 minutes
>Disallow any crazy weapons like the SADAR, but restrict Smart gun marines to like 1-2.
>Reduce game speed to 80% or 70% if your friends hate quake era movement/speed

Name the server LIGHTS OUT.
You now have a zombies mode set in pitch blackness where every marine who falls becomes an alien.
>marines need to choose between full visibility but no motion tracker with limited sight.
>weapons don't respawn so running out of ammo is a genuinely possibility
>Aliens can sabotage weapons placed around the map for counterplay.
>Darkness's gives Aliens an actual fighting chance.
It's bloody terrifying.

The game is also like $1.50 on steam.

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As someone who liked Wolf 2007, Singularity felt fucking nasty. I was told it's a hidden gem, but it really feels like any mid-tier shooter from the era plus time powers.

These are doom wads btw.
You forgot Asylum of the Wretched.

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>Wolf 2007,
Sorry anon that was 2009

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