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anybody have any Nosferatu SNES gifs?

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Cow summoning at it's finest

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Just beautiful

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That's badass.

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It's one of the shield rod abilities, you can summon the spirit of the cow that was used to make the leather shield.

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This game is just one badass powertrip, mooks in the first stage would rather be killed by the stage 1 boss than face you https://youtu.be/bGnMtGEOti4 at around 00:20

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Ooh, what game is this?

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Try reverse image search, nooblet.

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that's not animated!

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Did he just cut the zombie with a gun???

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I remember being 12 and felt disappointed Maria got her tiddies reduced.

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>that's not animated!
are you sure?

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a girl that age shouldn't be fondling her turtles

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Yes. You made look at a gross old hag for a minute for nothing. Give me back my youth!

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Yes pls.
Censor that necro porn. This is xtian 4channel.

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That's just Atlantic City, NJ...

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Spooky scary skeletons.

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I forgot how good the soundtrack is

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Sweet Home. Fuck, man, this is even more graphic than Hitler's death in Bionic Commando.

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the real spook is how this has been compressed to Hell and back, twice

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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

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He's contemplating whether or not he has the time to fuck her.

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Huh. I thought this looked super familiar, but I was actually playing skunny kart.
>Developers Andy Edwardson and Shaun Gadalla of Wacky Wheels were inspired by Super Mario Kart, and wished to create a similar experience on the personal computer. During development, he sent out a playable demo that included its source code to Copysoft to canvas interest in funding the project. They rejected it and instead Apogee began funding development. However, just prior to the release of Wacky Wheels, Copysoft released a similar game titled Skunny Kart. Edwardson and Gadalla accused Copysoft of copyright infringement, noting the similarity in the games: however, no legal action was ever taken
Then again, I played Mario kart on SNES as well, and maybe that prevented anyone else from suing and attracting 'tendo attention.

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Oddly enough considering the common rhetoric, there's way more windmills in flyover states. Less snobby new money NIMBYism, perhaps.
California's irrigation and subsequent runoff also look the most atrocious from the air by far.

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I'm still waiting for the fucking head to appear

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Wish they'd share the source code, would be fun to mess around with and make a new kart game for DOS with.

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implementing SNES-mode-7-like graphics given that you can output a bitmap isn't particularly hard, if you know x86 assembly and the VGA specifications it should be easy - requires only basic trigonometry understanding

at only slightly less performance, it can be done in C with a library like https://github.com/msikma/allegro-4.2.2-xc/ there being modern gcc targetting DOS which you can get here https://github.com/andrewwutw/build-djgpp

Jazz Jackrabbit on DOS bonus levels also have such an engine

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That Time I Tensei As A Bone Daddy.

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Chatted a little bit with Hellbent on Zophar's Domain forums back in what, 2001? fun times.
seems he's making adventure games these days, his art style became really.. organic? is that the word. quite detailed. I hope he'll revisit the bloodlust characters in an adventure someday.

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this game freaked me out as a kiddo

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almost spoopy day

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Shaft could turn that into a business and make lots of money by levitating kids up and down like that wind tunnel thing, then go to heaven instead of hell for bringing joy to children throughout that century.

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>Skunny Kart.
Not sure how much SK stole from WackyWheels, but WW has a pretty nice handbrake-turn button. It only turns left though.

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What, did Maria really have huge titties in Rondo?

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Cowstlevania lol.

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Never gets old.

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What game?

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Looks like Devil's Crush.

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Kino the thread.

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>what's good, nyiiiguuuhh

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The way his face seems to be missing a nose is genuinely unsettling

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Don't really like the emulator filters tbqh. SH1 lives on being grany and warpy.