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You got the original "Mario Kart" AND then you have "Mario Kart 64." Which is better, I would like to hear your opinion and take votes and see what the majority thinks on the topic? Thank You, Reply And Give Me Your Answer!

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I honestly prefer SNES Mario Kart in every way, even the battle mode. Of course it's only 2 player but I love the feather item for crazy jumps. 4-player battle mode sure was awesome, though.

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Never played Mario Kart 64 due to shifting over to PlayStation back in 98. Mario Kart is great though.

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I never really cared for the SNES version of the game. 64 seems like the definitive one to enjoy.

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the snes version is crap. its not even 3d

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of course it's 3d, you move your kart in a 3-dimensional environment, don't you? Doesn't matter what it looks like inside the machine.

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I agree with the sentiment, but where do you draw the line? Is Pole Position 3D?

Mode 7 manipulates a background layer into a two-dimensional horizontal texture-mapped plane that trades height for depth. Whatever your stance, it was a bigger jump from the SNES to the PS1/N64 era than it was from the Pole Position/Outrun style of racing game to Mode 7 on the SNES.

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Damn, meant to reply to >>5961182.

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I think you draw the line at the intention the developers have. So Pole Position would be 3d, same as Wolfenstein. By the way, saying "it's not even 3d" raises this vain question in the first place, as if being 3d per se was a good thing.

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The bsnes mode 7 tricks might make the original a lot more play worthy than it was.

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its 2d.
there is no z axis, only x and y

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I think that for a lot of people polygons = 3d

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The assets are 2d sprites, and the track only involves geometry in 2 dimensions, but the view is clearly one that shows the player length, width, and height. It isn't very sophisticated 3d, but it is 3d.

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Mario kart 64 is better.

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we already were at that point. Of course inside the machine it's only raycasting 3d but as the anon says
>the view is clearly one that shows the player length, width, and height. It isn't very sophisticated 3d, but it is 3d.

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64 is better in every way imo
Love them both

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64 is much better obviously. Better control of the Kart and items, better tracks, 4 players...

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Recently played Mario Kart 64 again, and I didn't really enjoy it that much at all. I found the rubber banding so frustrating it pretty much ruined it for me. Still played though each cup in 150cc and mirror mode, but I think it will be the last time I play that game unless some friends want to play multiplayer.

I have only played multiplayer for the snes one but I had a great time doing it. I remember finding it quite challenging compared to 64 at least.

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As someone who played 64 first, the SNES version all the way. 64 sucks ass.

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I think MK64 has better tracks to be remade in newer games, but drifting in that game sucks

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No it doesn't the drifting is the best in the series, learn to kart bump with the R button

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The SNES game is much harder than the 64 game. Mini boosts were a fun added feature in 64. Track wise I like both but 64 gets the edge there. I think Snes had better OST.

You can't go wrong with either desu

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Agree, the miniturbos are tougher to pull off but that makes them more interesting.

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The better Mario Karts are unfortunately not /vr/, which are Double Dash and DS.
Meanwhile /vr/-wise, Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing did a much better job than MK64.

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fucking kill yourself

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Double Dash is probably the last in the franchise that I really like. Newer games are technically more impressive from a technology standpoint, but they ruin the gameplay with the kart customization mechanic. On all the games Double Dash and older, you can pick any character on any kart, and you can win if you drive well. On Wii and newer, if you don't pick the exact correct combo at the start, it won't matter how well you drive because everyone else will just drive faster into the distance.

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Double Dash is trash, start of the gimmicks. Feels like it was made by a third-party.

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>tier johns in mario kart
Come on, dude. Also not /vr/.

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SNES is better

N64 is retarded because the good characters are universally good.

SNES it's easy to play as toad and shit but you need to learn to handle dk/Bowser to actually BE good

Can't believe people don't understand this simple concept. In N64 people say hurrr but Bowser can knock you out really like that ever fucking matters?

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Going back to both always feels awkward at this point. Post Double Dash most MK games all feel the same
For nostalgia, id go with 64 but for what it's worth the minor memories i have of playing super before and even playing it now or through super circuit tracks, its not bad, its novel but racing is a genre that truly was meant for 3D, there's very little reason to go back to 2D racers imo

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I fucking hate how he camera tilts when you turn in 64. It's so jarring

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