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What are some retro games with hot babes?

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Her Chicago politician husband took her to a rich people sex club and a bunch of men tied her up and suspended her from a hoist while they fucked her. She divorced him over it, the whole story came out in the divorce court, he lost his position, and was replaced by an up and coming Barack Obama.

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Man, I bet those dudes still remember it fondly.

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So if Jeri Ryan wasn't so goddamn hot, then Barry Obama wouldn't have become president. Butterfly Effect in action right there.

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Damn those are nice polygonal tits

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>126lbs at 6 feet
hungry skeleton

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>jungle monkey taste
Calm down Jemal

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I'm a huge Voyager fan and never realized this. Thanks bro.

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i wish someone did a character select screen with females for all the classes but it's only one by one so you get some chocolate milk tonight /vr/

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Not necessarily, ensign. Mr. Ryan's sexual proclivities are likely the result of lifelong developed fetishes and kinks. If he had not been married to Miss Zimmerman, he likely would have been doing the same depraved acts with another woman.

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They could have made those tits larger, just saying.

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Where did you read/hear this? I've never heard exactly what happened in the club that made Jeri file for divorce.

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I read about it at least 8 years ago. I'll find the source but it may take a while.

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Polygonal chicks are hot

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>Although Ryan mentioned in an interview for Star Trek that the frequent separations had been difficult for the marriage, the reasons for the divorce were kept sealed at their mutual request.[25]

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Strip Fighter.

For an unlicensed porn Street Fighter rip off with all of 6 characters, it's reasonably well made.

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i liked the scientist from rampage. cant find any porn of her though.

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there is only one correct answer

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most PC-98 games with anime girls

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Stretched to 16:9 makes her tits even bigger nice

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Crash still gives me a hard-on

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Nigger that's literally just a recycle of the dark queen, stupid fucking groid.

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can you the next time speak like a human being?, thanks

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is that Grunty from Banjo Kazzoie

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Not to mention how a good portion of that weight looks to be stored solely in her boobs and butt.

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fuck, ive wanted lewds of big boobie Veronica Betty for years

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Rare took a character they previously used and recycled it, nigger. Dark queen is way hotter than grunhilda

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Glad i'm not the only one

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Yeah during the game over cinematic when she steals Banjo's sister's(?) good looks

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yeah yeah, but... imagine the smell of gruntilda

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That's Tenchu right? Which one?

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First one.

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Banjo's sister doesn't have big tits though

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