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Which one do you like the most/least?

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just tdp for me :)

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Favorite: TDP
Least Favorite: TMA, but only because I like its themes less than the others. It's still insanely good.

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gold, but you skip thieve's guild and mage towers

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Is there a way to repatch gold to vanilla TDP?
I'd rather skip the thieves guild next time I replay it

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>I'd rather skip the thieves guild next time I replay it
you could just do the level skip. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + End

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Yeah, GoldToDark does just that.

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Mage Towers is alright imo

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the central building is ok. the tower parts are tedious though.

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I wouldn't say tedious, just really boring. water tower is nothing. wind tower is everything wrong with the dark engine when it comes to platforming. earth tower has no dark corners. fire is metal grates and lava.

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The main issue with it is that it's painfully linear.

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>Rob: 'Once upon a time, not only would Dromed crash, but it would go out and kill your family afterwards.'
>Mahk: 'I thought we took out that code.'
Is there a list or some other type of collection for FMs created by anons? Or did they all succumb to Dromed's quirks?

>the tower parts are tedious though.
Two of them could've also been left optional as well with extra loot or an objective in one of the towers on Expert, but that idea's probably been mentioned more times than Bafford's been directly or indirectly screwed over in FMs.

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Fuck me, playing Vanishing Point got me more than it should have.

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Song of the Caverns is overrated.

>le quirky insane opera man xD

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what are some other overrated levels in your opinion?

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Best: Thief Gold
Worst: Deadly Shadows

It's much better than Life of the Party.

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>le [words] lmao
You know that you can't express a coherent opinion using buzzwords, right?

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Yeah, Vanishing Point and Greenbay are great, but the same guy did the Rocksbourg missions too and I couldn't finish any of those.

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I love that level. So many hidden passageways. Also, you can just run through the middle of the opera stage and rope up to the third level.

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The main problem is that mages are easy to kill. If they were immune to arrows and needed an elemental attack that would be better.

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I remember my first time playing all the way through.
>scared as shit
>walk down the stairs and see the fucking rat devils
>those hideous voices and fast attacks
>stop playing because I'm truly terrified
>think about Garrett trapped in that Hell because I didn't beat the level

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The funny thing is the apebeasts you encounter in Escape! are the same guards from Constantine's mansion, they just disguised themselves as humans, so it will be less obvious to Garrett that Constantine is actually a pagan.

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>no stealth game where you can fuck up a stage play or live performance, but everyone watching thinks you're just part of the act.

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Is there no fan mission that implements this idea? It'd be great but I assume that'd be a pain to code in and would need some talented VAs.

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Not just stealth game, has any game ever (besides Life is Strange: Before the Storm) implemented that?

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Isnt that just TDP?

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Gold also has song of the caverns

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And an inferior Lost City.

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Feels like it has to have been in a Hitman game at some point

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Hitman: Blood Money, fagboy.

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What kind of a dumb ass question is that you triple taffer?

the dark project = the metal age >>> deadly shadows > shit >>> TH4F or whatever they called it

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I like Gold the most.
While I don't think Thieves Guild is a great mission, it isn't that bad either, the casino part is really good, and the sewers are still not as bad as Escape!.
The Mage Towers is good too, the air tower can be annoying, but otherwise there's nothing reall wrong with it.
Song of the Caverns is probably one of the best Thief missions ever.
Also, I think most of the changes to the already existing levels are objectively good, Down in the Bonehoard is better, meeting mages in the Lost City instead of craymen has more worldbuilding value, and the extra area in The Sword is fun to explore.

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You are working on a mission, right anon? You aren't just sitting around doing night, r-right?

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You are working on a mission, right anon? You aren't just sitting around doing nothing, r-right?

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A Night in Rocksbourg or A Better Tomorrow?

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I liked A Better Tomorrow, but Rocksbourg's level design just confuses the hell out of me.

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At a snail's pace.

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any other halloween recs?

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Autumn in Lampfire Hills has a nice cozy halloween mood.

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Shunned. Features perhaps the creepiest haunted mansion seen in any fan mission to date. Very fitting for the season.

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It was but it's just a gunshot. In Paris you have to kill the tenor playing the main character of Tosca and there are several ways you can mask your operation with the play since it involves the public execution of the character.
-You can replace the prop pistol with a real one so the other actor kills him.
-You can replace the other actor and shoot him yourself.
-You can hide in a balcony and snipe the target right as the execution part of the play happens so nobody notices he's actually dead.

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TDP = TMA > G > DS

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I like them all, for different reasons.
>feels really fantasy, memorable villain
>Thief 2
>less fantasy (bad), but more fun stuff to use, and you can't blackjack everything
>Thief 3
>tried but failed, still got the Shalebridge Cradle and shed some lights on the Keepers

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>fan mission
These exists? Where can I find them and how do they work?

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Hitman Contracts. It's a way to kill the lead singer of an opera, Albadio something.
He's a pedophile, so no remorse.

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You're new to the Thief community right?
There are a thousands of fan missions for Thief 1 and 2, the easiest way to run them is to use a launcher like AngelLoader, Darkloader or Garettloader.
Check out the fan missions made for the 20th anniversary contest

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>You're new to the Thief community right?
I've been playing Thief ever since I got the vanilla game for free in the French PC Gamer magazine, but I was so sure it was obscure as fuck like Project Eden or Seven Kingdoms 2 that I never bothered looking online.

Which launcher is the best for someone like me who struggled for days just to install a fanpatch for Morrowind?

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I use Darkloader, but most of these work the same way: you create a folder somewhere to store your fan missions (these are .zip files), in the settings of the launcher you choose this folder to be the source for fan missions, and then the launcher will initialize them immediately.

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Sounds easy enough, even for me. Thanks mate.
I hope these missions are actually good, I tried Super Mario Maker, wasn't amused.

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Assuming your installation is patched with newdark, you have a built in FM loader that's up to date (unlike darkloader). Remove the semicolon from the line
in cam_mod.ini and it'll launch when you start the game.

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>unlike Darkloader
What's wrong with it? It never seemed to have any problem with the fan missions I tried

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I'm using Steam's versions right now, since I lost the CD with the French movies.

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It's woefully outdated and extracts mission files into the game's folder which can result in some huge issues if cleanup doesn't work correctly. There's a reason it's been replaced with AngelLoader or NewDarkLoader.

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Tell me, Shunned is a Thief 1 mission, but it is compatible with Thief Gold, right?

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Yes, it is compatible.

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Hmmm, 21 different posters. Why don't we go and resurrect Thievery?

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ThieveryUT? I'd reinstall UT99 for that.

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thief threads were slow as shit even before /vr/ had the two-week until autosage feature.

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Yeah man, Brody servers are always up but perpetually empty:

Any anons interested just download 1.71 and UT GOTY is easy enough to torrent:

It's a wicked mutiplayer experience and there's been nothing like it since. I'd say we need at least 8 anons to make it worth the effort.

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I'll reinstall UT99 and try to get it set up then. Good luck finding 8 players though because nobody ever shows up to these events even when the game is free from my experience.

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Thanks. I'll just go looking for a NewDarkLoader, and I should be able to have a massive nostalgia orgasm. A nostalgiasm. A nostalgasm.

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Got it set up and then proceeded to get destroyed by bot guards.

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Ah well. I thought maybe there'd be some thievery-liches and curious thief fans around. Tis a shame.

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Why does Garrett have two eyes in Thief 2?

>> No.5944948

Nevermind I didn't realize the other one was still mechanical. Hard to tell in the cutscenes.

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Is it a version of Team Deathmatch?

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Fuck why is this thread so dead I just played so I want to talk about it.

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Brb reinstalling UT2004.

>> No.5945723

just played Thief 2*

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It's UT99

>> No.5945727

Which one is it?

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Nostalgia factor: T 1/2 (slight edge to T2)

Modern-day gaming: The Dark Mod.

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Haha.. It becomes that when the Thieves are really skilled (since they become ridiculously good at black-jacking), but if the teams are balanced then the thieves are trying to steal up to a certain amount of loot -- or specific objects -- while avoiding guards. Maps are atmospheric and it's absurdly fun.

>> No.5945816

Sounds like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's multi. What a piece of shit it was.

>> No.5945832

UT99 436 or later, GOTY are both fine:

I have shit to do today, but I'll reinstall everything later since it looks like at least a few people are interested.

Also there's a comment on the server page (although several months old) that some folks play every Thursday at 6:30PM GMT. Hopefully that's still the case!

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WHICH ONE is "UT99"? I only know of Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Unreal Tournament 2004, and a shitty Unreal Tournament 3 that sucks ass.

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The one that came out in 1999.

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Never played that, but Thievery ranks as one my few truly great multiplayer experiences. If you're a faggot zoomer or only like fast-paced in your face frag fests, then it's probably not for you. If you like genuine suspense, cleverness and thrill of the chase, then you might like it.

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It's Unreal Tournament.
If you're torrenting just get UT GOTY.

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Haa, it's called UT99?

It was shit. All the guards were spawncamping smug assholes, and all the spies just ran to the objectives and never bothered to actually sneak.
But if you're a faggot who like shitty games, you might like it.

>> No.5945884

Ok, so you're not interested. Have a nice day.

>> No.5945890

If it's another shitty game where oldfags are bullying new players out of the game and then whine "baaaw why is there so few of us playing that objectively good game", then no, I'm not interested. I have better things to do than put up with a circlejerk's group bullying, I passed that kind of interest around 15 years ago.

>> No.5945895

>If you're a faggot zoomer or only like fast-paced in your face frag fests, then it's probably not for you.
Thievery is not anything different. The game starts, and instantly the guards start running around the mansion looking for thieves they shouldn't know have entered. All PvP stealth games are shit because stealth is impossible. The thieves' primary goal fails the instant the game starts because the guards are already aware of their presence by default. It cannot ever work.

>> No.5945898

The secret is to give guards stuff to do. Realistically, they'd be on the lookout for incidents as well as intrusions, and in real life, they spend more time looking for things out of the ordinary than looking out of burglars.

t. security agent IRL

>> No.5945907

Spawn camping doesn't work in Thievery. You're out in the dark and you'll just get yourself BLACKJACKED™

If there are still oldfags playing on thursdays, then yes the skill gap between them and us will be noticeable. There's an unavoidable learning curve. They aren't going to bully anyone though, since they'll super happy to see an influx of players. I highly doubt they'll stack on one side (there's really no fun in dominating).

You seem determined to find problems with this though. What can I say? Try it or not.

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Why bother replying to this cretin with a chip on his shoulder for a game he hasn't even tried yet?

>> No.5945914

Thank you for proving me right about how the Thievery community is unsufferable and cancerous. Now I know better than to try playing a game that attracts such obnoxious retards.

>> No.5945917

You weren't going to play it anyways faggot. I've never even played it I could just tell you were fishing for reasons to whine about it.

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A thief multiplayer would only work as coop. Would be great fun to roleplay as the Thieves Guild and raid Bafford again. I pray to the Builder the French will give us an easy to access multiplayer for TMA/TDP.

>> No.5945921

hey, be nice to each other

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It's really not that one sided. If you have the experience with the game you're implying, then you'd know thieves win plenty often. They have the tools they need, lighting is arranged so that stealth is quite possible and over-extending is dangerous for the guards.

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Unsufferable and cancerous indeed.
And to think I was installing Unreal Tournament.

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I guess you're right. I just thought maybe he's having a bad day or something. Even 4chan hasn't made me entirely cynical.

It works as thieves vs guards. It exists -- plenty of people played it back in the day and had a great time.

I like coop too, but realistically it can't be more than you and one buddy or the AI would get unceremoniously raped. It's way more fun with human guards you have to bait and out-think.

>> No.5945930

I don't mean that it's too difficult or too easy gameplay-wise. I mean that it's not stealth and if I was a thief and knew that all the guards in a mansion are fully alert and actively searching for intruders, I would leave and not try to rob the place that night. The entire gameplay is just fundamentally opposed to Thief and the basic idea of stealth.

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Ferme donc ta gueule espèce de petite pédale de Païen.

>> No.5945942

Just out of curiosity, I checked Thievery. And funnily enough, it's enough like Chaos Theory that I detailled in >>5945863, all the thieves just ran around hoping they would meet a guard, there was no sneaking involved, and the entire thief gameplay was just them running circle around guards.

I'll stick to vanilla UT and stay the fuck away from that mod.

Suck my willy, taffer.

>> No.5945948

Ah yes, that much is true. Necessary trade-off for having humans to play against. It's fun though.

>> No.5945957

Why have you got such a hate boner for this game? Just go away then. No loss to you.

I played many a game where thieves remained largely undetected and won by misdirection, teamwork & stealing the loot. If the guards are any good, that's the best way to win.

>> No.5945960

>ask if Thievery is a bad as Splinter Cell
>"i dunno"
>explain how bad it was
>someone flips their shit that I dare shit on thievery
>explains that no, I was talking about splinter cell
>"WHATEVER you weren't going to play it"
>post screenshot proving I was installing UT to prove I was genuinely interested in trying that mod
>"Shut the fuck up you little Pagan faggot"
Okay. I think I have a clear idea why that thread is so dead.
Might have something to do with the lack of reading comprehension mixed with the extreme aggressivity of some people around here.

>> No.5945972

You're being really thin-skinned my dude. Is it really worth getting flustered about?

Try the game or not. I'm telling you it's good and thieves do indeed have to hide, and that spawncamping isn't a problem. If you won't believe me, there's no point in discussing it.

Anyways, thanks at least for making the thread less dead.

>> No.5945973

>Try the game or not
Since I'm getting shitted on for criticizing Chaos Theory, and since Thievery seem to be exactly the same thing, I doubt it's worth it.
And the behaviour I saw in this thread makes me doubt >>5945907's claims about the community being welcoming.

By the way, the video I refer to is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhDXEjc2z3o..

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One player is enough to rape them. You can use dirty tricks such as knocking them out through the door or swift spinning with the sword. For a player vs ai you maybe have to force a more ghost like playing style. In COSAS Mission X you were not allowed to knock anyone out and/or raise the alarm IIRC. But even at that point regular guards could provide little challenge for the experienced player.

>> No.5946004

I think they would be welcoming since they're probably desperate for players. No I'm not certain of that because I haven't played in years, but it seems logical.

Yeah, there are seem l33t t4ff3rs in that video, but I can recall plenty of cagey guards too. I'm telling you that against good guards, straight DM'ing it is no safe bet. Nor is it safe for guards to over-extend enough to make spawncamping a problem. It works out.

>> No.5946007

Mmm. I'll give it a try, but I'll be blunt : I still have a lot of reservations about PvP stealth. I'll see how it works out, who knows.
That reminds me, apparently the Dark Project game based on Doom 3 is finally out? Have they fixed that bug with the quicksaves where it crashes if you save too much?

>> No.5946012

That's true. I just self-limit my play style -- as I do with many games -- to have a richer experience.

>> No.5946032

Cool. We might have to wait till Thursday, since there only seems to be 2-3 of us interested here.

Huh, I forgot about dark mod, I'll have to check it out. Graphics aren't a big deal for me though, so unless it improves gameplay I'll prob. pass.

>> No.5946038

>We might have to wait till Thursday
Yeah, about that. Count me out until 2-3 weeks. I'm using a free wifi right now, so my top downloading speed is about 50 MB/s. Far from enough to play a FPS, even a stealth one.

>> No.5946042

Fair enough. The note on the server page says they play every Thursday, so if that's still true then no worries.

>> No.5946062

I like TG the best. My all time favorite and least favorite maps are in there, and even the ones i hate, i hate them with a loving passion.

>> No.5946065

TG's worst maps are better than T2's worst maps.

>> No.5946174

>being this wrong

>> No.5946206

also t2 has more bad missions than good

>> No.5946210

Casing the Joint is genuinely the worst mission in the series and the brushwork feels half finished with all sorts of visual bugs.

>> No.5946246

The entire world disagrees with that statement so it's simply incorrect. The only Thief game with more bad missions than good ones came out in 2014.

>> No.5946248

Which one is it? The one where you infiltrate the mechanist cathedral to eavesdrop on the Sheriff Truart?

Haven't tried it.

>> No.5946249

Thief virgin here, want to play the first one. should I get a Steam version or a source port? original/gold? what do people suggest for the best experience.

>> No.5946254

Steam version IS source port.
Gold adds two missions of controversed interests, but fixes a few things in various level to fix softlock issues in higher difficulties. Get Gold.

>> No.5946257

Remember that not a single cent of your purchase will go to anyone responsible for creating or even publishing the original Thief. But if you don't care about that, the GoG version is probably the best one. There aren't really source ports for the game, but unofficial patches.

>> No.5946264

I'm downloading the original demo of Thief 2 "The Unwelcome Guest". Can I use fmsel to play Thief 2 as the demo instead?

>> No.5946267

Should I got that one instead of the Steam versions, shit.


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File: 1.12 MB, 1400x2180, 1514070516514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Basically this: >>5946257
You get the same game, just use TFix Lite to make it work properly on your modern system.
(TFix works well too, but it changes some stuff about the level design and the game's visuals, so TFix Lite is more recommended for first playthrough, assuming you want to get the original experience).

>> No.5946284

Going to second Tfix Lite over Tfix. The clowns working on these "fan patches" change too much stuff to be considered just a patch (especially with SCP).

>> No.5946286

Steam version is perfectly fine.

>> No.5946287

The fuck is SCP?

>> No.5946296

While TFix is objectively inferior to TFix Lite, it's still a really mild example of what you described considering abominations like Revision are displayed on Deus Ex's steam front page as an official replacement mod.

>> No.5946306

SS2 Community Patch by the same author that modifies way too much to be considered just a patch. Like powered armor is now as powerful as light armor when unpowered and provides radiation protection, removing all of its drawbacks.

>> No.5946439

That sounds stupid, not gonna lie.

>> No.5946448

voodoo47 is a fucking faggot and should be flogged and fucked anally for his retardation

Also don't use tafferpatcher, go with T2FIX and under "advanced installation" only have the default option ticked, unless you're a faggot that likes HD mods

>> No.5946458

>"he's a faggot!"
>"let's fuck his ass to teach him!"
Why reward him if you don't like him?

>> No.5946461

prison rules bro

>> No.5946485

Most fags don't actually like taking it up the bum, from what I've been told they mostly just give head

>> No.5946982

Jesus the makes me sick. I hate people who advertise overhaul mods for a first playthrough.
All you need is bug fixes or patches to run on modern systems.

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File: 1.82 MB, 1920x1080, dump027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5947175

the fuck did you do

>> No.5947184
File: 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, dump020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I opened up all the cell doors.

>> No.5947260

>Thief has bad mantling code, let's fix it
>You can now mantle up things that were previously inaccessible
>Therefore all the level design must have been produced based on the assumption that the player can't mantle properly!
>I'll just block off access to any areas now accessible with the new mantling! That has to be what the developers intended!
>meanwhile the player can mantle onto inch-wide windowsills because instead of fixing the mantling code so it works as intended, voodoo just removed the exception that caused the original problem to begin with

>> No.5947335

The funny thing is that you can't really reach new places though, so there's no point to add extra fence bars and such anyway. Like you could always climb up on the wall to avoid the moving wall in the Haunted Cathedral mission.
The areas that you can only access with NewMantle are just out of bounds locations, so unless you want to break the game intentionally, it's not that big of a deal.

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File: 17 KB, 349x169, smug_anime_cat 25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>from what I've been told

>> No.5947337

Thoughts on Breathing Corpses?

>> No.5947373

Fanmissions are all shit. Keep playing the original, good game, and not the troll missions with invisible enemies, bullshit puzzles, and the Unreal announcer speaking loudly every time you knock someone out.

>> No.5947387

Then there are places that make no sense. Like blocking off above the uninteractable portcullis' outside Bafford's. I have no clue how one could climb up there regardless of which mantling code you have. There is no way to reach that platform so why did voodoo block it off?

>> No.5947396
File: 103 KB, 608x600, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>confused at what "mantle" means
>though it was some kind of cape, or a cloak, since someone on /tg/ spoke about how African myths were about "taking X's mantle"
>google it
>it's pic related
I'm sorry, but please explain.

>> No.5947413

Mantling is the act of grabbing the edge of an obstacle in order to climb on top of it.

>> No.5947423

How is "mantling" different from "climbing"? I don't think we make a difference in my native language.

>> No.5947435

Haunts that run even faster?
What the fuck?

>> No.5947468

All mantling is climbing but not all climbing is mantling. Mantling is exclusive to getting on top of obstacles by grabbing the ledge and pulling yourself up. Climbing includes going up a rope or a ladder as well.

>> No.5947469

The first thief is the best up until it turns into a zombie survival game instead of a thief game.

>> No.5947486

The word "mantle" has many different meanings in English depending on context. In the case of Thief it refers to climbing an object for the express purpose of getting on top of said object. Colloquially it's a mountaineering term named after the act of climbing up on to a rock shelf from below, which is a rock formation similar in appearance to a fireplace mantle.

>> No.5947489

So taking on someone's mantle isn't about wearing their cloak but surpassing/equalling them?

>> No.5947491

Taking on someone's mantle means to take on their duties/responsibilities.

>> No.5947493

See also: Having big shoes to fill.

>> No.5947497

Oh, I see. Not sure why I understood mantle as a literal cloak.

That one, I think I understand it.

>> No.5947502

>Not sure why I understood mantle as a literal cloak.
There is a type of cloak known as a mantle.

>> No.5947506


>"hurr durr it's a cloak but it's also responsability"
What the fuck is next with that retarded language?
>"you call them king, except in some context where it means 'he who fucks children', and it's extremely rude"

>> No.5947510

>"hurr durr it's a cloak but it's also responsability"
Welcome to English.
The double-meaning is exactly why that saying works at all, though. eg: Your father passes away and you're said to be putting on his cloak in his place, except the cloak is his former role.

>> No.5947513

Except when it's literally about climbing over doors.

>> No.5947514

Well that's something else entirely. Most of the English language is the result of mugging other languages in a back alley for spare vocabulary, so at least it's relevant to thievery.

>> No.5947523

So the English language is literally a taffer?

>> No.5947532
File: 23 KB, 240x228, thiefguard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yfw even a fictional word like "taffer" has 3 different meanings

>> No.5947534

Taffer is just like smurfs.

>> No.5947537

Not so much. It's based on the mythos of the Trickster in the Thief universe and can mean thief, fool or an actual agent of the Trickster.

>> No.5947541

I mean in the way it's used, you taffer. When you're done taffing, you can try to think about it, and you'll recognize I'm taffingly right.

>> No.5947545
File: 34 KB, 206x200, trik.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5947782
File: 12 KB, 480x360, I'll Brain Thee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey! A noun, a verb, but never an adverb, you camel mannered tunic wearing mollycoddle!

>> No.5947854

So on mission 2? Get taste faggot.

>> No.5947919

I'm reinstalling Gold (GOG) havent played in a few years, can someone post a guide on how to set it up with all the fan patches, retextures, loaders etc?

>> No.5947954

GoG Thief forum has an instructions thread it looks like
You ain't gonna get any help with "retextures" here though since any sensible taffer knows that ultra-low polycount games look atrocious with high resolution textures and you'd be retarded to ever use something like that.

>> No.5947957


>> No.5947967

GOG version comes pre-patched, though it seems to be slightly out of date.
All you need to do to enable the FM loader is this >>5943608
If you want to update or use the T2 texture mod, get TFix

>> No.5948142

you just know half of that recently announced campaign is going to consist of unskippable ingame cutscenes and the rest will be some lame city mission you'll have to replay multiple times

>> No.5948158


>> No.5948161

Like NuThief where the cutscenes have Garrett keep getting caught like a rank amateur?

>> No.5948174

What's worse is despite that it will be hailed as another epic achievement of the FM community and every retard at TTLG and rpgcodex will be circle jerking over it for months.

>> No.5948257

in reality it's mostly overly long missions with masturbatory brushwork

>> No.5948418 [DELETED] 

It's propably going to end up like COSAS or The City Project: cancelled because the workload was too much.

>> No.5948420

It will probably be cancelled because the workload is too much.

>> No.5948432

what recently announced campaign?

>> No.5948439

Make your own missions you tards.

>> No.5948516

There are no in game cutscenes, they're all videos after missions that you can just skip if you so choose, just like the original game.

Without going too much into spoiler territory, I'll just tell you that very few of the missions are actually what you could consider "city missions", the settings are varied and the objectives are more focused than those types of outings.

>> No.5948520

Stop posting gramps and go back to Dromed

>> No.5948532

Ugly but fun.

>> No.5948620

Easier to just make baseless shitposts.

>> No.5948685

I just completed TG for the first time, but I used TFix. Does it really change the level design that significantly?

>> No.5948707

Honestly it's not the end of the world if you did, the changes are relatively minor. It's moreso just cause the maker of the mod is a bit of a jackass really.

>> No.5948708

I can recall two examples right now, one of them is the removed tree from the second cathedral mission and the added fence bars in the first one (if you were really tricky, you could climb on that tree and leave the cathedral without doing the fetch quests).
It doesn't add new corridors or such, it just restricts your possibilites in a handful of situations. Tfix also replaces some models with Thief 2 models, making the game visually less consistent. So it's mostly stuff that won't bother you at all if it's your first playthrough, but that's really the problem: it turns the game slightly less good, and makes people believe this is what the game originally was like.

>> No.5948741

Confession time.
I spent so long in the Bonehoard, completely lost, that once I found the Horn, I was sure the game was over. I was surprised when it presented another mission, and I actually watched the briefing (since I skipped them before that).

>> No.5948743

Oh ok, thanks, I expected much worse

>> No.5949356

>launch steam
>can't play anything because of a bug
Ha. So that's why I uninstalled UT99 to begin with.

>> No.5949480

I thought the casino level required you to avoid detection otherwise the thieves would remember you (because they yell your name when you are spotted), so I tried ghosting the level which took 100x longer than it should have for a first playthrough. Turns out you can kill, knockout, and run past them all you want.

I was also under the impression that guards would wake up from a KO so you should stab them or throw them in water every time.

>> No.5949504

Yeah, I was also very surprised by that. Especially since I played Thief pretty late, I think it was around the same time Chaos Theory came out, if not a bit before, so I naturally assumed knocked enemies would wake up after a while.

>> No.5949525

Its only linear in regards to getting the talisman.

>> No.5949805

which accounts for 90% of the mission

>> No.5951169
File: 73 KB, 264x225, Return.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like kino is back on the menu

>> No.5951183

Currently at Thieves' Guild on my replay.

>> No.5951570
File: 114 KB, 263x225, Escape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And from kino to absolute shit, what went wrong?

>> No.5951665

Probably time constraints. They barely knew how to finish the story after the main twist, so the end of the game is just shitty caves + recycled area, then recycled area + shitty caves and finally a shitty linear cave hallway.
But that's too popular... I'm going to acquire the exclusive refined taste of thinking that Thief 2's endgame with its proper non-linear Thief-style missions is the rushed one.

>> No.5951780

I love this mission

>> No.5951784


>> No.5951787

Why do people hate soulforge?

>> No.5951796

>>5951787 It's tedious and the game ends abruptly but it had some good ideas like the room full of bomb turrets. They really should have done missions around the story instead of story around the missions.

>> No.5951861

These are the reasons why I used to dislike Soulforge:
1. I had gotten used to the idea of knocking out humans and disabling a limited number of robots instead of actually sneaking past threats so a level where I can't rely on those tactics was too hard for me.
2. I thought the main objective was an annoying fetch quest because I wasn't hearing the delicious loot sound effect that was always present in the fetch quest that's one of the mantadory objectives in almost every other mission.
3. I was 12 years old and didn't understand English that well, so I didn't understand that vine arrows could attach to gratings which made parts of the mission unreasonably difficult to complete.

My only current criticisms of it, which aren't enough to declare it a bad mission are that there are rooms that follow the Quake level design ie. make no sense from anything but a gameplay challenge perspective, and that every antenna involves a long and slow elevator ride when they could just have a lever at the bottom. Also I know it would be shitty to not be able to spend all that money from the most profitable mission in the game but why does Garrett get to go to the store to get supplies after Viktoria's death?

>> No.5952121

>I didn't hate it, but I thought it was underwhelming, too many empty rooms with no guards and too easy to stealth.

>> No.5952126

damn didn't mean to greentext it

>> No.5952169

I'd rather have the linear but memorable maw of chaos than the boring clusterfuck that is soulforge

>> No.5952182

Why do you think that Soulforge is more boring than the Maw? I can't think of a more boring way to create a Thief mission than a single hallway with nearly zero interactivity that ends with a wait of several minutes.

>> No.5952201

Not him, but I thought the Maw had good pacing, atmosphere, and it was interesting because that was the first time we saw this kind of environment.
Soulforge was just the same empty bricky rooms with some art deco textures we already saw in other missions of the game

>> No.5952204

Funny, I hated the Maw. I remember it as a featureless place.
The Sword or Escape had more souls to it.

>> No.5952206

TMA, just because it has way more urban levels. I didn't mind the tomb raiding/dungeoneering of tdp though. Deadly Shadows is seriously meh except for the Cradle.

>> No.5952262
File: 1.44 MB, 1920x1080, dump036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In retrospect, Thieves' Guild is only bad if you can't find the bracelet.

>> No.5952263

So if you're a shitter retard newfag scum.

>> No.5952272

Yeah, they placed the two guards so that you can't miss their conversation about the key and the safe, so you have no excuse for not knowing where to go.

>> No.5952282

Are the wiki descriptions of Thief 2 Gold's planned missions accurate, or fan interpretations?

>> No.5952297

You can't miss the conversation about the safe key and the safe but there is another mandatory key you need to find. Add to that the fact that the hundred times you played the demo have taught you that it's impossible for objects to be placed on bookcases because shelves are one solid cube of collision. Yet this one time the one key you need to proceed is in a bookcase and readables tell you that the key should be on a person. -And don't worry, even if you accidentally bump into the key, next you'll have to dive in sewer water to find the secret lever that opens the only passage to the other mansion, because of course it makes sense that this criminal gang could only travel to their base by diving through shitwater.

>> No.5952302

I've played Breathing Corpses and at some point I was jumping and running around finding items or find places to place items blowing up the undead along the way. I have the impression that every tomb mission boils down to running errands for rich boneheads. Is this a wrongful reductionist view? How can you spice things up?


>> No.5952313

Your view sounds more like Return to the Cathedral than Bonehoard.

>> No.5952340

How do you go from Thief 2 to Fallout 3 and Skyrim?

>> No.5952360

With difficulty.

>> No.5952456

Emil Pagliarulo was a one-hit wonder.

>> No.5952473

More like half a hit. The actual Angelwatch section of Life of the Party sucks.

>> No.5952589

>it's impossible for objects to be placed on bookcases because shelves are one solid cube of collision
That's factually wrong though, there are many occasions throughout the game where objects are placed on bookshelves (for example in the office on the top of the Cragscleft prison), and they often hide secret doors too, so it's totally natural to check the bookshelves. Also that bookshelf is in the dude's room, and he has a letter in his room that makes it obvious that this is the guy that has the key.
>you'll have to dive in sewer water to find the secret lever that opens the only passage to the other mansion, because of course it makes sense that this criminal gang could only travel to their base by diving through shitwater.
It isn't secret either, there are more notes left by the lord telling the thieves that this is the only way to enter his house, and that he doesn't care what it does to their clothes. One of the corridors has windows through which you can clearly see that "secret" room with the lever, and that corridor is almost next to the tunnel you need to dive into. It's all about paying attention to your surroundings.

>> No.5952647

There's plenty of FM's that are considered better than the original games. Circle of Stone and Shadow is pretty old but both missions still hold up and show how well made a FM can be.

>> No.5952785

>There's plenty of FM's that are considered better than the original games.
By who? By the creators, by fanboys, or by cultured, intelligent players?

>> No.5952823
File: 46 KB, 960x666, noose meme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never was a fan.

>> No.5952854


I've been playing the first one, and while it has moments of brilliance I'm getting pretty tired of it already.
I'm currently at that weird mansion and i'm not enjoying myself. not sure what I should do.

>> No.5952856

Stop playing.
If you're not having fun, give it up, it's clearly not meant for you.

>> No.5953094

>I was also under the impression that guards would wake up from a KO so you should stab them or throw them in water every time.
I would carry them as far away from my exit path as possible then barricade them behind doors with those slow heavy barrels, just in case they wake up.

Wasted time.

>> No.5953259

I spent way too much time finding ways to torture unconscious guards and swordfighting on expert difficulty.

>> No.5953562

Is Thief Gold normally full of floating chairs and tables?

>> No.5953770

A lot of new players I've noticed can't get into TDP level design. Maybe try Thief 2?

>> No.5953854

Did you install the tfix/tfix lite updates?I'm pretty sure they fix those, but I can't remember

>> No.5953931
File: 52 KB, 150x150, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>magical gems
>no question asked
>no question asked
>giant lizard who spit smoke
>no question asked
>monsters that spit flies
>no question asked
>Chaos god
>no question asked
>floating chair

>> No.5954020
File: 1.73 MB, 1920x1200, free Blackbrook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Scripture of the Master Builder主建造者的新经Revisionism修正主义Nectrotic Mutox坏死的互斥体Weaponized Servants武器化的仆人Golden Books金书Trickster is real骗子是真实的Forest Village Massacre森林村大屠杀Karath-Din岩溶日833 Brightcobble Worker's Rebellion亮卵石工人的叛乱Dorcas Goodfellow多卡斯·古德费罗Downlocke Compound Coverup守护者复合掩盖Dark Zone暗区Circle of Builders建设者圈Houseplant Surveillance室内植物监视Cetus Amicus鲸鱼Maw of Chaos混乱之Vagrant Harvesting无业游民的收获Lieutenant Mosley中尉Keeper守护者Bumbleson Invitation Conspiracy大黄蜂邀请阴谋

>> No.5954032

I remember there used to be some endearing autist back in the 00's who made a guide about all sorts of weirdness in Thief 1 and 2 and the guide actually listed every instance of an object inappropriately clipping with geometry or not clipping enough. I think the person genuinely thought that floating lanters were in-lore supernatural phenomenon because afterall if it isn't attached to the wall it should fall to the ground, and since it isn't doing that the game designers must have made it float on purpose.

>> No.5954043


>> No.5954135

I just couldn't remember if it was normal or not.

>> No.5954156

I saw a few lanterns in TDP who were installed the wrong way, so it's normal.

>> No.5954201

derete this treecuck

>> No.5954205
File: 155 KB, 500x420, ebony nibba.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5954214

Man the more I play through the first two thieves games the more bummed I am that lgs didnt make it. These games clearly have so much love poured into them, and its a shame thats gone.

this sounds pretty cool never playee UT before though.

>> No.5954245

Thank John Romero for making such a costly flop, Eidos shut down LGS.

>> No.5954346

UT2004 minus the double jump, the shield, or the adrenalin.

But with a sick disc thrower.

>> No.5954457

I'm gonna rob you of your organs, taffer boy.

>> No.5954520

thief is one of my favorite series. thief gold is obv the best one. deadly shadows was my first and i loved it too

>> No.5954990

I assume you fags are playing Thievery?

>> No.5954997

I'm in that discord and nobody has mentioned playing it yet. Probably too early for wagecucks.

>> No.5955010

>too early

>> No.5955014

'murica, bitch

>> No.5955024


>> No.5955038

Thief II TMA
Thief TDP/Gold focused more heavily on combat than TMA, which was more sneaking-oriented.
Thief TDP/Gold was more ahead of its time, but TMA was simply a better experience. Thief was never a good combat game, and Looking Glass Studios recognized that only after the first game.

Never played Deadly Shadows.

>> No.5955054

>focused more heavily on combat
you can't kill any people on expert

>> No.5955059

So, retard land.>>5955038
I loved how TDP/Gold felt like a RPG where you play the Rogue, compared to the much more normal TMA.
Of course, TMA was really new at the time, but nowaday, every stealth game follows TMA's example with turrets, cameras, and so on. I miss the dungeon feel of the first game.

>> No.5955070

There is never a single point where you have to engage in combat in Thief (excluding the tutorial) whereas in Thief 2 you have to engage and knock someone out.

>> No.5955073

Actually, one of the secondary objectives spams a Haunt in front of you while spawning light over you. You can avoid the fight, but it's meant to force you to duel it.

>> No.5955074

I thought it was TMA that focused more on being aggressive, while Thief 1 on expert usually gave you a no kill objective, TMA added objectives like "blackjack at least 8 guards".
Also, in Thief 1 there's only one mission that requires you to attack enemies (and only on expert), and that's the second cathedral mission, every other mission can be finished with sneaking around

>> No.5955078

I'm replaying Gold and I kinda understand why somebody would find thief level design off putting, when missions like Cragscleft Prison and Bonehoard are so early in the game, while being, imo, some of the most difficult to complete

>> No.5955082

You need to kill the Haunts in RTTC on Expert. If you BJ or kill one of the bugbeasts in Bedfellows you must kill them all as well.

>> No.5955084

i like thieves guild. sure it could be a lot better too if the layout was changed a bit to be less tedious and confusing, but it's still one of my favorite missions

>> No.5955116

>Thief was never a good combat game

>> No.5955427

delete this

>> No.5955434

did anyone actually play thievery tonight? i dont own the game or have the mod or anything so i couldnt play but If people are playing ill try to jump in next week.

>> No.5955539

Nobody in the server right now.

>> No.5955593
File: 1.15 MB, 1920x1080, dump040.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5955620
File: 143 KB, 751x1063, garret cheese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think hammerites were doing in that building?

>> No.5955637
File: 1.77 MB, 1920x1080, dump044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last stand maybe?

>> No.5955640
File: 1.50 MB, 1920x1080, dump049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5955674
File: 701 KB, 1920x1080, dump001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fan Missions have really come a long way huh

>> No.5955717

As far as I know, they've literally always been shit.

>> No.5956008

Was watching last night and never saw Haxer's server go up, so I guess they've stopped playing regularly. I'll check again next week. Thing is, if there's only the 2-3 of us from here, it isn't really worth it.

>> No.5956025
File: 166 KB, 554x860, hammers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would never be caught playing UT99

>> No.5956047

Too hard for your millenial smoothbrain?

>> No.5956053

I don't know about that anon but this is how I'd play Thievery as a thief:
1. Game starts
2. I already know that the guards know we're coming
3. I quit because only a retarded thief would infiltrate an alerted mansion. The only winning move is not to play.

>> No.5956058

That makes sense.
Another excuse I would've accepted is : "because my Steam copy of UT99 bugs, and Steam thinks I keep playing UT99 until I restart, whichs fucks up all my updates".

This is my reason to not play it.

>> No.5956192

from their discord
>We'll play this Weekend about 19 GMT. Feel free to join

autistic queer

>> No.5956386
File: 618 KB, 638x480, Pool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't you hate it when you have a pool part, but nobody swims?

>> No.5956389

did you throw them all in at once so you get a symphony of AH OOH AUGH OW sounds

>> No.5956662

YES but there was a delay or a glitch with the sound. I only heard 3 or 4 simultaneously. But it was a glorious slaughter. I felt bad afterwards, like this was a symptom I should report to a therapist.

>> No.5956665

My favorite is deadly shadows, first one I played

>> No.5956940

Deadly Shadows was the first LGS style game I ever played and it blew my mind back when it was new. I think it's worse than the rest of the catalog aside from Invisible War but it still holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to games where you can actually think outside of the box.

>> No.5957460

Deadly Shadows gets a bad reputation but honestly it was a pretty solid game, but just not as good as the first 2

>> No.5957897

Just like Supreme Commander 2.

>> No.5958271

Does anyone know any fan missions with a good to amazing story?

>> No.5958304

CoSaS is pretty expanded, Rocksbourg also gets interesting during the third mission.

>> No.5958313

I haven't played it but three separate people have recommended to me the Rocksbourg series.

>> No.5958346


>> No.5958356

>>5958304 >>5958313

I already played both, its a shame CoSaS is effectively canceled.

But I have high hope for Rocksurg tho, the first mission may be rough at the edges (especially THAT key) but the storyline just gets more interesting with each installment.

>> No.5958358

My butt itches.

>> No.5958367

I thought the ending to the first one tied everything up nicely and it kinda feels like they tried to outdo the Black Parade content-wise.

>> No.5958438

So I'm playing Thief Gold for the first time and everything went ok and kinda fun until the mission "Thieve's guild".

Suddenly the game got boring.
This level is fucking huge, the map is useless and you can't explore freely because of the guards and the asshole workers of the mansion.

Am I doing something wrong?

So far I've knocked down everybody on sight and I'm lost. I would be even more lost if I was being stealthy.

>> No.5958442

>the map is useless
>Am I doing something wrong?
yes, you are a retard. use the fucking compass

>> No.5958457
File: 140 KB, 1920x1080, dump001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5958527

The first time is always difficult as there is much knowledge you simply do not possess.

For the first time I would recommend going on a knockout spree to give yourself some breathing room and on later attempts try maybe ghosting.

>> No.5958643

Wasn´t the Guardhouse one of the first FMs?

>> No.5958690

I like the idea of a grand adventure outside the city. I'll enjoy playing it in 2031.

>> No.5958696

Didn´t the campaign "Death´s Cold Embrace" take like 13 years? So sb has told me.

>> No.5958704
File: 236 KB, 1920x1080, dump000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, together with Down we go!

>> No.5958732

Something like that, but as I understand it wasn't actually being worked on for most of that time.

>> No.5958735

>work one week
>masturbate for five month
>work another week
>"Took me six months to finish, mates!"

>> No.5958849

thoughts on thief combat vs dark mod combat?

>> No.5958853


Well, they recycled quite a bit, but the resulting environmental stories were nice.

>> No.5958856

theives guild is considered one of the worst in the game you just got to push through. Theres some really good levels on the other side.

>> No.5958860


TDM: Sword combat is very clunky; I was once sucked in a vent with 2 spiders and with only a sword, the spiders were instantly blocking my attacks and my sword was apparently colliding with the terrain too which complicated things.

>> No.5958909

Is there ay Thief Gold mission with Thief 2 style architecture?

>> No.5959019

Lord Bielman's Estate

>> No.5959068

Pretty much any post-NewDark FM.

>> No.5959274
File: 1.24 MB, 1920x1080, ege.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uuuuh what

>> No.5959298

Going through the various sound effects.
I honestly can't decide who's more horrifying between the haunts and the gargoyles.
Haunts are like
>nothing but flames, nothing but ashes, nothing but flames
>join us join us joins us now
>your soul cannot be saved

While gargoyles are like
>discovered and found and CRUSH AND BLEED AND KILL

>> No.5959331

>Bafford was furious when he got back from his trip and found out his precious scepter had been swiped!
>We didn't pull that job, did we?
>You taffer! If we pulled a job on one of Ramirez' people, it would be war!
>Well, who then?
>Probably Garrett. He's the only one sly and foolish enough to pull a job like that.

>> No.5959402

knock outs: 28

>> No.5959528
File: 14 KB, 208x241, terror1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the first time you get spotted by a gargoyle

>> No.5959539

What gargoyles are you guys talking about? I can't remember any.

>> No.5959543

The statues.

>> No.5959565

Okay no wonder I don't remember I haven't played it since 2005.

>> No.5959574

It clearly didn't make that much of an impression on you, then. Despite hating almost everything in TDS, I still remember how surprised when the cutscene ended and I was surrounded by statues.

>> No.5959990


I like TDS gameplay-wise and a bit story-wise, but I hate what they did to the Keepers, they completely demystified them and made them over-reliant on Glyphs
, completely forgetting stealth and their other tools.

(My personal theory is that only Pagans were meant to use glyphs, but Ionstorm was not creative enough for anything new)

And the implementation of the Enforcers was just the worst

>> No.5960035

I don't know what you're talking about, Enforcers are great.
>assassins Keepers, super duper sneaky
>their assassination method is about roaming the streets and killing everyone

>> No.5960056


Also because they were so loud and killed innocents they constantly were attracting the other factions to their locations and they made quick processes with the Enforcers (especially the Hammers and the Watch) making them a laughingstock gameplay-wise.

>> No.5960064

What's not to love about assassins that are sold as the ultimate danger, the counter-thieves, but who end up slaughtered by the rest of the town?

>> No.5960090

Same happened with the pagans in TMA - they completely demystified them and made them look like half-witted hobos. This is what happens when you introduce a selective narrative in the first game and leave the rest to the players' imagination, and then in the next games substitute the fruits of that imagination with our own (inferior) vision.

>> No.5960095

I'm always amazed at how the Pagans went from being led by a God, a nymph, and finally some chick, and yet still had enough power to control a district, whereas the hammerers (granted, they were past their glory days) who were far more respected didn't control all the street like the lore seemed to suggest.

>> No.5960103



I especially love how their design was way too Pagan influenced to be anything Keeper related and how they were just using pseudo-magic guns and nothing else.

>> No.5960106

I love how they have way more foreshadowing than the statues who come out of nowhere, and yet they're complete jokes compared to them.

>> No.5960124


My guess is that they made the Pagans more grounded in realism because people did not like the mystical/magical feel of the first game, but it also kind made sens.
Their god was dead (how dead is unknown maybe he will just respawn in some random egg) and so they were less protected by his power and chaos beasts and so had to do thigs on their own.

But they were not as demystified as the keepers. Because their full capacity was never revealed, as opposed to the keepers "MA GLYPS", and they got the new addition of new plant monsters to mystify things again.

Plus the Pagans were not destroyed because some Taffer detonated a magic EMP.

>> No.5960130


Originally the Pagans were only meant to live in the wilderness, but because of the city hub in TDS, it was retconned so that the Pagans were now fine having Manfools as their neighbors.

>> No.5960134

In the wilderness, or in Chaos.
Or trying to infiltrate manfool society.

>> No.5960149


It never made sense to me why the Pagans are described as chaos loving, nature-loving sure, but nature is very far removed from chaos (see the natural sciences).

Nature could only be described as chaos by people dismayed that the leaves do not fall int orderly packages each fall and are surprised that animals have a will of their own.

>> No.5960152

H*mmerite propaganda

>> No.5960153


Edit: They are more accurately described as Freedom lovers, who hate the rules modernity brings with them.

>> No.5960158

Because they're opposed to civilization.

>> No.5960168


It seems they hate civilization because it is damaging to nature and their freedoms, but it does not mean they hate order.

Civilization is a way to order things, it does not mean it is the only way to do so.

>> No.5960180


The implementation of the statues was pretty well handled, I give them that, but they are still decimated by hammer and pagan priests

>> No.5960201


Well, the statues were foreshadowed in one of the earliest cutscenes in the game and by the statue holding a note.

>> No.5960295

Has anyone played and finished the T2 FM Insanity's Crescendo?

It just keeps crashing but it is part of a whole series and I do not want to skip it.

Any fixes?

>> No.5960318

never crashed for me. try using a clean newdark installation

>> No.5960341
File: 22 KB, 320x240, 1525376792259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Check out some fan missions, see Godbreaker
>Damn, this looks great
>Start first mission in the campaign
>Jump to mantle over an obstacle
>Shit almost halfway over it
>"Shit I could go for a crayman burger now"
>"Gosh taffity dammit I forgot to take my bone pills"
>Almost fall over due to exhaustion and parkinsons once on top of the obstacle
Right, so this is why the main character was longing for his good old days.

>> No.5960342

Good idea, but you did not install any dml-fixes?

>> No.5960343


And the adventure continues...

>> No.5960448

>being a pagan defender
Off yourself, taffer.

Yeah, and priests are rare.

>> No.5960457


>> No.5960507


Nay, I am no ordinary defender, for I am the protector of the VIne, Shepard of the Flesh, Cultivator of the Mold and Keeper of the natural way of Freedom!. City-head!

>> No.5960514

They should have designed the missions around the story instead of the story around the missions for Thief 2.

>> No.5960515


Maybe the forum thread is out-of-date, it seems.

>> No.5960519
File: 509 KB, 1920x1080, 20191020175653_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Disgusting forest fucker.

>> No.5960523


But what would that improve? Would we not get the same or similar product?

>> No.5960532

Idiot Manfool!

>> No.5960536

Better pacing and maybe a less frontloaded game.

>> No.5960537

Watch this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzaa-jHULLc

>> No.5960557


Their manfoolsy fleshes shall be used to sustain a new goodsie grove.

>> No.5960561

Maybe, but how is T2 frontloaded in your opinion?

>> No.5960569

pretty much anything after and including angelwatch sucks

>> No.5960575

Thy villain ways are bound to fail. Steel will break thy skull, and whips will shed thy weak flesh.

>> No.5960590


Fool, where du you think thy precious steal comes from? It comes fro the goodsie earth! And it shall reclaim what was once brutally stolen.

Thy decedent ways shall upheave the earth against thee until you are less than dust in the wind.

>> No.5960601


Yea, Angelwatch should have been more in the focus of that mission and made into a proper Mech-skyscraper. And the surroundings should have been a bit more fleshed out.
But the old dark cell limit sucks!

>> No.5960751

Has Thief 4 anything good to offer?

I am seriously considering getting it to experience more Thief.

>> No.5960759

It adds some very neato animations, but otherwise it's much more linear compared to the previous games who are more "here's a building, go steal everything in it".

>> No.5960789

Is it also the game that spawned the infamous "cockring-meme"?

>> No.5960790

Have you played The Dark Mod or at least Styx: Master of Shadows? Or some other renowned stealth games that aren't Thief-like, such as Splinter Cell or Hitman?

Because even after you exhaust that pool choosing to play Thi4f is downright desperate. Desperate. Your turn. Desperate. Desperate. Desperate. Desperate. The sound you will make rattling your cage will serve as a warning to others.

Also the neato animations Anon refers to below really *are* neato, but they also kill the game's pacing, especially since the loot is often split into hundreds of little pieces and you're collecting even mundane items that, in the original games, Garrett would only pick up by accident and then look for ways to drop them on the ground in such a way that they don't make n noise.

Combine these two contradictory gameplay features and your worst nightmare becomes a table that someone tossed loose change on - Garrett will proceed to pick them up one at a time, sometimes looking at them before shoving them in his purse, and that comes with at least a 1 second delay between each animation. It will drive you crazy if you have a completionist bone in your body.

>> No.5960805

I don't know, haven't played enough of it.

Yeah, but Garrett's fingers when he picks locks or inspect paintings for secrets are superbs.
Okay, this is the only good thing in the game I could find.

>> No.5960808

thi4f isn't even worth playing ironically

>> No.5960827

Fuck off with your homestuck meme.

>> No.5960832

i don't even know what that is

>> No.5960835

A shitty webcomic who popularized "ironically" and "unironically liking" things.
Loved by insecure faggots who think being verbose is a sign of intelligence.

>> No.5960889


I have the Dark Mod installed and it gives a very solid and enjoyable experience, but I am feeling driven off due to a bit of the uncanny effect of being in Not-the-city, stealthing around Not-the-hammers and Not-the-watch.

I do not like their interpretation of the Hammerites at all. They are apparently not engineers and are incapable of building machines, even tho they are supposed to be the reason this city is so advanced technologically.
They have some very good Ideas but the Lore of the world is lacking and very underdeveloped.
Plus some of the missions are very poorly optimized.

The other games I must at least try in the future.

>> No.5961028

I agree that the setting and aesthetic of general Dark Mod suck and a lot of its benefits are less important thanks to NewDark increasing the engine limits. Compared to Thi3f and Thi4f it's a masterpiece though.

>> No.5961045

Thief DS offers a much better Thief experience though

>> No.5961047

He said Thi3f, not TDS.

>> No.5961062

You're unironically retarded and I, ironically enough, like that

>> No.5961104

I kinda wish the lockpicking of the DarkMod was ported into Newark, maybe as an optional feature.

>> No.5961126
File: 33 KB, 800x800, 1570658125218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>left eye

>> No.5961220

Is Thief gaining or losing fans?

It feels like it is at a net positive but I could be wrong.

>> No.5961325

It's a hobbled console game, so no.

>> No.5961350

The Thief fanbase is considerably larger now than it ever was when LGS was alive. Also NewDark saved Thief 1, 2, and SS2 from falling into obscurity. Thank you based frenchies.

>> No.5961390
File: 129 KB, 511x513, t2kr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In my country there seems to be a lot of us. I even met a girl who cosplayed original Garrett at a convention. She said no one recognized her.

>> No.5961815


>> No.5961831

man FUCK the First City Bank

>> No.5962024

Only new "fans" are retarded zoomers from /v/ who want to feel special because they like a somewhat obscure game many consider one of the best of all time. As such, their interest will be short lived and all that will remain is the same group of aging faggots that barely remember what the actual game was about and circlejerk to an ever decreasing number of lousy fan missions. Whatever overhyped campaign comes about will only (very slightly) delay the inevitable.

>> No.5962184

French Constantine.

>> No.5962297

Why would someone recognize a person in a tunic and a hooded cloak? Garrett just looks like a thief, not some overdesigned epic iconic character.

>> No.5962343

Still better than a janky Doom 3 mod

>> No.5962382


>who want to feel special because they like a somewhat obscure game many consider one of the best of all time
As opposed to liking it BECAUSE it is the best stealth game of all time

>decreasing number of lousy fan missions
Most fan missions are pretty good and excuse meeee princess, most authors do this for fun (and it should be kept that way IMO)

> overhyped campaign
A campaign of more than 10 missions, can be already considered to be a newly released Thief game, and the authors of those have proven themselves to deliver missions pushing what was thought possible in the clunky Dark engine, so most hype is deserved

>> No.5962417

I agree; it is one of the best looking T2 missions

>> No.5962472

Thank the Builder for people giving the community free stuff.

>> No.5962515

She had multicolored arrows in her quiver and had a scar on her eye with an eye contact put in.

>> No.5962536

>I agree that the setting and aesthetic of general Dark Mod suck

What don't you guys like about it?

>> No.5962537

Imagine being this bitter over people enjoying an old videogame.

>> No.5962551

What fan missions do you like

>> No.5962646


It is kinda unoriginal IMO, were it set in the middle east or Asia it would be way cooler.

As it stands its just a copy of thief withs some differences, a good copy, but nothing too original

>> No.5962758

Is there a list of good fm campaigns?

>> No.5962769

try skacky FMs

>> No.5962806
File: 28 KB, 610x600, no scar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a scar on her eye
Aha, no wonder people didn't recognize her as Garrett.

>> No.5962812

I guess Thief was never super popular in my country compared to cult classics like HoMM III, Gothic and Baldur's Gate. I guess it's a matter of low availability and lack of translation. You couldn't get the game anywhere on the store back in the day.

>> No.5962816
File: 105 KB, 650x350, deadly shadows.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5962861
File: 8 KB, 519x436, idontlikebeingfollowed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no scar in any T1 briefing after Garrett loses his eye
>no scar in the T1 epilogue
>no scar in the T2 box art
>no scar in any T2 promotional art
>no scar in any T2 briefing or cutscene
>no scar in the T2 player model
>no scar in any T3 Thron cutscene
>no scar in any T3 ingame cutscene (Garrett's original character model)
>no scar in most T3 promotional art
>scar on final character model and a minority of promotional images

Yeah let's just believe the last-minute change that was explicitly made to give the xbox audience an edgy character model for their third person mode. 90% of the game that introduced the stereotypical action hero scar disagrees with its existence. Even the cutscenes that were rendered from ingame assets.

>> No.5962869

No because it's a janky console game with sluggish controls and half the featureset of Thief missing.

>> No.5962953
File: 690 KB, 993x561, top 10 anime battles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5962979

That mission never happens. Or rather, it happens in blood money
The paris mission in contracts, the hunter and the hunted is the aftermath of the paris mission in blood money. 47 was shot by the guard who cocks his gun at the end of the paris mission in BM, that's why Diana asks "how's the wound" before the Rehab center mission in BM.

>> No.5963003

Why did they change it like that anyways. His eye wasn't scratched out, they made it pretty clear what happened to him. Unless it happened afterwards for some reason but that still seems pretty out of character

>> No.5963036
File: 1.20 MB, 800x1143, TDS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eidos probably dictated some shareholder wisdom from up high. Some focus group theory probably indicated that certain types of characters on certain types of promotional material will sell better. You can't do what you want, you have to do what is popular or what gets noticed. So they had to change the deliberately inconspicuous guy with a false eye into an epic badass with an edgy scar and a glowing eye.
I mean goddamn, they even thought that in 2004 you can't have a game cover without direct references to violence and they had the marketing team hastily scribble in a knife at an unnatural angle in Garrett's empty hand. And it's his left hand.

>> No.5963074

switching from a bigass longsword to a puny dagger was a mistake

>> No.5963090
File: 33 KB, 902x295, consword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the sword is actually pretty tiny. One-handed hilt and a short blade.

>> No.5963319

Why has TDP/TG so many sourceless lights?

I'm currently in the lost city and this is ridiculous!
Not a single light source and everything is as if I was in broad daylight.

>> No.5963326

those blue things on the ceiling are lights along with lava

>> No.5963353


No, I am In an open cave with buildings and burricks, there are no blue lights and no visible lava.

On previous missions there was the same thing.
In Assasins, there are well-lit hallways with no light sources.

>> No.5963986
File: 2.44 MB, 1920x1080, dump058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i forgot the layout of this map send help

>> No.5964073
File: 3.61 MB, 1920x1080, dump059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5964086
File: 3.07 MB, 1920x1080, dump061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5964252
File: 2.53 MB, 1920x1080, dump064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5964326

Yeah, my bad.

>> No.5964454

Thief DS included a lot of new stuff to make up for tools that were missing from the previous games, whereas The Dark Mod tries to recreate the first two games in an engine that is obviously incapable of doing it. It's an impressive effort though, especially considering it's free.

>> No.5964762

A lot of people's favorite TG mission must be the opera house, it is so big, has many details and much of the map is just for worldbuilding, and some areas are probably seen by only a few, like the bench with the sleeping servant.

>> No.5964832

LOL. TDS has to crash to desktop on every level transition because the engine is such a piece of shit. Meanwhile TDM devs have complete control of source code and can add whatever they want. Face it, TDS is garbage.

>> No.5964897

Never happened to me. Stop making shit up.

>> No.5964906

Just read an interesting article about that Compensation cutscene in Thief, and how it basically makes Garrett the player's equal, since, before that moment, Garrett is much more knowledgeable about the world than the player is, but starting from the moment he get his shit wrecked, both Garrett and the Player are on the same page : they both have little idea what's going on and how to stop it.
It was theorized to be the reason the remaining stages are mostly recycled and completely magical : that way, you (as a player) know them, and it highlight how badly the Trickster's return fucks the City up.

>> No.5964943

i belive the sword is picked by most as their favorite, but that one is defenitly regaurded highly too.

>> No.5964960

What article?

>> No.5964986

My favorites would be Bonehoard, Cragscleft, and the Haunted Cathedral.

>> No.5965032

Can't find it. I read it several days ago, too.
Can't evne remember if it was a real article or just a Youtube comment.

>> No.5965049

Having a dagger makes a little more sense. Considering that it would make less noise than moving around with a sword and would be less conspicuous

>> No.5965063

using a dagger to fight crabmen, dinosaurs, and zombies vs a proper sword for self defense

>> No.5965093

You're a retard, the crash thing is legit. The game accumulates too much memory (for the time on Xbox) and has to flush it by crashing then rebooting during loading areas, that's one of the reasons why they're so fucking long even on modern hardware. Invisible War does the same.

>> No.5965103

Never had any problem with it, therefore you're lying and a sad pack of shit.

>> No.5965137

>fighting anything in a stealth game

>> No.5965143

>he's a consolepeasant
serves you right

>> No.5965146

It's the same on PC because both are console ports that ruined their respect franchises.

>> No.5965216


I don't care if you never had a problem with it you idiot, the fact is it happens all the time because that's how the game was programmed.

>> No.5965270

that's not what crashing means, brainlet

>> No.5965440

>TDM devs have complete control of source code and can add whatever they want.
So when are they going to add intellectual property rights for Thief? You know, the thing that Deadly Shadows has and TDM doesn't?

>> No.5965584
File: 42 KB, 750x547, 1570739867340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Masks mission
>get to the 3rd floor and find the Precursors' masks
>"wait, dont i need these"
>pick them up, no reaction
>"oh well"
>finish mission
>"gj garrett now go back and get those Precursors' masks"

fuck you

>> No.5965587

it boots you to desktop and the game relaunches itself
this is not normal UE2 behavior

>> No.5965674

That's still not what crashing is.
However no one said that TDS excels at the technical side of things, because of course it doesn't, but TDM is just a tool for fan missions. It doesn't have the Thief lore, the story, the voice actors, the unique soundscapes or (as the result of all these) the Thief atmosphere.
Thief 3 is buggy and often janky, but it's still a good stealth game with a very good Thief art style and story (in this regard it does a better job than TMA, where the story was admittedly an afterthought), whereas TDM is a less janky stealth game with no Thief lore or story at all.
It's up to you which one you think performs better as a Thief game, but for me it's the former.

>> No.5965687

TDS butchers the lore so that's not really a positive. You're retarded if you think what they did to the keepers is better than TMA.

>> No.5965697

>You're retarded if you think what they did to the keepers is better than TMA
Keepers were always fuckers in the Thief universe, it's just the first time the game focuses on them. Also, anything's better than TMA's story.

>> No.5965869

Deadly Shadows didn't do shit to the keepers. The only lore bullshit I remember TDS introducing was the way it ruined the pagans. Made them voluntarily inhabit the City, and even made some of them raise zombies when undeath is literally the opposite of everything they worship.

>> No.5965996

>Also, anything's better than TMA's story.
Why? I like TMA's story, it's even thematically consistent in that it introduces a new extreme of a world with weakened Pagan presence and the imbalance that happens. Karras is laughable / memable, but he's still a sinister presence that's satisfying to track down. The bait and switch with the City Watch plot is cool. I'm not sure what's there to complain about.

>> No.5966014

Instead of being a shit, what's a level you like?

>> No.5966040
File: 2.19 MB, 1920x1080, dump069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5966061

>you came to the wrong cathedral, motherfucker

>> No.5966123

ignore the inbred, what's that about a campaign?

>> No.5966567

are you retarded?

>> No.5967092

I don't know, are you?

>> No.5967110
File: 114 KB, 362x863, mech zoomer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mechs are faggots, prove me wrong

>> No.5967117

They accepted women. They're straight.

>> No.5967289

After playing multiple high-quality fan missions all the attempts at undead themed missions in TG fell really quaint.

It is way to easy to eliminate every single threat in those missions, as compared to monsters introduced by fan missions that actually pose a serious threat that can not be so easily eliminated.

>> No.5967330

so FMs add near invincible monsters with lots of loud tiles because that's "challenging"

>> No.5967359


It appears to me you are intentionally misrepresenting FMs, a few examples would be nice instead of your stréreotype.

But do you really think the undead missions in TG had a good enemy design?
Most of the time there were just hoards of zombies grouped up in a few places that can be easily eliminated by throwing 2-4 flash bombs.
And let us not forget how Garret can easily out maneuver almost all enemies.

>> No.5967450

Spotted the mad hammerer.

>> No.5967454

is there a hammerite version of this

>> No.5967485

What's your favorite undead FM and favorite monster?

>> No.5967536


A monster that actually gave me some chills belongs to the FM "The Drymian Codex".
It is primarily a Hammer mission wit some sections with other gameplay.
I do not want to spoil too much, but the design of the creature combined with the atmosphere and level design had me genuinely scared at some points, but gameplay-wise it is very balanced (strict patrol rout, etc)

My favorite types of monsters must be those that in some way are able to conceal their presence and can only be avoided through being very careful and perceptive.
Some FMs with this enemy (not necessarily undead) type "Eclipsed", "Equilibrium", "The Black Frog" (once) and "The Unseen" (the titular unseen).

But I also like the undead themed FMs "Inverted Manse"(I gave some good chills too), "Lost among the Forsaken" (A better version of the sealed section), "Katakoombs of Knoss" and "Tomb of St Tennor" (both Bonehord style missions with better enemy placement and design).

>> No.5967579

>They accepted women
and black people too!

>> No.5967749

thoughts on Sneaky Upgrade for DP?

>> No.5967753

polishing a turd

>> No.5967785

Many needed fixes, but the modifications are so big, one has to disable Anti-virus for it to work.

>> No.5968000


>> No.5968659

I assume you mean for DS.

Makes playing it at least bearable.