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We are five years away from entering the 21st century

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What was up with sega and bald floating heads advertising the saturn?

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They were the same ad.

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Because they look like planets. You know, like Saturn.

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Which planet was the guy?

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Your mom

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Uranus, too bad I destroyed it when I destroyed Urmum

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Saturn is a console that was born from a dream and materialized into reality.
Did you ever think how Playstation and N64 feel normal when you think about them but Saturn always makes your brain feel funny? It's because Saturn came from another reality.

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Marlon Brando

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A reality of shit.

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You make your own reality.
If you don't own a Sega Saturn, it's only natural you'd think it's shit, since you sour grape it.

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Why would I want a Saturn? The Dreamcast was a better console and it was shit.

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The Saturn was a better console. In fact, Saturn is Sega's best console, maybe only surpassed by the Mega Drive.
Dreamcast is still good, but it can't beat the 2D monster that is the Sega Saturn.

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Dreamcast was better because Saturn didn't have games. Unlike that anon you've been arguing with I'm sure Saturn could have been great, but nobody made games for it. System itself was nice.

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Wait until you try the Super NES and PlayStation.

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>Saturn didn't have games
Then how come I have a bunch of them?

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SNES is pretty good.
PlayStation? Not a fan, Saturn does better 2D.

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deepest lore

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Because you're an overly literal autist.

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only sonyggers hate the saturn.

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I wonder what this guy is up to these days

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Drug addict

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>Saturn didn't have games
It had more than the N64.

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I don't hate the Saturn. I just don't think about it.

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>probably getting fucked in the ass!

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They had Ice Cube on one of these fucking ads too.

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Why is he so angry?

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tough ghetto life

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Cuz he wanted to go to the pool but it was closed

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Something to do with the NBA in the 90s

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He just found out that he was in a sega saturn ad

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