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I'm sorry, but Breath of Fire is only good for the fishing

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its the only thing that ever got me hype about playing the game. something about just the fishing in bof3 is enough to make me feel invigorated about getting back to programming for a project. its so unique.

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BoF games have the most likable party members of any RPG series.

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There's something about BoF games where your enthusiasm inevitably dies. I like them but I've never actually completed one. Best I've done is gotten the false ending from 4.

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Best I've done is suck dick as hard as this series sucks.

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That's not very good dick sucking. Try harder.

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I enjoyed Dragon Quarter

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Should have been its own game

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>posts a pic of the most gorgeous 5th gen game
>only mentions fishing

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Well, sometimes you just gotta shit your pants if you know what I mean.

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I'm sorry, but real life is only good for fishing.

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>Cray's waifu sobbing in the distance

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You're not wrong

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Speak for yourself, some of us actually beat games

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It actually was released as a standalone app on some early Japanese smartphones.

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Some of us are fags, don't be a fag.

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BoF4 fishing improved on 3, but I just can't get over the fact that it's even easier to break your line in 4 because of all the shit and junk scattered all around the fishing holes.
I like 3's fishing more for the sole reason that it's more relaxed.

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Random encounter RPGs are boring as fuck

Beautiful sprite work tho for sure

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Why do I keep hearing that BoF2 is the best?

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Katt fans. Also helps that the sequel is a massive improvement over the first game.

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Not only that but the whole plot about Saint Eva's influence and Ryu's family was pretty cool at the time.

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