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How do you store your retro consoles when not in use?

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hanging from strings on my ceiling

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I dont. Theyre just sitting there covered in dust.

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paypal and ebay thank you for your 10% donation

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In glass cases in my shop

>poor emufag "preserves" ROMs on single low price HDD

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What’s this thing? I think I want this.

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I cover them with my ol’ highschool edgelord black band shirts.

That slayer shirt saw many good days.

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i use universal cases for most of my carts. pic related is not mine. i'll post mine whenever i get around to actually cleaning my office.

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>not in use?
What did this lad mean by this? If you don't use a console once a week, it's time to sell it. Hoarding is a serious mental condition.

Seriously, if you're not using it, why clutter your life with shit?

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Nice. To bad most of mine were lost and stolen

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In an old freezer I wasn't using.

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So it's there when you decide you want to play it again.

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I don't understand how none of you faggot's have heard or drawers. That or get an entertainment center with glass doors. This shit isn't hard.

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I put them in bags inside of boxes if loose and then I put the CIB ones in their box in shelving that has a closing door.

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Daddy would you like some sausage?
*bangs on piano keys*

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Did you cut them up and sew them to be more like regular covers or are they just folded to hide the sleeves and collars?

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Mystics of Bali only with a computer.

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This. My NES has been unmoved from its spot on the carpet since 1994.

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>Not having all your retro consoles in your living room as a standard part of your interior hooked up and ready to go at a moments notice

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>dat HD
I see you like living dangerously, too.

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This is honestly a really comfy set up but I can't get past the stickers, having that in your field of view while playing must suck

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>why clutter your life with shit?
because the cost of rebuying one in as decent condition at a good price is a lot more than keeping it in a rubbermaid bin the corner of a closet.
>hurr I'm not poor I can waste money (((:

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Ya my 6 yr old lil girl is the sticker decorator.... except the nes, 9 yr old me did that

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Keep most of my stuff in the entertainment center, but anything not being used and all my portables are kept in this closet.

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>Hoarding is a serious mental condition.
So is posting on an Indonesian Baking Forum, but hey.

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I cut them up to act like real dust covers

They had been regularly worn for 5+years and had all sorts of holes in them so they were the right choice

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I set up my game room precisely so that I don't have to put any of them away.

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That's pretty cool, I wish I thought of creative shit like that sometimes.

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what are those gameboy cartridges in? one of those sleeves for trading cards?

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Not him but yeah that's exactly what their in. I do that too.

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thanks anon. honestly a good idea. mine are just in a pile in a container.

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They work for GBA carts too, with 2 in each slot.

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For my game boy DMG and loose games. Got it in 1999 when I went to Australia, used it for this same exact purpose since

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>poor emufag "preserves" ROMs on a single low price HDD

The funny thing about that is I'm willing to bet my PC costs more than your entire collection

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>100k PC
I doubt that.

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they are locked in a storage locker

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My gf makes me keep all my stuff in our closet. I'm only allowed to take it out and play when she is out shopping with her ex Jamal.

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hahaha le cuck meme :D epice meme fellow /v/irgin

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>only one hdd
You are as weak as a baby fart. Go. Live in fear.

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Is there still time for KLAX?

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I put them in these plastic roller drawers but I'm thinking of moving them over to those storage bins that go into ikea box shelves so I have more room.

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I've been wanting to get some of these for myself but the smallest pack they have is 50 cases for $40 and I simply don't have that many in my retro collection to justify that.

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I like it, used to do the same when I was a kid and getting a big ass sticker book as a gift was still considered socially acceptable.

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>poor emufag "preserves" ROMs on single low price HDD
Ask me how I know you're new

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Agreed. They're far too expensive for what they are, it's just not worth it. And also I'm not a fan of the fact that they're that ugly clear plastic that just looks like cheap shit. They should've made then in black clamshells like Genesis cases.

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There's another brand on stoneagegamer that actually does that but the thing is it's even more expensive at $4 a box and is per system.

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yuck, those remind me of the shitty cases that disney VHS movies came in.

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i store them inside a shoe box

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That’s exactly how I currently have my N64.

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>pays a grand for a netbook in a big box
wew lad

I don't need to ask. The answer is obvious. You're new and project.

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Fuck Anon, I'm here to be nostalgic over video games, not 90's Qantas kid shit.
I hope you enjoyed my country though.

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>1000usd is a lot of money
Poorfags should not be allowed on the internet, there's roads to repair and ditches to dig.

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You don't belong here. Fuck off.

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Unfortunately it is no longer the 90s, therefore there is no longer time for KLAX. Sorry anon...

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>le ebik u r poor if you don't buy retarded overpriced things
You're totally fooling everyone reddit

Ackchyually I meet the age requirement kiddo. You're the one who doesn't belong.

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What the fuck

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yeah, they're terrible. https://www.customgamecases.com/online-store/Blank-Cases-c13253523 if you want plastic clamshells this guy makes the only good ones

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Setting up a network storage is not expensive. I just assumed you were a moron, and rightly so, and posted something easily identifiable instead of a generic tower.

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I found it awesome and want to come back ever since
Also, if I remember correctly Qantas had super punch out directly loaded in the individual screen. You could play it with the wired screen remote by tilting it 90 degrees. Since I was a dumb kid I did not tilt it top kek

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>b-b-but i assumed you were a moran even though you hadn't replied yet
>1000usd isn't a lot oh wait it's a ripoff i was only pretending to be retarded
Epic damage control kiddo

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He’s pointing out both that it does not cost nearly 1,000 to setup an NAS with a lot of storage and that 1,000 isn’t a lot of money for something you’ll use frequently. Because it really isn’t. My budget mountain bike cost $1200. I don’t consider that a lot of money for what it is at all. My NAS cost probably around $500 total. That’s with 20tb of storage however. Only a fool would buy brand new or full price when setting it up.

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In a Pelican case I got free from work since they were going to throw it out. It's nice knowing my collection can survive airport baggage handlers.

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The issue gets murkier when you get into /tv/ or /a/ territory and start streaming 4K/blu ray rips from the server. Even then, you can set up a hefty little box and slap it onto your switch. Having two ethernet ports and shit like that is only necessary if you're moving a lot of data very quickly.

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I keep my SNES in a K'nex Box that I had growing up as a kid. Fits it, along with the controllers, and 12-14 cartridges, if I remember correctly.

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He grabbed a random image and posted without knowing what it was. He then pulled the "u poor?" bullshit because, well, why not. Then he went into full damage control mode. Any other explanation is retarded white knighting or samefagging. Not sure which on you are but only a fool would buy second hand or cheap ass drives to store their shit on.

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Not the hard drive you idiot, the NAS or drive bay itself. There’s no benefit to used hard drives
You’re absolutely right, I have SAB grabbing a fairy small amount of content and it burns through storage like crazy. Lately I’ve only been grabbing the really visual content like IT, Marvel stuff in 4K and leaving Tv shows and other movies at 720 or even SD. My library isn’t exactly massive but I’ve also had to lower the quality of my kids shows to save space.

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On the dusty floor
Sometimes I step onto them as a punishment

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Yeah, this would be 10/10 without the stickers.

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These. If I sell it now and want to play it again in a few years it will cost me way more than to just keep it in my closet

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>not what i said you idiot, the other stuff

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I can't tell. Is that Mortal Kombat item on the second from the bottom shelf a book, PC version, Game.com version, or something else entirely?

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yeah, this guy fucks.

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I have all my console set up, a game I'm not playing stays in their box (I don't own loose carts) on the shelf in a plastic protector

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>I should throw out my boxes and replace them with VCR boxes

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